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Q. Hindu Terrorism : What is the role of Hindu nationalism in the genesis of Hindu terror?
It is a rhetorical question. It assumes the existence of Hindu terror which is an imagination. At most, there are a few cases of retaliation to Jihadis and conversion activities. 90% of them were blown out of proportion or found to be handiwork of Jihadis instead. For example, Nun Gangrape in Bengal. ‘Dalit’ Jisha rape in Kerala. Church attacks in Delhi by residents of Jamia. Sadhvi Pragya etc etc.

There is Islamic terror. There is no other terror today. Or was ever. Sidetracking that issue that is killing all across the world at regular interval (currently, every ten minutes) is worse than criminal offense.

Focus must be on eliminating these rascals from Islamic population that defame good Muslims and kill non-Muslims.

Make a list of top terrorist organizations and terrorists for all countries of world. Make a list of top 100 terror attacks in name of religion recent times. Calculate the proportion for each religion. If Hindus form a significant chunk, please share details and then we can discuss Hindu terror.

Else it will be like saying – If Osama is an Islamic terrorist because he did 911, then Subramaniam Swamy is a Hindu terrorist because he spoke against RRR. And my neighbor is a Hindu terrorist because he stole my Chacha Chaudhri!

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