Now terror attacks in Jammu. Agniveer warned
and Security Agencies of escalation in terror attacks on November 12 ( Link below ).
We hope they are able to comprehend the complex circuit of terror, finance, Kashmiri separatists, Pakistan, Jihad lovers and take pre-emptive measures to save our Jawans and citizens.

We are fools to view stone pelting, LoC firing, Burhan Wani mourning, Jammu attacks, Uri attack etc in isolation.
We are fools to assume that terror always gets smuggled from across the border.

We are fools to assume that BJP-PDP alliance in Kashmir is a masterstroke to stop terror.
We are fools to sideline the issue of Article 370.
We are fools to not realize that a horribly executed demonetization has actually helped the terrorists more than harm them.

We are morons to believe that terror would stop in Kashmir because 500 and 1000 notes are not available.
We are fools to reject the message of Gita and waste emotional energy in defending some petty politicians instead of standing up with zero compromise.

Agniveer’s humble salute to Jawans who gave their lives today and have been giving since independence because of our foolishness.
We promise to do whatever we can to arouse patriots to help us take revenge.
We pray that God helps awaken the deluded minds of Hindusthanis.

Agniveers November 12 Warning :

“The demonetization plan was essential. But execution was horrible. Indian leadership must proactively imbibe culture of “public convenience” and not restrict it merely to smelling toilets in stations.

The current set of blunders (that could have been avoided through a more professional and less dramatic approach) is actually defeating the key purpose of combatting terror.

Our model shows that there is a alarmingly high likelihood of terror attacks in very near future. Probability of major attack is large. But more scary is the possibility of smaller dispersed acts.

We request government and security agencies to initiate cautionary measures without delay.


What Must Be Done

7 Army personnel are martyred in Nagrota encounter, Jammu. Non-sense of curbing terror with Demonetisation must end now. 10 bullets for one, 10 heads for one and nothing else. Either do surgical strikes every week or surrender. We warned earlier too. Attacks are coming. Instead of waiting for them on our soil, sort them out on theirs.

This is typical Indian political elite. Discussing notes and cash in war-time. We warn all of them. Overhyped discussion on demonetisation is a clear distraction from the main existential threat of Jihad. Anyone who is involved in this circus is responsible for our martyrs’ blood. Fight like men. Don’t dance like eunuchs because that is harmless activity to do.

Vashi Sharma
Sanjeev Newar

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