When you close your senses to all titillations outside you,
you sense the Self.

When you close even the sense of Self,
you sense the Source that enlightens the Self and world.

When you maintain this sense of Source,
the world is same yet so different.

Your drive behind every action is so different.
That is why, Gita says:

“In the night of the world,
Yogi is wide awake.
And where the world is wide awake,
Yogi sleeps.”

Update 1:

Q. How to attain that state?

A. That is what path of Yog is all about. Not that difficult but needs consistent practice.

Q. No body really knows how…
all are just shooting in the dark…
the present day Gurus and all their disciples included!

A. Knowing Yog is not like knowing A for Apple, B for Boy by heart.
It is about practice and experience like with any skill.

One can share experiences and approach with those interested.
It’s upon the person to evaluate if these insights are of any use to him,
or whether the person giving such insights is competent in first place.

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