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This post is contributed by Guest author - Shri Veera Raghavaiah Kancharla

Jehovism Deconstructed

This is a complete deconstruction of Jehovism. This will enable every Hindu to not only defend from proselytizers, but also take them down completely.

Cocktail Parties in Islamic History! Or is Wine Prohibited?

Hoax of Wine prohibition in Islam exposed! Teetotalism is a respectable virtue. But Islamic translations seem to disagree. Read to know.

”India’s Intellectual Terrorism” Re-framing the Intelligentsia

Recent episodes of making Islamist terrorists accused of Mumbai and Parliament attacks, and Kashmiri terrorist as National hero, questioning Supreme Court's credibility, and keeping mums on surging Islamic terrorism which threatens the very integrity of India, dividing the national on the lines of Islamic Terrorism and Hindutava fanaticism.

The Perils of Forced Hinduism

BJP mistaken in thinking it won on agenda of development. GST, HS trains can wait provided Hindus stay alive against Mullah, Missionary & Marxists.

Sons of Ram or Slaves of Babur – BJP’s Dilemma

Causes of downfall of BJP and how it's repeating the same mistakes. Perhaps causes extremely necessary for Hindu survival should not be taken for granted.

ऐतिहासिक अधर्मनिरपेक्षता

मेरी कविता एक प्रतिउत्तर है उन लोगो को जो इतिहास का सन्दर्भ ले साम्प्रदायीकता का पाठ पड़ते है | - श्री आलोक मणि त्रिपाठी

70th Independence Day

We are celebrating our 70th Independence Day, but we have our failures and we should rectify it to proceed further to reclaim our rightful position in the global stage.

Tolerant India and Fake Seculars

‘Intolerance’ is a hot topic now a day, from dinner table to club parties. With a glass of champagne in hand or through the rattle of expensive silverware an intellectual India is crying murder on the ‘growing intolerance’ in India and concluding that it is not safe to stay in this country anymore.

WAKE-UP! Hindus being crushed through selective secularism [3 proofs]

Its high time that a concentrated pressure is launched by the Hindu pressure groups to free the Hindu temples from the executive control, or either get the worship places of all the temples under the control of the state.

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