Vinashaya Dushkritam!

Hinduism – Truly Global

Most religious books have a local flavor. For example Judaism, Christianity and Islam have texts that have a very strong Middle-East flavor. Stories, rituals, culture and practices that relate to Middle-East era of middle ages.

And that adds a wonderful vintage beauty to these texts that any literature lover would admire.

Hinduism also has certain books – Purans, Ramayan, Mahabharat  etc – that have a strong Indian flavor.

Of course, as Indians, there is an amazing wealth of wisdom in these books that also gives reasons to be proud of our heritage, irrespective of all the distortions that have crept over ages.

And hence, they provide historical reasons to be proud to be Indian!

But essence of Hinduism lies in those texts that are truly universal and timeless. Of course Vedas form the crux of this global wisdom.

But then there are also peerless texts like

Yoga Darshan, Nyaya Sutra, Vaisheshik Darshan, Sankhya Darshan, Vedanta, Upanishads and Gita –

that have astonished and inspired scientists and scholars across the globe with their timeless universal wisdom.

The beauty of these texts lie in they having no flavor – Indian, Middle East or African. They have no vintage feel to them.

Instead they are always as fresh and as contemporary as they were ever. I simply love this freshness!

These texts – the soul of Hinduism – are as relevant to someone in Australia as to someone in Africa or in even Antarctica. All other historical texts associated with Hinduism simply attempt to explain these timeless wisdoms through time-bound incidents.

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