Feeling really helpless.
I can see the meticulous planning, passion, and resources of multiple enemies.

I can see the enemy stepping closer faster than ever.
I know we can deal with the situation.

But I see my brilliantly naive community busy in distractions – Baahubali, IPL, caste wars, some political party growing, some corruption charges on a non entity politician, vulgar memes on some nuisances, Yoga day,
and pretending as if they are harbingers of Ram Rajya.
Doing everything but what is necessary to deal with emergency.

Each day I get news of more love jihad victims, New tactics of enemies, fund inflow for various dirty acts.
I see my community moving ahead to worse than what they saw in last 1300 years.

I am shouting, fighting, warning, proving, doing everything I can think of.
But my community wants more proofs, more entertainment, and gives only suggestions and jokes.
Or fights among themselves.

Feeling like Rana Sanga betrayed by own men.

Q: Sanjeev bro please don’t say this.. You & Vashi Sharma are our only hope.. 👆
Am human. I lose a sister every few hours.
And that hurts. Will fight till death. But need Supreme to help us win.

Q: No need to get despair. Efforts must go on. Efforts with good intentions shall always receive positive results. Hindus have to fight the war both politically and socially. Enlightened Hindus shall discharge the responsibilities in whatever way they can. Let us keep working to awaken the uninitiated Hindus. GOD bless us!

Fight will not stop. But we must scale up fast to fight effectively. Imagine losing a sister daily.
Feeling helpless does not mean fight stops. Because every victims lost matters. Every Sanga and Nalwa who died is a debt.

It is a myth that Babur defeated Rana Sanga because of modern military methods.
Reality is that Rana Sanga was betrayed by his own alliance partner Raja Shiladitya who joined hands with Babur instead of attacking Babur’s army.
We have always been defeated by our own.

Q: Is it true that Rana Sanga invited Babur to India to fight against Lodhi? If yes, is it not disturbing?

No it is not true. There is no evidence of Rana Sanga supporting Babur in any way.

Brother, What about this?

It is being taught that Rana Sanga actually breached the agreement with Babur. Could u pls tell us the real story with references if this is not true?

Ask them for references who concoct such stories. If they base it on what Babur wrote, then also admit that Babur was a gay rapist who would erect towers of cut heads. Hence eliminate his name from syllabus and roads etc, establish Ram Mandir and then lets talk this issue on equal terms.

Q: And about your references sir?
Will give references once I get references from other side that makes contrary claims. And see that they abide by their references in completion, as mentioned in my earlier comment.

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