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We again begin with the note that our aim is no way to discuss a personality. However an exception has to be made because of the grave nature of their implications on nation.

The confessions of Aam Aadmi continues

I was overjoyed with the recent statement of Anna Hazare on Kashmir – that he is prepared to even participate in war to ensure that Kashmir remains an integral part of IndiaSuch a clear and unambiguous stand is indeed welcome by not only the nationalists but also all logical and rational minds. With this clear statement, Anna Hazare has also made it clear that integrity of nation and fight against terrorism are significantly higher priorities for him than corruption. Thus, while his anti-corruption movement would remain totally non-violent, for sake of national integrity, he is prepared to transgress even this most fundamental principle popularly associated with Gandhi. So Anna has very clearly asserted that while corruption is a troublesome frog, terrorism and separatism are cobras. Something I wrote in my previous confession: http://agniveer.com/5704/i-am-no-more-anna-prashant I am starting to become Anna once again.

But I am still confused

The harmless scuffle between the youth and Prashant (where the youth beat up Prashant and then when his colleagues caught the youth, Prashant also thrashed him in angry retaliation and not self-defense) though not justified in any manner, was still a blessing in disguise. At least the nation got to know their anti-corruption leader better. And also that Anna Hazare loves integrity of nation more than anything else. But I am perplexed that not just one but two terrorist sympathizers still remain part of Team Anna. I am talking about Prashant Bhushan and his father Shanti Bhushan. Afterall Anna was so quick to sever ties with Ramdev simply because the Baba’s call for 11000 strong army to defend peaceful anti-corruption protesters made him fear that the movement may become non-violent. Then why this chutzpah of running a peaceful movement against frog (corruption) in a snake (terrorism/separatism) shadow?

Corruption of Bhushans is a non-issue

– No, it doesn’t matter much for me that how could only two lawyers from same family – with dubious track-records – got into Team Anna and drafting committee (one as a Chairman!) when India has hundreds of illustrious lawyers. I know it smells of nepotism or ‘dynastism’ but does that not plague even the political parties, governments, bollywood etc – the very forces that either favor IAC (India against Corruption) or are against it? Nepotism is a well accepted part of our culture today. Any selection that happens without a fair election process or without proven credentials of selflessness will always have nepotism. And be it Bollywood or politics, ‘dynastism’ is the mantra today. Rahul is future leader because he is son of Sonia. Sonia is a great leader because she was wife of Rajiv. Rajiv was great because he was son of Indira. Indira was Durga Mata (quoting from a speech from Atal Behari Vajpayee) because she was daughter of Nehru and so on. Same is case with almost every other ‘young’ political leader or film actor of today. Be it Gandhis, Scindias, Pilots, Dutts, Khans, Yadavs, Bachchans, Deols, Kapoors or whatever. So given the state we are in, nepotism and ‘dynastism’ appear to be minor issues, howsomuch demeaning they may be for a nation claiming to be largest democracy! – It also doesn’t matter that these two leaders of anti-corruption movements – Shanti and Prashant Bhushan – are themselves grappling with serious corruption charges. But they are secured because the Jan Lok Pal bill will also not be able to touch them! – So how does it matter that the CD in which Shanti Bhushan offered to ‘manage’ a high court judge for a fees through his son Prashant Bhushan was found genuine? Prashant bahut achcha manage karte hain… iske liye bahut zyaada paise ki zaroorat nahin hai chaar crore rupiya bahut hai”

– Or that there is a notice pending on Shanti Bhushan for evading stamp duty of Rs 1.3 crores. – Or even that he bought a Rs 19 crore bungalow in Bangalore for a nominal discount of only ~99.7% at Rs 6.5 lakhs. – Or that two plots of farmland in Noida, of 10,000 sq m each, had been allotted to Shanti Bhushan and his son Jayant under the “open-ended scheme for development of farmhouse on agricultural land” by the Noida Authority in January 2009

I as an Aam Aadmi understand that corruption breeds from system, culture and mindsets and there will always be incentive for those in power to be corrupt. And an honest successful powerful lawyer would be an oxymoron. This is not my view, but that of Gandhi – supposed to be the guiding light of this movement against corruption. He writes in The Law and the Lawyers:

Lawyers will, as a rule, advance quarrels instead of repressing them. Moreover, men take up that profession, not in order to help others out of their miseries, but to enrich themselves. It is one of the avenues of becoming wealthy and their interest exists in multiplying disputes. It is within my knowledge that they are glad when men have disputes. I cannot conceive the possibility of the movement, which is one of self sacrifice, succeeding if it is led by lawyers who do not believe in self sacrifice… I can certainly imagine a brave and believing weaver or cobbler more effectively leading than a timid and skeptical lawyer.

But even Gandhi is a non-issue even though the IAC movement necessarily keeps a photo of Gandhi in background! – So it also does not matter that Shanti Bhushan claimed that 8 out of 16 Chief Justices of India were corrupt. I fail to understand what brought this sudden change of heart to reveal this secret after the cat has drunk the milk? Is it that he has renounced the practice of law as guided by Gandhi and wants remorse in this stage of his life? Does not look like from the other corruption charges on him. If he indeed had this information, what made him remain silent for ages? Why did he not bring this to public notice immediately after he got such devastating information about corruption at highest level and instead allowed this corruption to happen unabatedly for decades? Did he refuse to appear in their court, or instead ‘paid’ them as alleged in the CD? Is it that now that he has fallen out with his erstwhile partners (there appears no other logical reason why anyone would pay several lakhs for a single hearing to certain lawyers for the most ordinary case apart from his connections. Afterall all laws are in public domain, and most expensive lawyers aren’t necessarily with highest IQ score).  Bhartrihari has said that lust is so powerful that it refuses to die even though the person is about to die! This lust is the root of corruption. IAC wants to eradicate corruption but sustain the root, perhaps! But then, as I said, these are non-issues. Corruption requires smarter transparent behavioral and organizational solutions. And till then the harsh reality of it being part of our mindsets, systems and culture remains something that we have to face regardless of howsomuch high moral stand we may pretend to take.

But we cannot tolerate terrorism

Terrorism however is a snake that is much more dangerous than the frog called corruption. It is more clearly evident and needs to be tackled on higher priority. We can still live with corruption and work gradually for its eradication. But death of innocents due to fanatic mindsets of few perverts can definitely not be acceptable. War against Terrorism is must to enable us to survive to destroy corruption. Thus any attempt to eradicate corruption with support of those with soft corner for terrorists and disdain for common citizens is akin to inviting snakes to destroy fellow frogs. That is why Shanti Bhushan is a grave threat for the nation. As we shall see, if allegations of Shanti Bhushan have any probability to be true, then the probability of Shanti Bhushan himself (along with his son Prashant Bhushan) being an ISI agent or a liaison agent for terrorists is definitely much more high. And hence, I would prefer to call Shanti Bhushan another dangerous ISI agent or terrorist than accept his (and his son’s) anti-national views. Here are some snippets from this ‘civil‘ terrorist.

Support of Mumbai blast accused

In 1994, he appeared for two of the accused in 1993 Mumbai Blasts in which more than 250 were killed and more than 1500 injured. He went on to allege that the court will not ensure fair and unbiased trial and give judgment based on prejudice. Thankfully his plea was rejected. Refer http://news.google.co.nz/newspapers?id=luIVAAAAIBAJ&sjid=kRMEAAAAIBAJ&pg=2103,2936835&dq=shanti+bhushan&hl=en

Defense of attackers on Indian Parliament

In 2001, the shameful attack on Indian Parliament which led to death of several brave police officers and civilians and injured many more was condemned across the globe, and not only by Indian nationalists. The attacks were carried out by Jaish-e-Muhammad, a Kashmir separatist group whose cause is strongly echoed in works and words of Bhushan father and son duo.


Counsel for Shaukat Hussain

Shanti Bhushan was quick to take up the case of defense of Shukat Hussain Guru, one of the main accused. After the court refused to relieve him, he appealed again against his 10 years rigorous imprisonment sentence. He went on to assert that in his submission on behalf of Shaukat Hussain Guru that his client “has been falsely implicated in the conspiracy case by the investigating agency.” The agency has not only “gone out of its way in concocting evidence,” it “had even gone to the extent of forging and fabricating important documents for framing the appellants and police officials had clearly given perjured evidence.” According to Shanti Bhushan, “the investigating officials have clearly committed offences punishable imprisonment with life under Section 194 and 195 of I.P.C.” “When such a serious offence has been committed by the investigating officials,” Shanti Bhushan continued, “it is only by having them punished that such fabrication of documents and the giving of perjured evidence can be stopped by the Court.” Refer: http://www.sacw.net/hrights/NMukherjiJuly292005.htm http://www.hindu.com/2003/10/30/stories/2003103007840100.htm http://www.indlawnews.com/Newsdisplay.aspx?5b7510bd-868e-4a1b-ad58-386ec7aeb7fd

Letter to President for Afzal Guru

While presenting arguments in favor of Shaukat, Shanti Bhushan asserted that he was being targeted merely because he was cousin of Afzal Guru, the main accused. This led to confusion among Kashmiri separatists with poor intellectual capabilities that Shanti Bhushan favors death for Afzal Guru. They issued a resolution protesting death sentence to Afzal Guru and noted that: At the Supreme Court the senior lawyer and former Law Minister, Shantibhushanji [Shanti Bhushan] , who was representing another co-accused told the court that Afzal was guilty and deserved to die. He made such statements throughout, both inside the court and in the print media. Refer http://www.revolutionarydemocracy.org/afzal/afzal4.htm This alerted the entire pseudo-intellectual pro-terrorist group. The son Prashant Bhushan signed an online petition to President for clemency.  (refer http://www.sacw.net/hrights/Afzalpet7feb07.pdf) along with others like Arundhati Roy. He went on to defend Afzal on TV Shows (like NDTV Big Fight, October 2006) on flimsy grounds like: – Afzal was only a conspirator! (So perhaps Hitler and Osama were also as innocent as babies!) – Hanging will lead to further violence (a veiled threat given by terrorists including those who conducted recent bomb blasts in Mumbai. Now who is instigating violent elements other than likes of Prashant Bhushan? Refer http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_if-you-re-going-to-hang-afzal-guru-prepare-to-face-consquences-separatists-to-govt_1574922) The father Shanti Bhushan wrote a separate letter to President demanding clemency for murderer of several innocents and attacker on the very pillar of democracy. “This is very unfortunate. The government is bowing down to the Opposition pressure. Death penalty is for the person who actually does the act. He was only a conspirator, so the SC should not have given him death sentence” Refer http://ibnlive.in.com/news/afzal-guru-to-be-hanged-mercy-plea-rejected/125078-37-64.html Note that the Bhushans are not among those who advocate against death sentence as a matter of ideology. It is just that death sentence for few of their friendly ‘conspirators’ of terrorism brought the sudden change of heart.  By the way, Prashant Bhushan is now also opposed against capital punishment for Ajmal Kasab – yet another terrorist (and not a conspirator!) Refer http://www.indianexpress.com/news/anna-hazare/845876/ Aam Aadmi like me would like to know how many more death sentences were opposed by Shanti Bhushan (and Prashant Bhushan) and how many letters for clemency did they write to the President against death sentences prior to these in their long career spanning more than 50 years? Why this sudden love for life of terrorists alone?

Defending Bangalore Serial Blast Accused

The firebrand Islamic leader Abdul Nazer Madani, founder of the banned Islamic Seva Sangh, is under judicial custody for Bangalore serial blasts of 2008 and earlier alleged to have been among conspirators of Coimbatore Blasts killing 58. Famed for his inflammatory speech spewing hatred against non-believers, he found a wonderful friend in Bhushans. Refer http://www.hindustantimes.com/Who-is-Madani/Article1-588015.aspx http://www.rediff.com/news/report/bluru-blasts-tough-for-madani-to-get-bail/20110208.htm Condemned even by non-extremist Muslim leaders (refer http://www.groundreport.com/Opinion/Madani-a-new-icon-of-extremist-political-leader-in/2928400), he found his ally in Shanti Bhushan. Afterall father and son seek justice to defend only a particular extremist brand of Jihad! Thus, the senior Bhushan took up the case of this ‘merciful’ leader and pleaded for his immediate release, while the state government considers him a grave national threat. Refer http://www.indianexpress.com/news/madani-may-pose-major-threat-if-released-k/783526/

Hatred for Gujaratis

Ironically, when it comes to Gujarat, the senior Bhushan (like his son Prashant) also has already passed the judgment without any trial. Though the matter is in Supreme Court and not even a single evidence could be found against the Chief Minister, he is quick to assert that: “Modi is the most communal person and he was responsible for the killing of a large number of Muslims.”  “Everyday we are arguing in the court against (Narendra) Modi and against Hindutva ideology of RSS.” – Why this sudden shift of stand when it comes to majority opinion? – I mentioned in last article that Modi is not only democratically elected with overwhelming majority including all sections of society, but also his matter is already in highest court. Further in queer case of Modi, everyone – media, ‘civil society’, his own party-men, central government – is vocally against him. Under such situations, if still no incriminating evidence has been found against the person for last 10 years, it seems more likely that he is innocent than allegations of Shanti Bhushan being true. In fact, his innocence is overwhelmingly more probable, given available facts and evidences, than Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan NOT being ISI agents or terrorist agents. So if Shanti Bhushan sticks to his stand that Modi is the most communal person, than it is all the more logical to assert that Shanti Bhushan (and Prashant Bhushan) is a terrorist or ISI agent. – Shanti Bhushan has expressed his desire to take up case of Sanjiv Bhatt, the erstwhile IPS officer. It seems that the only reason to support a corrupt officer like Sanjiv Bhatt is that he is against Narendra Modi. Refer http://www.indianexpress.com/news/modi-most-communal-ready-to-defend-bhatt-shanti-bhushan/858679/0 Interestingly, the corruption charges and complaints against Bhatt date to 1990, an era when Modi was a complete non-entity in government. Refer http://news.oneindia.mobi/feature/2011/877203.html But why should terrorists respect majority of a state, its duly elected government and a Supreme Court already investigating the allegations? Praising a government for setting international examples would of course be far too much for lawyers of anti-nationals! http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/gujarat-best-example-of-effective-governance-us-congressional-report-133493

How to get sympathy of Bhushans – Prashant and Shanti

These are just a few samplers. Wise recognize fire from smoke alone! Shanti means Peace. Prashant means ‘Extremely Peaceful’. But ironically, the only criteria to get their sympathy is to resort to terrorism and mass killing of innocents as done by Naxalites, Maoists, Kashmiri terrorists, Jihadis and Madanis. Preferably you should also proudly own up the terrorist act and give threat for future attacks. So Naxalites are justified in their killing of innocent jawans. Kashmiri separatists are justified in using RDX and missiles. These represent opinion of helpless. They deserve immunity even if they kill in thousands. http://www.icawpi.org/en/component/content/article/340-rights-activists-get-maoist-tag- http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/dantewada-massacre-human-rights-group-meets-19540.php But if some youth gives him a few slaps (and does not cause any threatening injury), such people should be severely punished! Why not have ‘peaceful’ dialogues and grant immunity to these ‘helpless’ as well? Refer http://twocircles.net/2011oct22/shanti_bhushan_demands_law_deal_attacks_freedom_expression.html And why so-called Hindutva and RSS are great threats to nation? Just because they did not kill anyone? And whatever allegations also come on them are too petty and vague compared to deeds of the Kashmiri separatists, Madanis, Kasabs, Maoists etc? And more importantly, they do not proudly accept being culprits! But what else can be expected from advocates of terrorists! Who said terrorists and their advocates are sensible people! But we – the Aam Aadmi – are sensible. Hence…..

Anna – please explain

How could 2 separatists and ‘terrorist advocates’ slip into your core group? – One of them (Shanti Bhushan) was even made the Co-Chairman of your proposed Drafting Committee. What is the guarantee then that such terrorists do not hoodwink the nation later in garb of fighting against corruption and being part of Jan Lok Pal? This becomes especially true in wake of the fact that you have yourself stated that while the anti-corruption movement will remain totally peaceful, for sake of fight against separatists you can even go for war. It appears extremely baffling. Its a mystery that has to be solved. (No, the vague analogy of it being Krishna Neeti or Chanakya Neeti to bring good from the goons will not work. India has far too many competent people with impeccable track records to justify the need to ally with terrorists and make them Chairmen! We fear, instead of Krishna manipulating goons, it may be goons manipulating a Bhishma.) Is that you are just being used as a face for masses to further some other designs behind the scene? Is it that your lack of education is being misused to mislead you as well as public? Is it that your simplicity and trustworthy nature is being exploited by enemies of the nation to distract attention from a more core issue to a non-core which is bound to go on for ages? Or is it that you are also a party to all this? No I shudder to think of the latter. I know that this cannot be possible despite whatever the media and opinion around may increasingly hint at, now that they know there cannot be much TRP from supporting IAC too much any more. Anna, please explain because everything seems too fishy. And if it is not fishy, it implies things are even worse. Because it shows that of all the one billion ‘civil’ people of this democracy, a chosen few with dubious records and anti-national mindsets could easily sneak through your small team whose size could be counted on finger tips. All the rest were left behind to buy your topis alone. Just as father and son could get a plot each in Noida Land Scam from open ballot, they could get into your think-tank and drafting committee as well. This exposes a very very big loophole. Your delay in kicking out the separatists and pro-terrorists is only making matters worse. We all are feeling so insecure. More you delay in providing complete explanations to this mind-boggling mystery, more we lose trust in this IAC campaign. Because yes, we do love you since we have been seeing you in media since last 6 months and in a wonderful image. But that love cannot surpass love for the motherland, that has nurtured us for ages. We hate corruption, but we hate terrorism even more. We love Anna, but we love India even more. And hence, until this mystery is solved with detailed explanations, I am no more Anna.

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  • Hi there, I log on to your blog daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

    Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website thus i came to
    “return the favor”.I’m attempting to find things
    to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  • You are doing a great job for the nation. Please keep it up. I am a BJP hater and a strong Congress supporter cuz I feel that Congress party thinks more for the unity and integrity of this nation than the BJP. BJP’s role throughout its history has been very negative. Its th most unreliable political party and cannot be entrusted with running the country in times such as these. Why I think like that? If we come to power we will remove article 370 in Kashmir-before elections. After elections-Considering the coalition politics we regret to say we cannot remove article 370. They formed the government in-spite of not getting a clear mandate to rule the nation. Secondly, when Kargil happened the army pleaded with Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee to carry out aerial bombardments at enemy positions. But Vajpayee was so much in love with idea of become another Nobel Peace Prize winner he ignored the army’s request resulting in huge number of causalities. It was during BJP’s rule that the bus yatras were started and ban on Indian movies in Pakistan was removed. Remember, how NDA helped Musharraf out when the mulaahs were baying for his blood for supporting America invade Afghanistan post 9/11? He put army on border without rhyme reason diverting mullahs attention to India. BJP people call many in India pseudo-secular but their own leader goes to Jinnah’s mazar and says he was a secular-Jinnah secular who even Pakistanis admit was not? Take up Madan Lal Khurana, he alleged that Sushma Swaraj got him sidelined to become the Chief Minister of Delhi with the help of Romesh Sharma, dawood man in delhi. He also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2006 requesting him make a white paper public which had indicted Advani, Atal and Sushma for having links with the Dawood! This is why I don’t like the BJP. We need a nationalist party, a third front which truly is patriotic and works for the well being of the nation, which has the guts to goahead and hang all terrorists given death sentences by the Supreme Court, which…

  • Agniveer Ji

    You are close to my hear,happy Diwali and may almight GOD make us successfull in or mission and may we get re-birth again and again to destroy evil forces.

    Tocuh your mothers feet from my side and remember me when you and I were in IIT.

    Vande Matram

    • Dear Veer,

      We appreciate your patriotic sentiments. But do understand that this is time to act and not merely vent frustrations. We don’t have to explain you how big forces – terrorists, media, communists, etc – work directly or indirectly to silence our voice or call patriotics as fanatics. It is time we act smart, work on their very minds and make no slips that they can blow out of proportion. I know that a patriotic like you can never even think of killing anyone. But I wanted you to spell that out clearly so that we do not allow unnecessary mileage to anti-national forces. We need to act like Shivaji to establish true Swarajya.

      I hope you understand and would be hand in hand with us in this mission. Are you aware that many apologetic sites who stood up to counter Agniveer now no more give our references because of several cases where someone visited Agniveer from their site and then was forced to shift his beliefs. Now Muslims are condemning Zakir Naik more than anyone else. You will hardly find Zakirism these days. This is because we targeted at minds. We have to do the same in this issue.

      Happy Deepawali


      • Namaste Agniveer Ji

        Ek Diya Kaafi Hai Andhakar Mitaane Ke Liye,
        Lakhon Agniveer khade Hain Sir Katane ke Liye;
        Satya To Ek Hai Pavitra Agni Ki Bhanti,
        Nikalegi Cheer Ke Asatya Ki Chaati!

        Wish you and all Agniveer team very happy and prosperous Deewali! May Ishwar give us strength to establish Dharma. Light the world with your knowledge!


      • Dhanyavad Mrityunjayji
        We see wonderful poetic talents in you. We are sure they will help ignite the Agni within each of us.

        Thanks for your gems once again!

  • Agniveer Ji

    Apologize and sorry but I cannot tolerate unpatriotic people.We have suffered a lot because of these.You have provided two Articles and I am sure those who keep such people have such mentality.They should be ashamed of keeping and supporting such people.

    I am saying sorry just because of you else I do not want to apologize.


  • @Veer,

    Please explain your comment in case it is symbolic. In case you literally mean what you said, you would be banned.

    What crimes have Anna, Bedi and Kejriwal committed to deserve such hatred? And if they deserve it, Agniveer deserves it all the more. Please slay us first.

    When will we learn to fight battles of mind with arguments and intellect instead of thoughts of bloodshed and frustration? To win hatred with love, ignorance with knowledge is our goal. Those who differ may choose another site.

    Please apologize for your comment or provide a detailed explanation.

  • Rakt Ki Pukar

    Desh ki Garima Pe Jab Ho Prahaar,
    Bhadak Uthe Ek Veer Ka Sulagta Talwaar ;
    Prachand Mushkilon Ke Bavjud, Aisa Ho Ahmnkaar,
    Jaise Ho Koi Dhadhkta Angaar;
    Kynki ,Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar:
    Raho Hamesha Sajag Aur Taiyaar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar.

    Vinti Hai Sabhi Bhaiyon Se, Sabhi Behnon Se ,Veer Banen, Virangana Banen,
    Banen Aisi Tapti Awzaar, Jo Ho Jaye Dushmanon Ke Aarpar;
    Meeta Den Desh Ke Luteron Ko, Meeta De Insaaniat Ke Kaatilon Ko,
    Tabhi Hoga Ant Bhrashtachar;
    Kynki Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar:
    Raho Hamesha Sajag Aur Taiyaar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar.

    Adharm ,Deshdroh, Anaitikta Ki Ho Har Pal Haar,
    Vedic Sanskriti Aur Mantron Se Gunj Uthe Sara Sansar,
    Hoga Apna Desh Vishwa Me Sabse Shaktishali Sumaar,
    Jab Hum karenge Desh Ke Raakchhason Ka Sanghaar;
    Kynki Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar:
    Raho Hamesha Sajag Aur Taiyaar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar.

    Buzdili, Kayerta , Nirbalta Aur Vifalta Hame Nahi Swikaar,
    Ladenge Hum, Marenge Hum Kynki Ye Hai Aatmswabhimaan Ki Lalkaar;
    Chahe Jo Kuch Ho Jaye, Hasil Karenge Hum Apna Janmsidh Adhikaar,
    Mazak Na Samjhna Isse, Uphaas Na Samjhna Isse Ye Hai Bhartiye Sheron Ki Dahaard;
    Kynki Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukar:
    Raho Hamesha Sajag Aur Taiyaar, Ye Hai Rakt Ki Pukaar.
    …….Mritunjay Pandey

    • Bharat Mata teri kasam,
      Tere rakshak rahenge hum,
      Vande Mataram,Vande Mataram

      Maa Humne Tanman Jeevan tujhse hi paye hai,
      Teri Dharti se janme hai tere fal khaye hai,
      Hum par teri Mamta,Tere karuna ke saye hai,
      Tere baho me hai paley,Maa hum tere hai ladley

      Deeware Hum Banenge Maa,
      Talwaarein Hum Banenge Maa,
      Choo le tujhko hai kisme Dum!

      Humko pyara hai tera har zarra Bharat Maa,
      Koi dushman kabhi agar,Bhule se dekhle idhar
      Koi kabhi gaddar magar, tere tukde karne ki sochne bhi agar

      Deeware Hum Banenge Maa
      Talwaarein Hum Banenge Maa
      Choo le tujhko hai kisme Dum!

      Bharat mata teri kasam,
      Tere rakshak rahenge hum,
      Vande Mataram,Vande Mataram

      ….Bharat Mata Teri Kasam – Indian Military Academy song

  • same case of salman khurshid who represented as defense lawyer in court for SIMI.
    This SIMI is the major terror plotting organisations.
    And he is the law minister in the govt.

  • Pandey Ji

    Lets not get fooled this time by modern Gandhi Ann hAzare.Already this nation has suffered a lot because of Gandhi thoughts.

    How long will we live in darkness of these Gandhian.Follow Ramdev and Bhagat Singh.

    Only Maculay Kids can follow Anna Hazare and Gandhi as they are viryaheen.

    Vande Matram

  • can you please explain what are samskaras and what do you mean by saying that you carry your past life samskaras?

    Please respond.

    • samskaar is the permanent memory formed on our subtle body whenever a we perform some karma (sakaam karma i.e. a karma with desire of some result). it forces us to repeat a karma whenever we face circumstances similar to those under which we first performed that karma. the samskaar of a kamra gets stronger and stronger with every repetition of that karma.
      every sakaam karma has two effects: (1) it leaves a samskaar on the subtle body of the performer (2) the phal of the karma is fixed that any soul cannot escape by any means.

  • can you please explain what are samskaras and what do you mean by saying that you carry your past life samskaras?

    Please respond.

    • Namaste Aditi

      Samskara is an effect that is imprinted on one’s soul when someone acts (this action can be mental, verbal and physical). It biases soul to act in similar fashion next time if similar conditions are produced. For example when someone smokes for the first time, he/she feels shy! But second time, this shyness is reduced because Samskara of smoking is already there, which, in a way, is justifying him/her saying you have already done it before then why not this time?

      And more you smoke, more stronger is your Samskara and more insensitive you become, or we can say you keep on restricting your freewill. And a time comes when Samskara of smoking is so strong that you are driven by them only. Now even if you want to quit, you cant unless your commitment is strong.

      Past life Samskaras are those that a soul carries from its previous lives and based on which it acts and is provided the surroundings under the Law of Karma.

      • @Vajra
        Good imagination to fool the people. It seems foolishness also Sanskar of Hindu. There are many proofs only Quran is Holy scripture given by Allah & prophet MD. was last messenger but You are people not accepting Islam. This seems to be sanskar of Foolishness.

      • Juber

        Realities of seven skies, flying donkeys, talking stones, prophets born from virgins, transparent houris, pedophilia, slavery can never be in even imaginations of Hindus. So better leave us with our imaginations. Search for a flying donkey, may be that would help you get out of here 🙂

        ——-Quran is Holy scripture given by Allah & prophet MD——-

        Hope you have not committed Shirk by associating Muhammad with Allah in Quran manufacturing 🙂

        Now buzz off!

      • @Juber
        —–Before demeaning or pointing finger towards others, you need to check your own faith —-
        Just scroll up and you will know who initiated it! btw, can’t you defend your absurdity without pointing fingers on other religion?

        —-Prophet Mohamad was most peaceful & greatest person ever took birth. —-
        Yeah, that war maniac fought almost 80 wars in the span of 10-12 years. Very peaceful, indeed.

        —-We are following him. —–
        Yeah, keep following him and spread pedophilia, war and all sort of Quranic nonsense. Change this beautiful earth totally into hell.

        —-We working on ground level also & helping the needy financially who accept true religion (Islam)—
        Who “accept” true religion? Evangelists strikes again. Why conversion of a person is priority? can’t you help the needy without peeping into his personal belief?

        —-Allah’s Massage (Quran) free of cost—
        Didn’t know Allah also has MASSAGE service to render and that too free of cost. 😉 jokes apart. what’s the proof that Quran is word of god?

        —-This is way of social welfare.—
        What way? To help with people based on their religion?

        —-Zakir Miya has worked significantly in service of Islam.—-
        Oh really, Could you explain then why Deoband gave fatwa against him?

      • Juber

        Irrelevant, slang and bogus comments are often trashed here. Site should be clean, so no wonder your comment got deleted. As Brother Shravak suggested, gather your ammo and attack satyagni.com!

      • @Agniveer
        Why are u deleting my comment if i am not agree with your article? You are here demeaning the noble people in article because they are in support of Muslim leaders.

      • Kindly review the Comment Policy. A link to it appears just before the comments section and after the reply box. It is a shame that certain people like you will spare no opportunity to propagate that every terrorist is a Muslim. We believe that Islam means peace and hence anyone linked with terrorism can never be a Muslim. They – Osama bin Laden, Ajmal Kasab, Jaish e Muhammad, LeT, Al Qaida, SIMI – are Kafirs. Whatever they believe in – any religion, book, personality – is Kafirana. Only those who believe in peace – be it through any book, religion, personality etc – is Islamic. We do not allow Kafirs to spread hatred in name of religion and threaten non-believers with hell.

        Any future comment of this nature will impose a ban on you in lines with Comment Policy. We instead recommend that you light some candles and meditate on how you can imbibe the goodness of Sri Ramchandra in yourself. This will make you a nobler person. Also read works of Swami Dayanand Saraswati – the greatest of modern reformers of nation and world – who breathed his last on Diwali but enlightened humble Agniveers forever.

        By the way, Bismillah Rahmanurrahimi is most important slogan of Islam. And its literal translation means ‘Dayanand ki Jai’! May you get the same peace in heart that characterizes such noble Sanyasis.


      • Juber,
        There is nothing foolish about Hindus or Muslims inherently. But you alone sound foolish to me. Probably because you have forgotten to be reasonable and are flying stupid nonsense like ‘there are many proofs that Quran is the only holy text’. Before being a Muslim or Hindu you are a ‘Reasonable Human being’, try to reason out and go deep into spirituality (through meditation and non violence) you will find your own religion.
        You stand at odds with yourself ‘a book vs your own inner consciousness’ you are so guided by the book that you will kill your conscience to uphold the book.

    • @Agniveer
      I think personally you have no right to write wrong about anybody if one is not proved criminal/offender by law. You have written wrong about Shanti & Prashant Bhushan who are respectable person of this society & you are trying to instigate the people for communal riots. Fanatics like you are reason of our society downfall. I can guess you will write next about someone other having liberal thinking like Digvijay, Arundhati Roy, Mahatama Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Soniya Gandhi who are/were politician having liberal views. But fanatics like you can not bear this.

  • great sequel!

    It’s unfortunate and a current reality that the practice of law upholds certain values that arguably may not be so virtuous.It’s at the values level that this profession have forced judgements but failed to deliver justice.

    Unless these values are critically examined and questioned, the profession will not deliver justice.

    Mr. Shanti Bhushan must quit the movement and join Digvijay Singh in defending the Osma Jis as he has been doing so far

  • No one is above Dharma and Nation.Hail Swami Ramdev. May God bless him.May Anna rest in peace(PBUH)Peace be upon him.Oh my lord please send him to virgin in heaven and may he live with Muhammad Sahab in peace.

  • Namaste All
    Every leader might have some fault in them because we are not perfect. We will not find a single human being without fault. But this doesn’t means we aside ourselves from all of them, despite having differences we should be united. We are ruled because of differences and partiality only. So let’s be united despite having some differences in our views. After all veneration of country is our paramount goal.

    • Namaste Brother Mritunjay

      Some leaders support terrorism and condemn corruption. Some support corruption and condemn terrorism. The difference is you want to unite with formers and oppose latter. Agniveer suggests to confront both to the level that they deserve. For Agniveer, terrorism is bigger and immediate threat and corruption is smaller.

      Why not unite with corrupt leaders to crush terrorism if you can do otherwise? Why cant anyone answer Agniveer’s question? Are the pro Bhushan visitors able to understand what Agniveer wants to convey? Snake-frog analogy is there to make things easy to understand, how can someone simplify it further?

      • Namaste
        I agree that terrorism is worst than corruption. Also I agree to confront both to the level they deserve but in a united manner. And it’s not that I am saying to unite with the former one but to the only one thing that is “Veneration of our motherland” in any aspect. Now what people are doing is that, some are accusing Anna,Baba Ramdev,Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and so and so which is creating hole in our unity. Also I would like to assert that “corruption” is one of the cause of “terrorism”. Frog is arousing interest in snake.

        I AM STILL ANNA will always be! Because I was not ANNA for Bhushan’s ,kejriwal,Bedi or Anna himself, but was ANNA for the spirit of ANNA! The basic thing is that we have to be united for any “cause” which is in favor of our country ,whether its be terrorism or corruption. And if anyone is against it simply exclude him or her.

      • Hello all

        I am shocked to see the reaction of JLB supporters on the article that is not at all about JLB! Question Agniveer has asked is- Why does not Anna Kick out Bhushans, the proven terrorist sympathizers? I dont know why people are arguing without realizing the gravity of the matter. Can I be united with someone who has defended the attackers on Bharat Maa. Can any Mritunjay Pandey or Tejpat or any Anna supporter ever stand with those who have defended the killers of their mothers?

        If yes, then I suggest Agniveer not to allow such brain deads comment here. You cant teach someone what should he do to the killers of his mother.

        If no, then why dont you friends ask Anna to kick Bhushans’ ass since its the matter of mother of mothers, Bharat Mata?

        Anna is not bigger than Bharat Mata. Let it be clear to all here. Whenever he will stand with terrorists, we will condemn him. Agniveer, please keep exposing the dangerous plots of enemies who have infiltrated the AC movement. We believe you have brains, guts and strength to analyze issues on their merit and even suggest the nation the better options. You all being Graduates of IITs and IIMs have surely more say on such critical issues than blind followers with lesser analytical faculties.

      • @Agniveer

        What I could make out of the comments here is that everyone starts giving his opinions without knowing your credentials and qualifications. At IIT, many of us think that you are being too humble by allowing all comments by anyone on these articles of national interest and security. We suggest you to moderate the comments when required.

        Please dont let anyone come and pass comment on why Bhushans and Anna trio is remedy to all diseases of India. Such Anna supporters cant even enter Anna’s meeting where Bhushans enjoy sitting, and here they will teach you why should not you condemn Bhushans!

        Such people have low intellect levels and poor analytical skills. These gullible people have found their God in Anna and Bhushans as his right hand. So just don’t care what these personality worshippers utter. Anna will not allow these people in his meetings, you should not allow them to comment here. That is the only way such people can be shown the mirror.

      • @Hello Vashi

        Excellent points you have made and this shows that how emotions can restrict one’s analytical and rational approach.

        People still didn’t get a thing here from AGNIVESH scandal. Traitors can’t be trusted in any way.

      • Namaste Brother

        “Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.”

        Brother analysis should be done on ideas not on specific people, if someone is guilty simply punish him or her! People get united for a cause and in the name of ANNA because of his clear personality. Even congress now don’t say anything against him because of the trust of people in him. Any rational being should not try to distract people’s trust and unity, this will only create mistrust in folks mind.

      • My opinion is this diverge from religion this topic and has entered politics. I am no fan but both corruption and terrorism go together. Black money funds terrorism and also funds corruption that why it is called black money. To root out corruption is to root out terrorism, and to root out terrorism one needs to root out corruption. In America there has not been one terrorist attack after September 11, 2001. We should ask why? Anna Hazare movement I support as I support any one who wishes to root out corruption, but I am not into personality cults. It is important movement and has galvanized the nation, and there is benefits like a citizen charter for public. So we should all support the movement against corruption. We should demand our rights. Root out corrupt as it hinders progress and the reason for terrorism.

        So Logic says Corruption is the cause of terrorism.

      • @Sanjay

        —-In America there has not been one terrorist attack after September 11, 2001. We should ask why?—-
        Are you saying American society is corruption free?

  • Agniveer sounds like a better lawyer, advancing more argument against secondary people maybe you are jealous of Anna Hazare. How does this serve dharma, and Vedas?

    • Further again they are like lawyers will argue on behalf of their clients whether criminal, or saintly. They have not such high standards, except being famous lawyers.

      Further Baba Ramdev is more serious issue when it comes to dealing with terrorist as black money funds terrorism as 20% of rupee one thousand notes are said to be printed in Pakistan and certainly is used to damaged India’s progress. Black money is less chances the Bhushans to speak against as it will be difficult for them to survive without it with so many assets. Anti-corruption law is easy that does not tackle black money less controversial.

  • Agniveer Ji

    I do not like Ramdev seems to be funny and not educated but Yes Anna team seems to be something wrong.

    Just curious Ramdev is 8th Standard pass how he sells medicine,can illiterates sell medicine and Yo in India.Just curious as you have answer to most of the stuff.

    Another point,One kid with Ramdev is also funny.His voice is like of Girl.Forgot his name something like KidLordKirshna not sure…

    Good Article.


    • I think it is Kiran Bedi.How many classes has the Anna passed?You are thrwoing mud on Shri Balkrishna ji.It is wrong.

      But,I am not supporter of Ramdev,Balkrishna,Anna,Kiran,Kejri etc.I am just the supporter of the one supreme God and the none.

    • किरण जी , आप के हिसाब से अंग्रेजी पद्थी से पढ़ा हुआ ही शिक्षित है !! क्या जरुरी है की हम बी ए एम् ऐ कर के ही पढे लिखे होंगे ? बाबा रामदेव का ज्ञान शास्त्रों में है, उनका आयुर्विज्ञान , योग में ज्ञान का कोई सानी नहीं है, उन्होने वो पढ़ा है जो देश के लिए जरुरी है, ये मैकाले की शिक्षा ही सिर्फ शिक्षा नहीं है .

  • Excellent

    Please find Kiran BEdi Saying Ramdev has Hidden Agenda.Thorught US She was saying same thing,I can send you e-mail exhanges and how people revolted to her.

    Part 4 at 40seconds.She is asked Baba Ramdev and answer is he” had hidden agenda”.

    Please watch this video where Kiran Bedi clearly says Baba Ramdev has hidden agenda.Those who support her please let us know what agenda is that??????
    Ramdev supported Anna Hazare movement,Ramdev members died and this is how they treat people.Kejriwal never felt sorry for that too.


    We should have Article on her also.
    May GOD bless you

    • @ raj:
      Just wanted to know. There is a video on the rounds of ramdev supposedly dancing drunk on stage. Some say its a fake and the guy in it is not baba. I can’t make out any difference. Can anyone ascertain this?

    • I have the same request as Raj as far as Bedi concerns.

      —-when India has hundreds of illustrious lawyers—-
      Can anyone identify any of these and are they willing to put them forward in fighting against correption?? (many correpted politicians are correpted lawers, I must say)