Pigeral : If you have problems with Muslim Azan then you must have problem with Hindu Aarti too. Both cause noise pollution.

Agniveer :
There is difference.

1. How many times have you woken up at 4:30 in morning because of noise from Hindu Aarti in temples? Zero.

How many times have you woken up at 4:30 in morning because of noise from Azan in mosques? 365 times in a year (if you live within 5 km radius of a mosque).

Zero vs 365 settles everything.

Even if Aarti loudspeaker in your locality starts at 4:30 in full volume, you can simply go to the priest and he will reduce it. Just try doing it with a Moulvi in a mosque and see if you come back in single piece.

Pigeral : Huh, and what about your Ganesh Yatra, Hanuman Yatra? Don’t they make noise? Stop them.

Agniveer : How many times in a year do Ganesh Chaturthi and Hanuman Jayanti come?

Pigeral : At least 10 days.

Agniveer : And how many times does Azan happen on loudspeaker in a year?

Pigeral :

Agniveer : Why silent? Let me help you. 365*5 = 1825. And then in addition, there are rallies, bike stunts, processions etc on Prophet’s B’Day, Eid and Muharram etc.
So it is 10 vs 1825+. Are 10 and 1825 same?

Pigeral : Wrong is wrong. There is no bigger or smaller wrong.

Agniveer : Ok then, your 34/36/38 waist size is also wrong. Come to shape before commenting on our concerns on Azan.

Pigeral : How can you compare my personal fitness issue with an issue of 20% minorities?

Agniveer : Same way as you compared 10 with 1825+.

Pigeral :

Agniveer : Why silent?

Pigeral : Look, you can’t interfere in others’ religion. India is multicultural society. Every religion has equal rights.

Agniveer : Equal rights? Do we have equal rights? A Muslim can marry 4 women at a time and divorce them at will. A Hindu is jailed for doing same. Where are equal rights? And where are equal rights for Muslim women? You just need equal rights of noise. And you don’t care about plight of 10 crore Muslim women?

Look, equal rights come with equal responsibilities. You follow equal laws, you will get equal rights. You act as some special hero, your a$$ will be kicked.
And finally, there is another solid difference. There is strong correlation between density of Azan and terror. Find out the places on earth where

1. Azan is maximum (lets call it Place 1)
2. Aarti is maximum (lets call it Place 2)

Then find out how many world’s top terrorists/terror organisations do Place 1 group and Place 2 group produce. That is the ultimate litmus test on which noise is dangerous and which is harmless.

Pigeral :

Agniveer : Why silent?

Pigeral : Who are you man?

Agniveer : A proud Hindu. A proud idol worshipper. A proud Jihadi-hater. A proud Indian. Agniveer is the name.

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  • यदि महानता शून्य में नही पनपती तो शून्य की उपासना करने वालों को आप महात्मा क्यों कहते हो ?
    I challenge whole Agniveer team to have debate with me on Buddha and Buddhism issue

  • Very Childish article. He writes Questions himself and answers himself like a Mentally regard person. Never debated on international front. A dead religion like Hinduism have followers like you a lot

  • सऊदी अरब में इस्लाम आने के बाद कटरवाद आया और इसका श्रेय मुहम्मद को जाता है जिसने अपने आपको ईस्वरीय दूत बताकर वह के लोगो को उसको न मानने वालो को मारने का आदेश दिया इस्लाम आने से पहले सऊदी अरब में यहूदी, इशाई, और मूर्ति पूजक / हिन्दू सभी मिलजुल कर रहते थे काबे के अंदर 360 मूर्ति थी जो मुहम्मद ने तुड़वादी और सभी गैर मुस्लिमो के पूजा पाठ पर प्रतिबंद लगा दिया मुहम्मद के आने से पहले सऊदी अरब की औरतो को बहुत से आज़ादी थी स्वयं मुहम्मद की पहली पत्नी खदीजा ने मुहम्मद से पहले कई विवाह किये थे और मुहम्मद उसका तीसरा या चौथा शोहर था मुहम्मद तो खदीजा के यहाँ नौकरी करता था मुहम्मद के आने के बाद सऊदी अरब की औरतो की जिंदगी जहनुम हो गई

    • vishal kumar ji aapka ka gyan aadah hai.
      mohd ki pehli patni widwa thi. widwa se shaadi karna jjyaz hai.
      dropati ki tara 5 pati karna islam me haram haram hai..