Q – Mughals did a lot of bad things. But they also did some good things. What is your unbiased opinion? Should we not praise their good things?

A – Say, you come back home one day. And find your mother and aunts killed after rape. Your sisters being raped at gun-point. Heads of your brothers and elders scattered across the floor. Your younger sister – just 11 years old – trying to jump from the window to save herself from molestation.

But she is saved. And disrobed in front of you. On your sofa sits a noble soft-spoken Akbar wearing skull-cap giving instructions to his secretary – “Give the younger girl to Salim. He has selflessly served us. Whatever money you looted here must be sent to Ajmer Sharif. With his blessings alone, we can do anything. And all furniture must be distributed to poor.”

Sorry, if I offended you. I know this must have brought blood in your eyes. And you would want to kill me for writing this. But this is exactly what happened during the 1300 year rule of Sultans with our sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers. In fact what I wrote is much diluted.

Now I ask your unbiased opinion. Would you teach your children the good things that Akbar did? Would you teach how soft-spoken he was? How he recited Kalma before beheading your father? How smart and handsome he looked? How generous he was! How he used your captured sisters and looted money to renovate the colony park!

Or would you say: Look, my father made lots of money and had good-looking daughters. That is why Akbar did all this. It was a business rivalry, nothing more. Let us ignore these and look at big picture.

Spend some time imagining all this, and you will get the answer. If the mere thought of imagining this makes you clench your jaws in anger, we are in same camp. Let us join hands to remove these Mughal rascals from history and their worshippers from geography.
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