We usually do not publish articles focusing on living persons and focus on concepts instead. However in wake of national interest, we are forced to make this exception. Earlier we had made an exception for Zakir Naik for exactly the same reason – ‘threatening sympathy’ for terrorists. But this one is a bigger concern in our view, since the protagonist is among those behind whm the whole nation had rallied blindly very recently to help us eradicate the nuisance of corruption. But do we need terrorists to destroy corruption?

Yes there is bitterness, frustration and at times even arrogance in this article. But this is not to deride any individual. Our goal is to portray an honest picture of the mind of an Aam Aadmi who can think and reason, is emotional, has been ditched several times by his heroes but yet loves his nation more than anything else.

Read on the confessions of an Aam Aadmi.

Before I begin…..

Please don’t get me wrong.

I am also yet another Aam Aadmi who has had enough of all the dirty politics surrounding the erstwhile Lighthouse of World, my motherland, India. I am tired of this corruption and realize that we need to take drastic measures to get rid of it. I being an Aam Aadmi who does not have VIP access to echelons of powers and power brokers realize the pain of corruption much more than even all my elite leaders fighting against corruption – Senior Lawyers, Bureaucrats, Police Officers and Global Swamis.

I admire the simplicity of Anna. I am astounded by his power of Brahmacharya that made him survive for 12 continuous days without food. A feat that even the most powerful yogic powers of the world could not achieve despite glucose support.

I, like millions of non-Maharashtrians, had not even heard about Anna until a couple of days after BCCI won World Cup on home turf of ICC President Sharad Pawar – one of the most upright persons known to human civilization. And within a couple of days, we had a fully-grown leader for entire ‘civil’ society. Nothing short of the miracles we hear in mythology where an angel suddenly appears or a God suddenly incarnates to save the fallen ones. We have been hearing for ages that only a miracle can save India. And here it was! Who would not have welcomed this incarnation?

The last time we put our hopes behind an incarnation was in 1989 when we had VP Singh emerging to clean all the alleged garbage of erstwhile dynastic leaders. Within 2 years, we realized that this was yet another occasion when we were fooled. But that was 20 years ago. A new generation has come now and hence there is another opportunity to take a chance for sake of Mother India.

So who cared what exactly the demands were? Whether they have been duly and thoroughly evaluated by relevant experts or not? Whether they were practical or not? We needed a context to take those in power heads on and we had got one! We wanted a leader and we had got one! We needed a new personality to worship and we had got one! Everything else was secondary now! All we wanted to do was to don an Anna cap and shout ‘I am Anna’.

But I am no more Anna

But I am no more Anna. I may have been swayed by bandwagon but now I can think again. Of course this is partially attributed to my gurukuls who taught me never to accept a design too early and too fast without due examination. So short-term hypes and personality worship is definitely not my cup of tea. I still respect the great social worker like thousands of other great legends that the nation has produced, but it would take much more than a few months of media coverage to hail him as ‘above Parliament’ like an Arvind Kejriwal did. I would term it as sycophancy or chamchagiri – the very source that later leads to corruption.

But this is not the only reason that I am no more Anna. I would have neglected this reason for sake of unity among dedicated nationalists.

But I love India. And hence I hate terrorism.

I hate the fact that thousands of my innocent brothers and sisters were killed due to terror attacks in recent times and the threat continues to loom. I hate corruption as well. But I do not believe that we invite terrorists to solve issue of corruption.

Afghanistan was critically ill few years ago. Then Taliban came to power and corruption decreased. Do we want this sort of Talibanization to get rid of corruption? If no, then I am not Anna.

Do we need snakes to kill a frog?

Because a man is known by the company he keeps. There is no way for me or anyone to peep into heart of anyone including Anna and see what goes inside. The only way to assess that is through his company and track record.

Unfortunately, the coterie surrounding Anna is that of proclaimed sympathizers of terrorists. And hence I am not Anna.

I read a story in Panchatantra that a frog was tortured by his relatives. He got so frustrated that he called a snake to get rid of the relatives. The snake killed all the relatives one by one and then killed the frog as well.

Moral of the story: You don’t invite snakes to defeat frogs. 

=> You do not invite terrorists to eliminate corruption.


Prashant Bhushan – the first reason

Mohandas Gandhi had very strong opinion regarding lawyers and profession of law. While I do not agree to this view in general, if Gandhi had the Bhushan father and son in mind, perhaps he was nothing short of a visionary. Look what Gandhi wrote about lawyers in his seminal work, The Law and the Lawyers:

I have suggested another difficult matter , viz. that the lawyers should suspend their practice. How should I do otherwise knowing so well how the government had always been able to retain the power through the instrumentality of lawyers. … When it comes to a matter of action against the Government, when it comes to a matter of paralyzing the activity of the government, I know that the government always looks to the lawyers….. to preserve their dignity and their self respect.  [Page-126]

those who would not suspend practice could not and should not become leaders. [Page-131]

In my opinion those lawyers who have not yet succeeded in suspending their practice, cannot expect to hold any office in any Congress organization or lead opinion on Congress platforms… If we do not face the issue boldly, we stand in danger of corrupting the movement…. Lawyers, who have hitherto led public opinion, have either renounced practice or public life.[Page- 136]

I cannot conceive the possibility of the movement, which is one of self sacrifice, succeeding if it is led by lawyers who do not believe in self sacrifice… I can certainly imagine a brave and believing weaver or cobbler more effectively leading than a timid and skeptical lawyer. [Page- 140]

They (lawyers) are eager to take part in a national awakening. The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. I still feel that practicing lawyers cannot lead. They cannot but weaken a movement which demands complete, almost reckless, sacrifice. The whole cause can be lost if top men weaken at a supreme crisis. [Page- 142]

Lawyers will, as a rule, advance quarrels instead of repressing them. Moreover, men take up that profession, not in order to help others out of their miseries, but to enrich themselves. It is one of the avenues of becoming wealthy and their interest exists in multiplying disputes. It is within my knowledge that they are glad when men have disputes. [Page- 253]

I wonder what made Anna Hazare, who considers Gandhi as his guru, to forget such crucial advise of his mentor and include, not one but 2 controversial lavish lawyers from same family! What made Anna not see clearly what Gandhi could see several decades ago!

But blame of creating this terrorist threat also goes to IIT Madras where Prashant Bhushan is supposed to have studied for one semester. I don’t know what happened there but he left the field that Gandhi loved so much to take the profession that Gandhi hated the most. Had IIT Madras been a bit more gentle, perhaps he would have continued his engineering profession and Anna team would have been one member cleaner. But destiny perhaps wanted him to be a successful lawyer who could charge lakhs for each single hearing of even PILs. In Gandhi’s words, “we now stand in danger of corrupting the movement against corruption”!

Here are the TOP 5 Reasons why I consider Prashant Bhushan as a terrorist threat and agree fully with Gandhi’s visionary views:

1. Prashant Bhushan considers Kashmir as separate from India.

In April, he visited Kashmir as part of a Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) group comprising like minded ‘civilians’ to raise voice against Indian Military. He was quoted as stating: “Our role is to facilitate a dialogue between Kashmir, India and Pakistan.”

Refer http://greaterkashmir.com/news/2011/Apr/4/cpa-team-to-move-sc-against-killings-40.asp

So he assumes a priori that Kashmir is a separate sovereign entity different from India. 

He and is brother-in-glove Agnivesh revealed from their secret intelligence sources that: Pakistan or LeT has no hand in Kashmir unrest!

Bhushan went on to announce that he would approach Supreme Court against Indian Military for spreading unrest.

One wonders if it is an Indian national speaking or an ISI agent from Pakistan? 

How can I support any public movement that is led by enemies who openly express their desire to break my motherland?

2. Bhushan has gone ahead to extent of stating that India should liberate Kashmir.


This was exactly why he was thrashed recently by a sentimental youth who loved his nation but did not know how to express his dissent given the media blessings to anti-Indians. While I disagree with such frustrated attempts and value freedom of expression, I also believe that even if this happened, it is not worth being condemned so prominently. After all Bhushan was not killed or raped or beaten out of his home, unlike the fate of lakhs of Hindus in Kashmir Valley and those dying in terrorist attacks performed by supporters of Bhushan ideology.

When we shy from condemning so many deaths and tortures, why should thrashing of an agent of ISI raise such hue and cry? How many roadside brawls do we cover in national news? What makes this event so special then!

Anna himself recently said, after public pressure, that if would even go up to war with Pakistan to defend Kashmir. Then why create hype over someone hitting a Kashmir Separatist and ISI agent but also ensuring that he faces no injuries.

(Now some may say that I am being jingoistic by calling Bhushan an agent of ISI for exercising his right of freedom of expression. But then even I am also exercising the same right with one added effect – that given the available facts, it is 1000 times more likely that Bhushan is a paid agent of ISI and terrorists, than Indian Military, Judiciary, Public being communal or spreading unrest.

So if I have to choose my stand, as a logical person, I shall choose the more probable stand – that Bhushan is a paid ISI agent and threat to sovereignty of nation THAN consider the entire majority population of a state, entire judiciary, entire police and entire military as corrupt or communal.)

3. He has a habitual hatred for Gujarati people. He is on record for lying again and again that more than 2000 Muslims were killed in a state abetted pogrom.

Refer http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?224904

The official figures are 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims. Refer

– Does this exaggeration not amount to undue sensationalization for vested interests and spreading communal hatred through misinformation? This seems to come straight from typical ploys used by enemy nations to bring civil unrest through false propaganda.

– If Bhushan has special information about more than 1200 unaccounted Muslim deaths, why does he not help government locate these dead bodies?

Why does he fail to mention more than 250 Hindus who were killed as well? Why did he never state that those who burnt the coach at Godhra or failed to condemn this incident and instead created reasons to explain this barbaric episode were butchers?

(I, as an Aam Aadmi, know that any killing of innocent is most inhuman thing to happen – be it through riots or through burning of coach. Those guilty must be punished severely. But to sensationalize such events and trying to give it communal color or make baseless allegations without proofs amounts to even greater crime – because this leads to further hatred.)

– What proof does he have that the riots were state sponsored? Is Bhushan above law? The matter is in Supreme Court and in last 10 years, not one single evidence was ever found against Modi? Even if we assume judiciary to be corrupt, as assumed by Bhushan Junior, what power does Modi have to mould the Supreme Court when the Central Government as well as even segments of his own party/alliance have been his critic?

– Further Modi has come to power with overwhelming majority not once but twice, and has garnered even votes of Muslims? Does this not amount to charging majority of population of the model state of India as rioters?

– If indeed the riots were state sponsored, the court will decide about that and give due punishment. And we would respect verdict of highest court of the land. But who is Bhushan to pronounce anyone as a criminal? And if he has the evidence, why does he not bring it to public notice instead of indulging in hate-speech to instigate violence? Or is it that just as Anna is above Parliament, as alleged by Kejriwal, Bhushan is above Supreme Court?

– Does Bhushan being a lawyer not know the basic pillar of legal system – that no one is guilty unless proven? The matter is in courts against Modi for a decade and the whole world seems to be against him thanks to media hype against him. Had even slightest of evidence been found against Modi, he would have been cornered by now. The very fact that this did not happen implies that Modi government having anything to do with riots is highly improbable. At least more improbable than Bhushan being an ISI agent.

– Why does the same Bhushan not appreciate the Gujarat Government for being a model state of development praised even by erstwhile detractors including US Congress? Or is it that he has a personal agenda that is beyond objectivism?

– Ironically, or perhaps logically, even the terrorists whom Bhushan and his father support cite the same anti-Gujarat reasons to plant bombs and kill innocents. 

Do we have any fact on record to conclude that Prashant Bhushan is NOT an agent of terrorists?

On contrary, from available facts, it seems 1000 times more likely that Prashant Bhushan is an enemy implant than the allegation of Gujarat violence being state sponsored or Indian police being communal.


4. He is alleged to have stated that Indian Police and Judiciary are not only corrupt, but communal!

Refer http://lifethelove.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/human-rights-activists-denounce-hindutva-terror/

This is a serious allegation. His logic is that in most cases of terrorism, Muslims are arrested by Police and not Hindus.

By this logic, even CIA is communal. So is every other anti-terrorist organization. Because if you look at the list of Most Wanted Terrorists and Most Wanted Terrorist Organizations issued by any agency, it has 99% Muslim names. So if most terrorists come from Muslim background, even those being captured would be Muslims.

No, please do not get me wrong. I do not assert that all Muslims are terrorists. I state that most terrorists are Muslims. And that is because Islam has been hijacked by terrorists like Al Qaeda, Talibanis etc. Hardly any other religious group except Muslim groups proudly claim ownership of any terror attack.

Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan etc all are under grip of terrorists. The innocent common citizens there are not to be blamed, but it is inevitable that they would have to face problems until terrorism is ruthlessly destroyed. Even Muslim intellectuals of the world are worried about this growth of radical cult in Islam. Our collective goal should be to destroy the roots of terrorism and hence help innocent citizens – be they Hindu, Muslim, Christian or whatever.

But by giving communal color to this, people like Bhushan are only helping delay this process. 

If one looks into issues raised by Mumbai Attackers, Mujahideens etc, they also raise exactly the same issues – Gujarat, Communal Police, Torture of Muslims in India. So it is very likely that both Bhushans and these terrorists get their campaign documents from same source. At least it is more likely than police and judiciary being anti-Muslims!

On contrary, there are reasons to believe that often non-Muslims are targeted in India as suspects in terror attacks merely to prove that terrorism has no religion!


if indeed Indian Police and Judiciary are so corrupt and communal,

what is Mr Bhushan doing in this system as a lawyer? Why does he not resign from this rotten system?

– why does he charge lakhs for each hearing?

If he too is charging millions to establish truth in a corrupt system, why then create hype over ‘India against Corruption’. After all will not corruption rule when one has to pay hefty price to establish truth! What can be a better example of shameless doublespeak. It is presence of people like Prashant Bhushan who are responsible for whatever corruption we have today! And they now lead us against corruption!

To proclaim entire Military, Police and Judiciary System to be corrupt and communal amounts to being nothing less than an anti-national with hidden interests served through spread of unrest and panic in India.

So if at all there is a remote possibility that whatever this ISI agent – Prashant Bhushan – is speaking is true (that entire Military, Judiciary, Police is communal), then it is 1000 times more likely that Prashant Bhushan himself is a paid ISI agent deployed by enemies. 


5. A die-hard terrorist sympathizer

– After the Batla House encounter, he was among the first persons to visit and state that youths killed were innocent. No tears were shed for the brave police officer Mohan Chand who laid his life for the nation. Would Bhushan dare to explain if youth were so innocent, how could they kill and injure police officers?

Based on demands of these anti-nationals, a NHRC enquiry was setup whose report was submitted to Supreme Court. Based on that, a clean chit was given to Delhi Police.

It is a matter of shame that even after that, Bhushan did not apologize and pay his homage to brave officers who risked their lives. 

Perhaps the most honest statement came from Muqtedar Khan, Director of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware. He spoke against what he called the “intellectually dishonest” representatives of Muslims who “live in denial”…”They first deny that there is such a thing as jihadi terrorism, resorting to conspiracy theories blaming every act of jihadi violence either on Israel, the U.S. or India. Then they argue that unjust wars by these three nations [in Palestine, Iraq and Kashmir] are the primary cause for jihadi violence; a phenomenon whose very existence they have already denied.” 

But Bhushan has nothing to do with these honest Muslims. For him Muslims mean only the terrorist groups and their sympathizers.

– An even more shameless assertion from Bhushan was that if at all there is some terrorism from Muslims, it is only after 2002 Gujarat violence.

Refer http://twocircles.net/2008oct15/biased_terror_probe_will_increase_terrorism_prashant_bhushan.html

As if Al Qaeda, Taliban, Indian Mujahideed, Babur, Ghori, Ghazni, Aurangzeb were all saints!

He even gave a veiled threat that ‘biased terror probe’ will increase terrorism. This is exactly the language that Mumbai attackers used! So does the erstwhile ISI Chief Hamid Ghul and even Osama Bin Laden.

This is just a summary. Readers can explore more on this threat to nation. There are already allegations of Prashant Bhushan’s questionable practices where he is supposed to have taken money to dupe even his own clients.

As we have said again and again, if at all there is a remote chance that whatever Bhushan alleges is true, then there is 1000 times more chance that Bhushan himself is an agent of Al Qaeda or a similar terrorist outfit. A traitor of same league as a Jai Chand or Mir Zafar.

What else could explain his posh lifestyle, his father taking up cases of terrorists and he shouting anti-India rhetorics and condemning our own military/ judiciary/ police?

So until such an agent of terror sits in Anna’s think-tank, I am anything but Anna.

In fact I will have nothing to do with Anna.

Baba Ramdev vs Bhushan

Bhushan was the one who insisted that Baba Ramdev – who started the anti-corruption movement much before Anna – be kept out of Lok Pal Committee. And then both the ISI agents – father and son Bhushans – got into it. Was this a conspiracy of enemies of nation given the pro-terrorist track record of both Bhushans?

The reason cited was that this is a policy issue and we need experts and not Yoga guru.

Whatever be the competency of Baba Ramdev, at least there is no reason to believe that he has anti-national intent. Also what is the business of 2 lawyers in a committe which is supposed to be futuristic and not backward looking?

Lawyers specialize in dealing with existing rot in the system. They are like the typists who know how to type. But we need a computer to replace the typewriter. So if Baba Ramdev had no place in committee, so should have been case for 2 lawyers with dubious track record and known love for terrorists. An organizational system specialist from a successful organization would have been better.

Questions to Anna

– What is an anti-Indian who openly questions sovereignty of India doing in your think tank?

– How was such a threat shortlisted in first place in your think-tank?

– When is he going to be kicked out? If not why?

– What evidence is there to prove that a ‘civil’ society formed in a non-transparent manner led by pro-terrorists actually not a conspiracy of enemies of nation?

– Anna recently said that he believes Kashmir to be integral part of India. Then why is there a slightest delay in kicking him out? Does it not smell fishy?

– Anna himself may be a pious simple-hearted noble person. But that only proves that while he is a great saint he is not the right person to offer leadership in an environment infected with conspiracies and corruption and double-games. Or maybe he has some other compulsions that rest of us are not aware of. After all transparency – the very necessary pillar for anti-corruption – has never been a characteristic of Anna led campaign.


Until a clean, capable leadership emerges,

until all the above question are satisfactorily answered,

until all those who have vocal pro-terrorist stands remain in leadership,

until all those who shy away from kicking such pro-terrorists out remain in leadership,

I cannot trust such a leadership.

Politics is a curious creature.

So I know that Prashant may soon be kicked out of ‘India Against Corruption’ team soon due to mounting public pressure. But that will not be sufficient.

Anna will still have to explain in detail:

Why Prashant’s background was not checked in first place?

Why was there a delay in kicking him out even after his anti-India and pro-separation stand was publicly exposed?

Why should all those members be also not kicked out who either support Prashant’s views or condemned the attack on Prashant without clearly stating that Prashant also deserves strong condemnation? This includes Shanti Bhushan – a lawyer of terrorists, Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal.

If such shoddy pro-terrorist people can enter into top leadership of Anna’s team and form its bulk, what is the guarantee that same will not happen with Lok Pal?

More importantly, How do we be convinced that by supporting Anna’s movement, we are not being duped by terrorist conspirers who want to destroy India.

Hence, I am going to take no chances with my motherland.

I am not Anna.

I am pro-India instead. 

In next part we shall dwell into another reason for ‘I am not Anna’. It is Shanti Bhushan.

(The article is based on information gathered from the sources cited within and assumes them to be true. In case the sources themselves are not authentic and refuted officially by representatives of Prashant Bhushan, we would be keen to modify the article appropriately as per alternative information provided to us.)

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Samir Shah

Kashmir is ancestrally Indian, fascist 2 nation theory in 1947 was never backed by majority of India.
Never will India partition again.
Kashmir is named after rishi kashyap.
Condemn atrocities against innocent human beings regardless of faith.
Where are demands for Ksashnmiri pandits to return back to valley from those in Kashmir where?

Sanatan Dharma

Remove the article. No need such articles.

SHAMELESS ARTICLE!!! Utterly disgusting & motivated article against Prashant Bhushan. This article is worse than the article by Sekhar Gupta in Indian Express saying ‘VK Singh was planning a coup. Do you know that RSS workers were propesting against Mir Waiz. Then Miz Waiz gave a speech and explained what… Read more »

75% of kashmirs ….. dose they include the thrown out kashmiri brahmins also ? …..

@AD: Pathetic state of Mind, its not your fault but only what the English media feeds your weak grey matter, what about the Kashmiri Hindus (me being one) who were slaughtered as a community and lived as refugees their own country , their women raped and children shot. no Media… Read more »
vikas khantwal
Hi, I generally find articles here on this site really good, but i regret to say that i dont agree with the view points expressed here, i personally believe Team Anna has raised voice against government for public cause, in our day to day life we always suffer from corruption… Read more »
Relax. The fact that anti-India elements are gravitating towards the cynosure of the anti-corruption movement means that there is all the more reason that you should stick in there to prevent them from dispersing that center or corrupting it. Rather, you have chosen to cop out and let them shoo… Read more »
@GOD IS GREAT. I agree and vedas would re-unite India and all True-Indians together. We have to smartly use IT as a revolution to over-throw Congress. It is now breaking this country into many parts. Why don’t they declare the Origin of a lady imported from …….. There are two… Read more »
Shri Anna Hazare is under tremendous pressure. Congress has pledged/vowed to defeat him through his health. One one hand it shows that it is giving security to Anna, but on other hand giving slow poison to him. On the front, people would think that Congress is concerned for Anna, on… Read more »
Nothing will happen like that. You know that 66% illiterates and Slum dwellers go for voting? That’s why Congress goes to them and tries to retain them. 60% educated humans don’t vote bcoz they know that no government will do any good and Ultimately all are same jokers with different… Read more »
original siva
excellent article. i want to know how do naxals who cant even afford a meal a day manage to buy ak 47, granades and german pistols which are so expensive all media cooked up stories amar singh buying mps @ 1 crore when scams worth lakhs of crores are taking… Read more »
Harsh Lath
Agniveerji..Namaste. I completely agree with your points against Bhushans however what I would say is if current Janlokpal bill is passed – much of the problems including Communalism (anti hinduism of Congress) would start getting solved because there would be no incentive for politicians to create communal issues. At present,… Read more »

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Excellent Ka.

Anna Team should be treated lesson for keeping such peopl.

We have seen almost all of them getting beaten ,Only Anna is left.

The issue in Kashmir is that our politicians just dont have the guts to practice what they preach. On the one hand they keep saying “Kashmir is an integral part of India, etc., etc.”. Yet we continue to have article 370 according to which: “Indian citizens from other states and… Read more »
We support Lok Pal of Ramdev which includes all above clause but not the one of Anna. Lok Pal where no foreign award winner will be there,where right to recall and MNCs will be covered.Where Lok Pal will be final verdict and no more going from Lok Pal court to… Read more »

Tej Pet and Pandey Ji(Maculay kids)

Please do reply to me.
P–>PRashant Bhushan
K–>Kiran Bedi
S–>Santosh Hedge
S–>Swami Agnivesh

Mritunjay Pandey

Namaste brother
What reply you want? And I don’t understand what you really want? Your comments clearly depicts your rationality!

Moreover Maculay Kid Pandey Ji I have provided you Lok Pal and I have done complete analysis. * Why MNCs are not covered in this bill. * Why only magasay award winners. * Why it has provision that even after Lok Pal says that person is guilty and still he… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste brother I don’t know whom kid you are? And from whose education system you have got education? Jan Lokpal bill may not be up to the mark, I have not gone through it line by line. If there is any problem in it need to be clarified. Face value… Read more »
Pandey Ji Have you ever though Ramdev who has travelled 1Lakh Km across nation was not showsn in media and why Anna is,why Ramdev who is supported by all is not sahowsn why Anna. Anna has not done anywork except his village and nothing for nation.Ramdev has cured crores of… Read more »
Vinay Arya
Media is always busy in their makeups,porn pictures.What they have to do with Ramdev like persons.They would show only those persons who has given money to them.In serious cases,like the 4th June,the media is forced to show him.Why don’t the media show him?Because,Ramdev is against media showing porn pctures.But,the fact… Read more »
Vinay Arya
Dear all I know everything about him.I am hearing him from 8 years.I know his indriya sparsh with young ladies.A Brahmachari should not even see a woman.A recent news is that Ramdev was dancing with a makeuped with lipstick girl in the so-called programm.People were cheering him. Also,he touched the… Read more »
Truth Seeker

@Vinay Arya
Rajiv Dixit
There are very few know this name. Media never pay attention even at the time of death of this patriot. This is the name who guide the Ramdev to fight to bring back money from Swiss Banks.

Rajiv Pant
Media is definitely sold out. But Ramdev also aint no saint. Don’t live in fool’s paradise. If he is so against porn and vulgarity, why does he invite cheapest actresses like Mallika Sherawat, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra to inaugurate his yoga camp and sit on his stage. He teaches yoga… Read more »


Indian Agnostic
Kudos for the timely article Agniveer Ji! it’s sad to read some reactions that are either emotional or irrational or myopic The myopia is evident from the fact that some people think that anti-nationalism can survive alongside anti-corruption. The irrationality is evident from the fact that they condone the leaders… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey

Namaste Brother
Emotionalism cannot be denied. And also emotions arises from event and facts.


It seems that congress has given money to the writer of this article to write this bull shit!


What a moron! Do you mean everybody who is writing against Prashant Bhushan is a congi?

Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste Agniveer Ji First time I have found your article bit immature, you have only put the one sided picture of reality! Instead of criticizing the specific personality one should try to analyze the issue. Intellectuals of our great motherland India are doing the same thing what you did in… Read more »

“Prashant Bhushan said “We should talk to the people of Kashmir and try to convince them to be with us, and if they will not agree with us we should free them”

Kindly state with backup evidence as to who exactly are the people of kashmir.

Mritunjay Pandey

Namaste brother
This was the statement of Mr. Prashant Bhushan , so you should better ask him!
Anyways in my point of view people of Kashmir are natives of Kashmir. Including Hindu and Muslims both.

Truth Seeker
@NaRuTo If Kashmir will be in Pakistan then next step of Pakistan to start infiltration in Punjab in the guidance of his Arab Master and other near about areas of Kashmir. All the people of region will be killed or thrown out. Then we will say them migrated Punjabi etc… Read more »
Well, these so called ‘champions of freedom/liberty’ don’t have a slighest idea how dangerous are peblicite. Look at the Rajiv Gandhi murder case, now based on public sentiments Madras High court has put a stay order on the execution of his assasins. “Passions are running high in the state against… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey

Namaste brother
“We are more concerned about Punjabi or Kashmiri or Tamil sentiments, but what about an INDIAN sentiment?”
You are right brother…..”kashmiri Pundits” says that they are refuge in their own country, think how a countrymen can called refuge in his own camp?!

@Mritunjay Pandy — – In the article you have put only one side view, but you can’t deny the oppressions, murders, rapes on Kashmiris …..— Aren’t KASHMIRIS themselves responsible for this? Agniveer has put one side view because the massacres happened particularly to “dharmic” community. Do you remember, last time… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste Brother Do you think all KASHMIRIS are responsible for this? Women and children are too responsible for this? Brother you cannot conclude to the media reports that they have intense hatred for KAFFIRS! I have been to Kashmir, have talked to the people there. If you really want to… Read more »
Mrityunjay ——Do you think all KASHMIRIS are responsible for this?——- Majority of Kashmiri Muslims. No Kashmiri Muslim till date has come forward and stated that what happened in 1989 was against humanity and Islam. When Muslims can come to streets when Muhammad is painted in Denmark or when Israel launches… Read more »
Apparently, in a report by ‘Kashmiri Human Rights group’ states that “Despite the hype of peace, people of Jammu and Kashmir have witnessed unabated violence, human rights abuses, and denial of civil and political rights, absence of mechanisms of justice, heightened militarization and surveillance. The figures of violent incidents suggest… Read more »
Here is the truth about so called ‘Human Rights’ violation against kashmiris. Let’s now look at the facts. Out of the 233 killed persons, 100 were militants while the majority of the balance were either political workers or common civilians gunned down by militants. The report further says that “in… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste Brother Shravak I know the hidden agenda of separatists ,also not in the favor of liberation of Kashmir in any case. What I only want is to do justice with innocent folks as well as stop killing of them. According to official figures released in Jammu and Kashmir assembly,… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste Brother Shravak I know the hidden agenda of separatists ,also not in the favor of liberation of Kashmir in any case. What I only want is to do justice with innocent folks as well as stop killing of them. According to official figures released in Jammu and Kashmir assembly,… Read more »
@Namste Brother Mritunjay Read this article and let us know if you still feel that the Kashmiri separatists are victims of Indian conspiracy. http://in.rediff.com/news/2008/sep/19guest.htm “It is sad and unfortunate that a few leading opinion-makers from the media are now falling prey to Kashmiri separatists’ tactics and agenda. In recent days,… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste ——-I dont want to visit, I want to go to my ancestral home and settle there that my parents were kicked out from. Any solutions?——- Our army is there , everything is under their control, why you are not going back? Who has stopped you? I was talking about… Read more »
Namaste You have right to differ and we have right to say that it is extremely unfortunate that Kashmir separatism is a secondary issue for many of us. But we truly welcome the statement of Anna that he would go for war even at this age if required to ensure… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste I respect you a lot and follow your every article. Anna team refused to accommodate Ramdev, that was really unfortunate but that step might have been taken to please most of the sickular people in our country. Also I agree with most of your points but again I will… Read more »
Namaste Brother Mrityunjay ——-I will say you haven’t written anything against the injustice that has been done against the women and children of kashmir——- Injustice by whom? Please clarify. Also I want to ask, do children and women of Muslims alone qualify to be called as “children and women of… Read more »
Brother Mritunjay ——-Also corrupt governance in these places are different from other places. Human rights are violated here badly.——- Then why dont they change the state government instead of demanding liberation from COUNTRY? And how did kicking out lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus out of valley help them get good state… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Brother —–That is same everywhere in India. So why is that only Kashmiri Muslims want to become separate? Kashmiri Hindus never demanded separate country, why?—— No, this is not the only case. North-Eastern states too want the same. Also corrupt governance in these places are different from other places. Human… Read more »
Brother Mritunjay ——-Injustice by our corrupt Governance!——- That is same everywhere in India. So why is that only Kashmiri Muslims want to become separate? Kashmiri Hindus never demanded separate country, why? ——don’t you think being a human we should have same sympathy towards all innocents who lost their life.—— I… Read more »
Mritunjay Pandey
Namaste brother ———Injustice by whom? Please clarify.——— Injustice by our corrupt Governance! By few fanatic people who consider violence is the solution eradicating any problem. ——-Also I want to ask, do children and women of Muslims alone qualify to be called as “children and women of Kashmir”? Nobody talks about… Read more »
We must focus on the leader Like Lord Ram was near perfect having all good qualities, but Laxman had a temper, and others who were more imperfect. Focus on the movement and the person who lives a saintly life. It is quite wrong to focus on Bhushans as they just… Read more »
Vinay Arya
Dear Shri Shri Maharshi Tejpatji See,what you have replied to Shri Vedaji in the Agniveer discussion forum:Whereas in Mumbai, girls are returing to home after 1am in night feeling more secure than haridwar. ( please note that the point is security and freedom of women to roam around, don’t bring… Read more »

In this logic your article is nonsense, I am no more Anna. Prashant Bhushan a support is ANna Hazare


Agniveer ji brilliant artical..
Namaste Vajra ji,
Nice reply to tejpat..I think he has expectations from lokpal bill that it will solved each and every problem of common india.

My expectation from JLPB is to remove corruption. i don’t expect JLPB to catch a thief who has stolen candy from a baby. and no one in Anna movement has any expectations that JLPB will give their son’s educational loan. Everyone knows JLPB is against corruption except some people like… Read more »

Agniveer Ji

Please put my comments.I replied to Tej-PET



Problem is modern educated illiterates of English medium are brain washed people like you and they have become horse with one view only.You are another Maculay kid on the block like dead men walking Anna.


@Raj And problem with people like you is you guyz always behave like a sheep in a line. you’ll follow anyone who is in the first place without even double checking whether you’re going in a correct direction. Dead People like Anna has jump started morals in Indians like me… Read more »
listen tejpat boy. The only point in this article is to question the right of bhushan in that team which is held close to heart by millions. If Agniveer team has some members who advocate killing of non-vedic Hindus, then I would ask Agniveer to remove them from the team… Read more »
“I AM NOT ANNA” . the headline chosen for this article itself is false and so is your logic. Agniveer is calling all others not to become Anna and not to support him. Now to your logic, if one member of Team Anna says different then that has nothing to… Read more »
““I AM NOT ANNA” . the headline chosen for this article itself is false ” No. the headline reads >I am no more Anna. First reason is Prashant Bhushan > Why? Agniveer could always say that these are the opinions of certain members only and not of the team.But your… Read more »
Tejpat ——-“Because a man is known by the company he keeps.” here agniveer shows his views on Anna, and Anna is fighting for Lokpal.—– Could not find any relation with what you claimed earlier – “Agniveer said dont support Anna” —–Right now they are same, after getting Lokpal passed, they’ll… Read more »
@vajra, —-Could not find any relation with what you claimed earlier – “Agniveer said dont support Anna”—– I am not Anna. is it that hard to see. ——-Where did they claim to do so? What relation Lokpal has with exposing traitor Bhushan?——– “traitor bhushan” has nothing to do with Anna… Read more »
@ Vajra, —-Where? Gi8ve the exact line.—– “Because a man is known by the company he keeps.” here agniveer shows his views on Anna, and Anna is fighting for Lokpal. —–No. Anna and Lokpal are two different things.——— Right now they are same, after getting Lokpal passed, they’ll be two… Read more »

Be Ready Soon I will expose Jan Lok Pal Bill and Problems of India.My next update will expose step by step Jan Lok Pal Bill.Expose means to whom does it benefit and what are real issues of nation.

I believe Anna’s intentions are good. And I see Arvind kejriwal and kiran bedi too as pretty much decent people committed to a cause. Its more like “at least someone is doing something” concept. Pretty much like all hindus whine all day about sonia this and hinduism suffering that, but… Read more »
Its a blessing in disguise that we got to know the seditious mindset of the Bhushans (father-son duo) its open secret now that their pay masters are people across the border. I admire only Anna from his team and for bringing awareness against corruption but am not a blind follower… Read more »


Agniveer Sahib, these people’s arguments against your articles and logic will confound all sane people!!


May GOD bless Agniveer and May he expose them more.


Although Arundhati Roy is no good but she knows the nexus of world bank and this case she was true.

This is very arrogant article which judges book by it’s cover and not from it’s contents. I agree that Prashant bhushan has different view but that has nothing to do with Jan Lokpal bill or Anna hazzare. If you see the clauses of Jan Lokpal bill which empowers common man… Read more »
Well will Jan Lok PAl bill remove land acquisition act,will it take off British laws,will it remove GATT which supersedes Indian constitution.Lok Pal members are like frogs in pond and none of them is educated enough to understand world politics.We have seen them in USA and they are funded by… Read more »
(1) First of all, do know or have read Jan Lokpal Bill ? what clauses it has ? what it does ? Jan Lokpal Bill wont certainly stop thief stealing candy from a baby because that is not its work.But it’ll definitely strike hard on corruption, not 100% but enough… Read more »
Namaste Tejpat ——-This is very arrogant article which judges book by it’s cover and not from it’s contents.—— And you are judging Agniveer based on the analysis that they never did 🙂 Go to the top and check whether the topic of this article is at all Jan Lokpal bill?… Read more »
Tejpat ——–Agniveer says don’t support Anna and therefore don’t support Jan lokpal bill.——- Where? Gi8ve the exact line. ——agniveer is crying foul over here “I am not Anna”. this is everything to do with Lokpal bill.—— No. Anna and Lokpal are two different things. ——- BTW I am supporting jan… Read more »
—— And you are judging Agniveer based on the analysis that they never did Go to the top and check whether the topic of this article is at all Jan Lokpal bill?——- yes it is. Agniveer says don’t support Anna and therefore don’t support Jan lokpal bill. ———Same way Agniveer… Read more »


So we dont bother much about the effect. Anyway you are free to share your achievements and effects your comments have created worldwide!

Here is complete proof of this movement.Agniveer Ji please let people know and May GOD bless you. Proof of Money from Ford Foundation. http://www.fordfoundation.org/grants/grantdetails?grantid=9374 Same things is said by Arundhati in this interview and she is saying 600 places World Bank is supporting such movmenets. http://ibnlive.in.com/news/jan-lokpal-bill-is-very-regressive-arundhati-roy/179990-3.html In Link below world… Read more »
Arya Jeevan
Kuldeep… The author has lauded Anna’s personal character and holds him in high regard. It is only the anti-national elements in the civil society team who have proven to be undesirable. Cleansing and amputating are two terms which need to be understood here. On one hand all the talk about… Read more »
Kuldeep Sharma
Arya Jeevan Sir… I respect your views but what you said about computer and viruses doesn’t fits here. Even if you take such an example, it can be contradicted by example of a doctor having viral and then his treatment of patients with viral or some other disease… So, if… Read more »
Kuldeep Sharma
Sir/Mam, After again going through your article, i have a dissenting opinion to it. First of all, I found Anna Hazare to be an innocent man who for his love of motherland has come forward to fight against the plight of society. You have pointed out that why prasanth bhooshan(PB)… Read more »
Namaste Kuldeep If we are to compromise with situations and people, why not compromise with corruption and the corrupts? Why should we compromise with terrorism for the sake of corruption? Should it not be other way round? Your intentions are good but yo missed “Do we need snakes to kill… Read more »
Kuldeep Sharma

I appreciate your view and I didn’t missed “Do we need snakes to kill a frog?”
but the basic flaw in your view is your analogy. my dear friend, the people we are fighting are not frogs but Snakes only and we need mongoose to fight them.
Thank You.


The point here is if Team Anna wants no delay in sacking of a corrupt minister how come they are tolerating a traitor amongst them? Will they also allow the likes of Yasin Malik, Paresh Barua?

is it not corrupt a traitor?

Kuldeep Sharma
Sir/Mam, I respect your views and agree about the facts and your views about all the above mentioned people except for Anna Hazare. And before putting my opinion about the your views, I would like to hear your opinion and your thoughts towards Anna Hazare. As i’m a little confused… Read more »
Rajiv Pant
One should have highest respect for all those who have selflessly and honestly worked for the nation. We should never pass a judgment against any individual. But views of Prashant Bhushan threaten to promote a devil called ‘disintegration of motherland’ which is a far greater threat than anything else including… Read more »
Brother, We have very high respect for Anna Hazare as a great social worker. He has done commendable work for the nation that is inspiration for us. But nation is above everything for us. We can only express our opinion about the nation – that we shall take no chances… Read more »
Agniveer Ji Pleasetell us what he has done for nation except two or three villages.We would like to know what he has done for nation.Did he travelled length and breadth of nation and cured people,did he spreaded our culture or values across nation. Remember Dayanand taught speak truth and not… Read more »
anna and janlokpal is for chillar and low level/common man corruption…big looot happens at top level…bribe in day to day life dont cause effect much harm to nation. . this low level campaign will look good for few years but after that again same story of corruption if top level… Read more »
first of all ,swami ramdev never wanted to be a committee member..he just opposed to inclusion of bhushans in it… 1)anna never talk on swiss black money,MNCs .He doesnot want to add RTR clauses in lokpal. 2)NGO of Arvind is funded by FORD FOUNDATION(which he himself admitted) which is funded… Read more »
And in first place anna was highlighted to subdugate Ram Dev Baba; my friends were there on the stage of Ramlila Midan with Baba; I heard story from my own friends who hate baba indeed.. The ‘sickular’ channel NDTV was showing the scene of Baba jumping from stage to down,… Read more »
Where do these self-appointed guardians of “secularism” pop up from – be it Barkha Dutt, Dileep Padgaonkar or Prashant Bhushan and their likes? There is NOTHING in Islam that commies like you should like. Isnt religion supposed to be the opiate of the masses? Why are these dimwits lending their… Read more »
Bro KB This gentleman even forgot that almost half a million Kashmiri Hindus were driven out of Kashmir in 1989 because the slaves of prophet realized that Kafirs should no longer remain on the pure land of Islam. Intellectuals like Bhushans and Roys forget while suggesting plebiscite that their would… Read more »


Brother, one more point Baba Ramdev Ji also disagree from starting on the inclusion of two lawyers in core committee.

Truth Seeker

Namste Agniveer Ji,
Great article! You have guided the common people through this article & removed their confusion:-
We can not afford “snakes” (terrorist & their supporter/supporter of another partisan like Bhushans) to kill “frogs” (corruption ).

Their first anti-hindu stand was revealed when the team Anna members notably Arvind Kejriwal, Bhooshan, Agnivesh, etc, objected to the display of photo of Bharat Matha on the dais and got it removed. Not that I am a worshipper of that imaginary Bharath Matha but the mind set that all… Read more »