Every Hindu must read Chapter 2 of Gita daily till he can breathe Yoga in and out. Most of us talk a lot but rarely spend time with our source. The major reason why we remain beaten.

I do not know how long it will take. But until Hinduism evolves to reclaim its warrior roots, future is grim.

We have had enough of Aantarik Gita that focuses on fighting the Ravan inside. Am thankful to all sages who showed us light.

But we need the original Gita back today – the Gita whose purpose was to drive Arjun to fight a battle like he never fought before. And we need it to fight Ravans outside. Ravans inside will die automatically.

The Yoga promoted today is good to cure some petty mental and physical problems of very personal nature. It is like using an expensive Macbook Pro as a tray to serve tea-biscuit. That was never the goal of Yoga.

We need to bring back real Yoga that makes one a superhuman. That trains you to be a Krishna whose claim to fame is Sudarshan Chakra.

We must cultivate the habit of having zero tolerance on certain matters. For example, when Babur is proven to be a gay pedophile rapist, why any discussions or court to dictate a Ram Mandir? When Akbar had attacked Chittor to force Jauhar, why have a single word of praise for the rascal in books. Why Taj Mahal and not Tejo Mahalaya when Shah Jahan is famed for incest?

Yes, everything is good. Its God everywhere. Love and Peace is goal. But then, God has a name – Rudra. Rudra is one who makes you weep. Unless you make goons weep, there can be no good. All avatars came to teach this One single lesson. Entire 20000 verse-strong Vedas teach this one lesson – kill the rascal ruthlessly – inside or outside.

Time to revive real Dharma, real Yoga, prevent further impotency, save future generations, save our own souls.

Be Agniveer

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