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In this article, we shall discuss proven techniques to obtain extreme happiness. The happiness we are referring to is not the petty enjoyments we try to seek from worldly toys. We are discussing the happiness of salvation or mukti or moksha.

Q: But Mukti will happen after ages and we will have to suffer so much till then. I do not have that patience. What do I do?

This happiness of Mukti shall NOT come after lots of grief and pains in the process. No, not at all! We don’t want you to lure you in imaginations of a fancy paradise that shall come to you after all the painful activities you indulge into for ages and then die.

The techniques listed here would, on contrary, provide you privileged access to more and more from reservoir of happiness, independent of what happens in the world right from now. We are talking about true unconditional happiness that keeps increasing rapidly every moment till you achieve the full access to the reservoir in form of Mukti. So your paradise is going to be with you right from NOW and as long as you continue!

We are talking about full enjoyment, happiness, fun, masti, dhamaal or whatever you may call, ALL THE WAY from now to then!

This is going to be amazing fun to begin the process, even more fun during the process and ultimate fun after the process! A level of fun that no other activity or object in the world can provide you! Vedas put it beautifully in Yajurveda 31.18: “There is simply no other way than this to have total fun!”

In fact one of the greatest misconceptions about spirituality or goodness in general is that you get the results only after lots of tortures and failures. And nobody remains alive to see anyone obtaining those results!

Nothing can be farther from truth.

In fact this is a test of any spiritual ideology or person. If it brags about facing pains and miseries, it is defective. Simply reject it and run away as far as you can from this crap!

Ishwar’s justice is instantaneous and ongoing. There is no lag time. When you do the right things, you get the results immediately in form of happiness. You simply pursue this happiness further and reach upto salvation or Mukti.

Yajurveda 19.30 puts it marvelously: “When you make the resolve, you become eligible immediately. When you maintain your eligibility through your deeds, you get the positive results in terms of happiness, achievements, satisfaction etc. When you see the positive results, your faith increases further and you enhance your deeds even more. When the faith becomes unflinching, you achieve the ultimate truth or bliss.”

Q: Then why do we see people pursuing Mukti or saints or freedom-fighters or great people to suffer so much?

1. What actually happens is that as and as much one starts practicing the techniques of Mukti, he or she starts getting independent from adverse effects of the world. Thus he or she is no more troubled by those petty issues that cause nervous breakdown in other people. She starts accessing the reservoir of happiness within her and thus no more remains a beggar in the world to get that.

2. Because she has become much robust and powerful, she can now explore more ambitious challenges to speed up her progress to Mukti. This look amazing to rest of the world. Because she is defining her own path that need not be in line with trends of the world. People and situations try to create problems and obstacles for her. But this only acts as a feeder for her, in same way that fire keeps growing when it gets more substances to burn.

3. Finally her time to quit this world and continue the journey elsewhere comes. People foolishly think that she had to face troubles and agonies in her life. But smart ones know that she was laughing all the way to her success and was no way affected by these petty situations which were only fruits of past actions for her that need not be taken seriously.

4. Thus, the yogi made the best out of each situation that kind Ishwar presented to her, had fun all the way and continued her journey ahead setting examples for us.

It is not true that Mukti-aspirants always suffer and suffer more than rest of the people. It is just that they are capable of handling bigger challenges which amaze us. They, in fact,  enjoy each moment thousand times more than rest of us do. It is this enjoyment that keeps them propelling.

A small baby would cry ‘Uan Uan’ when stung with a mosquito. But as grown ups with powerful bodies, many of us would enjoy facing punches and kicks during martial arts practice.

Practice of Mukti transforms you from the little baby who weeps on every petty thing to a powerful wrestler who wins the Gold in the arena of the world!

Q: Sounds exciting! What do I need to do to become the champion!

A: Nothing painful! If you have taken the resolve, you have already started the process. Rest is simple.

Basic Principle

Basic Principle is simplest – Accept truth and reject falsehood proactively.

Because falsehood is cause of grief and truth is cause of bliss. Sinful activities (Adharma or Paapa) cause grief and Virtuous activities (Dharma or Punya) cause bliss.

For details refer to Vedic Religion in Brief and Vedic Worship (Upasana Section)

Q: How do I decide what is truth and what is falsehood?

There are some simple pointers:

– It should not be self-contradictory. (For example, if someone says Ishwar tests and also says that Ishwar knows everything, it is contradictory.)

– It should follow the logical process of cause-effect. (For example, if someone says a woman was born from rib of a man, it is illogical.)

– It should follow the principle of generalization. (If something hurts me, then it should hurt others also. Hence I should not do such a thing.)

– It should be as per examples set by role models and great people. (However even to decide if someone is worth being role model, one should not go by popularity, but by testing the deeds of the person on basis of other criteria of truth.)

– It should be as per inner-conscience or inner-voice. (If one feels a sense of shame or guilt doing something, that should not be done.)

– It should be tested on merits of evidence, logic, comparison etc.

Similarly other criteria can also be deduced. We would evaluate them sometime later. But the key is that something should not be accepted blindly out of peer pressure, popularity, habit etc. Neither should one be skeptic of every other thing regardless of having any valid reason to do so.

If one is genuine to best of his or her intentions, the capability of discerning truth from falsehood keeps improving and progress happens.

Q: OK, I got an idea about how to detect and follow truth. What next?

A: Simply follow the truth now in thoughts, words and actions. Get closer to truth through enhanced knowledge, practice and contemplation.

For example, if you came to understand that

– it is less than one in zillions probability that this world is a random event,
– you know well that you are not controlling it,
– you understand that if there is supreme power guiding us, it should provide its guidance from inception
– you know that Vedas are devoid of interpolations due to the manner they were preserved and are the oldest texts
– you know that your own intelligence is not sufficient to further your progress
then you should try to explore and learn what the Vedas teach.

You also know that Ishwar should be equally blessing on people away from Vedas due to geography. Hence the way to understand Vedas cannot be merely mugging up. It has to be more practice-oriented and the mugged-up or read knowledge should assist in enhancing those practices instead of being sufficient in themselves.

So now you got a blueprint for fast progress. On one side you should follow your inner voice to adopt truth in practice. On other side, you should work upon to imbibe concepts of Vedas, bring them in sync with inner-voice and further strengthen the inner-voice and hence progress ahead through practice. And when both these approaches would merge, you would have achieved your mission.

If you cannot have access to Vedas or your current duties prevent you from exploring them in full depth, don’t worry, simply follow inner-voice and move ahead. Ishwar would work out best opportunities for you. But if you have opportunities to imbibe Vedas in your current set of duties, don’t be skeptic, lazy or unnecessarily critical. Simply move ahead and grab the opportunity.

This habit of grabbing the opportunity should become your integral part. We shall discuss this further soon.

Once we agree on this fundamental, the rest of the framework becomes extremely intuitive:

Q: What is this framework for achieving Moksha or Mukti or extreme happiness from right now?

A: There are 4 components to it:

1. Viveka or Understanding of Concepts. Lets call it Intelligence.

2. Vairagya or Detachment

3. Shatak Sampatti or 6-Fold Formula

4. Mumukshutva or Desire for Mukti

Note that this is another way of looking at the points already discussed in Vedic Religion in Brief and Vedic Worship (Upasana Section). But this is extremely helpful for better understanding and implementation.

Q: What is Viveka or Intelligence?

A: We have already discussed it. The ability to discern truth from falsehood is Viveka. If you recall discussion on Vidya in Vedic Concept of Salvation, then you can understand it as the ability to possess Vidya.

With Viveka, one should put efforts to understand and analyze Self through contemplation. Sages have provided the following pointers to help this (Don’t worry if they appear complex. They are supposed to be realized naturally through practice and not mugged up):

Pancha Kosh (Five layers over soul)

There are 5 layers over soul that is ‘I’ which are DIFFERENT from us.

Annamaya Kosh – The external body made of skin, flesh and bones.

Pranamaya Kosh – The system which ensures transportation of vital air. These include 10 kinds of Prana. We shall skip the complex discussions.

Manomaya Kosh – Mind (Mana), Ego, Inherent powers of actions like speech, locomotion, grasping, excretion and reproduction.

Vijnanamaya Kosh – Intellect (Buddhi), Memory (Chitta), Inherent powers of sensing like hearing, touch, smell, see and taste.

Anandmaya Kosh – Sense of pleasure, affection, more or less pleasure.

One should try to understand how soul is different from all these 5 layers and how Ishwar has integrated the soul with these layers so that it can seamlessly and effectively carry out all its activities. One should understand how to use these as tools to achieve our objective – Ultimate bliss!

Three States

Alert (Jagrit), Dream (Swapna) and Sleep (Sushupti)

Four bodies

1. Gross Body (Sthula Sharir) that we observe

2. Subtle Body (Sukshma Sharir) consisting of 5 Vital Forces (Prana), 5 Sensing Powers, 5 subtle forms of Nature (Sukshma Bhoot), Mind (Mana) and Intellect (Buddhi). This stays with soul even after death and continues into next life. Soul uses this to continue its journey of progress towards ultimate bliss in next life right from where death stopped it in previous birth.

This subtle body comprises the portion made by Prakriti and the portion that is innate property of soul. During salvation, the portion made by Prakriti also detaches from soul and only innate properties remain. Thus soul is able to conduct its actions merely through Sankalpa or Will. This is most efficient system to possess for a soul.

3. Causal Body (Kaarana Sharir) that causes deep sleep. This is derived from Prakriti or Nature and is same for all souls.

4. Superior Body (Tureeya Sharir) that forms the connection with Ishwar and brings us access to His reservoir of infinite happiness. This stays with soul during Mukti also and enables it to enjoy bliss of Ishwar in utmost capacity.


They come into action only when enjoined with soul by Ishwar. Through Viveka one should clearly understand his or her identity BEYOND these lifeless tools. One should learn not to blame or praise these but the soul who alone is their driver.

One who understands it, starts understanding the guidance of Ishwar through inner-voice. Whenever the soul uses these tools, as described above, to conduct any action, this inner-voice guides it. If its a good action, one feels happiness, fearlessness, enthusiasm etc. If its a bad action, one feels fear, doubt and shame. This is the constant mentoring by Ishwar. One who is able to follow it, obtains extreme happiness upto Mukti right from now. One who does not follow it, obtains bondage and grief accordingly.


Similarly one should use Viveka or Intellect to understand Soul (Atma), Nature (Prakriti), Ishwar and relationship among the three and act accordingly. One should introspect, study, explore practice in actions and meditate to firm this Intellect. This forms the first component of Mukti framework.

Q: What is Vairagya or Detachment?

A: To reject the desire to achieve whatever is temporary, impure, inanimate and cause of sorrow and replace them with enthused resolve to achieve the permanent, pure, animate and cause of eternal bliss, after due application of Viveka or Intellect is called Vairagya.

Q: What is Shatak Sampatti or 6-Fold Formula?

A: After Viveka and Vairagya, one should focus on doing actions based on following 6 principles. This is the greatest treasure one can have. In fact, one who possess these 6 jewels is the richest person, and one who is devoid of these but boasts of petty stones that would go away with death in few decades is the most unfortunate. So just grab these 6 jewels right now!

1. Shama or developing the tendency to constantly keep our self (our soul) and mind away from Adharma ( bogus actions that do not lead to Mukti) to Dharma (virtuous deeds).

2. Dama or developing the tendency to refuse conducting any bad deed (that does not lead to Mukti – lechery, fraud, cheating, hatred, lust, adultery, ruthlessness, frustration etc) through our sense and work organs and indulge in virtuous actions like self control, peace, compassion etc.

3. Uparati or staying away from people who are wicked, fraudulent or immoral.

4. Titiksha or staying resolved in pursuit of ways and means of Mukti regardless of insults, praises, losses, gains in the mundane world.

5. Shraddha or having full faith on our inner-voice, wisdom of Vedas and other truthful texts and people, after having evaluated through Viveka. Shraddha does not mean blind faith in the imaginary, but full passion in pursuit of what has been understood to be true. Doubt or unnecessary skepticism is the recipe for destruction. Even if there is vagueness with regards to understanding of the ultimate goal, one should not have doubt over actions and methods to reach there, because these actions and methods are beneficial and best treasures to possess regardless of clarity on goal. One does not doubt studying sincerely in primary school merely because he is not clear about what a good career after post-graduation means!

6. Samadhan or practicing control of mind. The Eight-Fold Path of Patanjali Yoga focuses on this.

Q: What is Mumukshutva or Desire for Mukti?

A: All other desires are bogus for a person who has used his Viveka or intellect even a bit. But a desperate desire for Mukti should persist. This acts as the fuel that charges every other action or thought that a Mukti-aspirant undertakes. Thus one should have that level of desire for Mukti that a person who is hungry or thirsty in host summer for days together has for food or water.

Suppose one submerges his head in water for sometime. The way one gets desperate for a breath of air and does not find anything else in the world worth being achieved, if one can inculcate that level of passion for Mukti, he or she is sure to be the winner! The reservoirs of bliss from Ishwar start opening for Him immediately.

This Mumukshutva brings a strength of character in a soul that can amaze mundane people. Unlike hunger or thirst or suffocation that creates pain for soul, Mumukshutva brings a level of happiness that one cannot imagine otherwise. Mumukshutva itself is the most wonderful state to have in this world. And its destination is even more wonderful!

This is what we described as “habit of grabbing the opportunity” earlier.

Q: Can you summarize the framework for my ease?

A: If we were to redraft the Mukti framework in form of a corporate statement, it would look something like this:

Vision: To have direct access to infinite bliss of Ishwar who is source of all happiness.

Mission: To get rid of all miseries and obtain ultimate happiness, and start getting that happiness right from now.

Eligibility: One who has access to 4 components of Viveka, Vairagya, Shatak Sampatti and Mumukshutva as described above.

Strategy: To understand and conduct actions accordingly after study of Mukti techniques as described in Vedas and Vedic texts in most diligent manner.

Q: How do I properly understand the concepts necessary for this subtle topic?

A: This demands use of a foolproof method of Shravan Chatushtaya or 4-fold technique for proper understanding. This can be applied to anything one studies but is more relevant for Mukti which is the most subtle subject due to its inherent intuitiveness.

Shravana or carefully listen or read the subject without distractions. Put full focus into it.

Manana or analysis of whatever has been imbibed through Shravana. If there are doubts, they should be clarified. Shravana and Manana should go hand in hand. One should only listen or read as much that can then be analyzed properly. Otherwise people tend to take things for granted.

Nididhyasan or contemplation on what has been studied and analyzed in meditative stage. This demands mind-control which becomes easy when the 4 components described above are practiced. This develops a ‘feel’ or more subtle understanding of the subject.

Sakshatkar or thorough understanding through above three as well as conducting the practice.

Q: Any other useful tips on pursuit of Mukti?

1. Study Patanjal Yoga (not exercises and breathing methods taught wrongly in name of Yoga) to understand and practice the concepts described above from another perspective. We shall discuss this later in another series.

2. Stay away from Tamoguna (anger, polluted thoughts, laziness, inactivity etc), Rajoguna (jealousy, lust, false ego, hatred) and indulge in Satvaguna (peace, friendliness, purity, fearlessness, intellectuality, action-orientation).

3. Have feeling of friendship with happy people, show pity and help those in distress, feel happy on pious noble people and have neither hatred nor affection on wicked ones. Simply work to eradicate their wickedness.

4. The powers of mind-control are amazing and normal people don’t even scratch 1% of it. For Mukti, one should ideally meditate for at least 2 hours daily so that Viveka described above becomes clear and one gains tremendous will-power and other miraculous powers of mind. Refer to Patanjal Yoga and “Lets learn Vedic Worship” for details on meditation. (Note: if 2 hours seem too daunting, don’t worry. Start with what is comfortable with you (at least 15 minutes) and let it grow organically. Practice makes perfect. But meditation cannot be forced mechanically. So focus on quality and not quantity.)

5. Mukti happens in unity with world around. Efforts for Mukti in isolation is foolish. So use the techniques above while you work proactively to transform our society and world. Take these challenges to practice your Mukti-skills. Fight against injustice, fight against crimes, fight against impotency in the society, fight against enemies of country and humanity and carry these fights proactively.

6. Do not limit yourself and keep stretching beyond for greater and greater challenges that face our world. But choose your battles smartly. A smart Mukti-aspirant does not keep doing everything, but chooses his domain that is best fit for his nature, tendencies and capabilities with the demands of the situations and then keeps working on stretching the challenges by stretching the capabilities and mastering his nature and tendencies through mind-control and practice. Ultimately he prays:”Krinvanto Vishwamaryam!” – lets make the entire humanity noble! And he works his way smartly to this goal.

To conclude, understand that we, as souls, are eternally conscious. We are separate from mind, intellect, senses, action organs and everything else that surrounds us. Our only eternal relationship is with Ishwar. He alone is source of all happiness. When we start realizing this true identity of ours and start acting accordingly, we immediately start getting more and more of confidence, happiness, bliss, satisfaction, enthusiasm, achievements and are able to perform wonders that dazzle the world. And then we use challenges facing the world and society to continue increasing the dazzle more and more. And have more of fun in process!

The process begins from the moment we start our journey. So what are you waiting for! There is nothing more worthwhile than this in world which guarantees peerless bliss right now and after!

This made legends out of Rama and Krishna. Bring out that legend from within you RIGHT NOW! And reclaim you happiness in the process.

There is no other way!

This post is also available in Gujarati at http://agniveer.com/6583/happiness-hinduism-vedas-gu/

Questions only Hinduism can Answer

Questions only Hinduism can Answer

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  • @Agniveer
    If Article series on Vedic God will be available in Hindi, these article can be prove turning point to save the humanity & Indian people who are going to perish.
    I always believe Article on Vedic series is the base of this site.

    • They indeed are. They are the foundations on which everything else is built. And without this, everything else is meaningless.

      We have currently requested eminent Vedic scholars of modern era – Dr Vivek Arya and Shri Rajveer Arya – to translate these articles in Hindi. They are well-educated people who interact with youth a lot. We hope they would be able to a translate these in a manner that appeals modern youth and gives them the desired Vedic inputs.

      DR Vivek is also very active on internet. We request you to also request him to take this on a priority basis leaving every other activity, if needed, for time being. Let us target having the series completed by 15 October itself. So build the pressure on him. And he can coordinate with Sh Rajveer Arya and other scholars as well. Let us keep 15 October as target.


  • e buniyad sawalat hai aap ke..
    agar mai is tarah ka prashn karunga to aap 100 janmo me uska uttar nahi de sakte hai..
    misal k taor pe…
    ye duniya kyu banaai gai..
    agar ishvar chahta to bina mehanat ke hamko khana khil sakta tha fir itani mehanat kyu?
    koi amir aor koi gareeb kyu bana?
    insaan hi ko sarv shreshtth kyu banaya gya?
    insaan kyu pap karta hai..?
    bina sambhog kiye bachcha kyu nahi padaho sakta? kya ishvar bina sambhog ke bachcha nahi de sakta?
    pani kyu taral hai?
    hamko jine k liye sans yani hawa ki jarurat kyu hai ? ishvar chahta to binahawa k bhi hamko jivit rakh sakta tha? kya uske pas ye power nahi hai?
    kyu ishvar ne insaano me kuchh gadaho ki tarah parshn karne wala banaya?
    kyu khana muh se khane ko kaha?
    kya ved k bina is sansaar ka kalyan nahi ho sakta hai?
    shree raam aor krishn ko kis liye bhejagya?
    kya bharat hi ishvar ka bhumi hai ? aordesh me hindu kyu nahi hai?
    agar sawal aisa hi karna pare to aap kya ap k pardada bhi in sab ka jawab dete dete parlok sidhar jainge magar sare sawal ka jawab nahi de sakte ..
    waise aap ko ek baat bata du aap ne jitane sawal kiye ha bina sir pair k kiye hai..
    kisi ne ek baat kahi thi wo mai aap ko bata du..
    kisi baag me kisi suwar (pig) ko chhor diya jai to wo jante ho kya talash karega? he he he usko fal aor phool se koi matlab nahi wo to sirf guh ko talash karega …
    plzz aap aisa na bane fal aor phool ko bhi dekhe..
    ab mi aap se ye kahunga ki aap ko aap ka dham mubarak ho aor mujhe mera dharam mubarak ho.. samay aane par allah (ishvar) hamare bich faisla kar dega ki kaon sahi raste pe hai aor kaongalat raste par hai..
    akhir kya baat hai ki puri duniya me isla fail gya hai aor hindu kuchh desh me? akhir islam me koi to wisheshta hogi ki aaj duniya me sab se tez islam hi fail raha hai.. is baat pe gaor kariyega aor islam ke fal aor phool ki taraf dhiyan dijiyega …
    jahilo se baat karna hi bewakufi hoti hai … aage ap khud samjhdaar hai .. byebye…

    • @jannat
      Agar mai ye puchhoo ki tuhare pitaji kon hai aur kya karte hai to qya ye bybuniyad sawal hai. Issi tarah ham ye janna chahte ye hamare pitaji Allah ji ke bare me aapki himmat kaise hui jo aapne Allah ko Nikma sabit kar diya apni kuran ke dwara.

  • Namaste, hope you are doing good, I find your site truthful and enjoy reading what you write. Could you please caste some more light on the following ”Study Patanjal Yoga (not exercises and breathing methods taught wrongly in name of Yoga)” specifically the bracated sentence.

  • @shabeer,
    >>Islam is being severely attacked, bashed, mocked by a certain dedicated team in cyberspace. A large number of these ‘Islam Haters’ happen to be Hindu fanatics. Obviously, their sole agenda is to create aversion in the minds of common people against Islam.
    I guess hindus dont need to try that hard to create aversion. Any one with brian gets an idea of islam when we read some histroy to name a few why parsis(zorastrians) migrated to india, why bahais got persecuted, why idols like all-lut , bamian budhas got destroyed.

    • mr.adolf first u understand the difference between the rss and al-queda & lak t’ba:

      RSS is the organisation,that agreed about 98% of Hindu organisation.98%of Hindu group either they r member or agreed RSS.anyone act against them(may be 2%),rest of them not act against them.

      at the same time any Islamic organisation(except some 2% fundamental behavior organisation agree them, i agreed it) agreed them.

      the major islamic organisation act against the terrorist,lot of public program,debate,book,sites,cd we can saw from different part of the world.

      1ex)u just go to any social network facebook or orkut or twitter, and search how many hindu group against the RSS and how many muslim group against the al-queda. u can find the reality.

  • evidence of an intense hostility cherished towards the non Aryan tribes.

    There was also not the very best of feelings even among the Rishis towards one another. There are unmistakable references in the hymns to a deadly feud between Rishi Vashishtha and Rishi Vishvamitra and of a curse laid on the former by the latter. The details of these feuds will be dealt with in another article.

    This article is an attempt to refute the Vedic propagandists who are so eager to malign Islam and yet choose to turn a blind eye to their own scriptures. I can only remind them of this wise saying of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him),

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ” [Mark 7:1]

  • “All those tribes in this world, which are excluded from (the community of) those born from the mouth, the arms, the thighs, and the feet (of Brahman), are called Dasyus, whether they speak the language of the Mlecchas or that of the Aryans. [Manu 10:45]

    The distinction between Aryas and Dasyus is not on the basis of character but on the basis nationality as is clearly demarcated by Manu Smriti 2:21-23.

    “21. That (country) which (lies) between the Himavat and the Vindhya (mountains) to the east of Prayaga and to the west of Vinasana (the place where the river Sarasvati disappears) is called Madhyadesa (the central region).

    22. But (the tract) between those two mountains (just mentioned), which (extends) as far as the eastern and the western oceans, the wise call Aryavarta (the country of the Aryans).

    23. That land where the black antelope naturally roams, one must know to be fit for the performance of sacrifices; (the tract) different from that (is) the country of the Mlecchas (barbarians).”

    Only Aryavarta aka India is the place where noble people are found and the rest of the world is filled with evil people. Thus as per the Vedic worldview, Aryas as called Aryas (Noble) because they belong to the Aryavarta and Mlecchas and Dasyus are called so not because they are evil but because they are foreigners.

    So, Vedas give the following solution to deal with the Dasyus who do not share the faith of the Aryas.

    “Slay everyone who pours no gift, who, hard to reach, delights thee not. Bestow on us what wealth he hath: this even the worshipper awaits.” [Rigveda 1:176:4]

    What language could be stronger against one’s enemies than this? This is sheer bigotry. The quotations already made sufficiently illustrate the hatred of the Aryans for the other religions. For more of this bigotry you can see Rigveda 8:2:18, 8:45:23, 8:51:12, 8:53:1,2.

    As far as we have seen, there is no trace to be found in the hymns of the Vedas about the brotherhood of man. On the other hand, there is abundant…

  • No Universal Brotherhood in the Vedas
    The texts of the Vedas and other Hindu scriptures clearly show that they do not regard non-Aryans races as brothers, nor did they wish any good to the non-worshippers of the Aryan gods. They only wished their extirpation and their annihilation. Out of a large number of passages bearing on this subject, I quote the following:

    “He who dwells fixed in the atmosphere, smiting the blasphemers of the god that do not sacrifice, to him be reverence with ten sakvarî-stanzas!” [Atharvaved 11:2:23]

    The texts of the Vedas seem to leave no doubt that they recognize a distinction between the tribe to which the authors of the hymns belonged and a hostile people who observed different rites, and were regarded with contempt and hatred by the superior race. Their is no doubt that in many passages of the Rigveda the words Dasa and Dasyu are applied to the aboriginal tribes of India. Let us see what Maharishi Manu says,

  • Flashing like fire, be thou, O conquering Manyu, invoked, O Victor, as our army’s leader. Slay thou our foes, distribute their possessions: show forth thy vigour, scatter those who hate us.

    At many places such prayers are made to destroy the enemies and gain their wealth.

    What constitutes the booty of war in the Vedic religion? Maharishi Manu describes the war booty on the basis of the Vedas.

    “Chariots and horses, elephants, parasols, money, grain, cattle, women, all sorts of (marketable) goods and valueless metals belong to him who takes them (singly) conquering (the possessor).”

    “A text of the Veda (declares) that (the soldiers) shall present a choice portion (of this booty) to the king; what has not been taken singly, must be distributed by the king among all the soldiers.”

    [Manu Smriti 7:96-97]

    Women also are considered part of the war booty in the above passages and are to be divided like other objects.

  • May our hymns give you great delight. Display your bounty, Thunderer. Drive off the enemies of the Vedas.”

    The next mantra mentions

    “Crush with your foot the niggard churls who bring no gifts. Mighty are you: There is not one to equal you.”

    The above mantras also make the identity of the enemy clear. The enemies are those who do not pray to the Vedic gods and bring them no gifts. The same is mentioned in Rigveda 8:53:1-2.


    As has been said before that Vedic wars were motivated to a great extent by capturing more wealth, I will now provide even more evidence for this.

    “Handless be these our enemies! We enervate their languid limbs. So let us part among ourselves, in hundreds, Indra! all their wealth.” [Atharvaved 6:66:3]

    Rigveda 1:7:4 mentions,

    “Help us, O Indra, in the frays, yea, frays, where thousand spoils are gained, With awful aids, O awful One.”

    In Rigveda 10:84:2 it is said,

  • “Rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and consume and burn to dust, the one who rejects the Vedas.”

    I do not think the above verse leaves any ambiguity as to who the enemies mentioned in the Vedas are. The mantra speaks for itself. It also prescribes the most gruesome forms of slaughter of those who disbelieve in the Vedas.

    The same Sookt (hymn) also commands the following in mantras 65-71,
    65) So, O Goddess, do thou from him, the Brāhmans’ tyrant, criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods, 66) With hundred-knotted thunderbolt, sharpened and edged with razor-blades, 67) Strike off the shoulders and the head. 68) Snatch thou the hair from off his head, and from his body strip the skin: 69) Tear out his sinews, cause his flesh to fall in pieces from his frame. 70) Crush thou his bones together, strike and beat the marrow out of him. 71) Dislocate all his limbs and joints.

    I wonder what type of mindset would have written this horrendous stuff? This extreme sadist mentality which relishes in instructing such horrible torture deserves to be banned forever before it is put to practice. One can imagine what would have happened at the time when such teachings would have been enforced thousands of years back. These teachings were recently put into effect when innocent Muslims were burnt alive and tortured in the Indian State of Gujrat, Christians were burnt alive in many places of India especially in Orrisa. Jains and Buddhists in ancient times and Muslims, Christians and Sikhs in recent times have been made the experimental mice of these teachings.

    Also supportig the idea that the enemies mentioned in the Vedas in fact refer to people of other religions, we have the following prayer made in Atharvaved 20:93:1.

    • “One can imagine what would have happened at the time when such teachings would have been enforced thousands of years back. These teachings were recently put into effect when innocent Muslims were burnt alive and tortured in the Indian State of Gujrat, Christians were burnt alive in many places of India especially in Orrisa”

      You have no idea of how disgusting you are Shabeer. So people were chanting these ved mantraas when they were engaged in riots brother? So the hindus in the train immolated themselves and no muslims were singing praise for allah? Orissa Xtians? Do you even know what caused the riots to start in Orissa? I am getting more and more convinced about Ali sina’s statement of how muslims play the innocent victim card when in minority but becomes savages who ravish in torturing and killing minorities when in power.On one hand you cry about the palestininan issue and on the other you keep surprisingly silent about the plight of the kashmiri pandits? Islamic states like pakistan kills the minority hindus and tortures the minority xtians to convert to islam on a continous basis. Shall I post here a video of a news report how a 2 year old Xtian baby was raped by muslims so that her family convert to islam? Of how muslims take inspiration from Muhammad to marry little girls?

      • 1) what is my question ? and what mr.naryto doing here?

        ” So the hindus in the train immolated themselves and no muslims were singing praise for allah? ”

        ans) brother where r u lived? is india?

        the investigation finalized the act behind the hindu group.not deviating from the truth.

        2) the Gujarat issue is completely proved that it is did by Hindu group.

        3)” Islamic states like pakistan kills the minority hindus and tortures the minority xtians to convert to islam on a continous basis.

        other you keep surprisingly silent about the plight of the kashmiri pandits? ”

        brother some terrorist act can’t be misunderstand the Islamic act.major of the islamic organisation condemned the act of types of terrorism,whether it came from ‘islamic namers’ and other religion.

      • “ans) brother where r u lived? is india?

        the investigation finalized the act behind the hindu group.not deviating from the truth”
        “the Gujarat issue is completely proved that it is did by Hindu group.”

        Could you cite evidence for this? Last I heard, the high court had given punishment for the muslim culprits behind the train carnage. The hindus took their anger out on the streets. I am not in any way justifying the murders that followed: but please note that it was an all out war between the two groups and casualities from both sides occured: 274 hindus, around 1000 muslims.

        Find out how the orissa carnage started brother.

        “some terrorist act can’t be misunderstand the Islamic act.major of the islamic organisation condemned the act of types of terrorism”

        I agree brother. But they : the terrorists : are getting inspiration from somewhere. They take certain passages from quran as their mission. Now they may be highly misguided,but then you cant blame the other religions from living in fear when throughout the world so many of these misguided terrorists are causing unprecedented havoc.

        and ‘condemned’ is not the solution. You sit at home and then make a grand statement that muslims condemn the bomb blast evry time after it occurs, 2 months after which the next one occurs.

        “brother some terrorist act…”

        Now this was what I was referring to as islamic hypocrisy. When a bomb blast occurs in malegaon, or some hindus finally decide to retaliate against the suffering inflicted on them by muslims as in gujarat or orissa, you and your pseudo secularist friends take pleasure in blaming the vedas as you just did now,without having the slightest understanding of it. But when thousands and thousands of people are killed, raped etc in the name of islam, the 5 % intellectual community says they are not following true islam.
        If you beleive Muhammad was the most ideal man on the earth, and if he penetrated a 9 year old girl (after marriage and she came of age), then why shoudnt any 50 year…

      • contd..

        any 50 year old man in India do the same to a 9year old kid? You may now understand why even true islam can cause such problems brother.

        and few points I have understood from your posts so far:
        – you dont or wont accept the other users arguements and stick on to yours
        – you dont understand english in which case I will start posting my replies in malayalam
        Please understand that lack of replies if so is not an indication of any lack of points on the other side. 100s of muslims have come here before you and done the same things you are doing now. However, just when one muslim exhuasts all his arguements and moves out, the next one comes in with the same set of arguements. It gets pretty exasperating from this end to reply the same thing again and again.
        Kindly get some insight from brother IA’s discussions with muslim scholars on this site.

        “and what mr.naryto doing here?”

        … no battles with Madara uchiha at present. ..lol… some1 may understand. 😛

    • “Rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and consume and burn to dust, the one who rejects the Vedas.”
      are you willingly being dishonest or is it in your blood?

      From “Hymns of the Atharva Veda”, by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1895]…
      Atharva Veda says :
      “O Cow, break thou the head of him who *wrongs* the Brāhmans,
      criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods.
      Let Agni burn the spiteful wretch when crushed to death and
      slain by thee.
      Rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and con-
      sume and burn to dust,
      Consume thou, even from the root, the Brāhmans’ tyrant, god-
      like Cow!
      That he may go from Yama’s home afar into the worlds of sin.”
      I didn’t find anything about “Rejecting Vedas”!!

      • In any case, Griffith translation is his personal view. This sukta calls for destruction of terrorists and terrorist mindsets. Brahmana means a scholar, and it is not addresses to cow. It is about Law of Karma. This becomes obvious when you see the original mantra. Further, Veda in Vedas is used in most places to mean ‘knowledge’ as also in words like Vidvan and Vidya. Wherever the context is 4 Vedas, that is also obvious by usage of other words like Rik, Yajur, Sama, Angiras etc.

        Yes Vedas do call for ruthless destruction of ignorance within one and those who attempt to harm intellectual capital, attack schools, colleges, hospitals, parliaments, workplaces etc. That is why whatever USA did with Osama Bin Laden is perfectly as per Vedas.

  • “O King, make progress in thy duty of administration, extend happiness to the religious. O terrible chastiser, burn down the irreligious foes. O splendid person, humiliate and consume utterly like dried up stubble, him, who encourages our foe.”

    Yajurveda Chapter 13; Mantra 13 says

    “O King, rise high, punish the wicked foes righteously, manifest the objects prepared by our steady scholars, enhance pleasures. Destroy the kitchens and other places of plundering of the vigorous enemies. Kill the foes. I settle you with fire’s ardour.”

    Yajurveda Chapter 15; Mantra 15 says

    “…Let injurious animals like Lions and others that eat fresh and grass be destroyed. Let murderous crowds of men that destroy others like a powerful weapon, be killed. Let virtuous rulers protect us from those animals, and make us comfortable. In the jaws of these animals we place the ferocious man whom we hate and who hates us.”

    I am sure that our society will not allow Vedic followers to kill the Lions. A person who has common sense, will never accept this unscientific teaching. Lions by nature, eat flesh. This verse wants to make them herbivorous. If this teaching is implemented, Lions will become extinct.

    But there is still one thing unclear. Who are the enemies whose inhumane killing is being encouraged in the above mantras? Well, let the Vedas answer for themselves.

    Atharvaved 12:5:62 says,

  • 1. O INDRA, hear us. Raining down the Soma, we call on thee to win us mighty valour. Give us strong succour on the day of trial, when the tribes gather on the field of battle.
    2 The warrior, son of warrior sire, invokes thee, to gain great strength that may be won as booty: To thee, the brave man’s Lord, the fiends’ subduer, he looks when fighting hand to hand for cattle.

    Like Indra, other deities are also of a warrior mentality. Again and again prayers are made to them to obtain the wealth of the enemies and conquer their territories.

    Inhumane Principles of Vedic Warfare with special reference to Arya Samaj
    Now see the extreme sadist mentality of Vedic followers, who fought wars to gain cows and wealth. Their are specific prayers in the Vedas about conquering the foes and gaining their wealth. The conquered people were later humiliated in the most abusive ways. For example, Rigveda 10:166 says,
    “1. MAKE me a bull among my peers, make me my rivals, conqueror: Make me the slayer of my foes, a sovran ruler, lord of kine
    2 I am my rivals’ slayer, like Indra unwounded and unhurt, And all these enemies of mine are vanquished and beneath my feet.
    3 Here, verily, I bind you fast, as the two bow-ends with the string. Press down these men, O Lord of Speech, that they may humbly speak to me.
    4 Hither I came as conqueror with mighty all-effecting power, And I have mastered all your thought, your synod, and your holy work.
    5 May I be highest, having gained your strength in war, your skill in peace my feet have trodden on your heads. Speak to me from beneath my feet, as frogs from out the water croak, as frogs from out the water croak.”

    Yajurveda Chapter 13; Mantra 12 says

  • non Aryan tribes and Indra Ji did not disappoint the Aryans. In Vedic times, there lived an untouchable people in a village named Kikat, in todays Bihar. The used to rear cattle. Obviously to the Aryans this was a crime. So they invoked their god Indra to wage war against them and loot their cows.

    “O Indra, what do the cows make for you among the Kikatas. They neither yield milk for your offerings, nor do they warm the vessel of libation. Bring to us these cows, bring to us also the wealth of Pramagand (their King). O Brave one, grant us the possessions of the people of low status.” [Rigveda 3:53:14]

    On the basis of this clear pronouncement, non-Aryans and untouchables have no right to keep cows. Aryans and Brahmins whenever they wish can kill them and appropriate their possessions. Hindu culture thus becomes the culture of the progress, civilization and welfare of the Aryan people alone.

    Indra Ji is very ruthless against his opponents. He can go to any extent to ruin them, even kidnapping women. Rigveda 5:30:7-9 mentions the following

    7 Thou, Maghavan, from the first didst scatter foemen, speeding, while joying in the milk, the Giver. There, seeking man’s prosperity, thou torest away the head of Namuci the Dasa.
    8 Pounding the head of Namuci the Dasa, me, too thou madest thine associate, Indra! Yea, and the rolling stone that is in heaven both worlds, as on a car, brought to the Maruts.
    9 Women for weapons hath the Dasa taken, What injury can his feeble armies To me? Well he distinguished his two different voices, and Indra then advanced to fight the Dasyu.

    Indra Ji is given many epithets like Vajradhaari, vṛtrahan, Dasyuhan, etc. How can peace prevail in the world when these kinds of prejudiced teachings are there in the Vedas?

    Vedic wars were mainly fought to gain cattle and other booty, as is clearly mentioned in Rigveda 6:26:1-2

  • Islam is being severely attacked, bashed, mocked by a certain dedicated team in cyberspace. A large number of these ‘Islam Haters’ happen to be Hindu fanatics. Obviously, their sole agenda is to create aversion in the minds of common people against Islam. Their full time job is to prove that the Islam promotes violence and terrorism. Some of these people are zealous evangelists of Vedas and claim that Vedas are the only books promoting peace. They claim that once everyone accepts the Vedas, peace and prosperity would been seen everywhere. How true is this claim? For those of you who have been conditioned to believe that Vedas promote peace, this article might change your perception of the Vedic Dharma.

    According to Hindus, in Satyug, people were pious and upright, who did not know fighting. The use of lethal weapons was unknown. It was like Heaven on Earth. Hindus also tell us that Vedas are from the beginning of the world. Combining these two beliefs, it follows that Vedas must have nothing corcerning warfare, killing, plunder, etc. However, if Vedas do speak about warfare and killing, there are two only two choices for Hindus; accept that Vedas are not from the beginning of the world, but were written much later or accept that Vedas introduced killing and warfare in the world.

    The Warrior Gods of Vedas
    The Vedic gods are always depicted as being busy in war and destroying the enemies. Let us see god Indra

    “These, breathing loud in fury, two and two, who caused Indra to bring his bolt of thunder to the fray, The challengers, I struck with deadly weapon down: firm stand what words the God speaks to his worshippers. This One by stronger might I conquered singly; yea, also two: shall three prevail against me? Like many sheaves upon the floor I thrash them. How can my foes, the Indraless, revile me?” [Rigveda 10:48:6-7]

    Indra Ji cannot tolerate anyone opposing him and whoever is guilty of opposing him will be crushed like sawdust.

    Indra Ji was invoked by the Aryans to loot the cows of non…

    • Brother Shabeer, when you copy paste items, why dont you give credit for the source? Till now in this site you have not been able to convince anyone with your own arguements.In fact, when points were shown contrary to your claim,you just shift gear and get into another dose of half baked veda bashing. You have neither the knowledge nor the temperament to learn. If you had carefully looked at the comments below that article to the last, Appolloreach has given an idea about how these verses may be interpreted.

      • where is i got it that not my claim? that not important here

        veda promoting some impracticable theory,i point out here,just like that.

        is it invalid prove here,with valid evidence…………….

        that a sensual men duty…………

      • “where is i got it that not my claim? that not important here”

        Brother Shabeer, you got it from IH site no? word by word. I merely asked you to give credit to the source, at least they did some research unlike you.

        “veda promoting some impracticable theory,i point out here,just like that.

        is it invalid prove here,with valid evidence…………….”

        Go through the comment section under the article from where you got this brother.Read carefully till the end. If you are copy pasting the article, I can copy paste the entire comment sheet too. But why dont you just read from there?

        “that a sensual men duty….”

        > 😛 😛 no comments..

  • “Whether we call it Vedantism or any ism, the truth is that Advaitism is the last word of religion and thought and the only position from which one can look upon all religions and sects with love . We believe it is the religion of the future enlightened humanity . The Hindus may get the credit of arriving at it earlier than other races, they being an older race than either the Hebrew or the Arab; yet practical Advaitism, which looks upon and behaves to all mankind as one’s own soul, is yet to be developed among the Hindus universally.

    “On the other hand our experience is that if ever the followers of any religion approach to this equality in an appreciable degree in the plane of practical work-a-day life-it may be quite unconscious generally of the deeper meaning and the underlying principle of such conduct, which the Hindus as a rule so clearly perceive – it is those of Islam and Islam alone . . . .

    “For our own motherland a junction of the two great systems, Hinduism and Islam.-Vedanta brain and Islam body-is the only hope.

    “I see in my mind’s eye the future perfect India rising out of this chaos and strife, glorious and invincible, with Vedanta brain and Islam body.” This letter is dated Almora, 10th June, 1898-


    So Vivekananda thundered from Cape Comorin on the
    southern tip of India to the Himalayas, and he wore
    himself out in the process, dying in 1902 when he was
    thirtynine years of age.

    (From the ‘Discovery of India’)

    –Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India
    (Nov 14, 1889 – May 27, 1964)

  • @sanjay..
    You raised a very good question. Even earlier i used to think the same way.

    All the time i used to think what is the true tapasya that the ancient saints were doing that gave them such vast knowledge and they wrote vedas. Charak, kanaad, chanakya were the best of their time, was the just meditation enough for them to have that kowledge ?

    Obviously not. They were doing some thing other. And that was theis duty. I may be wrong, but i found only 1 thing common in them, what ever they did, they did with full concentration.. This is what meditation gave them..

    Do meditation. Agniveer says 2 hr a day. I say, start with 30 mnts a day. Lets do some reaserch ourselves. After all how can you accept any thing !

    If you get any benefit from meditation, lets share it, if u feel any problem because of meditation lets share it.

    I am saying my experience. In search of truth during dec 2008, i read a book named ‘a monk who sold his ferari’. I learned about meditation.. I did nt knw what to do and how. So, i just got up a little early, freshed up a little, sat on my bed, closed my eyes.. Whn i got bored, i got up. I could sit only for 5 mnts. I did the same before i sleep. Whn i got bored i slept.. The same continued for a month. At best i was able to sit for 15 mnts at a stretch..

    After a month, i felt a little change in me, i found that i am able to study better.. And it helped me concentrating on my studies. And i could finish my CA final exam in one shot that too with a study of jus a month.

    It motivated me to meditate more. Now i sit for more than one hour in a go. When i sit for meditation, i dnt chant any words. But keep on concentrating on the darkness and try to view my own image..

    It helped me to refrain me from telling lies, to be a good son for my parents.

    Thats why i suggest all to try it once.

  • Namaste Agniveer ji, there is a little question. It is said that the desires are bogus for the person who has got some vivek. But, what about the desires to uplift the society and attain the knowledge? We can see these desires in the personalities like Sri Krishna and Swami Dayanand also. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to work if we don’t have these desires. These wishes also seem endless, because despite our all efforts, it cannot be imagined that all the evils in society will be changed in our life time. In the same way, knowledge is endless, therefore the desire to get knowledge may also be inside us till the end of our life.

    • Namaste Amit ji,

      I think that the desire to uplift society should not be endless. One should have the desire to do the best of one’s capabilities and should get satisfied (i.e. have SANTOSH) with whatever one could do. As you might know that having satisfaction (SANTOSH) is a NIYAM, a part of ASHTANG YOGA. Upto this extent this desire will not interrupt the path of MUKTI but an endless desire will interrupt because it will lead to an endless cycle of birth and death.

      If we talk about endless desire to attain knowledge, that’s not a problem at all as its a characteristic of soul (JEEV), so there is no question of resisting it. I think when a soul becomes free, it will be in its purest form and will be able to know whatever it wishes.

  • These are mutually contradictory arguments of Hindus. Lets consider what you say is true then:-

    1. If naga Sadhus receive “Moksha” why are they born again like “Ravi Kishan” below. (He says that he received “Moksha” already)
    2. All the murders and rapists turn into saadhus. This is evident proven fact time and again that all Hindu gurus are criminals behind the curtain.
    3. If you say Muslims always hate Hindus, watch Ravi Kishan’s episode. He reveals the fact that while all other Hindus hated him for being a brahman’s son, only muslim friends appreciated him.


    • 1. Please do not relate stupid idiotic TV programs with Hinduism. We also had a news recently that a Muslim father raped her daughter and made her pregnant because he got divine revelations from Allah. Would you consider it Islam? Refer http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7103292.stm

      2. There is enough evidence to consider all Sufi saints to be traitors and criminals. Refer http://www.truthclub.wordpress.com. As for Hindu gurus, Hinduism believes that only Ishwar is ultimate guru and all other people are petty tools to reach Ishwar. So all those who claim to be gurus and indulge in wrong acts or demand their own worship no more remain Hindus in first place. They are frauds in same manner as a fictitious Muhammad is supposed to have called himself prophet and indulged in criminal and incestuous activities.

      3. We never said that Muslims hate Hindus. Only those Muslims hate Hindus and other non-Muslims who believe that any non-Muslim, howsomuch good, will burn in Hell forever. But bulk of Muslims of the world are nice people imprisoned in clutches of fanatic Mullahs and preachers. They love Hindus and Hindus love them. We are proud of such noble Muslims and they also love our affection. After all we are humans alone. And all this Christian Muslim thing is man made.

  • Great Insight! many many thanks

    and thanks again for highlighting the key points ..i see that i have to overcome some shortcomings 🙁

    but 2 hours of meditation every day ! ..really?

    [i mean are you sure this much is required ? ..i have a very erratic work schedule ..free for almost whole day sometimes and at others can’t even meditate for the 15 minutes i do !]

    • Namaste

      On 2 hours meditation.

      1. This is a general suggestion. 2 hours need not be continuous. And it may vary.

      2. You can split it into 4 sessions which become manageable. One immediately after waking up, one during exercising, one in evening and one before sleep.

      If you wake slightly early and get into meditation, it is as good as sleep.

      If not 2 hrs, you can start with whatever is comfortable. Also meditation need not always be in lotus position. You can meditate while indulging in several tasks that need not require use of conscious brain. It may not be as productive but nonetheless useful.


      • Please bear with my ignorance. Is meditation an art? Can you please guide me how to meditate? I don’t think so i will find better than you people to explain me the process of meditation. i would be thankful to you if you can help me in this matter.

      • Dear Roger start with Agniveer’s ‘Let us learn Vedic Worship’. Go thru Upasana or Meditation. Depending upon where you live, you may be able to find a teacher in an Arya Samaj Temple.

      • Namaste Agniveer ji

        I sleep at late hours because of work and hence i wake up at around 6:00 am ..so my meditation session is only after this time.

        one question though ..what would you suggest : meditation after exercise or exercise after meditation ..i do the latter as of now


      • This should depend upon your own traits. I personally meditate both before and after exercise but the subject of meditation varies.

        I would suggest that we take meditation as a more natural thing and not try to force it into any mechanical constraints beyond some basic discipline. When it goes hand in hand with actions and knowledge assimilation, it evolves automatically.

      • Dear Agniveer don’t you think the best meditation is by purity of action, thoughts , and word that should be done continuously? Like the many stories we read that a person who worships like this is fastest to achieve the higher goals, whereas the person who runaway from problems takes thousands of years to achieve the same goal because the problems are the tests in everyday life which makes one understand self-control. So meditation is good it teaches many good things, but purity action , thoughts, and words are more important. Through meditation maybe one can learn self control, and how to purify. Better is still Brahmachary which all things are naturally learned with or without meditation. There are not many other techniques?
        Happiness is not a motivation for the high achievers, but self respect is as they have given up selfishness. One who is educated knows what should be done and does those activities that ought to be done. Since they knows why do actions they do not get distracted and see the ultimate goal, all other thing become secondary, whether pleasure or pain. Such great people are rarity and all should be emulated.
        Does a saint see ever pain or pleasure only his duty which is clear, and that is why they are internally happy because they do their duty. I don’t think it is anywhere in Vedas to meditate for two hours, but what is suggested should be ask can mother who is nursing child have time to mediate for two hours that would not be a very selfish act?

      • Dear Brother

        Our mind is a tool separate from us. The purpose of meditation is to learn using this tool and develop a feel for understanding Ishwar beyond what the mind shows in mundane life. This is like doing exercise daily. Leading an active life is very important. But exercise has its own importance. Meditation is exercise of mind. So while only meditation is fruitless, similarly if one avoids meditation but otherwise conducts noble actions, still he or she would reach his or her limits of progress. After that one needs to exercise to strengthen the mental muscles further and then propel one to even improved actions and thoughts in life.

        Of course for someone who crosses a certain threshold, meditation, actions and knowledge assimilation merge into one. But for rest of us, we need to focus on all the three for rapid progress.

        Please note that meditation does not mean skipping one’s duties. On contrary, it implies that one should train oneself to perform these duties even better.

        There is no mention of 2 hours time period in Vedas. But its an expert recommendation considering the challenges involved in mastering the mind. But if your duties prohibit you from having so much time, then focus on whatever you have at disposal and then focus on this aspect when you get opportune moment.

        Think of it as one not getting time to exercise due to busy schedule during a business trip. That does not mean exercising is useless. That also does not mean one should exercise at expense of losing business. It only means that one should do as much as possible and make best use of current opportunities. In future when you get more time, do more exercise.

        Very honestly, except for very few occasions, 2 hours meditation is not as much daunting as we may think it to be. For most of us, even a movie or gossip session or other activities offer enough slackness to get 2 hours for Ishwar. But in case you are hardpressed, meditate for whatever time you can – 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and you would get results accordingly.

        However if you ignore looking inwards proactively and only try to seek progress by working extrovertly, you would reach a threshold which can only be broken by exercising your mind through meditation.

        Remember that in Mukti, you will not be with Ishwar with this mind or this body. So one should try to feel Ishwar beyond this mundane world that we see.