The concept of beef in Vedic era is a hoax created by naughty and propagated by ignorants. Not one mantra of 10000 plus in 4 Vedas has any reference to meat-eating, forget any reference to beef. On contrary, ample number of mantras endorse compassion for animals, especially cow.

Pity that we imbibe our Vedic lessons from either missionaries or contemporaries of Muslim invaders. And start quoting random verses without knowing an iota of Vedic Sanskrit, or having studied even ten vedic mantras in series.

Q: Sanjeev, I find your views very rational and impressive. But when it comes to beef, you are extremely dogmatic. Why can’t you respect “My plate, my choice!”? Do you hate every American, European, Chinese because they eat beef? Why you insist on beef-ban?

Thanks for your kind appreciation. On matter of beef, here are my points (for more, visit links at end of post):

1. In an ideal world, I would respect “My plate, my choice” so far you respect “My pencil, my cartoon”. In a country where a Kamlesh Tewari is jailed because he wrote something against taste of 20% population and no one raises an eyebrow. But when it comes to offending sentiments of at least 70% population, the same set of people shout “My plate, my choice.”

2. In USA or Europe, they respect “My pencil, my cartoon”, “My novel, my Satanic Verses”, and hence if I have to raise voice against beef consumption, it would not transgress “My plate, my choice.” By the way, America bans killing of bald eagle.

3. Also, by the way, China has decided to reduce meat consumption by 50%. Americans and Europeans are proactively working to reduce beef consumption to have healthier people, less poverty and reduce environmental wreck. They have identified beef as greatest culprit.
A true patriot would have seized the opportunity and spread the word around in world “Look, how sensible were Indian legends. Our culture has foresight and wisdom to solve the greatest problems facing us.”
Instead I see myopic Indians more obsessed with tingling of taste buds through a food that is neither tastiest nor healthiest.

4. I insist on beef-ban because that was a core tenet of constitution. Because of Muslim appeasement and violence that had already happened during partition, constitution makers did not want to raise another controversy. Instead they put it in Directive Principles in hope that future generations will be more sensible. So it is not a new innovation, but just fulfilling vision of our constitution makers.

But what we see is that now when we have 100 more reasons to salute the foresight of our constitution makers, and whole world is arriving to what we decided in 1950, we want to make a U turn.

5. We still shout about environment and dogs before Diwali, water scarcity before Holi, hunger before offering milk on Shivalinga, poverty before any lavish festival.
But we conveniently ignore that whole world is isolating beef as a nuisance that screws everything – environmental damage, economic damage and poverty, hunger by inefficient production, water depletion. And of course, killing an animal that is larger than dog, and having same emotions and love for life that dog has.

6. Repealing beef-ban will just embolden those terrorists who
consider killing cow as their religious right from same ideology that also calls for subjugating/killing/hating cow/idol worshippers. It will strengthen same elements who partitioned India in 1947 and is greatest havoc across globe. They have a striking resemblance to Muslims and hence this will only increase communal hatred by creating discord between cow-worshipping Hindus and peaceful Muslims.

Even today, the most crime prone locations in country are those where cow slaughter is celebrated. Be it Mamallapuram in Kerala, or border districts in Bengal.

So this hullah over beef-ban shows either we are ignorant, or myopic, or selfish, or suffering with inferiority complex, or simply rascals. I believe a minute percentage among us is rascals and others just do not think deep enough holistically.

If you have loved my views, I am sure you will be able to see what need of hour is. To fight the most serious threat facing our families today and doing whatever it takes to not embolden them. Or, for sake of personal tastes, to hell with safety, security, environment, hunger, poverty, thirst of entire world. And in process, show middle finger to constitution-makers and our culture, when whole world is embracing its tenets.

Follow your conscience. I will follow mine.
Vande Mataram.

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