Kashmiri Separatist vs Indian – The FGR

Kashmiri Peaceful put to peace forever!

Ajay Singh Rathod vs Pathan – The FGR

Aamir vs Irrfan fight. Who was wrong?

If Cow is Your Mother is Bull your Daddy- Peaceful asks...

Peacefuls ask Hindu- if cow is your mother, is bull your father. 10 Peacefuls died of heart-attack after reading response from FGR!

Peaceful Religion- Most Practical Religion

Peaceful is found in 60 countries. Mosquito is found in 200 countries. Whose religion is best?

Mother in Day, Virgins in Night – Peaceful’s Life – The...

Peaceful will enjoy 72 virgins in heaven. Peaceful's father will enjoy 72 too. But what will Peaceful's mother get? Find out.

Mother or Politicians? Time for India lovers to decide allegiance

India lovers should think and decide where their allegiance truly lies. Blindly following the most powerful, or in nurturing Motherland?

Kashmiri Separatist vs Indian – 2 – The FGR

Kashmiri separatist put to peace forever!

When Peaceful dared to compare Profit with Gopal (Shri Krishna)

Thrashing of a peaceful mosquito who tried comparing Profit Mermaid with 'Gopal' Shri Krishna. Vajra way.

FGR Debates Peaceful God on Creation

FGR crosses swords with Peaceful God over Creation! You will not see this anywhere!

Why Zakir Naik Eats Cow but not Dog

Why Peaceful eats herbivores and not carnivores? - By The FGR

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