I sometimes feel a lot of Hindutva lovers just complain. They are bugged because some Jihadi is beating them again and again. They explain in detail how we have been tortured. How we are facing injustice. How situation is now or never. Always in panic mode.

I feel many of them would have been Jihadis had they been born on other side of Indus. In their panic, they come with simplistic models for life. So much negativity!

Where is law of Karma? Where is power of worship? Where is value of Sattva? Where is the urge to be Yogi? Where is Gita in living? What remains of Hindutva without its soul – Yog/ Vedas/ Charitra/ Ishwar Pranidhan/ Purushartha?

Whenever I talk about what Jihad has done to us, I do with a heavy heart. I do because I find a lot of us have forgotten their Paurush and hence need to be given shock. I feel ashamed that I live in a society where I have to tell how our ancestors were killed and raped. If we were a sane society, there would have been no debate or analysis over it. We would have just fought. And I would have hidden the brutal facts even if I knew them. I do not go around boasting how many slaps I faced.

Shame that today we have to dig and explain these statistics. I don’t need to know 1 million were killed. For me, it suffices that an ideology exists that hates my family as idol-worshippers. Thats it. Now I will beat them to death. I have to prove none. if I have to prove someone acting as Pancha, I refuse to recognize him.
As simple as that.

I will not complain. I will not brood. I will just fight. And I don’t believe situation is impossible. I believe in Law of Karma. We are getting what we deserve because of our negative approach that loves to act like a darpok student complaining to headmaster, “Sir, Sir, Pappu ne mere to yahan mara. Do joote bhi maare!”

If I have got hit, I will not even go to headmaster to complain. I will beat Pappu black and blue, and then pretend as if nothing happened. I will rather focus on coming first in exam, than brood over Pappu.

My friends, become Pratap, become Shivaji. Do not find glory in your pitaai. Do not spread negativity that things are impossible. You just add to Napunsakta in society.

Stand up, trust Eeshwar, say Har Har Mahadev. And fight the battle with all you have. Win, loss does not matter. How passionately you fought is all that sums up meaning of life. This alone is Hindutva. Everything else is a cruel vulgar joke that must be deleted from your thought process.

Jai Bhawani Jai Shivaji

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