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In July 2016, Agniveer directly named Barkha Dutt and NDTV as having suspected terror links. We shared our analysis of trends with government and appealed for probe against them. We stand vindicated with 1-day NDTVBan

However we assert that this is not sufficient. The links are deeper. People behind NDTV must be probed and tried for treason and helping terrorists since Mumbai attacks (as per our data sources) and perhaps even beyond.

To hell with freedom of media to kill innocents. Its time to save India from next big terror attack.

Barkha Dutt Gang’s Terror Connections in France Attack Leaked


Disappointed by government’s U-turn on #ndtvban. Either don’t do something or stick to it. When you shuffle your stand after meetings with celebrities and analysing social media reactions, you showcase lack of conviction.
Infact, one day ban itself showed lack of guts. If you believe it is matter of national security, why just one day ban? Why no probe on people behind and same punishment that you give for leaking national secrets? The ban was itself just symbolic – where you agree there is blunder, but don’t want to act upon it seriously. And now with U-turn on this symbolic facade, you showcase that you were driven by other compulsions apart from national interests.
This will just embolden mini-pakistans inside border. Politicians and crocodiles – their eyes defy their emotions.

Q: NDTV has appealed in SC. That’s why govt. has to put it on hold

There was no directive from SC. Read ministry official statement.

Q: Sanjeev, the reasons of demanding ban on NDTV by u & Modi govt are different. U want ban on NDTV for some other reason which is very much valid. But Modi govt wants ban on NDTV for some other reason which nothing less than a bullshit. U r expected to expose that hyprocrisy of govt & tell everyone why they wanted ban on NDTV really?

The reasons for almost every action differ between me and politicians. I find blatant hypocrisy in those who support as well as oppose ban. Nation has taken backseat. Netagiri is driving actions.

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