-Shubham Verma

Communist party of India and their spokespersons always claims in media that they are nationalists and they too love India but their actions are showing a different picture. If we check their history than we can found that they have supported each and every separatist movement in India. Their student wings are supporting the separatist movements in North east, Kashmir, Bengal, Kerela, Nagaland, Manipur Khalistan etc. Most recent examples of this separatism politics were the incidents happened in JNU and Jadhavpur universities.

In JNU their student wings shouted the slogans like “Bharat tere tukde honge Insha allah Insha allah” against India[i] and in Jadhavpur University, a group of students were seen calling for ‘freedom’ for Kashmir, Nagaland and Manipur on the campus premises. “Hum kya chahe – Azadi. Kashmir ki Azadi. Manipur ki Azadi. Nagaland ki Azadi (We demand freedom. Kashmir’s freedom. Manipur’s freedom. Nagaland’s freedom),” one of the posters at the campus read. The posters were signed by a group called ‘RADICAL’ which was nothing but communist supported student wing.[ii]

If we check the history of communist party than we can easily found that they betrayed India several times like – K.K. Chaudhari writes in his brilliantly researched book (Quit India Revolution: The Ethos of Its Central Direction, Popular Prakashan. Mumbai. pp. 440. Rs 500): “There are indeed startling facts and truths borne out by vast documents to prove the charge that the Communists had betrayed the cause of Indian Independence in 1942-1944.”[iii] In this book it is clearly written that communist party opposed Quit India movement of Mahatma Gandhi and they supported British at that time.

After that Contrary to their strong belief against religion based State the Communists supported the communal demand of AIML for creation of Pakistan. They provided intellectual support to the two-nation theory of AIML by floating multi-national theory.  They supported those organizations who demands for Pakistan before Independence.

Communists not only support the cause of Pakistan but they passed a resolution in which they talked about their intentions to break India into several parts. The CPI’s resolution adopted in their central committee meeting in September 1942 suggests the conviction of the party on communal division of India. The resolution said: “Every section of the Indian people which has its contiguous territory as its homeland, common historical tradition, common language, culture, psychological make-up, and common economic life would be recognised as a distinct nationality with the right to exist as an autonomous state within the free Indian Union or federation and will have the right to secede from it if it may so desire” ( Source: Selected Works of M.N.Roy 1932-1936, Volume IV).[iv]  This resolution is the core ideology of Communist party and the main reason behind their support of all separatist movements in India till now.



According to Indian Express (14 July, 2009) – “In 1962, as the Indian army fought against Chinese aggression in the Himalayas, the undivided CPI supported China, putting ideology above nation.”[v] They supported China and opposed Indian government during 1962 war. During that time RSS( Rastriya swayam sewak sangh) whom they called anti-nationalists, actually supported Nehru government during the war time.  These are only a few examples which can prove that – How communists betrayed India?

Other than politics, they have also used this divisive agenda in academics and media. According to NDTV report (2 August 2009)-

Two lakh students in all government schools in Kerala have not turned up in schools since June. Parents and educationists blame the inclusion of the state’s communist party history in the syllabus last year. But the education minister says the syllabus will not change.

“What I want for my child is a national, wider and standardised syllabus rather than so regional,” said Mini John, parent

“The Social Sciences book of class VIII for instance has seven chapters in all, and six of them is about the state’s history. The peasant movement in Kerala and Bengal regions extends into two chapters. Excerpts from top communist leaders’ autobiographies fill a few pages.”[vi]

According to Hindustan Times report (24 May 2016):[vii]

Tripura’s Left Front government has removed Indian history from Class 9 textbooks altogether.

The only national icon that figures in the book is Mahatma Gandhi, not for his contribution to India’s freedom movement but for his views on cricket. Penned by Kalyan Choudhury, former head of history department in Kolkata’s Maharaja Manindra Chandra College, the book features the Russian and French revolutions. It also devotes pages to the birth of cricket in England, Nazism and the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the history of agriculture.

“Students are taught Karl Marx and Hitler but nothing about Indian freedom fighters,” a teacher said, on condition of anonymity, adding the textbook could be revised in the next session.[viii]

Currently they have changed several books in our education system especially in history and humanities to change the mentality of Indian youth. Education is a very big topic which could be discussed later but the point that is most concerning here is that- communist party is again doing the same thing in latest Burhan wani’s issue of Kashmir. Recently, they have published in their website that they are supporting Kashmiri separatists and they are opposing Indian army for killing a terrorist in Kashmir. Not only this, they have also written in that press release that armed forces should be punished. Off course they are intelligent enough to put it in a proper way but the meaning is same. (Source: http://cpim.org/pressbriefs/brutal-repression-kashmir-condemned)[ix]

The question that arises here is that that communist party has a very long history of betrayal and they are still trying to divide India according to their earlier resolution passed by their party. Why our government is not stopping them? And why so many people are still supporting them? They always betrayed us and we never did anything, but if our attitude remains same in the future too than we could lose some parts of India like earlier we had lost Pakistan and Bangladesh. We should learn some lessons from the history. If history repeats itself than how much incapable we are by not learning anything from past.

-Shubham Verma

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