The concept of destiny or Taqdeer in Islam has certain very fundamental inconsistencies. Scholars have tried to explain it in various ways but reach an impasse somewhere in process. And then they simply have to escape by saying, “Allah knows the best!”.

Fine! All agree that Allah knows the best. But if that would suffice, what is even the point of believing in rest of Quran or on anything in the world, for that matter. Why then even argue that Islam is best religion?

In this article, let us briefly evaluate some concepts regarding destiny in Quran and judge for ourselves if they stand the test of reason and rationality. And more importantly, can this concept leave any scope for a better future for anyone? We shall also then compare it with concept of destiny in Vedas.


0. Islam believes that there is only one life and then we shall go to Hell or Heaven forever. There is no rebirth.

1. The Islamic belief is that whatever happens in world, good or bad, is due to will of Allah. Except Allah, nothing else, including soul is eternal and is merely a creation of Allah. Thus their existence and properties are determined by Allah. Allah may create a soul, decide its nature and also decide to destroy it.

2. Islam goes a step ahead from this belief and states that not only has Allah Miyan decided our fate from very inception, but He has also documented it in a book called “Lohe Mahfooz” that is kept under the throne of Allah. (The throne of Allah is over the water which is above the air.)

3. Thus Allah has already decided who will go to Hell and who will enjoy the virgins in Paradise. If that be so, whatever good or bad acts that humans do is due to will of Allah. Why then Allah punishes us for his bad intentions? This very concept makes Allah the greatestKafir!

4. Surate Fatih states that no one is deviated from their paths, be those whom Allah gives gifts or those whom Allah tortures.

Tafseere Husaini details it further and states that those who are Kafirs became so because even before they were created, they had to face anger of Allah!

If Allah indeed has decided who will be Kafir, even before they were created, then what is the fault of Kafirs if they refuse to accept Islam?

Surate Bakr 7 explains it further: The Kafirs will not believe whether you scare them or not. Because Allah has put seal in their hearts and ears, and curtain over their eyes, and shall punish them severely. Tafseer-e-Jalalayn commentary on Islam explains it further by stating that many like Abu Zahal are destined by fate to be Kafir.

Thus if someone is a Kafir, he or she is not the culprit. The real culprit is Allah himself who decided Kufra for them even before their creation!

Thus the Islamic Allah cannot be just and honest, if this modern Quran is indeed true.

5. The next Ayat of Surate Bakr writes that Allah has increase the disease of their hearts. Tafseer-e-Jalalyn explains: Allah increased their disease in a way that these Kafirs went against the message that Allah brought down on earth.

Mujihul Quran explains this disease further: One pain that they suffered was that they were forced to believe what they did not want to believe. The second pain was that they had to forcibly fight in Jehad battles.

This also amply proves that the religion of peace was actually spread by sword and force, by will of Allah. Not to say about Allah being the cause of all evil!

6. Surate Bakr 86 states that Allah decides by his grace whom he shall love. Tafseer Husaini details and states further that Allah decides whom he wants to be his messenger for his message.

The same is stated in Aale Umran 173 and Surate Bakr 130.

Now this looks like match-fixing. Allah decided some to be Kafir, some to be Momin and then some he chooses to be messenger. There is nothing that you or me can do anything about it.

So all that is happening is telecast of a TV Serial. Howsomuch you may try, you are destined to do and achieve what Allah has already decided before your creation and has written in Lohe-Mahfooz. There is no concept of free will or efforts here.

7. Surate Bakr 248 states that some brought faith and some remained Kafir. If Alla wanted, they would not have fought. But Allah wants them to fight.

Tafseer-e-Jalalyn writes here that Allah may make one capable and another person incapable of doing noble acts.

This view is repeated again in Surate Bakr 264.

So the Allah of Quran is the greatest criminal and trouble-maker.

8. Surate Bakr 280 states that Allah shall forgive whom he wants and punish whom he wants.

9. Surate Raad 26 states that Allah confuses whom he wants and guides others to His path.

So it is like Allah decided that some of us shall play villains and some shall play heroes. And then we face all the punishments including Hell for eternity because he thought so even before He created us!

10. Surate Hood 7 states that He tests who is best among us.

Thus Allah is no more than a corrupt chairman of selection committee. He has decided what questions to ask whom, he has decided what answers each one of his stooges will answer, he has decided what evaluation criteria he shall choose and has also decided who shall then be the winner. And everything has been documented in Lohe-Mahfooz under his throne!

11. Bani Israel Ayat 13 states that Allah has hanged an account over neck of every person and shall see an open book of justice on day of judgment.

Tafseer-e-Jalalyn demystifies this by explaining that no child is born without a sheet of paper over his neck which states whether the child is fortunate or unfortunate.

Tafseer-e-Husaini states that whatever has been written regarding fate of the child including his actions, cannot be changed in any manner.

12. The angry Allah states further in Surate Sijda that if I wanted, I could have shown the right path to everyone. But I have decided to fill the hell with humans and jinn together.

13. While all these Ayats of Quran prove that Allah is the greatest Kafir, there is a bigger question mark. When good people are already on right path as per Allah’s will, and evil-doers can no way be inspired to right path, what is the purpose of revealing Quran. What more is importance of Quran except a fake drama?

14. Some more examples of this whimsical nature in Quran are as follows:

Surate Bakr 212 – Allah gives unlimited wealth to those he desires.

Surate Shuara 78-79 – Allah has created me and he alone guides me and feeds me.

(Why is there a difference among different people then in the way they are fed?)

Surate Shuara 48 – He gives daughters to those he desires and renders others childless.

Surate Kasas 68 – He creates whatever He wants to.

Surate Bakr 118 – He has created the skies and earth. When he wants something to happen, he says “Fay Kun’ and it happens.

(Why the moody Allah needs to say even ‘Fay Kun’ is beyond comprehension? May be thats His habit! But then we are merely puppets)

15. Surate Imran 50 even claims that Allah is the greatest cheat!

Tafseer-e-Husaini explains this: He captured Jesus Christ in variety of ways and imprisoned him. In morning Allah sent Yahuda, an old man in his house. In night Allah had already lifted Jesus Christ over the sky. Now he gave the face of Jesus to Yahuda. So instead of Jesus, Yahuda was hanged and killed.

Surate Infal 30 also states that Allah used to cheat and is the greatest cheat.

Surate Tarik 15 −16 again has Allah claiming that I am the greatest cheat. Allah taught special lessons of Adam and did not teach them to Angels. Then He asked both to compete. Obviously Adam won because he was taught by Allah. Thus Adam became superior to angels and angels had to bow to Adam.

Surate Tauba Ayat 79 says that Allah jokes with those who joke with Him. Nasa Ayat 142 states that those who deceive are deceived by Allah.

Surate Bakr 98 says that Allah is enemy of Kafirs.

Surate Nisa 88 states that Allah does opposite with those who do so. They have been deviated from path by Allah and hence you cannot bring them to right path even if you want.

Tafseer-e-Jalalyn explains this: In the battle of Uhad, a group of warriors retreated. So some said that they should be killed and others said they should be reverted back. Then Allah said that they have been deviated from path by Allah and hence they cannot be brought back again.

Surate Nisa 137 states that those who became Muslim and then became Kafir, then again became Muslim and again became Kafir and increased Kufra, they are not pardoned or shown path by Allah

Thus Allah is revengeful and emotionally surcharged. He creates souls, decides who will joke with him or deceive him or be Kafir. Then he gets angry with them and takes revenge. Are we discussing Allah or a psychopath in an asylum?

In summary, Allah is simply playing a game, if Quran is to be believed. And we all are mere guinea pigs whose fate was already written in Lohe-Mahfooz. Based on one single birth as per His will, we will act as per His will and then burn in Hell forever as per His will!


The concept of destiny in Vedas is completely different. The same is echoed in other philosophies of East also with minor differences. The salient points are as follows:

a. Soul is not created by Ishwar. It is eternal, unborn and undying.

b. Thus, Soul, Ishwar and Nature have always existed together and are all unborn and undying.

c. Soul keeps taking birth till they do not get rid of all ignorance and achieve Moksha or ultimate bliss.

d. Soul is somewhat free to do its actions and bound by laws of Ishwar to face the consequences.

e. The type of acts that a soul does (karma)- thoughts, words and acts – develop tendencies of mind (Sanskaars). As per these Sanskaars, they face the fruits of their karma.

f. Thus if a soul strives to purify its karma, it gradually creates a more favorable environment for its progress and prosperity.

g. The key to this process of purification is to listen to what is commonly called ‘voice of soul’ which protests when we do something wrong through feelings of fear, shame or doubt; and encourages us when we do something good through feelings of satisfaction, enthusiasm and peace. (This is not to be confused with mindless urges for material satisfaction)

h. Hence the discrepancies and anomalies in the world, and whatever that happens in the world with us are not due to whims of Ishwar. They are merely fruits of our own actions or karma as per unchangeable and completely uniform laws of Ishwar devoid of any favoritism. Hence all souls are exactly equal in all respect in terms of their competence and mentoring by Ishwar.

i. Ishwar is unchangeable and never deviates from his laws. So if a crooked is on wrong path, it is due to his own karma and not due to Ishwar’s whim. Further, each soul has the potential to reach Moksha regardless of its current state of ignorance.

j. The only way to achieve Moksha or bliss is through removal of ignorance. The only way to remove ignorance is through efforts. The only way to put these efforts is to perform actions. Thus soul needs mind, intellect, body and world to perform these actions. That is the purpose of this creation.

k. Just as soul, Ishwar and nature are eternal, similarly creation and destruction are also eternal processes. It is not that Allah decided one moment that he should create and then said “Fay Kun”!

l. There is no permanent Hell or Heaven. Deviating from path of good is Hell and striving on path of knowledge is Heaven. Thus everything is a continuous process. There is neither a permanent Paradise full of virgin girls, nor their is a permanent oven called Hell.

In fact beliefs in such superstitions and desires for such material pleasures are cause of miseries and grief, as per Vedas.

Muslim brothers and sisters should objectively evaluate the dogmas of false Quran that they have got trapped into, free their minds, and return to the path of Vedas, which is their original and only reliable passport to the true Heaven.

That is the only way to free their destiny from clutches of Lohe-Mahfooz and its author, and shape their own future of bliss!

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