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New to Agniveer site? Don’t worry! This brief guide will help you make the best of your stay here.

With content in Agniveer site having grown several times over past couple of years, even old-time patrons sometimes find it difficult to navigate the site in a focused manner. We do attempt to emphasize the essence of our belief-system in practically all posts on the site. We have also categorized the posts in different Categories and Sub-categories.

However that is not adequate considering the diverse background of our patrons and visitors and wide variety of topics we attempt to cover.

So we present here a rough guide to Agniveer site so as to make your stay even more fruitful and focused. We shall keep amending this page as we put more and more of content and receive feedback from you.


Primary Objective:

The primary objective of Agniveer site is to evolve our thinking process towards a rational purposeful humanism. Thus 3 components are important:

  • We do not blindly accept what is not rational and do not hesitate to embrace what is rational. So I shall not believe that someone split the moon or someone else ate up the sun simply because it is written somewhere or thousands of people believe so.
  • We should strive to be purposeful and reject those activities and ideologies which do not serve any purpose. If there are 2 activities, one of which serves a bigger purpose, we favor it against a smaller purpose.
  • We consider entire humanity as our own close family and rise above ego-tussles and hatred. No barriers of race, gender, religion, geography, birth, physical appearance etc should prevent us from considering a human as our own family member.

While there would often be grey areas in implementing these objectives, we strive to be as honest as possible and move ahead. When we stand corrected from our previous standpoint, we embrace the better version of truth without hanging to past due to ego. We act neither as a habitual skeptic nor as a blind believer. We simply act Rational.

These themes would help understand any of our article in the right context.

These 3 themes also make us conclude that Vedas are the best available benchmarks cum workbooks cum textbooks to help us model ourselves. 

So there is a lot of stuff on Vedas including what they are and what they are not.

With this context, we strongly recommend all visitors to read this article first and foremost:

What does Agniveer stand for

Based on this primary objective, we have 5 immediate objectives:


1. Destroy Caste System

We consider caste-system to be a disgrace in name of humanity. To know why we consider so, how we plan to eradicate it and other stuff on caste-system, please review:

You can clearly observe how our stand on caste system has become harsher and harsher over a period of time.

Our favorite:

2. Respect Woman

We consider disrespect of woman as another critical reason for miseries in any society, family, nation or even individual. To know about our view of the woman, please review:

Our favorite:


3. Human Rights and Tolerance

We are strongly against any mindset that is fanatic and does not value human rights. We have no soft-corner for human-rights abusers regardless of their cult-following. For more, please review:

Our favorite:

4. Anti-Terrorism

Terrorism is the greatest nuisance facing the world today. To punish the terrorists after they have conducted the attacks, we have due legal systems, police, military and global bodies. We attempt to thwart the very mindset that later breeds terrorism. We define terrorist as someone who believes that certain people deserve punishment, either through humans or through divine powers, regardless of their good deeds, simply because they do not agree to certain specific beliefs. One example of such a fanatic perpetrator of terrorist ideology is Zakir Naik and his fanatic organization Islamic Research Foundation that refuses to condemn even Osama, and are quick to point out that even a saint will go to Hell simply because he did not invite people to religion of Islam. Many terrorists have admitted having been inspired by this cult.

Such mindsets are thoroughly exposed in following section:

Our favorite:

5. Defending Animal Rights

We believe in peaceful environment-friendly anti-poverty living. Hence we proactively take up the cause of Animal Rights. No, don’t worry! We shall not kill you because eat meat. Nor shall we hate you for this. We instead believe in peace and humbly state our viewpoints so that you can join us in the common mission, if that appeals to you. You can find a lot of useful stuff in:

Our favorite:


Our Methods:

Our methods to achieve these objectives are unique (though not proprietary so far! (because we may improve upon them in future!))

1. Self Transformation

We believe that all problems and solutions begin and end with the mind. In this section, we have a collection of very meticulously created content that aims to change your very process of thinking. These work not only on your conscious but sub-conscious mind and helps unleash the legend within. Our aim is to create content that can make a person heading for suicide change his mind. To make best of these, please review:

Our favorite:

2. Seek Inspiration

These contain inspirational snippets and works of legendary role models to take your enthusiasm to all new level:

Our favorite:

3. Perfect Health

Here we have collection of tried and tested methods to have a wonderful health and eliminate more common health-problems.

Our favorite:


4. Learn from History

When we review the history, we often find ourselves facing miseries because we kept repeating the same old mistakes. In this section, you shall find rational and factual accounts of history so that we can see beyond the fictional hypes presented as history for political reasons to understand the truth and act smartly.

Our favorite:

5. Foundation of Vedas

As we mentioned earlier, Vedas form our foundation. To know what they mean, what they do not mean, what they contain and what they do not contain, please review:

Our favorite:

Contemporary Issues:

Our views on contemporary issues:

Our favorite:

Learn Sanskrit:

This section contains monthly lessons for a layman to learn Sanskrit – our mother language.



These contain a variety of topics including:

Poems: Emotional expressions straight from the heart

Our favorite:


Confessions: Honest confessions of events that led to Agniveer

Our favorite:


Why: Our best answers to certain commonly asked Whys

Our favorite:


To view a list of all miscellaneous articles, including those not covered in above sections, please visit:



Some useful text downloads are available here.

Our favorite:


Hindi Articles

Articles in Hindi are available here.

Our favorite:

Updates from Agniveer 

All updates are listed in this section:

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Our personal recommendations:

Here we list our own recommendations of Best of Agniveer:



Now some useful Article Series:

Fanatics on Hinduism

Rebuttal to views of fanatics like Zakir Naik on Hinduism that they use to convert Hindus in order to obtain a fictitious Heaven

Our favorite:


Islamic Research Foundation exposed

Exposing myths propagated by IRF to fool innocents and promote conversions.

Our favorite:


Ram and Babur

Facts about Ram and Babur to understand why Ram is role model for all humans and Babur was a butcher not worthy of being even called Muslim.

Our favorite:


The real Manu Smriti

The actual views of Manu Smriti on casteism, women rights and other issues.

Our favorite:


Glory of the Vedic Woman

Understanding how Vedas glorify woman and call he foundation of all goodness.

Our favorite:


Universal Religion for all

On why Vedas alone form the foundation of truly universal religion. A reading you cannot afford to miss.

Our favorite:


Vedas – Myths and Reality

Some popular myths and reality on Vedas. This is essential to understand true perspective on Vedas.

Our favorite:


Preservation of Vedas

On how Vedas have been meticulously preserved in a manner that eliminates all scope of adulterations from the oldest text of humankind.

Our favorite:


Vedic Lessons

The key fundamental concepts of Vedas. Essential reading for everyone.

Our favorite:


Vedas totally reject Caste System

The Vedic view on caste-system – greatest disgrace on humanity and Hinduism.

Our favorite:


Vedic Literature

Useful downloadable literature to understand and enjoy Vedas.

Our favorite:


Career Tips

This is the latest section that aims to provide useful tips to help each of us get the best in our lives and hence be able to concentrate on noble pursuits without worrying about career – considered to be among the topmost worry-areas for modern educated youth.

Our favorite:


Guest Column

We invite articles from our patrons which we share in this section:

Our favorite:



Latest Articles:

For articles in descending order as per date, visit



Site Prerequisites:

Agniveer is only for select mature minds. It does not demand any special prerequisites in terms of knowledge and education. However it does demand a specific kind of attitude. So make sure you review the following before reviewing ANY CONTENT on the site and browse further ONLY if you agree to all of them. We respect your right to differ from us and humbly request you to not browse our site(s) if you do so. in case you want to involve us in any debate


Suggested roadmap

1. If you come to seek to understand true concepts of Hinduism from a spiritual perspective, straightaway review Vedic Lessons before anything else. Then review rest of the stuff in

2. If you have doubt about existence of God, and even concept of God due to confusion promoted by various cults to market their own brands, please review:


3. If you want to quickly review the rebuttals to likes of Zakir Naik and IRF literature, head towards:


4. If you want to review our comparative analysis of religions, please visit

Satyagni was developed using our original content however the same may have been modified since the transfer. But in any case, we always recommend extracting the essence to extent it is logical and not bother about other petty details. They state that they want to preach true Islam and expose fake cults fooling the world in name of Islam. From their recent articles and discussions, it seems that they support the views of Hassan Nisar, Sir Syed Ahmad, Aga Khan, Parvez Hoodbhoy etc in matters of Islam.


For review of Christianity, please visit:


For a detailed rebuttal to myths being propagated by fanatic cults like IRF and Zakir Naik, please review:


This seems to be most comprehensive analysis of their mischievous works.


For a more complete view on this fake Islam and its tall claims of Quran being the only option for anyone to escape Hell, review the entire category:



Our personal favorites:



And don’t forget to check the Fatwa Section which is wonderful.

And also the Online Tauba.

PS: Note that Satyagni is not part of Agniveer Network. We refer to it because a lot of content is based originally on Agniveer works which were imported to them. We may not agree with everything on that site.


Agniveer Network

Apart from, Agniveer also has other footprints on web:

Agniveer Facebook page is where we continuously bring updates and encourage discussions. It is also a wonderful place to interact with other Agniveer Fans.

Agniveer is also on Twitter.

Agniveer has a Scribd page where it uploads relevant documents. The Agniveer Assorted collection has choicest texts for you to enjoy. These include not only documents uploaded by us but also referred by other users. You can also request additions to this collection.

Agniveer also joined the Speaking Tree network which is Facebook type network for spiritualists.

Agniveer Discussion Forum: Here you can discuss, share, debate with your friends. It is largely moderated based on automated rules and we encourage freedom of expression. So manual moderation is very minimal though we are very harsh on plagiarism and spamming.

An interesting forum is Ask Agniveer where you can ask Agniveer your queries and we try our best to answer them. Sometimes answers may take a couple of days, and till then your questions also do not get published. So have patience!


Contact Us

To contact us, visit CONTACT page.



Please note that all Agniveer Social Networks and web footprints are managed by netizens and not by a single central team. So there may be at times divergences in views expressed there. This is not contradiction but diversity. Is very important that you keep in mind an overriding philosophy behind everything you browse on Agniveer network:

We don’t promise to answer everything. We merely help you seek the right questions. The answers lie within you. Let the discovery begin…