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Q. What does it feel like to be a Bangladeshi Hindu?

A. As per statements of Bangladeshi Hindus we have interacted with, most feel like being a community cheated by history. The ridiculous partition suddenly made them citizens of an enemy nation. Since then, they have been killed, raped, tormented and their numbers have dwindled to negligible now. India pulled off its hands to appease minorities for vote bank. Bangladeshi Islamists feel that it is their divine duty to torture them because they are idol-worshippers.

Rise of secular movement in Bangladesh is their only hope. Because India is obsessed with talking big, creating innovative one-liners, and then turn blind eye. So many issues grapple India that whenever we face hard reality to cheating our Bangladeshi Hindu brothers, we always have another development issue to distract us. The ethnic cleansing, rape of Bangladeshi Hindus is just a number for us that does not even make to first 5 pages of any reputed newspaper. Being Bangladeshi Hindu is like being a girl-child disowned by her Indian Hindu family at railway station of Lahore.

Quora Answer by Agniveer Sanjeev Newar

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