1. When Bahadur Shah died, his 4 sons again fought against each other. Three of them were murdered in a complex four-sided battle and Jahandar Shah became the ruler.

2. Meanwhile Farukh Siyar, nephew of Jahandar also announced his claim. With help of the powerful Sayid brothers who became virtual rulers, he defeated and killed Jahandar.

3. After becoming emperor, Farukh planned to get out of clutches of Sayid brothers. But they attacked Farukh and had him blinded and imprisoned. Later he was strangulated to death.

4. Then Jahandar’s son Muhammad Shah Rangila was made the emperor by Sayid brothers . He was smart enough to defeat them and then murder him.

5. During Rangila’s rule, Nadir Shah attacked India. This Nadir Shah had become emperor by murdering Abbas, the young son of Shah of Iran. In 1743, he had eyes of his own son gouged. He was enemy of both Shias and idol worshippers. Finally Nadir Shah was also murdered by his nephew Ali Kuli Khan along with his 13 sons and grandsons. One grandson managed to save his life and he ran away to Austria to serve the kings there.

6. After Nadir Shah, thus Ahmad Shah, his general, took the control of the empire who exceeded Nadir Shah in brutality. He invaded India several times making Mughals weaker and weaker. He was effectively checked by the Sikhs. He was succeeded by Timur  after which his sons again started a bloody battle. His 5th son Zaman took the throne but was blinded and imprisoned for next 40 years till he died. The other brothers and their children kept murdering each other for expansion of their split empires.

7. Coming back to affairs with Mughals, after Rangila died, his son Ahmad Shah became the namesake emperor. Eventually he was removed by Marathas and the second son of Jahandar took the throne in name of Alamgir II. This new Alamgir (earlier was the killing machine called Aurangzeb) had Ahmad Shah and his mother blinded within a week.

8. Alamgir II was murdered by his courtiers in 1759. By this time the Mughal rule had come to an end and for next 100 years they only lived on pension by British and a territory confined to Red Fort. He was followed by Shah Jahan III, another production of royal haram. But soon he was also deposed by Afghanis and his kingmakers ran away forever. What happened of him is not known.

9. After this, Shah Alam II, the son of Alamgir II became the namesake emperor in 1761. In 1788, Ghulam Qadir, son of his minister, brought emperor and his family to streets. He raped the royal women and asked an artist to paint the picture of the way he gouged the eyes of Shah Alam II, sitting on his chest. Ghulam Qadir said that he is doing so because Shah Alam II had done the same with his family earlier.

10. Eventually, Marathas captured this Ghulam Qadir and handed over to Mughals who then cut him into pieces over several days in most brutal manner and made the public display of the same. Finally they left him to be eaten by a dog. The blind Shah Alam II was restored as emperor of Red Fort as a mercy.


11. After Shah Alam II died in 1806, his son Akbar succeeded as a pensioner of British. He was followed by the 62 year old Bahadur Shah Zafar. This time there was no fight for succession because they were scared that British might kill them.


The summary is simple : When these false representatives of Islam could not be faithful to their own father, brothers, sisters and children, how can we expect them to be human enough to promote compassion among rest of Muslims and non-Muslims? And how can those who glorify such perverts conduct any other noble act apart from terrorism?

The lessons are clear:

a. Muslims should refuse to have any allegiance – emotional or historical – with their ruling elites and those who admire them. You can’t expect a worshipper of murderers to promote peace! A cockroach cannot give birth to an elephant!

b. Islam and Islamic history are two different things. Islamic history has nothing to do with peace and is only a saga of brutal bloodshed. We are being fooled to believe that Muslim rulers had anything to do with humanity, intellect, constructive activities etc. They were simply pythons eating even their own species.

c. We have only given examples of what they did with their family members. We have not delved into the other shameful aspects as glimpsed in deeds of Akbar, Babur and Tipu Sultan for example. Just imagine how disgusting their overall lives would have been!

d. Instead of taking pride in these butchers, Muslims should take pride in true heroes of the nation – Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, Shankaracharya, Pratap, the Sikh Gurus, Shivaji, Banda Bairagi, Ashfaqullah Khan, Abdul Hamid etc etc who ensured that our country remains the foundation of all good things in the world. Because of our heroes, despite the claims of Muslims ruling India, the fact is that they were never able to fully dominate India and were constantly in fight with brave natives. Finally the butchers were destroyed but their supporters have emerged today in a new avatar of Terrorists/Mullahs/Scholars etc trying to continue keeping Muslims uneducated and torturing non-Muslims.

e. Muslims MUST rise up to reject their present and past mullahs and rulers completely. And Hindus should proactively rise up to embrace all these innocent Muslims back into their original destination – before the lineage of butchers from Muhammad Bin Qasim started invading India. After all they are sons and daughters of this great land and not originating from where these butchers originated.

f. Muslims should also, accordingly, reject all those translations of Hadiths and  Qurans that teach hatred against non-Muslims and were preached by these ruling-elites to further their own shameless political agendas. The test is simple – if the mullah or scholar – like Zakir Naik or Bukhari or whosoever – refuses to openly condemn these butchers who used Islam for political mileage in very clear terms, then they are frauds. Simply refuse to even listen to them. Throw their books in dustbin and burn their videos. They are simply being agents of the ruling elites trying to fool innocent Muslims for their most selfish interests and most damaging slaughter of Islam.

This has been since death of Prophet Muhammad – messenger of Peace – and would continue unless Muslims rise up proactively to fight it. Till then, these ruling elites would put their entire might to keep Muslims illiterate, fanatic, ignorant, dumb, blinded and brainwashed in name of religion. This has become a war of minds now. And terrorist forces (who merely represent these ruling elites) would use this to further their own mission of bloodshed.

So lets all – Hindus and Muslims – unite together to embrace the truth and thwart the designs of these fraud representatives of Islam who have been fooling us for 1400 years or more. And unless that happens, yet another mosque in Pakistan would be blasted and yet another baby in Varanasi would continue to die!

What more can you expect from those who could not be loyal to their own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters! And from those who glorify such rascals!


And when they could gouge eyes of their parents and children, imagine what they would have been doing with their people and especially whom they called Kafirs? And just imagine, what is the level of hatred that those people hide inside their hearts who glorify such monsters!

May peace and truth prevail!

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