Big Problems of India and Solutions

Big Problems of India and Solutions - Guest post by Shri Veera Raghavaiah Kancharla

Yoga – General myths!!

Yoga myths explained. Much more than just a physical workout discipline..

Vedanta bringing Science closer to Hinduism

Many see Religion as separate from Science limiting religion to mere spiritualism or criticizing it as working against Science.  Quantum Physics stands as a...

WAKE-UP! Hindus being crushed through selective secularism [3 proofs]

Its high time that a concentrated pressure is launched by the Hindu pressure groups to free the Hindu temples from the executive control, or either get the worship places of all the temples under the control of the state.

Raksha Bandhan Ceremony and its History

Hope you will like it.

Ideal Government

To meet the requirement of looking after people, leaders in the government need not be purely elected by the people. It is enough if the government is good irrespective of how it is formed.

Wife-beating sanctioned by Islamic Law – Ex Muslim speaks out!

Ex Muslim exposes hollow claims of Muslim empowerment by Islamic law by proving how 'holy' Islamic translations sanction beating of wife by husband!

The Perils of Forced Hinduism

BJP mistaken in thinking it won on agenda of development. GST, HS trains can wait provided Hindus stay alive against Mullah, Missionary & Marxists.

Islam Respects Women as Equals? Myths – Part 1

Ex Muslim argues that women under Islamic dominance are treated as if they are animals. He provides several references to prove his point. Read to find out.

Why do people form groups

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