Aam Aadmi has suddenly come in limelight. It is a fashion to declare oneself as Aam Aadmi – Ordinary Man. An entire political movement has emerged around Aam Aadmi. We are celebrating being so Ordinary! We justify whatever we do on pretext of being Aam Aadmi.

Recently I saw some pseudo-creative magazine translating Aam Aadmi as Mango Indian (ordinary Indian) and justifying every other stupidity on behalf of Mango Indian!

Who is an Aam Aadmi? An average person who did nothing extra-ordinary ever in life. Who lives his life as a socio-chemical reaction. Need not justify what he does. Has a knack for surviving despite life being unfair. Complains a lot. Cribs a lot. Has been meted injustice by entire system. Has no intention to do something extra-ordinary. Has a myopic sense of morality and selflessness. Takes life as it comes with no plans to shape the destiny. Does not even believe that he is extra-ordinary.

We as Indians seem to be proud of being a population of 130 crore Aam Aadmi. The irony is that still we dream of destiny giving us something “Khaas” (Special)!

Nothing can be more self-demeaning than accepting the status of Aam Aadmi. Acceptance of terms like “Aam Aadmi” and “Dalit” showcase why we continue to be mediocre despite being lighthouse of world in past and supplier of greatest talent pool in present.

Somewhere we set certain things wrong from inception of modern India. The first necessary requirement for success is to “believe” that you can succeed. World is nothing but reflection of our own inner realities. Our entire cultural roots has been based on this core foundation.

Read Gita, Vedas, Yoga Darshan, Upanishads, Ramayan, Mahabharata or any other scripture – they all emphasized on how special we are! How rare and wonderful opportunity this human birth is! How our thoughts can shape our destiny! How each of us is so special and unique!

The common salutation for anybody – young or old – in India is “Namaste”. What does it mean? It means “I bow down to the greatness in you”. Yes, we Indians have in our genes to respect and value each individual. We take pride in being special. And we take even more pride in the fact that everyone around us is so special as well. Its a pity that we invite failures by adopting a mindset that is against our own genes!

Each word, each phrase has an emotion associated with it. Hence the words we use to call ourselves and our fellow brothers & sisters shape our emotional constitution. Our emotions drive our belief-system. Our belief-system defines destiny of ourselves and our nation.

So no more Aam Aadmi.

I refuse to accept that I am “Aam Aadmi”. I refuse to accept any Indian is an “Aam Aadmi”. I refuse to label any Indian as a mediocre.

The reality is that every Indian is a Khaas Aadmi – Special One. I am proud to be born in a land of 130 crore Special Ones. Population of 130 crore is not a problem for me on which I can blame all my failures. Population is instead an opportunity for me. Because nothing is more valuable in world than human potential.

I trust the Special in each Indian and am willing to challenge anyone who wants me to think otherwise.

Every Indian must come out of this ordinariness and embrace our special status.

Be Khaas. Be Unique. Justify the “Namaste”.

Stop calling ourselves “Aam”. Refuse to accept ourselves as petty chemical reactions trying to merely survive. Refuse to complain and crib.

Let us turn the tables instead. Let us assert ourselves. We will not accept any nonsense. We will shape our own destiny. We will struggle instead of just surviving. We will not look at problems and weep about it. We will fight to conquer the problems. We will not just take the easy way of Masti and stupidity. We will tread the valiant way of responsibility and accountability.

Not just financial accountability. That is the most benign form of corruption. We will guarantee that each act of ours sets a right example for rest of us. Instead of laughing our hearts out on some silly AIB Roast, we will utilize that time to build our society and country.

We are special ones. We put a high price for every second of our time. So we cannot afford to waste a single moment. Every moment must be for highest contribution to nation. Think of the price that a tycoon or a big celebrity would put on his time if you hire him. Our time is much more valuable than that. Don’t waste on cheapness.

Yes life has given us apparently big challenges – as individuals, as society, as nation, as humanity. That is because we are capable enough to meet those challenges. We are legends, individually. And as a team, we are simply insurmountable.

Let us assert our greatness in our thoughts, vision, belief and actions. Let us not bundle ourselves as one among billion petty stones in the jungle. Let us realize that each of us has a uniqueness, a preciousness, a potential that is priceless. Let us cultivate that preciousness. Let us nurture ourselves, build ourselves, train ourselves. Let us addict our mind solely to high thinking and body to higher deeds. There is no room for cheapness, velagiri, time-pass. 

We don’t crib about wealth lost. We instead create wealth. We convert our thoughts into wealth, prosperity and success. And we take pride in all this.

To be a human is a rare gift. To be born as Indian is even rarer. We are Khaas. Much Khaas than anyone else.

It is high time we throw away glorification of poverty and helplessness once and for all. Let us be convinced that individually and collectively we have power to change anything and everything. No impediment, no handicap, no tragedy, no frustration, no back-stabbing, no treachery, no misfortune counts. If we fall down, we have the resilience to jump back even higher. If problems trouble us shamelessly, we fight them back even more shamelessly.

Poverty and helplessness lies only in mind. It is witnessed today because we accepted being Aam Aadmi in past. We will eradicate them totally from India because we have decided to be Khaas Aadmi henceforth. We will think big, act bigger and achieve even bigger.

Let us promise never to call ourselves or any Indian “Aam Aadmi” ever. Let us never be Aam Aadmi ever. Let us never entertain anyone who sees us as Aam Aadmi ever.

Let us always be Khaas Aadmi. Let us be Agniveer. Let us be Best.

Proud to be Indian. Proud of millions of Special Indians.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • You said right. Every politician, government, consider its citizens as an ordinary man aka aam aadmi. But we have to become khaas aadmi. Because ordinary man have no privileges

  • What’s concrete steps to be initiated apart discussing on this platform !
    Though the history is the witness of revolutions thru thoughts – acts equally was the fuel to the flame.
    Organise the team & set the institutes every corner, taking together like minded who have the fire to ignite the awareness, spreading the moderated power thru Education.

  • i considered him somewhat logical in the past but he is showing his true color now,what a definition of aam adami he cant even describe aam adami…he is showing that he has his own definition of everything forget scholarly work….what a politically motivated ,so called scholar….

  • I am not going to say Namaste. My namaste is not that cheap that I see greatness in everyone I meet. People are not that great. They have proven over time that they are bigger abusers than “great”. So I just say hi or hello.

    For once you write about something I agree with. Aam Aadmi? I thought we were all individuals with our own feelings and thinking power. We are not amass. We fare differently at separate levels in th world.

    Is that not the reason why AAM AADMI PARTY should fail permanently? Why put yourself down when you are special? Take pride in your existence. You are…

  • I have always loved the articles presented on Agniveer. They are indeed rational. I also believe every individual [indian(call it bhartiya or arya) or otherwise] has a potential of being a legend.

    But I smell politics in this article [and I hope I am wrong or i misinterpreted this article].

    Would love Agniveer supporting what is right and what is wrong [what you call dharma] and not driven by ‘religious’ beliefs/inclination.


  • I never thought about this, this way. Its very convincing and I wont be calling any one a Aam Aadmi. Ofcource, I never thought that I am a Aam Aadmi. I was always a Khas Aadmi for my self …….. 🙂

  • Naman _/\_

    It is high time we throw away glorification of poverty and helplessness. Let us be convinced that individually and collectively we have power to change anything and everything. No impediment, no handicap, no tragedies, no frustrations, no back-stabbings, no treachery, no misfortune counts. If we fall down, we have the resilience to jump back even higher. If problems trouble us shamelessly, we fight them back even more shamelessly.


    • You are absolutely right. We are the children of immortal souls. But millions of people have been left out of this discourse by a small percentage of the so-called educated, rich and selfish people. That is how these unfortunate people are forced to be chummy with AAM Admi party- made to lower their dignity thinking that anyone who promises a plate of food or a blanket is their neta! What misfortune? How to take the message that we are all amrutaputras to every doorstep? But will they believe you as long as they wallow in poverty, cant afford education, decent shelter etc?