Some of my friends from IIM are campaigning for peace with Pakistan and find it disgusting to celebrate killing of people in Surgical Strike. They are accusing entire nation of turning psychopath.

Here is my take:

1. I don’t blame them. They have always lived in a cushy world and have never seen what a terror attack is.
They have never met a terrorist, read his mindset, nor have witnessed any massacre in their own families. For them, war, terror, killing, rape is all they see in EkThaTiger Chhaap films or silly News channels.

They live in a vicarious world protected by our soldiers dying on border to keep their dreams uninterrupted.

2. Many of them are in UK, Middle East etc.
They interact with Pakistanis as well and hence its a peer pressure cum fashion to blame violence to some fringe elements in each religion and country.
And then blame the politicians.

3. They never read about Shivaji and Pratap.
They were angry when Victoria Terminus was named Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus because it sounds so dehati!

In my entire IIM stint, such people were doing primarily one of the following – preparing for minting money, masturbating and having orgasm over any female they could ogle, and getting drunk. I am not keen on moral policing.
But the point is that they never invested time in either nurturing valor, or understanding what causes terror.

They have been given cosiest environment by nation, and they chose to use this opportunity to become first-grade Lallus, Kaayars, Swaarthis and Darpoks.

4. They feel pain of 38 terrorists killed but not agony of soldiers and civilians murdered by these very Jihadis.

5. They always want to perform this ‘liberal’ experiment of forgiving terrorists on nation.
But if you meet them in person and slap them in the face, you will see the biggest avengers of the world.

They won’t tolerate even a slap on their face but ask us to tolerate 18 dead silently.
This is the reason such hypocrites deserve thrashing.

So to conclude,
don’t teach me revenge is bad. Follow it when I slap you.

We will kill hundreds more within and across LoC. Keep whining.

Vande Mataram!

My language is harsh in this post. And I mean it. Because I don’t know a better way to express my thoughts on mockery of sacrifice of our soldiers, who are my family members.

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