Hindus are the smartest and bravest race.
But they use all their talents in petty ego tussle with fellow Hindus.

They make life hell for legends like Pratap and Shivaji who emerge from them and work for bigger goals.
And continue being thrashed by outsiders.

Dalits and Thakurs fight each other hardly 80 km from Kairana where enemy threatened to rape their mothers.
They forget that both have faced more brutality in last 1000 plus years from the enemy that is still bleeding them.

But we Hindus love to slap each other when an enemy punches us.
Time to wake up.

Time to unite. Time to learn from history.
Time to be Agniveer or get extinct in coming decades.

If Hindus are the smartest race, then why would we Hindus love to slap each other when an enemy punches us?

We are good in theory, bad in application of theory. We apply in easiest places, not most relevant places.

A mob of 30 skullcaps surrounded Agniveer’s Dr Vashi Sharma few years ago in Peaceful majority area in Ghaziabad in a cricket match dispute.
What happened next will blow your mind. Must read and share specially when there is too much of Dalit-Thakur going on. Your eyes are bound to get wet.

A real life story of Dr Vashi Sharma

While enemies are fueling the fire in Dalit-Thakur tussle, Agniveer just conducted an Ekta Yajna very close to Saharanpur

हिन्दू धर्म के दलित

हिन्दू धर्म पर जातिगत भेदभाव के आरोपों का सटीक उत्तर देती एक मात्र पुस्तक!

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Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever

Series: Discover Hinduism, Book 4
Genres: Religion, Society
Tag: Recommended Books

First ever book dispelling myths about Hinduism being vulgar, unscientific and anti-woman religion! Answers all allegations made by Islamic and Christian conversion mafia.

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Dalits of Hinduism

Series: Discover Hinduism, Book 2
Genres: Religion, Society

First ever book on the misconceptions of birth based caste system in Hinduism! This book will dispel all myths and establish the principles of social equality that form the foundations of Hinduism.

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Questions only Hinduism can Answer

Series: Vedic Lesson, Book 1
Genre: Religion
Tag: Recommended Books

Find more than 170 answers from Hinduism on God, Karma, Creation Self and Salvation. It’s about finding mother's lap where all questions vanish...

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  • When it was Y+M in dirty politics of SP in Uttar Pradesh, leaving poors and gentlemen suffer, whats harm if its with the sentiments of belongingness ONLY HINDU having no sub divisions, to save our Nation from anti national elements and possibility of threat by them in the days to come ?
    Cant we support our security services ? Whats harm if any or many of us die of the nation ?
    Demand of time is OFFENCE IS THE BEST DEFENSE but still we Hindus are tolerating. Till how long our examination of Tolerance will go on ?