Facts: How Communist betrayed India ?

Communist party of India and their spokespersons always claims in media that they are nationalists and they too love India but their actions are showing a different picture. Guest post by author Shri Shubham Verma

Ayodhya & Babri – An Indian Muslim brother’s view

Read to know what an Indian Muslim brother has to say about Ayodhya's Ram Mandir.

बांगलादेशी हिन्दू और इस्लामिक स्टेट

 १९४७ में भारत के दो महत्वपूर्ण टुकड़े भारत से अलग कर दिये गए, तथा दोनों को पाकिस्तान बना दिया गया | इनमे से एक...

Object Oriented Manifestation of Universe

What is Hindu view point of What is Universe? How did it manifest? How can we experience its manifestation?


पढ़ें गुरुडम की अवस्था पर लेख | जन्नत का लालच , जहन्नुम का भय दिखा कर इश्वर और भक्त के बीच agent बनने का व्यापार |

What makes lsIam so prone to radicalization?

Read to know what makes Religion of Peace so prone to radicalization.

Vedanta bringing Science closer to Hinduism

Many see Religion as separate from Science limiting religion to mere spiritualism or criticizing it as working against Science.  Quantum Physics stands as a...

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