Peaceful : Stop worshipping false gods. Accept mah true God.

FGR : Hey peaceful, why did your God create us?

Peaceful : So that we can worship Him.

Non Peaceful : So He wanted to get worshipped? He has desires like us mortals?

Peaceful : No. Its us who get benefited from worship not God. Mah God doesn’t want anything.

Non Peaceful : So God created us for our benefit? Its like below debate b/w God and FGR

1. God: I will slap Kallu.

2. FGR: Why?

3. God: For his benefit.

4. FGR: Ok, but where is Kallu?

5. God: I need to create him.

6. FGR: But why create him in first place?

7. God: So that I can slap him for his benefit.

Go to 1 and this circle 1 to 7 to 1… goes till eternity. This also proves that earth is spherical according to our book full of science.

Peaceful God wins debate.

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  • @Vajra
    How dare you to insult of our “Allah”? Allah will punish by putting you in eternal hell-fire. Do not check patience of Muslims.

      • Islam is a death cult. Everyday we learn how many people were killed by people who were carrying islamic flag. How can it be divine? Oh! probably you do not know the meaning of divine.

      • how do you know …non muslim heart are sealed with ignorance and all Muslims heart are opened for acceptance.your mind has been washed you can use own mind.

    • OK plz don’t cuts jokes …muslim have patience…whole world will start laughing……ur Allah is as psycho as was muhammmed….their brain checkup is yet the matter of researce