Ultra Secular/Liberal : Don’t glorify a woman (Maharani Padmini) who wrongly put ‘honour’ before life and laid foundations for the culture of ‘honour killing’ that is haunting India till date.

Agniveer : Hmm, so you are angry on Maharani Padmini. There are two parts of your problem. First lies with your assumptions. The other lies with your analysis which is always weak due to challenged analytical faculties developed in liberals’ DNA due to excessive loss of potency hormones and thus fear of getting thrashed by a Mughal-lover around who liberals fear like hell. Anyway, we will help you out with both one by one

a. Problem of Assumptions

In the whole story, you made following 2 assumptions

1. Jihadi invaders were so kind that they always wanted love from princess and millions of women they abducted (‘proposed’ in a liberal’s dictionary). Hence killing of Maharani Padmini and other women was out of question.

Reality check :
As always, the reality lies at the other end of the diameter from you on the circle of logic. Jihadis in general and Alauddin Khilji in particular were not so loving creatures. Khilji’s own mother-in-law was the victim of his animalistic lust. He would rape women in strange ways in most brutal manner before disposing them off. He and his ancestors had butchered entire Harems full of women and boys just because they couldn’t trust the slaves of even their predecessors.

So it was not just rape (‘love’ in liberal’s dictionary) that was waiting for women in Chittor. It was much more. Gang-rape before getting chopped into pieces was highly probable.

2. Other assumption is even more classic. It lays foundations for most out of place stories of a Liberal vis a vis Muslim invasion.
Which is –
“Jihadi invaders were never cruel or against Hindus. Had they been against Hindus, Hindus would have been extinct today. Hindus are still 80% in India”.

Reality check :
Crores of Hindu-Buddhists were butchered/converted during invasions. Millions of women abducted/raped. Read autobiographies of these Sultans once. Hindus are not 80% in India (India of invasions). Hindus are hardly 2 % in half of India of invasion (Pakistan and Bangladesh). Hindus of other places fought back and survived. Read Agniveer’s Naked Mughals to have a quick fact check.

So in a nutshell, as per liberal, invaders were not cruel, had they been so, how could Hindus survive? And wherever Hindus like Maharani Padmini had to die, say that she was a fool who didn’t know that Khilji was an angel.
Getting the point? This is called Heads I win tails you lose.

And these two dumb assumptions make liberal’s magic circle complete. Once you assume invaders were God’s angels, you have to discard logic and portray victim as villain by saying Maharani Padmini was against ‘love’ and thus invented honour killing. Just because you lack spine to call Khilji a rapist murderer because you fear some Abdul from around might hold your neck making you pee in pants, it is better to abuse Maharani Padmini who would not come from her ashes to teach you a lesson. So play a safe game.

b. Problem of analysis

A liberal living in fantasies of getting dominated by Khilji’s sons in their Harems even today in hope that latter would not kill them fails to understand a basic thing.

Imagine your husband/wife has been kidnapped. Children chopped into pieces. An armed mob of 50,000 Khiljis shouting Halla Gulla hu Akbar has surrounded your house. Taking your name, laughing, brandishing swords and daggers looking at you while you look at the mob. And a lakh eyes staring at you to tear you any moment. 50 animals are at the door trying to break in. 1500 men are on the roof trying to break it from top. Now you are being asked, what do you want to do?

Just imagine yourself in the situation. I am sure you can’t. I will help you.

Your brain will not work. Your legs would tremble. Heart will beat like a drum so that you can even hear your beats for first time. Eyes will stop seeing. There will be darkness everywhere. Your mind would try to move but hands won’t listen. Only thing you would be able to ask them who have now managed to enter –
Please do it one by one. Do whatever but one by one. Don’t kill me please.

It is easy to analyse from distance for someone whether entering fire was good or getting raped. But I bet, you don’t have any choice at that moment of death.

Only thing that drives you at last time is your instinct. If you have trained yourself to be slaves, you will choose rape. If you are a queen or a woman or a man with dignity, you will choose not to fulfil desire of the rapist. If you can’t defeat enemy, you would defeat the pervert’s desire even with your death. And death was chosen with fire so that these Jihadis habitual of not sparing even dead bodies (thanks to noble teachings of their religious role models) would not get even ashes.

So all lowlife liberal thugs, stop being a$$holes. Spare our revered figures whom we treat as mothers.

Those who wet pants at mere sight of a skullcap should not teach Maharani Padmavati on what she should have done when lakhs were surrounding her.

You would choose rape. She chose to be the inspiration for generations to come. Thats the difference. Thats the difference b/w lioness and pigs.

One last thing, if you are concerned too much about patriarchy, dare utter a few words on why Prophet of a religion raped and enslaved women of other faith? Let us see how honest you are. Take name and say the story. I will start respecting you. Till then, you are a stinking a$$hole.

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