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Dental problems are among the biggest health hazards of modern times. So severe is its impact that even insurance companies avoid covering it in normal course.

This remedy is more effective than the most expensive treatment that your dentist may have planned for your dental problems like tooth decay, loosening of teeth, inflammation of gum, toothache, pyorrhea etc. This is the most effective formula to keep your teeth healthy and intact forever.

To read the remedy, please visit Yogic Hacks.


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  • Dear Sanjeev, Thanks for the tip. Regarding your comment “trying to find meaning in life and world despite the meaninglessness that the Hawkings and Dawkins would want us to believe in!” I read the Bible and don’t belong to any Christian religion so I have no religion to promote, but this one thing I know, the Lord Jesus Christ is who he said he was. The Way the Truth and the Life my suggestion to you is to read the Bible and make an informed choice don’t ask men for answers pray to God and ask Him to help you understand His Word I recommend the King James version it has old English but is the best translation from original manuscripts into English.

    I hope you find the answers, remember to ask God to reveal his word to you.

    • @Peter, What you are presenting here is called fallacy of circular reasoning and has to logical basis. Refer http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Not_Circular_Reasoning
      What is taught in Vedas/Vedanta is not to believe in any unscientific, illogical reasoning but to reject them.
      Let me quote Vivekananda, β€œWith us realization is religion, not doctrine. What difference does it make to you whether Jesus Christ lived at a certain time? What has it to do with you that Moses saw God in a burning bush? The fact that Moses saw God in the burning bush does not constitute your seeing Him, does it? If it does, then the fact that Moses ate is enough for you; you ought to stop eating.”

  • Dear Mr. Agniveer,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the ‘Rock Salt’ & Turmeric treatment and general tips. I was having a severe pain in my tooth whenever I eat anything using the right tooth. The Dentist has said that there is a cavity in my Wisdom Tooth and it needs extraction but I wanted to keep it as the last option. After doing the ‘Rock Salt’ treatment for a month (once a day) and following your other tips, I have seen a lot of improvement when compared to my original situation but I still feel a lot of pain (though not so frequently). I am sure you would have some remedies to fully cure this pain. Appreciate if you can share the same asap.

    Thanks & Rgds,

  • just started using turmeric, so far so good, really whitens your teeth well on the first try, also gets rid of bad breath! my mouth feels so clean. I used just plain salt for the last few years and the lines in my teeth are gone- I’m pretty sure I had those from flouride in toothpastes, everyone I know has had the same results. baking soda I heard is better than plain salt though

  • I am currently being assessed for bone loss of bone loss of front tooth due to calcified root and infection; extraction is a possibility but other oral surgery will likely be offered prior. I just learned about mixing tumeric with an oil like coconut oi and using as a toothpaste. Will the tumeric stain white crowns, of which I have three? Is the finger better than a toothbrush for cleaning teeth or would using both be a good idea?
    Thank you.

    • Please check with dentist once in a critical condition. Do not initiate any medication without approval from a qualified practitioner. While these treatments work wonders for most people, yours may be a special case requiring a different regime.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the good to know information.

    I believe India and Indians have their prestigious history in medical domain that is known as Ayurveda. Every natural medication followed and instructed by Ayurveda has a good healing of mental and physical disorders. Hence I believe even its dental treatment would be the best instructions for dental health maintenance.

    Thank you

    • Blessings and Namaste’ to you this sacred eivenng!! Thank you for the clarifications above!! I, too have practiced meditation for many years and practice neutral inquiry!! Organized religions have left me scratching my head and a soul that still hungers!!?? I especially love your mention of “who or what is being left out??” I will take that with me into meditation this eivenng!! Earth Angel Blessings Always, Sapphire Grace!! P.S. I am looking forward to more of your posts on this sacred subject!!