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”India’s Intellectual Terrorism” Re-framing the Intelligentsia

Recent episodes of making Islamist terrorists accused of Mumbai and Parliament attacks, and Kashmiri terrorist as National hero, questioning Supreme Court's credibility, and keeping mums on surging Islamic terrorism which threatens the very integrity of India, dividing the national on the lines of Islamic Terrorism and Hindutava fanaticism.

7 reasons why only development can’t save India

This is why turning a blind eye on poll-time promises to Hindus, might lead to ultimate downfall of the Development-brigade.

Answering Zakir Naik : By Manish – The Mind of an...

Zakir Liar-An expert in Lying

Cocktail Parties in Islamic History! Or is Wine Prohibited?

Hoax of Wine prohibition in Islam exposed! Teetotalism is a respectable virtue. But Islamic translations seem to disagree. Read to know.

Shocking allegation by an ex-Muslim! : “Islam encourages rape”

Ex muslim alleges that Prophet Mohammad himself encouraged followers to rape women captives & trade them like commodities. Just as ISIS is doing currently.

Ideal Government

To meet the requirement of looking after people, leaders in the government need not be purely elected by the people. It is enough if the government is good irrespective of how it is formed.

Zakir Naik’s Prophecy #2 : The Stages of an Embryo

Ex Muslim thrashes Zakir Naik for spreading false information to fool people.

Laughably Hollow Concept of Javed’s Literacy [Comment on Sehwag]

Sehwag termed illiterate for running international schools while our accomplished poets are literate for writing ghazals to eradicate illiteracy from society

Why Ram Mandir Is Indispensable

What else can be the poetic justice to the souls of martyr Kothari brothers who lost their lives for the cause of Lord Ram...

Women In Islam part-1 BY:Ex-Muslim

Low status of women in Islamic world. An ex-Muslim reveals and exposes Islamic translations.

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