Comprehensive answer to all upset with Padmavat Protests. Today we are silencing you with arguments. Tomorrow it will be something else.

FAQ on #Padmavat

Padmavat Fan : Why are you opposing #Padmavat w/o even seeing it?

Agniveer : Just like Muslims opposed movies on prophet and have not let even a single movie on Prophet release.

PF : Haay haay, so are we aping Muslims?

Agniveer : Is it wrong?

PF : Oh come one, it is their culture, leave it with them. We have liberal culture. Let’s enjoy.

Agniveer : First of all don’t count myself in your ‘we’. I don’t know which culture you belong to. But in mine, hypocrite rascals who remain silent on Prophet related issues but suddenly issue sermons of freedom of speech on issues related to Hindu faith are called Asuras. And we are ordained to help Asuras get their mental health back through all legal means.

PF : So you are talking of violence?

Agniveer : Are Muslims violent?

PF : I didn’t say so.

Agniveer : So why did you bring in angle of violence when I said I will behave like Muslims in this issue?

PF : Look, it is wrong to portray prophet in their religion in any video or photo. But it is perfectly ok for us. Look at Ram Leela, Ramayan, Mahabharat serials.

Agniveer : You know about Muslim religion so well? Can you cite one Quranic verse that says don’t make his movie? And can you cite one Mantra from Vedas that says make movies on your goddesses?

PF : Oh come on, Hindu faith is not based on any book. There are many enlightened souls like Baba Ji X, Y, Z who say Hinduism is liberal.

Agniveer : So do you mean Islam is extremist and breeds intolerance because it follows some books blindly? BTW, where is that verse of Quran that says don’t make movie?

PF : Have not said so. But look, movie on prophet hurts religious sentiments of Muslims. Why do a thing unnecessarily that disturbs peace?

Agniveer : So when I am saying this movie Padmavat is hurting my religious sentiments, why do you also not consider it on humanitarian ground and stop its release? Why do you want to thwart movies on Muslims at the source itself and in my case, want full release of movie and expect crores of people like me to just tolerate because there is a freedom of speech for mocking Hindus like me only?

PF : I didn’t get your point.

Agniveer : I have a deal. You get #RangilaRasul, #InnocenceOfMuslims and #SatanicVerses unbanned. Announce a movie on life of Prophet. Name the director, producer and actors who are going to work in it. If you could, release Padmavat next week. If you can’t, you know who you are. A slave. Nothing more. And I will behave with you exactly like Muslims did after Rangila Rasul.

PF : Look, I caught you! All three names you took are derogatory to Islam whereas Padmavat has no intention of insulting Hinduism or Rajputs or Maharani Padmavati.

Agniveer : 1. You missed my next line. You go ahead with producing a good movie on Prophet. How he treated with all wives, child-wives and slaves well. Show him the best man on earth. Just let us know who is going to play his role!

2. Padmavat is indeed derogatory. Rapist rascal like Khilji is being portrayed by the greatest actor in eyes of SLB. But could you know who is portraying Gora and Badal? Do you even know who were they? Crore times more important than rapist Khilji. How come you don’t know who are portraying them? You even don’t know whether they are being even shown in movie in first place! For me, it is insulting enough. And I believe you should face exactly what others had to face at the hands of Muslims when Rangila Rasul came.

PF : But it is the rise of Hindu extremism.

Agniveer : If path of Muslims alone keeps hypocrites like you in check, what’s the option? BTW are Muslims extremists?

PF : Haay haay, main ho gayi diwani ab main chalun Ranveer ko dekhne. Love is peace. Love is world. Lets spread love. Lets bury the past. Lets welcome future. Who was Khilji? Who was Padmavati? Who knows? Lets live in peace. Lets live in love.

PF reaches theatre. Gets thrashed by some unknown people. Now home having Haldi wala doodh searching for torrent links of Padmavat.

The end.

PS : Above story is a work of fiction just like Padmavat. Any resemblance with any person living or dead or soon-to-be-dead is purely coincidental. किसी भी घटना के साथ इसकी समानता होने पर इसे मात्र एक संयोग कहा जाएगा।


Know the untold stories of the tradition of sacrifice and patriotism of which Maharani Padmavati was an epitome. Stories of the freedom movement that started from the time first invader attacked India. Stories that tighten fists in resolve.

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