Q. What is the history of Martial Arts in India?
A. Dhanurveda was one of the UpaVedas – Supplements to 4 Vedas. Dhanurveda means art of fighting. Though not available as manuscript now, martial arts has been part of Indian culture since inception. India has prominently been a martial race dominated by Kshatriyas. Training in martial arts has been mandatory part of educational curriculum since ages. Every warrior is supposed to practice a couple of hours of fighting techniques daily – as per religious injunctions.


In Kerala, martials arts synergized with dance and worship in a unique way – Kalari. This is supposed to be father of Kung Fu. Though Kung Fu itself evolved into a wonderful art in its own right.

Today, there are multiple forms of traditional Kung fu. Focus is not on self-defense exclusively and is mixed with culture and religion as well. But the fitness and skill level is awe-inspiring.

Sanjeev Newar

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