How Islam was sabotaged

There must have been a truly noble inspiration behind Muhammad’s decision to name his belief-system as Islam – that means ‘humble submission’ or ‘peace’. Perhaps he was inspired by the vision of Vedas that resides within every human being to seek peace, equality, rationality and humility in his tribe. On surface, the great Muhammad was just another disease-inflicted ordinary illiterate born in the primitive Arabic society that hardly knew of any world beyond Arab and any religion beyond Paganism, Judaism and Christianity.  But he possessed the glorious rare inspiration to drive this mini-world of his towards enhanced sensibilities and humble submission to almighty God, despite his limitations. In a superstitious society where even his followers and relatives were fighting each other for petty selfish agendas, he possessed the guts to lay the roadmap for humble submission aka Islam despite the convulsing challenges and lack of education. Refer our exploratory work: Muhammad – a genius misunderstood

Satyagni salutes the genius of this great legend. That is why Satyagni considers Muhammad to be a role model. It wonders what would have been the nature of miracles the glorious Muhammad would have performed, had he received the opportunity to understand formally even the rudimentary basics of Vedas, Brahmacharya, Upasana and Vedic Dharma in general. Alas! It is difficult to comprehend the his Lila at times!

Nevertheless, Muhammad was so far-ahead of his primitive society, that for them, his message was the final message for all times in future. But little did he knew that very message of peace given by him would become the breeding ground of terrorist forces, violence and intolerance immediately after his era!

Thus we all know how immediately after his death, his politically motivated followers cooked up fake Hadiths and killed each other to compile a Quran of their own choice, disregarding the true motto of humble Muhammad. Even his son-in-law and child-wife were fighting each other claiming divinity. One claimed that Quran was actually supposed to be have revealed on him. Other said that her marriage to Muhammad as a baby was ordained divinely by Allah Himself! Quran was supposed to have been collected from leafs, twigs, cloth pieces, leather pieces and what not! A lot many people were killed for claiming to propagate ‘false’ verses of Quran and even the Caliph who finally compiled the final official version of Quran 20 years after death of Muhammad, was murdered! What could be greater mockery of Islam that stood for Peace!

If this was not sufficient, even the word ‘Quran’ was coined much after death of Muhammad! And then began the satanic mission of dominating the entire world with this new ‘Quran’ and fake ‘Sahih Hadiths’ in name of order of Allah! Thus the simple message of Muhammad was converted into a recipe for intolerance that did not spare even followers of Islam.

Since then, peaceful Muslims have been murdered and subverted. The saga continues even till today. And all that happens in name of Muhammad!

First false stories were cooked up through fake Hadiths and fake verses of Quran to create a completely fictitious account of Muhammad’s life. These stories insult the great Muhammad by claiming that Muhammad was a pedophile, he used to promote sex-slavery, he married his daughter-in-law, he killed many innocents and what not. And then those who opposed it were threatened with damaging consequences!

Satyagni stands against such a grave insult to this great person and hence rejects all those Hadiths and verses of Quran that denigrate his character. Instead of trying to justify such shameless stories through even more shameful reasons, we outrightly reject them as imaginations of Muhammad’s politically and criminally motivated relatives and followers.

The conquest of Islam in entire world, thus, is nothing but a political and criminal expedition continuing even till today, that has nothing to do with original legacy of Muhammad. And the worst victims have been the sane, rational, compassionate and good Muslims.


So Babur was a terrorist, Aurangzeb was a terrorist, Nadir Shah was a terrorist, Ghazni was a terrorist and today Zakir Naik (including his entire cult of supporters) are terrorists.

Terrorists have become spokespersons of Islam

Two weeks ago, we wrote an article requesting Muslims on Satyagni site to share their views on certain specific points relating to terrorist and barbaric views of likes of Zakir Naik. This was done to segregate good Muslims from fanatics who were threatening Satyagni and all critics of ‘Terrorist Islam of Zakir Naik et al’ with dire consequences. You can review the article here:

Islam will not be a threat if…

We did not publish anything for last 2 weeks to await response on this article. We disabled commenting on other Islam related articles to have clear views of good Muslims on this article first and thus differentiate them from ‘terrorist Muslims’.

But the results from comments and mails that we received in these 2 weeks were most disappointing and shocking:

a. Not one single Muslim dared to condemn Zakir Naik for his justification of killing apostates and forbidding non-Muslims to preach in Muslim countries yet have rights for Muslims to propagate Islam in non-Muslim countries. Thus Zakir Naik is more important to them than the great Muhammad!

b. There were people who vaguely agreed to most of the points of articles were still refused to reject or condemn the books and people who support such views strongly. On other hand they would very vociferously condemn Satyagni for these articles defending Muhammad and rejecting the false Islam! Why such double standards? Nothing except Al-Taqiah (concept of fraud legitimized by religion) can explain it.

c. Many claimed that there is no concept of nationalism in Islam. A Muslim should only support a Muslim regardless of country. Thus cheating one’s own country to support a Muslim from other country represents true Islam as per them! In other words, they agree that one should never be assured about patriotism of Muslims!

This is one of the greatest dilemmas for good Muslims – how-so-much patriotic they may be, Al-Taqiah or ‘divinely blessed fraud’ and anti-national ideologies of their leaders and representatives would always put a question mark on their credibility.

d. There were people who openly justified things like Jaziya on non-Muslims because Muslims also pay another kind of tax. They refused to justify why tax-system should be based on one’s religion. And no Muslim criticized such views. Discrimination on basis of religion is something ingrained in their blood from very childhood and nothing can be more dangerous for humanity.

e. Not one single Muslim came up to say that all such Hadiths which insult Muhammad or humanity in general should be rejected regardless of they being called ‘Sahih’ (Correct) or not.

In other words, its ok for them to call Muhammad a pedophile, rapist, murderer, psychopath, lecher and they would go all lengths to justify all these through most perverted logics. But they would not agree to simply reject all these bogus verses that insult the great person. To the fanatic Muslim, their uneducated Ulemas and semi-literate witch-doctors like Zakir Naik are more important that Muhammad.

So blinded are they by vision of fanatic Islam, that they refuse to apply their minds to conclude even this much that if Islam means humble submission or peace, all the verses of Quran or Hadiths that talk of contrary have to be false!

f. No one condemned Saudi Arab or other countries for disallowing other religions but justified their rights to preach Islam elsewhere! They simply stated that it is their internal matter and hence they would not comment. I wonder why they do not apply the same standards for Satyagni site or Ali Sina or Salman Rushdie. When they can refuse to comment on Saudi Arab killing apostates in name of Islam, what prompts them to apply altogether different standards for non-Muslims? Are we witnessing yet another form of Al-Taqiah?

Summary Lessons

Under such a situation, following points emerge clearly:

a. ALL those Muslims who try to defend Islam or Zakir Naik are basically with terrorist mindsets. They believe that till they are powerless, they should vaguely showcase Islam as peace through Al-Taqiah. But once in dominance, verse of Sword takes over. Finally when dominance is complete, apostates deserve being killed!

b. Good Muslims simply do not come to debate or defend Islam or Quran. They peacefully indulge in their activities but are scared to condemn fanatic Muslims because these fanatic Muslims have a grip over Muslim population.

We met a few noble-hearted Muslims who admitted that new Quran and Hadiths is all crap and has nothing to do with actual Islam. But they feared to come in public with such views because they are scared of the brutal dominance of terrorist minds over Islamic society that cannot tolerate any questions. The safety of their lives and those of their near and dear ones prevents them from condemning the false Islam in open.

c. While an Satyagni or Ali Sina would be immediately condemned for anything against their views, Muslim preachers would not dare criticize Zakir Naik for his intolerant views on apostasy because Islam forbids condemning fellow Jihadis. This is because as per modern Islam (new Quran and fake Hadiths), the first and foremost criteria to qualify as being innocent, or humble, or deserving mercy, or not deserving hatred is being a Muslim (non-Muhammad version). Being non-Muslim is greatest crime for terrorists like Zakir Naik and his followers.

d. Most of these Muslims are brainwashed from childhood to hate non-Muslims. We received several mails that laid imaginary allegations on us for abusing and using defamatory words against Muhammad in our articles. When we replied requesting specific references, there was no response. Basically this is a case of a typical Jihadi Muslim taught to stereotype anyone who questions them to be abusive and insulting. They live in their world of hateful imaginations and create allegations that exist only in their minds!

e. A typical Jihadi aka terrorist Muslim propagating Dawah or invitation to Islam sees world in only two colors – green and non-green like a dog. The definition of green varies from cult to cult and person to person. So a wahabi terrorist like Zakir Naik or Osama would consider even Sufis and Qadiyanis as non-green. A Qadiyani would allow even non-Muslims into heaven in certain conditions. A typical Shia would not take religious scriptures so seriously but a Sunni would abuse Shia as a non-green.

f. Al-Taqiah or Cheating is an established way to fool people into believing that their version of Islam means peace. And obviously, it being ‘cheating’, no one would admit that they ‘cheat’! But it is clear from their deeds – when they claim Islam is peace but refuse to condemn those fellow terrorists like Zakir Naik who justify death for apostates!

g. Two of the worst hit casualties of terrorist dominance of Islam have been:

– Innocent good Muslims who want to join the mainstream, reject fundamentalism, live and let live, be patriots, be productive citizens but are helpless because they are at gunpoint of fundamentalists. Further they are brainwashed since childhood to remain in confused state throughout their lives.

– The founder of Islam – Muhammad. Today the world knows a completely different Muhammad – thanks to fake Hadiths and false Quran – and either hates him or adores him for all the wrong reasons. Only the word ‘Islam’ implying Peace and Humility stands to hint at original message and intent of original Muhammad. All the rest of the evidences and testimonies have been long deleted by terrorist Islam.

This represents the most dangerous situation for humanity as a whole:

– Till perverts like Zakir Naik remain in dominance, along with the entire mafia that breeds fanaticism and terrorism, non-Muslims and even moderate Muslims cannot afford to remain in peace.

– The concept of Al-Taqiah combined with foolish secularism of fraud leaders cutting across party lines, brainless glamor driven media and commercial mafia ensures that they would never explore the roots of terrorism – false Hadiths, false Quran and the mafia that perpetuates this fraud and instead confuse ordinary citizens about true nature of Islam through ‘My name is Khan’, or beaten records of ‘ Terrorism has no religion’ or other gimmicks.

This allows fanatic terrorist forces like IRF to spread their web more easily and work towards shaking the foundations through conversions, deceit and attacks.

– Good Muslims continue to remain scapegoats and viewed with doubt and mistrust across the globe. This is further used by terrorists like Zakir Naik to spread hatred against non-Muslims and promote attacks like 9/11 or 26/11 or Kashmir Jihad.

Soul of Muhammad would continue to weep over such mockery of his efforts!

The only way out

a. Spread education among ordinary Muslims and non-Muslims alike about true Muhammad and false Islam. The mainstream media mafia and political frauds would act as barriers but alternative means must be explored. There is no other way.

b. Create an environment of welcome and invitation for bringing back good Muslims back to Vedic fold – their original roots. This would help them live with dignity without anyone doubting their intents and patriotism.

c. Muslims have been the most uneducated class thanks to misdeeds of their leaders and preachers like Zakir Naik. Today the contribution of Muslims to Indian economy is negligible. In fact disgusting policies like Sachar Committee recommendations are being used to allow incompetent have preferential rights over country’s resources.

The only productive Muslims are those who are non-Muslims as per standards of fanatics like Zakir Naik. For example a Bohra like Azim Premji or Upanishad and Geeta lover like APJ Abul Kalam.

In fact by reading the comments made by defenders of Zakir Naik on Satyagni site itself, one can assess the level of education, mastery of language and intelligence of an average Muslim.

Thus Muslims HAVE to be educated BEYOND the Madarsa farce. They need to be taught personality development, etiquettes, communication skills, technical skills, logical and analytical abilities and modern science so that jokers and cartoons like Terrorist Naik do not become their role models.

I wish if instead of such a joker, an Azim Premji, or APJ Abul Kalam, or Ashfaqullah, or Abdul Hamid would have been their role  models!

Agniveer Plans

Agniveer is committed to this mission to safeguard the entire humanity and is resolved to take following immediate steps:

a. Create more articles on Vedas and Vedic Dharma so that Muslims and non-Muslims alike can understand the true concepts and not go by fake brainwashing that is imbibed by fanatics since childhood. Thus all false notions about Vedas like polytheism, casteism need to be eradicated and its true rational, scientific and logical face would be explored.

b. Create a Dawah site to invite good Muslims back to Vedic fold. Also launch the Dawah movement of Shuddhi at ground level to help good Muslims embrace true Islam that points only to Vedic Dharma. We have already been doing this but would launch this in more structured manner now.

c. Have a section on Personality Development to teach specific skills and concepts that would help a typical reader have a better attitude, more effective communication skills, seek a decent job, enhance his or her career, improve soft skills, improve logical and analytical reasoning, enhance emotional intelligence, improve aptitude and be more professional in whatever they do.

Satyagni team comprises people from IIT, IIM, PGs in Medical Science, Top Executives etc and hence believes that this would be an effective way to help everyone, especially Muslims be more competent in being productive and useful for country and the world. After all this is the core foundation of Vedas!

And also learn, in process, why a rude, illogical, comical, ill-mannered fanatic terrorist like Zakir Naik should not be a role model for any sensible human being.

d. Continue to refuse to debate or discuss with anyone who does not first openly and clearly condemn Zakir Naik for his views of killing apostates and all non-Muslims going to Hell. Unless and until one very clearly puts his or her stand on the 10 points mentioned in

Islam will not be a threat if…

we would continue to bracket such persons into ‘Terrorist gang’ and refuse to have any discussions with them. After all discussions happen only with humans and not terrorists.

e. We have received a huge number of challenges for debates. It is impossible for us to allocate scholars for every child that desires to debate us. So we request them to follow the steps listed in and send us the necessary details. But only after they have expressed their clear humanist views in:

Islam will not be a threat if…

The above article has summarized the essence of our entire stand against fanatic Islam and why we consider followers of the version of Islam who dare not condemn those who seek death and Hell for non-Muslims as greatest threat for humanity.

Satyagni movement is resolved to expose and eradicate this terrorism in name of religion through all legitimate means (non- Taqiah!) as ordained in Vedic Religion in brief.

The next phase of Satyagni movement would witness a shift in focus by bringing education and personality development among all who are either victims (non-Muslims) or scapegoats (good Muslims) of intolerant Islam through ground level as well as internet based initiatives. We shall conduct an experiment on how peace, tolerance, compassion, education and knowledge can melt away the strongest walls of terrorism, hatred and intolerance.

We pray to Ishwar for His blessings to enable us to make utmost efforts to reach a situation where we are no longer required to segregate people as Muslim/ non-Muslim and can proudly refer to all our brothers and sisters as humans alone regardless of religion.

The Goal is far and the night is dark.
But He is my light and I can walk!

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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