History teacher : Akbar was great. He unified and ruled India.

7th class kid : How? He who killed 30,000 innocents in Chittor in one day was great? And if he was great, who was Maharana? A war monger?

Teacher : No, he was also good. But not as great as Akbar.

Kid : I refuse to sit in the class until the chapter of Akbar is over. The killer of 30,000 people is glorified and someone who fought his tyranny all his life is belittled.

Teacher : I will go to principal.

Kid : Go ahead.

Teacher : What will you do in exams?

Kid : I will call Akbar a bast*rd because he fought my Maharana.

Teacher : You will get zero.

Kid : Give me zero.

Kid boycotted next 4 classes until chapter of Akbar ended. In exam, Akbar was thrashed. There was all greatness of Maharana on 2 full pages of answer sheet. Kid got zero in that question but still got highest marks overall. Year ended. Teacher met parents. Said – “aapka bachcha bahut jiddi hai. He insulted me. How can someone write something that is against textbooks?”

Because he knows history from blood – mother replied.

Proud to be that kid and proud of my parents. My father clearly told me – get zero but never glorify that butcher Akbar. Choose Maharana every time over marks/grades.

Proud to be the soldier of Maharana, his faith and his nation.

Pranam Maharana on Birth Anniversary! You will always be with us. Masterstrokes can forget you. Diplomats can forget you. But fighters will always remember you as lighthouse who keeps illuminating lives even in darkest of hours. For fighters, you will always be the commander.

The Naked Mughals

The book that rips apart the hoax of greatness of Mughal emperors who were nothing but homosexuals, rapists and butchers.

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Indian Muslims – Children of India or Slaves of Arabs?

Series: Reviving Indian History, Book 1
Genre: History
Tag: Recommended Books

Facts from the accounts, chronicles, and biographies of Muslim rulers on how sword, slavery, destruction, and subjugation were used by Islamic invaders to hand over the legacy of Islam over to the native Indians – Hindus.

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Every Muslim is NOT a terrorist

For first time, complete refutation of every point a Jihadi thinks to justify his hate against non-believers. The only book of its kind to solve the problem of brainwashing and self-radicalization

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When Maharana Butchered 2 Akbar Commanders in One Blow

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