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I don’t know what is my bigger crime. That I am born in Pakistan. Or I happen to be Hindu. 

Since beginning of civilization, my ancestors had been nurturing this western part of India with their blood and sweat. When British overpowered us, they sacrificed their lives with slogan of Jai Hind to realize our dream of independence.But then suddenly things changed.

Some intellectuals held round table conferences in posh locations of Delhi and decided that from 14 August, 1947 onwards, I would not be considered an Indian anymore. They concluded that existing map of India does not look artistic. So they tore apart the timeless legacy of India and carved a green line of partition to create the Islamic State of Pakistan.

Now history, geography, traditions, sacrifices, patriotism – nothing mattered anymore. As a Hindu Kafir, I turned overnight into “worst of creatures” in my own motherland.

I was given the option to immediately move out of my ancestral land and become a refugee in streets of an unknown city in India. So elites decided that 15 million people should move to improve the aesthetics of Indian map and also create a world record for largest mass migration in human history.

It is not easy to leave everything – emotions with land of forefathers, livelihood, future of children and women – and jump into an uncertain destiny of miseries. Yet, many of my friends chose this as a safer option. They dared to catch the train to India where being a Hindu or a Muslim did not matter.

They were butchered in the route. Women – from elderly grandmothers to newborn babies – were raped with slogan of Allah-o-Akbar. Many decided to kill their own mothers, sisters, wives and daughters just to safeguard them from sexual perverts. The number of women thus raped, killed, kidnapped or mutilated ran not in hundreds and thousands but several lakhs.

I decided to stay back and trust Jinnah – the founder of Pakistan – who also guaranteed that we would not be subject to religious discrimination. Mahatma Gandhi also trusted him.

Now when I look back, I am not sure which would have been a wiser decision for me.

To stay back and continue to serve my land as my ancestors did since time immemorial. Or accept the cruel reality that tea-parties of few elite politicians can change destiny of oldest civilization of world in entirety, and hence move away from my home.

In both cases, my fate would have been still the same – rape, abduction, slaughter, hatred – all in name of Allah – the Merciful.

Those who decided to move to India created two harrowing world records:

– They faced the greatest massacre in the history of mankind, running into several lakhs.
– They faced the greatest number of rapes, abductions and mutilation of women, also running into several lakhs.

Those of us who decided to stay back to avoid this barbarism and serve the land of their ancestors also created two equally horrifying world records

– We faced the greatest ethnic cleansing ever in history of humanity. From more than 22% of Pakistan population in 1951, we are now reduced to less than 1% in Pakistan and 4% in Bangladesh today.

– We are facing the greatest state-encouraged crime against womenRape and abduction is as common as traffic violations.

Yes, I am ashamed to admit, but it is a painful truth that vast number of Hindu families are forced to make prostitutes out of their women. The goons of majority religion can abduct our women anytime. And when they find someone else or are bored, they would throw them back in streets. There is nothing that government or police would do.

Either we convert to Islam, or die or our women get in flesh trade.  

Many of us are whipped for minor mistakes and chained in imprisonment for days like slaves. We are not allowed to drink water from wells of Muslims.

The entire education system is based on hatred against us. Hindus are termed as Kafirs (worst sinners), filthy idol worshippers, Laadin, enemies of Islam, Allah, Prophet and Pakistan. Every Pakistani kid is nurtured in this hatred against us.

Our temples are desecrated and broken any time. We have hardly any temples left today except a few heritage sites. We hear that destruction of Babri structure became such a big global news. In Pakistan, hundreds of temples were destroyed immediately after the incident. And thousands have been destroyed since 1947.

If we raise any protest, blasphemy laws get applied. Someone would claim that we insulted the revered Prophet. Now we would be arrested and asked to prove conclusively that we are not guilty. If we cannot (which is obvious case), we must either die or apologize and accept Islam.

So we have no voice, no choice.

I ask my fellow Indian brothers and sisters. What should we do? Where should we go? We did not demand for partition of our mother. Then why were we left to be butchered and defiled by savages?

We love India. We have lived and died for India since humanity evolved. We demand your love, care and protection. Please save us from animals.

When terrorists killed innocent children in Peshawar, I saw you mourning as if they were your own children. May this never happen to anyone.

But we face such Peshawars every day. Are we also not your innocent loved ones? We are also hungry for your affection.

#IndiaWithPakistan is trending after Peshawar. How much sacrifice will we have to give before #IndiaWithHindus also becomes a trend?

We are being killed and raped. We are on verge of extinction. Please help us.

You build sanctuaries to protect endangered animals. Please consider us as animals, if not humans, and help us get out of this terror-land. For safeguarding the dignity of our mothers, sisters and daughters, we are ready to serve you like animals as well.

We humbly appeal to our Indian brothers and sisters to:

– Provide us Indian citizenship

– Provide us asylum

Please pave path for all Hindus, Sikhs, Christians in Pakistan and Bangladesh to come and settle in India. We are your own family. We will not import terror. Instead we will work hard and contribute to the nation. We are used to extreme hard work for generations. We will repay your love, care and affection with our labor and loyalty.

Yours is the land of religious equality. Both Muslims and Hindus hug each other and say “Jai Hind”.  We would also like to shout this slogan with you.

You follow Krishna who saved Draupadi on one call of hers. Your sisters in Pakistan and Bangladesh also call upon you.

We have nowhere to go. Please help us. Please save us.

– Sanjeev Agniveer

All willing to help Pakistani Hindus can make donations to Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society through http://janswabhiman.org/donate/ . 


1. “Hindu” in context of this autobiographical essay refers to all minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh – Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists.

2. This autobiographical appeal applies equally to Pakistan and Bangladesh

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  • Hi there, I read through a few of your articles here.
    I did have a question though that I hope you could answer.

    I was wondering, How much money do police officers make?
    I’m pursuing a career with the police department there.
    I would really appreciate any help you could give me!

  • This article is shockingly and undoubtedly full of lies to incite hatred on both sides. If you are in trouble you can contact Ansar Burney Trust who will definitely help you out if there is anyone persecuting you. There is no need to play with emotions of good people across the border to gain money. Pakistanis are very proud of their Hindu and Christian brothers, Harcharan Singh, Danesh Kaneria, Justice Cornelius and Deepak Perwani to name a few. You are the moon and star on our flag. God bless.

  • Dear All Muslims brothers & sisters,
    Please stop debating with each other and go and Read the Holy Quraan. It says that who he never hurt anybody is real muslim. According to me the great soul Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sir was only real muslim that he would give respect to all other religions specially to Hinduism. I think all of you muslims should read The Quraan and think of it.

    And also keep in mind that no other religion is so humble, kind, purer, peaceful, greater, divine, dip & marvelous as the Hinduism is. I can never hate the holy Quraan, Bible, Toraaho etc_____, they all are true and pavitra but among them The Vedas, Geeta, Bhagwat, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Upnishads and all other pavitra Hindu Shastras are so far away eligible, Inspirable, necessary in today’s and day to day life than any other books in this world.

    • @Vishal Patel

      I had been Muslim. I have read Quran many times. I like to know

      What is your opinion about killing of Idolaters if they not accept prophet Muhammad as Messenger of God. (Read Quran 9.5)

      What is your opinion to keep women of non-Muslim as S a x slaves. Quran 33:50

  • I am from Peshawar Pakistan. I am from muslim family and my forefathers migrated from Banaras India to Peshawar Pakistan. I have deep respect for all the religions. I wanted to study hindu religion and basic concepts of hinduism so i came here and read this article (which i think no one in pakistan will try to reasearch) Many bad words and language has been used against Islam and Pakistan. I can understand your feelings and will not defend my religion but the man who claimed that we are in trouble in Pakistan i totally disagree. My closest neighbor is a Hindu family. They are having peaceful life having good jobs. They invited me and my family on the wedding of there son. We attended it. My father has many hindu friends. They are working in Governor House Peshwar.
    Respected brothers and sisters i dont know whats the intention behind posting this article, to collect money or some thing else. . Whatever happened during 1947 migrations it was from both ends. You read your own writers we read our writers they claim totally opposite. but right now in Pakistan minorities have same rights. They are living happily. In my whole life i never seen even a single case of hindus being tortured in Pakistan. I am pakistani i know my country. Please please know the ground realities first. Dont create hatred by just reading this article. I will again repeat i have respect for all the religions. Your sisters are like my sisters.

    • Then why are not Hindus given 100% equal rights in all muslim nations. If we are brothers and sisters, why are you not protesting infront of every embassy from the middle east. Because your “sisters” who are Hindus are suffering. Don’t give me your crap of words. I will believe what you say when you fight to bring secularism, pluralism, and democracy in all muslim nations so Hindus can have 100% equality. And Also Hindus have the right to convert muslims to Hinduism in a peaceful manner without obstruction from the government or jihadi groups. Until then your words are empty.

    • Dear Brother Mr. Amir Ali Khan,

      You seem to be one of the rare open minded Muslim. Thank you. Though, i cant agree with the contents of your message yet i can’t but recognise your maturity. I do think, you need to study more about state of Hindus in Pakistan. Do they have same voting and other rights as Muslims? I also cant but believe many Muslims are extremely fanatic. For eg. Muslims have thrown out Hindus (Pandits) from Kashmir. Also, i do feel Muslims are ungrateful to their ancestors. They were all Hindus, mostly forcibly converted. Yet, dislike Hindus! If you argue that Muslims were not forcibly converted, then have debate with your Muslim friends. Ask them, whether they want Hindus to be converted into Islam. If they yes, it means your Ancestors were all converted forcibly since invasion. Such horrible past history we have full of barbarism. Muslims took away women, kept them as slaves, raped them and produced children, many of the Muslims in India, Pak, and Bangladesh are product of your and ours own grand……grandmother.

      I also can never believe Muslims in India, Pak and Bangla are same as Saudi Muslilms who may have been voluntarily converted. Also, Saudi Muslims dont treat our Muslims in a fair manner. So much discrimination!

      As you are studying Hinduism, i would suggest you to read Advaita, according to which God is formless, and is not different from what we truly are. I suggested this because you are studying Hinduism and Islam holds that God is formless.


      • Madhurananda, well said. Also I would add, for him to study Yoga and meditation. Yoga means unity and you can do it without a required direction. And Om/Omkar means peace and love. Also the same name for God.

      • Thanks for your comments and also Krishnarao. I think you are right here i dont know much about internal life of Hindus in Pakistan. I should go in more detail of it and definitely i will. I will also go through the the things you recommended.
        I apologize if i hurt you by jumping into your religious discussion. I will suggest one thing (however i know my suggestion has no worth and can not change any ones ideology). Please study Islam go in little detail like i go through different religions. People have misappropriated Islam through words and actions. Our prophet has also given a lesson pf peace. Islam is not at fault but Muslims.
        I apologize if you mind my presence in this forum.

      • Hi Ali,

        Thanks for your comment. I actually read your book, and yes there are some good things, but I also disagree with many of the things in there. It isn’t even small stuff, I actually disagree with some of the fundamentals of your faith. I wish you can understand that people can actually disagree with your book. In order for us to have peace, as you claim, you must understand that we disagree, it is not a misunderstanding, but a clear and utter disagreement with the content of your religion. I’m trying not to get into a long drawn out debate because I have done that with many muslims before. My point is if you cannot understand and except the fact that Hindus and vast majority of the world actually disagree with your current religion, than you will never get it. Never. Please try to understand that first.

        Also read up on Yoga. It doesn’t require prophets or son of god, or godman or incarnations or superman or x-men or any of that nonsense. It is just you and God. Very very very very simple philosophy without any complex history or etc. Just you and God. That simple.

      • Dear Brother Mr. Amir Khan,

        You know what?

        We would mind if you are not on this forum! Most seriously i meant it. If we have open minded people like you, our /worlds problem will be solved in no time.

        When i read your first post, i was not surpised that you go out with Hindu friends. It is only natural that Hindus want to be friends with you. One who allows others to be what they are is the best friend, and most matured man/woman.

        Thanks also for taking our suggestions sincerely.

        Have been sensitive to your word reading Quran.

        Will come back to you when more free.

        Yes, Mr. Krishnarao too made relevant comments and suggestions.


      • Remember niceness does not equal to agreement. We can still vehemently disagree and still be nice to each other.

        Also niceness does not equate to morality.

        And as a side note, intelligence and smarts does not equate to morality. Osama bin Laden is a perfect example of that. He was considered the human calculator, but he used his intelligence for extreme cases of barbarism.

    • Amir Ali Khan,

      Wish whatever you are saying would have been true throughout Pakistan. I live in US and I have few friends from Pakistan who are converted christians. We share same working place. When I told about this incident as mentioned in article, they told me that it is very unfortunate and sad to be in Pakistan if you belong to any minority group. There are thousands of incidents every year where young minor 10-12 year old hindus and christian girls are kidnapped and forcefully converted. Most of the hindu girls are abducted, married against their will or sold into prostitution and no one reports these type of crimes. Though, there is no doubt that land grabbing, attacks, kidnappings, temple burning, rape, murder is very common against any minority group in Pakistan.

    • Yes bro this article is slightly biased as it is well known that Partition atrocities were committed equally both by Hindus and Muslims. Many Muslim too would have similar horror stories to say. However post-Independance, it is sad that Hindus in Pakistan face double or triple the discrimination Muslims face in India. For eg, every year atleast hundreds of Hindu girls are forcibily converted to Islam, however such thing is totally unheard here.

    • Mr. Amir Khan, please tell me only one thing. why the Hindu population in Pakistan dropped from 25% in 1947 to below 1% today? On the contrary, Muslims have grown multi fold in India during this period.

  • Its sad. really really tragic. May God gives these pakistanis a heart like we Indians have.

    Mood off gaya I swear

  • if hindus of pakistan wants to survive then they should took up weapons against injustice and we indians are ready to funding them, but remember kill only those who are traitors not innocents like this ulloo ka patthas so called jihadist, dilluted the holy name of jihad, be a brave, remember rani laxmibai, chattrapati shivaji, maharana pratap, maharana kumbha, prithviraj chauhan, and specially your own last hindu king dahir who defeated that bloody arabic aarmy in baloochistan twice. so, pick up the weapon and i am sure you will get success and dont worry about supply and funding, raaw is very good than isi in intelligence.

  • it also that fact it was narrated and more harted that made with te migarnts of that days from india. reflecting coin one side is unjust and appeal u to reflect both. land of to day is not pios and glory human massacare is evedent in recent past. legal murders and emotional influenced law verdicts takes the place that u narrated in pak. either the land the innocent is innocently burrying in continuation. I request to study Islam rather blaming with mis concept. muslim may be defaulter but not islam.

    • Please note that this article as well as other articles on Agniveer respect the peaceful religious sentiments of every human. But we are and will continue to be critical of malpractices of practitioners. We have not blamed Islam. We have condemned the practitioners. It is pity that when some Muslims indulge in wrong deeds, the advice of studying Islam is given to victims. Instead you must give this advice to the culprits. You must raise your voice to update curriculums of madarsas and teaching in mosques to focus more on harmony and heaven for non-Muslims as well. We will fully support you.

  • As you sow, so shall you reap. Now Pakistan is paying for its own wrong deeds. If they keep supporting terrorists, their own country will also suffer. Agar padosi ke ghar me aag lagaoege to tumhara ghar bhi jalega. Peshawar attack is a proof of that.

    Shame on Pakistanis ! They kill their own Hindu brothers for the sake of an arab cult.

  • Why don’t Arya Samaj establish itself in Bangladesh , Pakistan and Afganistan to strengthen and rescue Hindu Culture and People . We are at an extinct in Afganistan , We are wiping out of Pakistan and Bangladesh at a very rapid pace. Please do something to strengthen and safeguard Hindus


  • You have not uttered a single word of compassion for all those Hindus ( I am sure Christians and Sikhs there too are oppressed, and barbarically treated) who are suffering. What kind of human being you are? First be a human being, and then participate in these kind of discussions.

  • totally liar. The whole world has seen the greatest killings of Muslims. The rivers were turned into dark Red. I can also write 100 lines of sorrow full stories but we know wts the propaganda. I think this story has been copied from Muslim who was brutally attacked by Hindus and Sikhs.

    • Ohh really….then would you please like to explain as to wht the minority population in Pakistan suddenly droppd over a period of time?
      At the time of Partition in 1947, the Hindu population of Pakistan was estimated at approximately a quarter of the total population. In 1998, the Hindu population in all of Pakistan was 1.60%, and the most recent census would certainly be expected to demonstrate consistent demographic trends and a further diminution in the Hindu population.

  • i am feeling ashamed to be called indian muslim, i have no words to express my pain .to go through the article .who were responsible this ,meanwhile our ancestors were sAME .WE ARE SAME BLOOD SAME CALTURE .THEN THIS DISCREMINATION IN PAKISTN ,WITH ITS HINDU .

    • Dear Brother Muntazer,

      Thanks for your comments. If both Muslims and Hindus start emphasising that we are the descendants, it will go a long way to strengthen our bond and also help enormously in development of India, Pak and Bangladesh. In fact, this is the speciality of we three countries i.e. our ancestors are same, though religions are different. Peace, Madhurananda

  • I just cant believe this, why is tat media did not highlighted this, if this was the case frm long time……

    agree with above comments, just connect vth Humanrights with some documentary evidence….may be tat should easily help you and all, to migrate….

  • Many many Thanks Agniveer for this nice post . I m Bangladeshi Hindu. And nobody understand as me the suffering of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan. I hope every Indian must support them.

  • Agniveer, your name’s the answer!
    Agni, the fire, purifies and kills the bad actions; Veer is a brave executor/warrior.
    How? We should remember, fear is our greatest enemy. Greatest legacy constantly reminded to us over generations is to overcome the enemy within. The foremost law in any war is to fight (a.k.a Mahabharata). My personal opinions apart, like to quote in simple terms, words of peaceful Buddha – `That when calamity befalls, dont run away! You have the will; Plan a fight back…

  • My heart and soul is with you. I discussed the same with my husband!

    We hindus have always done that and still doing it! I do not know why!Slave Mind set,because of 1200 years of slavery.

    I had emailed amnesty international about atrocities on hindus in Pakistan, I got a very vague diplomatic answer.

    Nobody cares for hindus, not even hindus because in Bharat although majority Hindus, hindus write distorted histories, hindus do hindu bashing.

    We had anti hindu government till May…

    • Hello Dear Freinds,

      What about approaching Avaaz net work, which has got millions of followers world wide? They fight for human rights, and many other social causes. Pakistan Hindus and Christians should join together and approach Avaaz.


  • Future Of the world and Islam: either whole world will become all Islam. If that happens, Muslims will fight among themselves so much ( like in all Islam countries now), world will end in no time along with Muslims. Second option: Muslims are becoming danger to the world at large. Enormous hatred is being built against them, everywhere. Day may come where civil war happens all over the world. Muslims may be attacked everywhere. Dat may bring end of Islam. Hope good Muslims wake up and stop that.

  • Dear Hindu Brothers/ Sisters at Pak: Be in touch with Christians and unite. Approach International organisation to stop the menace of barbaric Muslims in Pak. I pray that ultimately solution will be found where human values are respected, and you all will be treated as human beings. We can understand your position by comparing few Hindus in Muslim dominated places in India. It is so dangerous for them. Though there are many good Muslims, but there are Muslims who are ghastly even in India.

  • Two solutions to this brutal problem: Hindus should be in touch with those getting converted to Islam. Tell those that they should tell their children, grandchildren (who will be Muslims) that they should remember their root i.e. ancestor Hindus and should not convert Hindus into Muslims. Also, converted Muslims should try to trace all those who have been converted to Islam with brutality in hundred years. Make association of such Muslims to pass on the message of not harming Hindus in future.

  • If migration would be your solution then it had already beeing accepted by your greatfathers at the time of partition. if there is solution to this problem then there might be no way to get it because when people are using their religion apart from huminity… it goes viral in negative sense.
    Educators are afraid in india. and non educated are in process to afraid educated people.
    We have sympathy for our sisters and brother in pakistan. we are here to help you in anyway upto our strength.

  • Whole story of Hindus in Pak is utterly shocking. Muslims who attack Hindus and rape Hindu womenwere verily Hindus century/ies ago. Those Muslims just don’t have the brain to think that there ancestors were all forcibly converted..Some argue that they are not forcibly converted. My answer to them is this: if you Muslim feel like forcing Hindus into Islam, then know for sure that your grandmothers were raped, grandfathers killed. What a betrayal of their own ancestors! What a sin they commit…

  • Hello, I am posting a quote from vedas and would like readers to define in what context the author uses the word ‘inexhaustible’?

    for the love of the people I adore the lord of light, creator of earth and heaven and the middle regions of the skies, the eternal poet who composed this wonderful world of paradisal beauty and truth adorned with the jewels of life from his inexhaustible treasure of nature, lord so dear to the learned and the wise, the brilliant manifestation of whose…

  • Do anybody know , same mass killing happened in india also at the time of division, we lost our relatives , bad things are always bad whoever it did , no religion is teaching the violence , only few miscrements do in the name of religion, for that entire community can’t be blamed ,violence can’t be stopped by violence , we need to eliminate the root cause of it. We should not be affected with bad political motivation.

  • In late 70’s and early 80’s in America, Russian Jews were not treated well in Russia. American Jewish organizations started a campaign to bring Russian Jews to America. They had banners ‘Save the Russian Jews’, all over the synagogues in the whole country. That is what Hindus need to do. Print banners ‘Bring Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hindus – They are being raped, converted and treated like dirt’ and hang them outside of all temples. So that all passers by see it.

  • The place where you are living is your nation.
    Accept it and adopt it. Get converted, leave it, but don’t complain.
    Because you have already lost the right to complain 67 years back.

    This goes well for any body Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Muslims in India. Stop crying now.

    The reality is these are two nations now. And a Pakistani is a pakistani (hindu or muslim). A Indian is an Indian (hindu or muslim).

  • You didn’t complained when few political groups decided to speak on your behalf, even when they were not elected.
    You didn’t complained when they parted the nation into two on an illogical basis, without any general voting or census.
    You find it safe to stay where you were then.
    You made a mortal a mahatma.
    Why complaining now?

  • Many people are using Hindu names, who in reality must be Shitstani = Napakstanis or Indian muslums

    @Sagnik Sinha @Siddhartha –
    These are katela landa bastards i.e. muslim. These enuch are using Hindu name as his bastard prophet who got his ass banged by camel used to teach them. Their begger alla is sweeping the floors of Shri. Raam Jee. that alla also cleans toilets at my home and drinks my urine. Do you understand now why I hate these muslim pigs?

  • This is as terrible and as heart wrenching as could be any such human story of misery and pain and that should
    cajole us to pause and think. It is most disgraceful if even some of the points mentioned in that communique are true. Unfortunately in international diplomacy, there are limitations for such intervention. However, our leadership must somehow try to mitigate the plight of the Pakistani Hindus by talking to the Pakistani establishment. We may, however, desist from demonising any…

  • All lies. The Hindu population of “West Pakistan” was 2% during partition and right now, it’s 1.85%. There were forced conversions in some areas, but the decline in percentage can be attributed largely to the higher birthrate of Muslims in Pakistan and the Afghan refugee settlements. There have been instances of communal violence against Hindus in Pakistan, but they mostly coincided with instances of violence in India against Muslims. The simple fact that people like Deepak Perwani exist is…

    • Siddhartha,

      Do not spread lies. First find out the truth yourself, if you are really interested to find the truth. There are Pakistani Hindu refugees who are living a very hard life in Delhi (Manju ka tilla). Go and talk to them. No matter you are Hindu or Muslim. But just go there for humanity sake and find out the truth. If you are a true human, you will cry after listening their miseries. First, we are human beings and then religion comes much later.

    • abbe suar siddhart, do you know anything, at the time of partition its about 20% but its fall down to 1% in pakistan and 9% in bangladesh. google it you bloody fackname holder porki. and please also read the statement of human rights commision which stats that about 25 girls of hindu community in pakistan abducted in evary month averagely.

    • inocense of muahammd dekh lo muahammad se sangati chod doge ,. jisne 50 saal ki umr me 6 saal ki aysha se nikah kiya tha kya aap bhi aisa karskte ho jabki uske paas ” bibiyo ka bhandar “maujud tha ! kitni ayayshi thi uske paas ,

      • @raj.hyd

        Kuto ki tarah bhokne se khuchh nahi hota. Islam ke anusar agar koi Kanya masik dharm ko prapt kar leti hai to vah nikah layak samjhi jati hai aur Ayesha bhi masik dharm ke dor se gujar rahi thi. Aur Islam ke anusar to shadi ki koi umr bhi nirdhar rit nahi ki gai hai aaj bhi saudi arabia me aap apni kanya ka nikah 8 ya 9 varsh ki umr me kar sakte agar vah rajaswala ho jati hai.

      • jab muhamamd ka gyan sare sansaar ke liye hai tab sirf arab ki baat kyo karte hai ?
        kya 6 saal ki kanya nikah ka matalb samjhti hai ?
        fir uske nikah ki sahamati ka kya muly hai ?
        8-9 saal aur sirf 6 saal me kafi antar hota hai 50% tak ka antar ho jata hai !
        jo islam ek kanya ke nikah ki umr n tay kar pata ho usko adhura islam kyo n kaha jaye ?
        jinke pas” bibiyo ke bhandaar” ho kya aise vyakti s`e koi bhi mu`slim sirf 6 saal ki apni kanya ka nikah karva sakta hai

      • agar islam me kanya ke vivah ki umr tay nahi hai to kya sirf ek ghante ya ek din ki kanya ka bhi nikah tay kar diya jayega ? agar koi muslim aisa kar de to aap muslim kaise usko rokenge ? koi n koi niyam to hona hi chahiye bahut si kanyao ka masik bhi band ho jata hai ya chaloo 30 saal ki umr ke baad bhi ho jata hai tab kya uska vivah ke liye itne din roka jana chahiye?
        jo mahatvpurn vishayo par adhura islam ho , usko kyo mana jaye usko to tatakaal chod dena chahiye

      • agar aysha ji jaisi 6 saal ki umr memasik chloo ho jata tha to muhammad ji ki beti fatima ji ka nikah “javani”me kyo kiya gaya kya fatima ji ka “masik ” javani “me hua ? yah doharapan kyo tha ?
        hazrat usman ji ko apni do betiyo ka nikah bhi javani ki umr me kiya gaya
        jo vyakti apne jivan me doaharapan rakhta ho usko adarsh purush kyo kaha jaye ? jisko doharapan pasad ho use svarthi purush kahate hai
        isliye muslimo ko aise svarthi purush ke vicharo se sangati nahi karni chahiye

      • 1St baat to ye hai ki koi v ladki 6sal me masik dharam se nhi hoti masik dharam ki age 13 sal ke bad suru hoti h.

  • abe focut agneevir kam dhande bhi h j tujhe kya hindu muslman ko ldata rehta h east or west islam is best muslim is intelegent+beautiful’+-true

    • abey katwe asif, islam is a fake religion which is just 1400 years old. tumhare alla miya bhi fake hai. isliye islam chodd do. ghatiya hai islam. East or west Hinduism is the best and oldest religion. tumhare baap aur dada bhi hindu they convert honey se pehle. samjha. aur apni english aur hindi sudhar pehle.

    • Intelligent ka Matlab bhi para hai kaha hoga hai…abuse islam has banned the use of mind so what will u use little mind given by god….

  • Why don’t the pakistani hindus comes and settle in india???? what is the problem in that… I believe there is sure as hell a process for that…………

      • It shouldn’t be allowed indeed…. A Pakistani is a Pakistani… You should also feel like that only if you are a true Indian….

      • If there are Indian Muslims who want to go to Pakistan and settle, then we could exchange them. Otherwise, how can we accommodate huge number of them in India. However, more ideal than anything is that some international help should come, and Pakistan should not dare them to touch our Hindus.

      • Dear BE and Free…you r alaways free…why will muslims want to go pakistan ?and who r you to exchange ? you are Samrat? You are King who r you ?.if you want to go Pakistan please go….and really we dont want person in India like your type of mentality…Free remembered ,This is Hindus”s Muslims’s Sikhs’s Chirstans’s,And Bodh’s Country.. remembered it forever and inform your coming generation. hope you got it..

      • Hi,

        How stupid and idiot you are! I never told that all our Muslims should go. However, I do feel there may be few (yes, very very few) Muslims who identify with Pakistan more than India. For eg. when India-Pakistan cricket match happens, when Pakistan wins, few of such ungrateful Muslims raise Pak flag. Obviously, such people should go. Good for them, good for us. That is all/

        Read carefully what is written there and then react. You are absolutely fanatic fellow.

      • Be Free you r always free .you should read carefully your above comment and I hope we will realize your mistake. first of all where you mention that a few Muslims ? Very few some miner. Hope will you read carefully your first blog…and where you have seen that few Muslims raise pak flag…have you caught any one? No.. because None of the Muslims want to support Pakistan , FYI the person who is Muslim he knows what is his duty for the nation according to Islam .but you won’t understand it

      • you won’t understand it because this is only highlighted by some fake media & few bad mentality person like you And their aim is only one how to blame minority.. Remember we don’t bothered what you think and we don’t want your certificate..
        Dear you advice people to first be human being …But what about you? Please read further How stupid and idiot you are! Who was quote it? You or we? And this is reflecting which type of human you are…hope you got it…

      • You talk about some ungrateful Muslims which is totally false. But.Dear What about some ungrateful Hindu who want to build temple for Nathuram Godse ? who r they? They r really Indians? What about that people Who destroyed Indian People in 1984 crises? What about that people who Destroyed Indians in Gujarat? They are real Indian ?what about that person who told don’t allow to Minority in their village for settle? What about that person who told if a person not vote a party should go Pak?

      • Who are they ? What about that person who divided language.. if a simple man not know how to speak their language then the such kind of peopel not allowed to him come their state for job in INDIA…. Dear In INDIA ?I ask you who r they ?Dear they r not Muslims and my question is to you where you will exchange them? Can you exchange? Yes or NO…
        ek shair hain…Na Jhagdhe hum aaps me jaghad kar tut jayenge tumhara Aina hum hain aur humaar AaIena tum .
        .JAI HIND..

  • This is really sad! These barbaric idiots uses the name of religion for their own interest. I hope that they will pay the price for these sins! I’m sure India knows what is going on over there in Pakistan but due to “maybe” political reasons, they can’t do much help you guys! True enough…I matter of time, there will never be any Hindus around Pakistan and Bangladesh! Brother, please seek for asylum in a civilized country if you fail India! I pray for the best to all the minorities out…

  • I want to help you, let me know how. My interest is to get who ever want to come India for that what I have to do. Second just like Israel did, we have to capture part of Hindu land in Pakistan and counter them. Let me know how we can achieve these.

  • And what will we feed you?? Peanuts?? Our country is on the verge of exploding from the population… We are going to overpower China by 2030… Too bad bro… My heart goes out to you for what you have to suffer… But we in India don’t really have the luxury to accommodate you people… Appeal to some developed nation please

    • @Sagnik
      We are not facing lack of food grains( or any other material resource ), we’re currently cursed with incapability of equitable distribution, especially among needy. We are not resourceless, we are miserable because of narrow thinking, and lack of big heart.
      Wealth is infinite in world, it all depends on how much you’re willing to create through your efforts and intellect!

      • A Cow Can Change Everything (East Africa Dairy Development Project)
        This short video tells a wonderful story of families in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda who have seen their lives transformed t…
        For over 65 years, we’ve watched communities transform from dire poverty to self-reliance. More than 12 million families that faced insurmountable issues now have hope and a future because of Heifer’s model.

      • Many people ae using Hindu names, who in reality must be Shitstani = Napakstanis

        @Sagnik Sinha @Siddhartha –
        These are katela landa bastards i.e. muslim. These enuch are using Hindu name as his bastard prophet who got his ass banged by camel used to teach them. Their begger alla is sweeping the floors of Shri. Raam Jee. that alla also cleans toilets at my home and drinks my urine. Do you understand now why I hate these muslim pigs?

    • @sagnik: thank god u r not the king of india. Otherwise we have to feel ashamed of ur’s comment.. And being a “nobody” u can write whatever u wnat bcoz this country provides right of freedom of speech which surely can accomodate your thoughts then we can accomodate more people for sure. Bcoz to reside first heart is prime place rest is just ur will

  • This is wrong, Pakistanis are never to be trusted animals.. I have also seen a video like this, in that the muslims were raping a Hindu 9 year old girl, a guy from an NGO based in Canada saved them & Brought them to Canada. Now they are living happily.

    Pakis are seriously the worst people on this planet, they backstab everyone. Never trust them. Never



  • Hi Agneevir

    I have seen so many video from pakistan about the same . I may be wrong but the only possible solution is to marry hindu girls to indians so that after some time there wont be any hindu left in Pakistan.

  • I am a Indian muslim

    I am very sad to know the painful life of minorities in pakistan
    I support to agniveer for the empowerment of minorities in pakistan

  • Dear Mr. Angiveer,

    Please share your email. I want to help you and your co-sufferers get asylum in the States, if you choose.

    With best regards and heartfelt wishes that my fellow Indians’ sufferings will soon come to an end,


  • My Heart goes out for all those who are facing these atrocities in this shittiest country on earth “Pakistan”.
    I understand your roots r attached to the land but if I were you… I would rather be a beggar in our country than b called a Pakistani..!! This Barbarism will end…it must one day and it will.. their end is near.

  • My Heart Breaks! May some way be found for you beloved sisters and brothers in Pakistan. I would not wish that suffering to any human being, irrespective of their religions, let alone to be a Hindu sister and brothers. I do offer prayers. May some light shine. May international community take care of it.

      • That is indeed great! If those who can afford to help can help. However, in meantime, the problem should get international attention. After all still lots of Hindus are there. As suggested in earlier comments, all minorities in Pak Hindus, Sikhs and christians should get together and seek international help.