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Q. Should we be Hindus first or Indians?

A. For me, both are synonymous. This land is Hindustan – the place of Hindus. The culture founded, inhabited and enriched by Hindus.

Current Indian constitution is very much close to a Hindu code. Because both are based on universal principles of humanity. Freedom of belief. Freedom of disbelief. Equal rights for all genders. Equal rights for minorities. And so on..

Only point of contention is the flawed concept of tolerance and multiculturalism. Current constitution of India tolerates all faiths equally. While Hindu wisdom says – Treat one as they treat you.

Let me give you an example. Christians allow us to practice and propagate our faith in countries where they are in majority. So we must have full freedom for them in India. If they are converting you, you can convert them back in their countries. Level playing field.

But that is not the case with Peaceful religion. I as Hindu or Sikh can not carry my idols with me in Saudi, I can not propagate my religion there. Same case is with all 50+ Peaceful majority countries. So here is the catch. Hindu wisdom says – Treat them as they treat you. If they are not allowing you in Saudi to build temple, you must not allow them to build…… in India. And so on. Give them only those rights which they give to you in places they are in majority or they consider to be sacred.

This is true multiculturalism according to my understanding of Hindu wisdom.

So to conclude, we are already a Hindu nation – heaven for all vis a vis freedom. One thing we are lacking is we provide heaven for even those who deserve hell. Only this needs to be corrected. And this is what Agniveer works for.

Author: Vashi Sharma

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