A very happy Buddha Poornima to all!
We are proud to be the children of souls like him.

Buddha symbolises that love for fellow beings which can even make you fight your God.
Such brave souls are God’s favourites.

Just one resolve.
Surrender is no path.

Plain non-violence is no option.
Protect those who love you.
Destroy those who hate you.

Violence for violent.
Love for rest.
– Mantra of survival.

On Buddha Purnima, koti koti naman.
May the Buddha within each of us enlighten our personas and
inspire us to fight the forces of ignorance.

Buddham sharanam gachchhami. Dharmam sharanam gachchhami.

Q: But sir, I have heard that buddha was a coward whose philosophy of non violence was impractical just like gandhi. Isn’t that right?
Not at all. Even Shaolin monks are Buddhists.

Buddhism and Vedas

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