Peaceful :
There is no evidence of Ram. Did he exist? But we had a Masjid there. And you demolished it.

Agniveer : There is no evidence of Profit’s flying donkeys either. No video recording of Profit’s life. So go and demolish Kharaba. There is no evidence of a circumcised God on 7th/8th heaven either. Stop crying every other hour on loudspeakers. Close down all your Masks.

Peaceful : You hurt mah feelings.

Agniveer : #BhaadmeJaa. #MandirWahinBanayenge

Q 2.
Pigeral :
Arre arre, why live in history? Forget history. You need to move ahead. Don’t get stuck in history. Nothing will be achieved. Even if there was a Ram Mandir, nobody needs it today. People need hospitals, gardens, toilets, schools etc.

*Agniveer slaps Pigeral, all five fingers get printed on cheeks*

Pigeral : Haay haay, you intolerant Sanghi kutte, you don’t even respect dissent?

Agniveer : Are Pigeral, why live in history? Forget history. You need to move ahead. Don’t get stuck in history. Nothing will be achieved. Even if I slapped you, nobody cares for it today. People need hospitals, gardens, toilets, schools etc.

Pigeral : You can not take law in your hand. You want riots in name of Ram?

Agniveer : #Bhaadmejaa. #MandirWahinBanayenge

Q 3.
Right of center, below the center, above the center, around the center…, Twitter analysts, ‘I am also a right winger but’ activists :

Look, Ram Mandir is not the agenda this time. This time mandate is only for Vikaas. And anyways, India needs development not Mandir. Majority in Rajya Sabha, 2/3rd majority on Mars, 3/4th majority in galaxy….. Ram to mann mann me hain. Ram to kann kann me hain. Hume Mandir ki kya jarurat, hain? Kya hamaare Ram hamare dil me nahi hain?

Agniveer :
Listen Dost, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives for Ram Mandir till date. We are indebted to them. We need to build it for them.
We need to show to the Jihadi beggars that they have no Aukaat in civilised world. That their Jihad will be burnt down to ashes.
That Mathura, Kashi and thousands of other temples which were erased are next.

That good must always dominate the bad. That peace is not the ultimate goal. Justice is.
That we only accept sons of soil. That we only accept those who bow down to India and not those who worship some imaginary black stone of Arabia.
That one can not live peacefully anymore after refusing to sing Vande Mataram.

That one can not live safely after cutting cows.
That one can not live happily after dreaming of painting India in green color.

Agar samajh aaye to theek, nahi to #Bhaadmejaa. Hope you will join the true right. #MandirWahinBanayenge


राष्ट्रभक्ति और धर्मरक्षा के लिए प्रेरित करती कविताओं का संग्रह

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