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I was in Class 8. A new teacher came to teach us algebra. He posed a question:

“Ram and Rahim are two brothers. Ram is 8 years elder to Rahim. Also age of Ram is double the age of Rahim. What are the exact ages of Ram and Rahim?”


This is how I solved:

Let age of Ram be a.

Let age of Rahim be b.

As per the question,

a = b +8

a = 2b

Substituting second equation in first and solving, b = 8,

Hence, a = 16, b = 8 (Ans)

Another friend of mine, assumed age of Ram to be x and age of Rahim to be y. And hence came to following answer:

x = 16, y = 8 (Ans)

The teacher, gave my friend full marks and gave me zero. I was shocked.

He explained, “As per the solution in textbook prescribed by school – Mathematics for Schools Part 3, you are supposed to assume ages to be x & y only and not a & b.”

When I protested that how does that matter, I still got the same answer, he showed his generosity. He said, “Had you written one final statement that “Age of Ram is 16 years and age of Rahim is 8 years, I would have still given you some marks. But you just wrote a = 16, b = 8 and hence it is completely wrong as per the prescribed book. So as a sincere teacher, loyal to the prescribed book, I must give you zero. I hate to do so, but I am really sorry.”

I still protested politely, “But Sir, isn’t that very obvious? In a class of mathematics, you are supposed to assess my ability to solve and that I have demonstrated well. In fact I have displayed that I understood the concept and have not mugged up the book. Should you not reward that?”

He got angry, “If you argue, I will throw you out of class.”

I was dumbfound. For years I would recollect and narrate this incident, initially with bitterness, and then as a joke.

It is in the recent years, that I realized this joke to be indeed a very “serious” joke. A joke that has killed millions, nurtured seeds of hatred, stunted growth prospects of almost every citizen, spread miseries, crime, frustration, negativity and made hell out of this heavenly world.

We did not take our algebra lessons seriously. And we started teaching others. We started punishing others for understanding what we did not understand. Forget about algebra, we did not even take the first basic lesson of life sincerely when our mother would take us on her lap and teach us, “This is fire, this is sky, this is papa, I am mummy.”

In India, she would teach, “Yah Agni hai, Yah Akash hai, Ye Pitaji hain, Main Maa hun.”. In Pakistan perhaps, “Yah Aatish hai, Yah Asman hai, Ye Walid Hain, Main Ammi hun.”

Call it Agni, Aatish or Fire; Akash, Asman or Sky; Father, Pitaji or Walid; Mother, Maa or Ammi – they all refer to same thing.

Whether age of Ram and Rahim be a&b, x&y, a1&a2, u&v, p&q or whatever, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care. What is important is the relationship between the two.

And if we look at the world today, and even the brutal history, this dreaded joke could never be understood by us. Only a few understood, and they are ones whom we call saints. They alone understood that whatever name we call anything, it hardly matters. The essence is all that matters. 

How easy is it to be a saint! All you need to do is to recall the first education by mother, if you could not study algebra.

But still we find it so tough!

So we have one group shouting, “Proud to be Muslim” and another “Proud to be Hindu” and yet another “Proud to be Christian” and so on.

Ask them, what exactly Muslim, Hindu, Christian mean, and there will be huge debates and research and still no conclusion would be reached.

One would say, Muslim means a peaceful person who submits to will of God. Other would say, Muslim is one who considers Prophet Muhammad to be the last prophet. And so on.

Similarly, Hindu would be someone who believes in Ram and Krishna as God for some people. For others, it would be belief in birth after death. And so on.

Same goes for Christians. For some it is belief in Jesus, for some it is belief that Holy Spirit and Jesus are same, for some it is belief in Bible alone and so on.

In reality these are just names. If you call philosophy of Ram as Islam and philosophy of Prophet as Christianity, it does not matter. These are just words or rather symbols. Call anything as x or a or u or w, who cares.

But still we fight on these words and aspire to establish dominance of our own favorite word.

The irony is that the same word means something different to different sects. Just like you can use the same a & b as notations for a new problem as well. Or in same problem, you can swap a & b to mean age of Rahim & Ram respectively instead of Ram & Rahim.

Whatever name you call, howsomuch efforts you put to define them and explain them, they just remain petty symbols. Depending on time, situation, problem, question, a minimally smart person should gladly be willing to change these symbols with something else. Emotional attachment to symbols is an indication that you did not take your first lesson of life sincerely. You did not understand what algebra is all about. For you, it is more important whether a & b were chosen to solve the problem or x & y. Like the dogmatic teacher, we are paranoid about these symbols rather than appreciating the concepts. And hence, we punish the really deserving and reward the memorizing parrots.

We start being possessive about these symbols and make a mess of the world at slightest fear of losing the symbol.

In modern science literature, each of the symbols or terms are first defined. So there is a clear definition for force, energy, mass, acceleration etc. And then we try to deduce the relationships between these. The common language is first explicitly defined and then the real game begins. In realm of religion, politics, sociology, such universally accepted definitions do not exist. So the same word means something different to each of us. And we keep fighting based on these personal notions like fools, and make a mess of the beautiful world.

That is why, when someone says, are you proud to be Hindu, I proclaim proudly “Yes!”. Because, I interpret Hinduism to mean that philosophy having roots in Hindustan that considers entire humanity as own family and loves entire world as a cow loves its newborn calf. I get these concepts from Vedas – the oldest books of humankind, and hence I call it Vedic Religion. That is why I love Vedas.

But if you tell me that Hindu is someone who believes in birth-based caste system, then I am anything but Hindu. In fact because I am vehemently against caste-system, I may be considered greatest enemy.

Similarly, if someone asks about my views on Muslims, I proudly say, “I am a Muslim.” Because by root, Muslim means someone who humbly submits to will of Supreme Lord and that is exactly what I strive to do. If you try to prove me a different definition, that will not work. Because I am a student of algebra and hence I choose Muslim to mean what I consider to be most reasonable. If you tell me that Muslim is someone who believes in last prophet or doomsday or heaven or hell, I would counter by saying that there is nothing in word “Muslim” that refers to any such entity. I am a staunch rationalist and hence refuse to believe in any prophet or avatar or miracles or heaven or hell (as per popular interpretations). Nonetheless, if someone believes in these, that is his personal choice that I respect as much as my own right to differ.

As for Christianity, I am a Christian because I believe in many good things in Bible which resonate with Vedas. But if Christian means someone who believes in Jesus or Holy Spirit as God, or doomsday or story of resurrection, my rational mind does not permit me to endorse these. Again, if you believe in these, I respect your personal choice and respect my right to differ as well.

In nutshell, depending upon what definition you use, I may be the greatest Hindu, Muslim or Christian, or poles apart from these.

If God be some physical person above some sky or in a separate location, I am greatest atheist. But if God be defined as an impersonal entity permeating and engulfing the world that ensures everything functions as per unbreakable laws, then I see nothing but God everywhere and within everyone. You may call it law of nature, I don’t care. But my very existence – a purposeful existence – establishes existence of this entity and I believe in it. Again, if you refuse to believe in this obvious, that is your personal choice that I respect as much as my own right to expect the same respect from you.

The common elements of life that we all aspire for are same and universal for all. Things like honesty, patience, tolerance, peace, purity, self-control, wisdom, knowledge and forgiveness. I won’t get into what they exactly mean because they are, again, just symbols to represent certain concepts on which we all agree. The very fact that we live makes these our natural aspirations. These are common threads across all religions, philosophies and ideologies. So I define these as true religion. This is the religion that Supreme Lord (refer my earlier definition of God) teaches us every moment. I need not buy a Quran, Geeta, Vedas, Bible to imbibe these. They are within me. Other books may help refine my thought process, but nonetheless, even in their absence, given whatever I understand, I pursue these.

Even a tribal would protect his family, protect the innocent children, seek peace, maintain self-control in society so that Damini rape cases do not happen. A criminal also pursues exactly these. However due to frustrations, bad habits etc, he commits crime in mirage.

Everything else is secondary. That is external. These innate traits alone are the essential crux of life and living. If a religion stresses on these, I am greatest adherent of that religion. If it teaches that one should not hate or judge or be biased towards others because of their personal beliefs and symbols, I am a “messiah” of this religion of “universalism”. And have a dream to see everyone a “messiah” as well.

Algebra teaches me these are just labels or symbols.

Fighting each other for protection of these labels is not my cup of tea.( That is why I don’t drink tea perhaps! )

My religion lies in these innate traits that can never be destroyed. My religion is all about strengthening these traits within self and all. My religion is all about seeing my God in everything and everyone around. My religion humbly accepts that I forgive my own mistakes innumerable times daily. And hence I should have same forgiving approach towards others who are just like me, simply born somewhere else and using some other symbols.

My religion honestly admits that even my own views have been changing since my birth. It acknowledges that there is still so much in world that I am uncertain about. And hence, there is no reason for me to hate others or fight others to impose my own set of uncertainties over others.

How foolish it seems. None of us can claim that we have directly witnessed God, Heaven, Hell, Avatar, Prophet, Angel, Resurrection, Doomsday (whatever definition we give to them). None can claim that they have been able to understand Geeta, Quran, Bible totally. In fact we all agree that these texts can be understood only by special divine persons which none of us are. The reality is that we choose our beliefs in these matters based on hearsay, society, peer group and personal assumptions. There is no direct cognition. No one claims to be a prophet or avatar himself. And yet we decide to hate or love others based on how close ‘their’ blind assumptions are to ‘ours’! Or whether they chose our symbols or some other symbols to solve the problem of life!

And hence my lessons of algebra make me wonder whom do I fight and why do I fight? Whom do I hate and why do I hate? What do I grief for and whom do I grief for?

Its just a vast ocean of souls like me pervaded by God. And each of that soul, in its limited intelligence and bounded rationality, creates symbols and labels to understand the world around. These symbols are temporary, this feeling of oneness is permanent. So enjoyable, so soothing, so relaxing, so energizing, so driving, so compelling, so pure, so blissful!

Why do I not then just pursue and enjoy the permanent, follow my innate religion and ignore the temporary ill-defined symbols?

Hindu, Muslim, Christian…I don’t care.

Your personal beliefs….I don’t care.

All I care about is the God in you and me. The essence within.

I hope all of us start nurturing this essence! The world will become heaven again.

Eternal Religion Of Humanity

Eternal Religion Of Humanity

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  • dear sanjeev
    i find many proud Hindus, Muslims and Christians but seldom human beings. you spoke the truth. i don’t know what is God? if He is above our perception, anything said about him will be doubtful. we can agree on what is beneficial to mankind. it is the fight of identities based on symbols. My God, my Allah, my Bhagwan, my book, my prophet, my guru, my priest is super duper rest jibberjabber.
    nice to read your views.

  • @Agniveer

    Very good article. Your intention is good but your methodology is not that much effective I think. You say we Hindus must be tolerant towards other religions blindly expecting the same from them? Our Indian history has taught us very costly lessons.. We must not forget them.

    There is a famous verse from Thirukural, a Tamil literature( is also called ulagap podumarai which means universal dharma) which states, ” Inna seitharai oruthal avar naana nanayam seidu Vidal” which means, ” If anyone does a bad thing or cruel to u, the best punishment u can can give him is make him ashamed of his deeds by doing a very good thing to him”. Our great hero, Prithiv raj Chauhan did the same when he captured Muhmad Ghori in war. He presented him with horses and elephants and released him, expecting that he would realize his evil. But what happened? Ghori killed the guards sent with him by Prithivi and he immediately collected his people and invaded the kingdom of Prithivi Raj.
    He defeated Prithivi Raj and enslaved him. Instead of showing the noble character once Phrithiv showed him when he was in the same situation, he gouged the eyes of Pritiv Raj and imprisoned him.
    If our other hero’s like Sivaji or Guru Gobind Singh ji followed this same tradition with Muslim invaders, then India would be a Muslim majority country by now. Thanks to these great hero’s who were not only very brave but also not foolish.

    It is said by Krishna in Gita when Arjuna hesitated to fight Gauravas and prefered sanyasam, “If an evil is emerging and dominating and if u have the power and potential to stop that but still if u try to escape from that responsibility cos of carelessness or cowardness, then u are sole responsible for that evil”. Agniveer cannot deny Islam is evil. It cannot prove islam is peaceful. But still it sugar coats islam. Truth cannot be hidden. If u protect Islam u r equally responsible for the evil caused by Islam. Sathyameva Jayathe.. May peace prevail.

    • Hi Santana Dharman,

      Well said. I’ve debated with Agniveer on this same issue. And as you, I agree with him on many other things, but this is one area I disagree with him, with a 100% probably.


  • Excellent Article! All religion teaches Humanity as part of their Core Belief. But miscreants with in the relion undermine it and manipulate the Relgion to benifit themself. While Reading the history of ISLAM. I came across letter which has been written by earliest disciple of Prophet Muhammed. He writes in his letter to the Governor of Eygpt

    “Infuse your heart with mercy, love and kindness for your subjects. Be not in face of them a voracious animal, counting them as easy prey, for they are of two kinds: either they are your brothers in religion or your equals in creation( Hindus,Christian and Jew). Error catches them unaware, deficiencies overcome them, (evil deeds) are committed by them intentionally and by mistake. So grant them your pardon and your forgiveness to the same extent that you hope God will grant you His pardon and His forgiveness. For you are above them, and he who appointed you is above you, and God is above him who appointed you. God has sought from you the fulfillment of their requirements and He is trying you with them”

    • It’s easy to put up some random letters, but that means nothing. Until Hindu, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains are given equality in every majority muslim nation, your words are bullshit. Secularize the enter muslim world, allow the muslims to leave islam and the government protect those people leave. And allow those muslims that left islam preach their new faith or no faith at all and gain more converts. Until that is met, you are just saying a bunch of bullshit words.

    • dear Zishan Khan
      could you please quote the letters the prophet sent to kings of Faras and Rome and pact of hz Umar with Christians.

  • My Salute to you my brother Agniveer.
    While reading your article i felt it is the most sacret text than any other text in the world.
    I find peace while reading your thoughts.
    Thank you..

    CASTE SYSTEM and ITS BENEFITS (No shortcut to success)
    Why some mangoes(Hapus) are treated high quality? You are insulting the low quality mangoes.
    Why reservation in trains for AC, 3-tier, 2-tier? You are insulting low earning people.
    Why physically handicapped not allowed in Army? You are insulting handicapped people.
    Why SCSTs reservation not allowed in medical?? You are insulting them.
    Why don’t you enter Laboratory with slippers and shoes? Scientists inside lab are insulting you.
    Why there are Generals and Commanders in Army? You are insulting low rank officers.
    Why why why this????
    Because you like to eat mangoes which are sweeter than others.
    Because you like to be comfortable in journey when compared to less hardworking class of people.
    Because hiring physically handicapped people in army will put Nation in danger.
    Because SCSTs reservation in medical will kill people. Lack of knowledge is dangerous.
    Because rules are set by scientists in labs. Violating rules will not give proper results in experiment.
    Because low rank officers are not trained to handle the situation that may come. So classification in must.
    Hence there is classification of people in India based on their mental and physical deliverable. If you ignore caste system, you will see more and more trouble as its evident from present India.

    • This is a good example as to why the the Portuguese derived word “Caste” should NOT be used to describe Indian concepts. It mixes several different concepts onto one. First this is what the Portuguese word caste originally referred to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casta
      Caste had nothing to do with India or with Hinduism. It described a social system under Portuguese colonialism in the Americas. Only after the Portuguese and English colonized India did the European word Caste get projected incorrectly onto India and Hinduism. In Hinduism in the Vedas there is only non-hereditary Varna (Brahmin, Kshastriya, Vaisha, Sudra) which was merely a way to categorize all jobs into one of these four. Each had their role and unique AND VALUED place in society. In the West there are jobs that are classified – white collar, blue collar jobs, managerial, clerical, etc. Similar jobs lumped together. Jati is community and it is birth based. There are countless communities and each has their own traditions, languages, cultures etc…. Just like you find all over the world – multicultural communities. So far there is absolutely nothing wrong with either Varna or Jati. Economic class is another factor (this is global), and the key thing here is that having a range of economic class is fine when fiscal mobility is possible. Hereditary class status is again something else, and wherever you find royalty and aristocracy (England, other parts of Europe, Middle East, Asia ) you have inherited class status. It is this latter inherited class status which is wrong and problematic. Inherited class status must go. Non-hereditary Varna, Jati/community, and fluid economic class are just fine.

  • MUSLIM and CHRITIAN RELIGIONS never ACCEPT ALL RELIGIONS ARE SAME. Give it a try. We Hindus are more flexible but not to the extent to accept other religion better than ours if they are stubborn.

  • The authour blams every one for the act of hatred, violence and bigotery. Undermining the root cause of hatered, lies and bigotery.

    Ever since the birth of Islam and the jihadi onslaught it has launched on the entire human society. In India alone over 10 Millon Hindus were killed. The count rises if we take the global death toll.

    Instead of condemning the evil teaching of JIhad warefare, and koranic incitation to wage war against kafirs (un beliveres) just for there shear crime of not beliveing in Muhammad. the authour has hold responsible every one which is not acceptable at any end.

    The attitude of author reflects the Pseudo Sikular tendency nothing else.

    • Depends on how you see it. We refuse to believe in ‘victim’ mindset. In fact, we are disciples of Bajrang Bali and hence feel greatest humiliation in weeping that someone slapped us. Shame on us, if we were not true to the slogans of Jai Bajrang Bali and Jai Bhavani. If 10 Million Hindus were killed, then Hindus are to be blamed for sure. Why did they make themselves so vulnerable and weak that any uncivilized dacoit could come and kill them? Why did they not respond with such valor that invaders would dare not even look eastwards even in dream? Why were they fighting their own Shivaji and Pratap when they rose against the invaders?

      If you are troubled once, you may blame on a remote chance of bad luck. But if you say that you are being continuously harassed since last 1000 years, despite being in majority, then something somewhere is seriously wrong with you. And for sure, the ‘victim mindset’ and ‘blame game’ has a big role to play in it. So instead of blaming the victimizer, be strong enough to destroy all forms of oppression. Build your muscles, become a Hanuman, instead of cribbing.

      • Ah! Political correctness at it’s best.

        Dear Agniveer, for the sake of free flow of information, please do the right thing and publish all the articles since 2009 that you’ve currently unpublished.

        If the government trusts us with universal franchise, why aren’t you trusting us with our judgement?

      • Apart from a few outdated news updates, all articles are already published on the site.

        By the way, we are not sure how much government trusts ‘us’ and how much of this trust on ‘us’ has helped made things better. We find everyone just complaining about how things are getting from bad to worse! 🙂

      • Dear Agniveer,

        Please accept my humble obeisances.

        I was referring to the articles published at the beginning when this website was conceived, to be specific some 35 articles between Jul 27, 2008 to Jul 17, 2009. I was also referring to some articles dealing with comparative religions which were published at later dates. Have you lost them?

        I agree with what you’ve stated about the government. However, the Agniveer movement has actually brought about practical changes to the people. These changes are positive and progressive. These changes are also not confined to India alone as people elsewhere have also been moved after reading such rationalistic content. You may not realise this but a person sitting in a faraway continent reading this is also affected with positive outcomes around him if he follows the advice with due sincerity. The effects and outcomes of these changes maybe slow but like I mentioned earlier, you have ignited the engine and now it’s up to the people to move the vehicle forward. Be assured we the people are the harbingers of change and progress and by God we are heading in the right direction.

        I hate predictions but I will have to say that all of you involved with this project are moving towards emancipation with your selfless work.

        Until next time.

        ~ Proud Infidel.

      • Sorry Agniveer. I agree with the spirit what you are doing, but some of your methods are misguided.

      • My brother i think you are just caring about x & y but not getting the concept and essence of the artical. Please try to understand.. Thank you

      • I am sorry Agniveer but to blame Hindus for their mass murder is utterly callous. This is a horrid thing to say. It is like blaming the Jews for their 6 million dead in the WW2 Holocaust, or blame a woman for being raped. That is completely wrong. Our people did fight many times, but that does not mean there were not mass casualties that Hindus faced. It is because of our valiant Hindu ancestors that we are still around and nearly 1 billion. It came at a cost of more than 80 million (not 10 million) Hindu lives, and our holocaust our Hindu holocaust should never be forgotten.
        Please educate yourself on intense fight our ancestors put up and instead of insulting those Hindus who were mass murdered let us remember and honor them. Read this http://www.islam-watch.org/HistoryOfJihad/Jihad-against-Hindus-of-India-Pakistan-Bangladesh.htm

      • Brother, you have misinterpreted Agniveer. We don’t absolve the perpetrator from his crime. But if someone started as a hero, and faced troubles for 1000 long years, then for sure there is something wrong. Please correct yourself – ‘our people’ is a dubious usage. Lets face it – these ‘our people’ who rose like lions faced greatest opposition from another set of ‘our people’. Rana Pratap was fighting other Rajputs in Haldi Ghati and Shivaji fought the same ‘our people’ throughout. The ‘non-our people’ were always a small majority.

        If a society is facing holocaust, then the foundations of that society is weak. Weakness is greatest sin. Its a matter of shame that worshippers of Ram and Hanuman complain like children that they are being tortured by outsiders. Did you read a single verse in Ramayan that Hanuman or Ram cribbed about how enemy harassed them? No, instead they were busy planning and working to destroy the enemy from root. We need this winner attitude. Beggars don’t win. Winners don’t beg.

        As for those who fought and laid their lives for nation, salutes to them. But shame on the rest whose apathy caused these deaths. Look at Hindu society as a whole – it is not even concerned about the problems we are facing. Where do you see the will and direction of 100 crore Hindus. It is just a few ones who fight and sacrifice. For whatever time they live, their lives are made hell by fellow Hindus. And when they die, they are either forgotten or commercialized.

        So Agniveer is proud of its ancestors like Pratap and Shivaji who stood against the tide and is committed to carry their legacy. These heroes did not crib, they simply made the enemy taste the slap of will. But Agniveer is ashamed of all those who were fighting and conspiring againt Prataps and Shivajis. Who agreed to be chamchas of invading rascals like Akbar and gifting their daughters to him. Who kept being tortured and killed, but refused to unite by destroying the foolish caste system. Who formed the majority of the army of Akbar and Aurangzeb. Who still rule the psyche of the country, the media, the entertainment, the politics, the education – and continue to belittle the glorious Vedic heritage and are busy in their own selfish worlds.

      • Dear Arun, You are completely misinterpreting our essence.
        1. We nowhere absolve terrorists of their crime. But yes, if we are unable to win over terror for over 1000 years, then there is problem with us as well, and much more graver. Then for sure we are living up to standards of Ram and Hanuman.
        2. No doubt many fought against terror. But let us also face that they were fighting more against their ‘own’ traitors who sided with terrorists, than actual terrorists. Look at history – find out who did Pratap and Shivaji fought against. Who formed the armies of Mughals and Adil Shahs. Even today, what makes India unable to deal with terror with iron hand?

        We need to emulate Ram and Hanuman who work on solutions and do not complain like weak ones. Collecting evidence on atrocities upon us is only 0.1% of the job. That is just to provide mental support. You don’t need any statistics to prove it. It is all so obvious. What is important is that we now work for solutions and act like winners instead of complaining. Winners don’t beg, Beggars don’t win. Think in this way – What would Lord Hanuman do in such situation. Would he be collecting evidences of atrocities and crying foul. Or he would be busy burning away the Lanka of evil.

      • Agniveer, I can understand you issue with traitors in one’s midst at times helping this imperialist terrorists. You will find such traitors everywhere. I agree it is important to be aware of this. But how can we be aware of such traitors when we do not even know both our history of valiantly fighting as well as our tragic holocaust. How can you know the traitors that Shivaji and Pratap fought as well as the Muslim horde imperialists if we don’t know their valiant fight in the first place. I would say most Indians do not fully know either as Indian history has been deliberately whitewashed of all Muslim imperialist atrocities. This is not only whitewashed in India but also Europe which too had been the target of violent jihad for centuries. It is important to know that though we suffered a massive holocaust we also have a strong history of fighting despite our traitors in our midst and it was this fight century after century that we are nearly 1 billion today and have a country India.
        1,000 years of fighting does not mean the problem is with us. That implies this is easy to solve for good. It is not. Where has jihad stopped? Zoroastrian Persia is no more (they are a persecuted minority in their own land much like the Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan and Bangladesh). Polythestic Arabia is no more. Coptic Egypt is no more (they too are a persecuted minority in their own native land). Europe was attacked early on by imperialist muslims. The Crusades began only after several hundred years of never ending Islamic jihad against Europe. Turkey was once part of Christendome – Istanbul was Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia “mosque” was a Christian church before Byzantium was lost. Spain was under Islamic rule for 800 years and it took them centuries of fighting and the only reason why they had no more trouble from Muslims was because they kicked them all out. Today Spain has faced terrorist attacks. Greece was under several centuries of Turkish Islamic rule as well. The US early as soon as this country was created in the late 1700s faced their merchant ships being hijacked and their people being enslaved. They paid Jizya tax for decades to prevent their ships from being attacked by North African Arab Muslims. The US Navy and Marines were created in response to put an end to jihadists attacks on the high seas and to put an end to paying protection money and jizya. Still today US is facing jihadists attacks. This is not an easy problem to solve. Many Europeans and Americans are unaware of their own people fighting Muslim invaders. They are taught that the Crusades were bad but not taught about the Crusades being a response to centuries of Europe being the target of jihad and Europeans dying and being enslaved. Samual Huntington said it best – the borders of Islam are bloody. What are the borders? Anywhere there is a sizable Muslim population. Europe not surprisingly is once again facing Islamic jihad on their shores along with their growing Islamic population. So 1,000 years of having to fight is not only the result of traitors in our midst, it is also because this is not an easy problem to fix without doing what Ferdinand and Isabel did to grant their Spanish homeland peace from Muslims for the next 500 years (until their descendants opened their door to Muslim immigration and now the tensions are rising again.)

      • Agniveer, I can understand you issue with traitors in one’s midst at times helping this imperialist terrorists. You will find such traitors everywhere. I agree it is important to be aware of this. But how can we be aware of such traitors when we do not even know both our history of valiantly fighting as well as our tragic holocaust. How can you know the traitors that Shivaji and Pratap fought as well as the Muslim horde imperialists if we don’t know their valiant fight in the first place. I would say most Indians do not fully know either as Indian history has been deliberately whitewashed of all Muslim imperialist atrocities. This is not only whitewashed in India but also Europe which too had been the target of violent jihad for centuries. It is important to know that though we suffered a massive holocaust we also have a strong history of fighting despite our traitors in our midst and it was this fight century after century that we are nearly 1 billion today and have a country India. cont.

      • 1,000 years of fighting does not mean the problem is with us. That implies this is easy to solve for good. It is not. Where has jihad stopped? Zoroastrian Persia is no more (they are a persecuted minority in their own land much like the Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan and Bangladesh). Polythestic Arabia is no more. Coptic Egypt is no more (they too are a persecuted minority in their own native land). Europe was attacked early on by imperialist muslims. The Crusades began only after several hundred years of never ending Islamic jihad against Europe. Turkey was once part of Christendome – Istanbul was Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia “mosque” was a Christian church before Byzantium was lost. Spain was under Islamic rule for 800 years and it took them centuries of fighting and the only reason why they had no more trouble from Muslims was because they kicked them all out. Today Spain has faced terrorist attacks. Greece was under several centuries of Turkish Islamic rule as well. The US early as soon as this country was created in the late 1700s faced their merchant ships being hijacked and their people being enslaved. They paid Jizya tax for decades to prevent their ships from being attacked by North African Arab Muslims. cont.

      • The US Navy and Marines were created in response to put an end to jihadists attacks on the high seas and to put an end to paying protection money and jizya. Still today US is facing jihadists attacks. This is not an easy problem to solve. Many Europeans and Americans are unaware of their own people fighting Muslim invaders. They are taught that the Crusades were bad but not taught about the Crusades being a response to centuries of Europe being the target of jihad and Europeans dying and being enslaved. Samual Huntington said it best – the borders of Islam are bloody. What are the borders? Anywhere there is a sizable Muslim population. Europe not surprisingly is once again facing Islamic jihad on their shores along with their growing Islamic population. So 1,000 years of having to fight is not only the result of traitors in our midst, it is also because this is not an easy problem to fix without doing what Ferdinand and Isabel did to grant their Spanish homeland peace from Muslims for the next 500 years (until their descendants opened their door to Muslim immigration and now the tensions are rising again.)

      • To think of solutions one needs to know what one is up against – traitors in our midst are one but the enemy whom they are helping are imperial jihadists who wish to destroy every non-Muslim government and subjugate everyone under Islamic law (Sharia) rule – the whole world and no one has succeeded in permanently stopping them yet http://gatesofvienna.net/2013/04/whose-jihad/

      • Please read that explaination in the link given. It references the Pakistani General Malik who states the Quranic concept of war is terror and the purpose of terror is this:
        “… Terror cannot be struck into the hearts of an army by merely cutting its lines of communication or depriving it of its routes to withdraw. It is basically related to the strength or weakness of the human soul. It can be instilled only if the opponent’s Faith is destroyed. Psychological dislocation is temporary; spiritual dislocation is permanent. … To instill terror into the hearts of the enemy, it is essential, in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his faith. An invincible faith is immune to terror.

        The object of jihad is therefore the destruction of faith. It aims to destroy our faith in our God, in our government, in our legal system, in our entire world. Once we lose faith in our world, we become the object of a da’wa mission intended to convert us to Islam.”

        The whole article is worth reading.

      • Agniveer just so you know I am not upset with you though I have posted a couple of times (mainly because you’ve limited length of comments,which is fine, so I had to break it up into a couple of posts). Please do not confuse my passion for being upset with you for I am not.

      • Crusades or any other ideology cannot fight terror because they are themselves incomplete. In case of Hinduism, things are different. We have the valor of Ram, spiritualism of Patanjali – everything. If we do away with foolish weakeners we have nurtured as pets, we have power to sweep across entire world. No sword can beat the power of thought. The mosquito bugs us because we have nurtured AIDS in our body. If we get stronger, no mosquito can affect us and on contrary, we have potential to destroy mosquitoes from roots. Lets realize the Hanuman within us. Jumping across the ocean is no big deal for us. Lets change our mindsets – from sufferers to winners. And if indeed, we believe that the enemy is extremely powerful and overwhelming us for 1000 years, then perhaps he is more capable than us. Agniveer does not believe so. We believe that we faced troubles because we deviated from our own foundations. And we will win now if and because we are resolved to get back to our foundations. Forget about other complexities – just work on one single agenda – eradication of birth-based casteism. And within a decade, 50% of non-Hindu population of India would be seeking inspiration from Vedas and Gita.

      • Namaste Agniveer,

        This conversation that Arun and you are having is interesting.

        “Forget about other complexities – just work on one single agenda – eradication of birth-based casteism. And within a decade, 50% of non-Hindu population of India would be seeking inspiration from Vedas and Gita.”
        – I do agree with this statement, but with exceptions. I think we should be eliminating caste system while we are defending on many levels. We should be able to do many things at the same time. We need to clean up the problems in our society while we spread the message of the Vedas both to Hindus and non-Hindus at the same time. The list I can create can go on and on, but first we need to make the system in how to do it simple as easy. So it can be replicated from one place to another .

        1. Start the organization and state what you stand for (You guys have done that already)

        2. Come up with a plan to engage people (You have done this online and a little offline)

        3. Come up with a method to teach and create teachers (This one is key, because they are the ones who can replicate you cause anywhere in the world).

        4. Empower these teachers, give them the resources and support so they may start their cause in a new location.

        5. In the new location you will need a gathering location.

        6. At this location, the teacher will teach the new followers the Vedic way to pray/meditate and live. And also it will be a the place to bring people of other religions to come to convert.

        7. And as the different centers grow, we can make them into Vedic temples/meditation center, add schools, hospitals, feed the poor, and offer shelter for the homeless.

        8. And also teach the followers how to spread this Vedic message for those who are interested. Tell them how to talk to their friends who might be interested or inquire, or co-workers or anyone.

        This can go on and on, but this is a start.

  • Very good article.

    However, I wouldn’t agree that religion is dividing us , its culture that is dividing us.

    The problem with society is that they are not practicing their religion, but they are practicing their culture.
    They are following and interpreting the divine guidance according to their own beliefs, hence the arrogance and the separation between other groups .
    Often, they confuse religion with their culture

    Deeply, the true spiritual religious people do not make separation between each other and they know that their ultimate goal is peace in earth.

    from a spiritual Muslim.

  • It appears from the comment agniveer has addressed me. I am homeless, penniless & not much educated person. I reached at this website due my passion to search the truth two years before. I had lost the desire to live in my life. But after coming here I got a lot inspiration. I have been up & down during my all life. I have been very fickle mind person. But I will do my best to spread the truth. I do not know agniveer will down or not but I am not going to down.

    • Brother, I wrote to all of you who are so affectionate with Agniveer movement. Consider us to be in same boat as yours and think of it. We also came without any affluent financial background. Left our job and everything to address the challenges of the time. It was the time when conversion was rampant in name of misrepresenting Sanatan Dharma. There was no one to answer the miscreants effectively. The so-called Arya Samaj which was historically the defender of Sanatan Dharma from invaders was itself split and fighting cases against each other. We thought that if we do not rise now, it may be too late. So we quit everything and started Agniveer. By grace of Parameshwar, we could address a big issue and instill pride and confidence in many. The whole conversion mafia affecting educated youth was broken down. In process, we faced lots of threats, cheatings, false promises, physical harm, and many other things that cannot be written. But the saga of Dayanand was in front of us, hence we could not complain.
      We did whatever we could. Beyond that it requires finances and resources. That is where our challenges came. It is easy to start an anti- movement like Ali Sina and get funds. It is easy to start a miracle movement like many Babas and get funds. It is easy to compromise and get funds. It is easy to dilute the foundation of Brahmacharya and get funds. But we could not master the art of giving truth and getting funds. If someone takes that responsibility, that would complete the picture. We did get some funds, and whatever we got was utilized in activities that we have made public. But we need a lot more to fight the trillion dollar Avidya-driven cartels all around.

      Our goal was not to simply state truth, but establish Vedic Vishwa Rashtra. That demands Saam-Daan-Dand-Bhed as explained in Aarsh Neeti texts. Legends like Swami Dayanand set the benchmarks and standards. We have to implement them in most Yogic manner possible. That has its own unique challenges. We are doing whatever best we can. But yes, if more likeminded people join in the yajna, we can better serve the mission of Paramatma with which He gave us birth.

      That will demand rising above the ‘I’. Make this life a Yajna. And helping Agniveer mission with Idanna Mama and most ambitious standards.

      But whatever may happen, even if we are forced to be all alone, Agniveer is committed to continue worshipping Paramatma through whatever actions are in control, repaying Rishi Rin and be free from all bondages at the earliest. Success-failure are temporary, Dharma is eternal.

  • Comparing Agniveer with Maharshi Dayananda is not fair. Every one has got some strengths as well as some wickedness. Some wise person has said: The man is a bundle of contradictions. Agniveer’s contributions in spread of eternal Vedic light and rational thoughts, exposing the untruth and unjust, so far have been found excellent and praise worthy. Future is always uncertain for every one. Many staunch followers or believers have took different path later on in their lives, many of them took slight divergence, and many even took u-turns. This is natural for man’s state of mind and understanding, his priorities and preferences keep on changing from time to time. No need to cite the examples here. Every one is free to decide the path.
    It is always good to be hopeful than to despair.
    Bhavesh Merja

    • I would like to thank you all for your kind affection with Agniveer mission. It is indeed touching to see this passion for Vedic Dharma. We request all of you to contact us through http://agniveer.com/contact/ with your actual name and details so that we can utilize your passion to obtain funds and resources for some critical projects to further the Vedic mission. We admit that gathering massive financial resources has been an area which has not been our great strength. If you can volunteer to passionately focus on this area and generate a few crores of rupees in next few months, that would help us take the Rishi mission to all new level.

      To expect Agniveer to be Brahmin, Vaishya, Kshatriya and Shudra at same time would be against principles of Vedas. Let Agniveer be Brahmin and Shudra, if that has been appreciated about Agniveer in past. And let other passionate ones take up responsibility of Kshatriya and Vaishya.

      We thank you for your love and sincerely await your commitments.


  • @Sanatan Dharma

    You wrote- “Agniveer is like me who are indulge in his profession mainly and whenver get time post here”

    So you believe running a website, creating content, managing content and technical aspects of site and servers, sacrificing career for Dharma despite being graduates of top technical and management institutions like IIT and IIM, traveling for Dharma prachar 24X7, receiving threats from fanatics etc are equivalent to giving couple of useless comments here?

    Dont comment on something you have no idea of. You dont like Agniveer, fine. Leave it. But dont equate someone like Agniveer with yourself. Agniveer is a true Karma Yogi, man with character and a Brahmchari who does not need any certificates from ordinary people. As you say, you are not truthful in mission, so better avoid judging others’ truthfulness because you are not competent enough for this job.

    @Agniveer Ji

    Please avoid fools. They can do nothing constructive. You carry on with your efforts. We are with you.

    Sourav, Your fan from IIT Delhi

    • @sourav
      As per I understand, the guy just meant that there are other duties toward family and career exits. so, it may have slow down the work.

      • Hello Het

        No, please go back and check, he wrote that Agniveer is like him who is not truthful to his mission. And bigger point is that people with no credentials should refrain themselves from passing judgement on legends like Agniveer.

      • @Saurav
        Agniveer may be legendary but only of few days. Like a cricketing player comes in Indian team hit fastest century and got a lot of name but lost the form very early & get out of the team. on same stage Agniveer stands. One need to be consistent with his excellent work like great Ali Sina.

      • @Sourav , Thank you for clarifying.
        @Sanatan Dharma
        But cricket remains. Although its a useless comparison to cricket, Veda will be forever. Hundreds of cultures and so called religion has passed in a blink of brahma’s eye.
        Whenever we move away from the Dharma, adharma has joined the hand. so this sixth century propaganda is nothing. Our ancestors maligned the Dharma and this is what we have got and now we have to fight. Agniveer has set an example, and no one dares to challenge them. People like you and me are only interested in comment section where we can bash other religions, rather than reading the entire article. This could be the reason that we are finding the website bit slow at updating.

      • @Het
        yes, same I wanted to say. Agniveer is not passionate like Mahirishi Dayanand and Ali Sina, the reason may be his profession does not allow him to give much time to the mission of Veda.

  • Hello Jay Arya, Krishnarao, Aryan Vinay, Sanatan Dharma and all worried about Agniveer’s future and present..

    What have you done to support/save Agniveer’s mission except making prophecies of its failure?

    Proud fan of Agniveer from IIT Delhi

    • @Saurav
      I do not know you are aware or not but I would like to remind you that I have declared in 2011 that Agniveer is moon of days and he will be down in 2012. My prophecy proved true.

      • But Agniveerji Has already done the damage to Islam. Now people are well equipped to debate the MuslimsI Fact, I have been continuously winning debates against Muslim. Thanks to AgniveerJi.
        I met a Like minded person in this Website and met him personally. We have planned to Join Hands with more people and Spread the vedas.
        He is also researching in Vedic mantras .All our researches are yielding positive results.
        AgniveerJi has sown the seed, we water it.

      • Indeed Aditya, we the humble foot soldiers, are spreading the message:

        1) One caste: Human
        2) Gender equality#
        3) Dignity of labour
        4) Karma Yoga-selfless service

      • Hey Slave

        I dont give damn to prophecies, neither by any prophet nor by its slaves. So better keep your prophecies with you.


      • @Sanatan Dharma
        After arrival of islamhindusidotcom agniveer have to compel to shut down his website satyagnidotcom and agniveer is also about to shutdown. islamhindusdotcom has exposed the agniveer badly. I am working also to refute Ali Sina Insha’Allah, Ali Sina will have to shut down his site.

      • Hey Slave!
        Don’t get me started.
        In the Youtube video posted by islamhinduism “125 year long Vedas Scam – Shocking Expose – Agniveer sells impure Vedas” , when I explained the actual fact in the comment section , he blocked the comment section and ratings.
        If indeed IslamHinduism is a Truth seeking organization ,why are they blocking this. As a matter of fact, I even posted in their wall and after that they shut the comment sections of all their videos .

        and the Guy running Islam hinduism has no BallS because he has no comment section. Maybe this is Democracy in the Islamic Style.
        This just shows the intention of IslamHinduism.

        there was no Islamic Scholar to beat Ali Sina for the past 10 yrs and you with a puny brain gonna beat him?

      • @Aditya
        Go and check in comment section of ali sina I am refuting Ali Sina constantly.

      • satya agni was hacked and islamhinduism has done anything they have not effected agniveer or hinduism at all most of their articles can be refuted i would invite them to come on this website

      • @Slave of Prophet
        Refuting Ali Sina ? None of your scholar has ever accepted his challenge. At least ali Sina has kept open the comment section where you try to refute. But your lame website has no guts to keep the comment section open. You people even lost debate with Mahendra Pal Arya. Anyone can see the video how Mr Tarique got made when he is about to loose the debate. And Zakir naik is still running scared. You are setting bad examples for your own muslim brothers by claiming the fake victory. Your own word Taquiya suits you better.
        Your earlier website was badly crushed and thats why you closed it. Now your islamhinduism is another coward attempt.
        You started spreading hate against hinduism first and now you are crying that Agniveer spreads hate. Because of people like you, muslims are being hated more and more in entire world. People like you give a reason to suspect each and every Muslim individual. Anyone can see how islam is destroying pakistan that has almost same resources as india have.
        The black people are killing their own brothers in African countries where christian missionaries and extremist islam trying spread their political propaganda called religion.

    • Hi Sourav,

      I’m not here to get in a fight with another Dharmic brother. But I will say this. Angiveer is on a public area and has a representation and following. Agniveer is also stating what they agree on and what they don’t. And as a follower of Dharam, I do have the right to state what I agree with and what I disagree with. I think Agniveer has done a lot of great things, but I also some things I disagree on. And that is what I stated along with many others on this site.


  • @Aryan Vinay(March 16, 2013 at 10:10 pm)
    It’s because we hindus are lazy when it comes to knowledge and duty. We always want others to do the duty, so we can live our worry-free(lazy) life.

  • 1.Religions have only divided mankind into believing different gods and ideologies. So religions are a failure in finding peace on this earth.
    2.Alien religions preach one God and the followers should be frightened of the God. There is resurrection, dooms day and punishments. The ancient Indian philosophies of the Sanatana, Buddha and Jaina Dharmas only teach results of one’s own karma and sufferings in rebirth. Love, compassion and mercy form the way to spread the religions.
    3. In today’s world, when there is violence, war and destruction all over the world, the only way to bring back peace, is to educate the world of 7 billion people, the philosophies of the Sanatana Dharma, Buddha Dharma and Jaina Dharma. All these three philosophies are based upon love, compassion and peace. All matters could be resolved peacefully and without the use of swords, guns and spilling blood.
    4. Therefore, we cannot equate one religion with another. QED

  • Swami Dayananda Saraswati was critical of non-Vedic religions. He was not afraid of pointing faults he saw with other religions. Simple…….. Why doesn’t Agniveer be like Swami Dayananda Saraswati?

    I remember read that someone once threatened Swami Dayananda Saraswati life. Swami Dayananda Saraswati said, and I paraphrase, “I am not like a rabbit to be chased away by jackals like you.” It showed me he was willing to give his life for what he believed in. He did not care if people tried to attack him. He was still going to stay on his mission and spread the message of the Vedas to everyone. He didn’t care if people were trying to kill him. He even had Christian friends who were good friends, but he was still critical of their religion and was not afraid to tell it to their face. True sign of a brave and great man.

    • @Krishnarao

      Who is stopping you from becoming next Dayanand? Why are not you as active, eager and enthusiastic about creating your own website/forum/activities as Agniveer or Dayanand? Why do you want Agniveer to do everything?

  • agniveer wherre are your articles exposing muslim preachers like zakir naik they were great articles for hindus to learn the truth about these liars

    • Hi Jay,


      Amount of verses that are focused on the kafir (non-muslim or infidels):
      1. koran has 60% of its verses focused on non-muslims
      2. Sira has 80% of its verses focused on non-muslims
      3. hadiths 37%

      In all three books it is 60%. That means vast majority of the muslim texts is about the infidel. Why a religion have majority of its text focus on people who don’t follow islam at all. Isn’t that interesting. These are facts with lots of power and as Dharmic people, if we did our own Perva Paksha, we would have gotten these facts and a lot lot more. Please watch the video to see more details and great jobs this guys did. I was very impressed with the statistics he used. They were very powerful and put it down.

      • yes i see but why did agniveer delete those articles they would help stupid hindus who know nothing about hinduism and falling for the lies

      • Hi Jay,

        I had responded to you and it looks like my comment has been removed. I find it very suspicious that someone would remove my comment just because I made critical points about Agniveer. Where is the integrity and transparency here

      • TWo years before Agniveer was emerging like a super hero.I thought it will leave Ramdev behind.It attracted good arya samajists like Rajendra Jijyasu too.But in these two years,Agniveer mission has slowed down.No new article.Old articles in new langauge like Tamil,Kannada etc.There were many arya samajist boys and girls like me 1-2 years before like vajra,arya musafir etc.They are all lost.The discussion has slowed down on this forum.Earlier there used to be 30-40 comments a day now it is hardly 8-10.There was a good discussion forum but it got closed.Agniveer should always remain new not old.There used to be no deletion of any comment of anyone few years before when it was new.Bur everything has gone.I will only remember those memories in my brain while dying.Alas!

      • @Agniveer/Aryan Vinay
        I think reason of Agniveer down is less concentration on its mission. Although Agniveer have much knowledge and wisdom if we compare to agniveer to ali Sina and Ramdev. Ali Sina is much truthful to his mission.

      • Bro, I think profession be it medical science , I.T. etc. in whatever agniveer engaged is main priority for him/her. I do not know agniveer is one person or group / body of many persons. Whenever they get time they spend time in this noble work of spreading Vedic wisdon and humanity. Agniveer is not like Maharishi Dayanand, Ali Sina, Ramdev who has/had single goal to inspire the people and make them aware about truth. Agniveer is like me who are indulge in his profession mainly and whenver get time post here because I am not truthful to my mission which is establishing religion of humanity or Veda. We need to be strong like Ali Sina, Ramdev, Maharishi Dayanand. Our first and primary goal should be to spread the truth.

      • @Jai Arya

        If Agniveer had to remove the articles, what were you doing? Why did not you save those in advance if you thought those to be mandatory for Hindus? And if you had saved those, who is stopping you from creating another website and publish those with Agniveer’s permission? Or is it that you would only insult Agniveer without realizing your own dumbness and inaction?

    • The articles on Zakir Naik are pretty much there ( http://agniveer.com/category/society/zakir-naik/ ) but I agree that Team Agniveer has disabled some articles critical to other religions especially Islam.

      I am an ardent fan of Agniveer, but I disagree with them on this. Their ‘Arguments of Babri lovers’ was one of the best articles on babri masjid issue with every single sentence of the article was a tight-slap on pseudo-seculars. Pained that they removed it. 🙁

  • Very good article, it has the real Hindu flavor behind it. Much Appreciated
    But the major mistake we all do is stop at this point and never look any further.
    During ancient times, they also used to perform purvapaksha….assessment of the other.
    It was done to find out how the other thinks about you and viceversa. It was done so because they wanted to know how the other would react to your gestures.

    So if we do a purvapaksha on muslims n christians today likewise what u explained above will be good for only hindu mindset, but for a muslim mindset u r a kafir or a heathen as per biblical message. So invariably they will be looking to convert you or treat u as enemy.
    Never put ur gaurd down before analysing other, thats the reason why we hindus fail against these people time and again.
    We never followed vedas, failed to understand the principles of varnashrama dharma(no caste system in hinduism, u dont find it in any hindu scriptures, be it vedas/even manusmriti, its only abuse of vedas that led to present day caste system)
    We never followed arthashastra, we thought muslim invaders will do good because we do good to them…instead they thought u r weak.
    we never followed chanakya neeti, were it says discard the leader who has married a person of foriegn origin we put sonia d bitch into power(indirectly)
    we never performed purvapaksha of christians, they looted us…the more u shy away from understanding our religious principles/books the more horrific blunders you commit.

    Hence thinking all muslims are good, or their ideology is also good …is the most blasphemous thought…we have our own…ours is great…does not mean all others are also good…stop equating their ideologies n confusing people’s mindsets.

  • @Agniveer
    How Indian Muslims who are actually converted Muslims can have right to decide who will be Imam of Masjid-ul-Haram? Kaaba is in Saudi Arbia, so, only Saudi Arabia can have right to decide the Imam of Masjid-ul-Harama not Indians. Do not compare kaaba with UNA. UNA is different than Kaaba. On Imam of Masjid-ul-Haram only Arabian Muslim have right to decide.

    • Dear Slave
      If UNA in USA that does not mean USA will have all right over it same as If Kaaba is in Saudi Arabia that does not mean only Saudi will have all right over it if it is a international place.

  • Dear Slave, Kindly find some other forum to share your racist views. Even the Arabs were non-Muslims before Quran came. Hindu, Muslim – we don’t care. But Hindustanis have been lighthouse for world for ages. Even Islam gets all its intellectual backbone today from Indian sub-continent. One day will come when even the Masjid-ul-haram of Kaaba will be led by a muslim from Indian subcontinent.

  • @Agniveer/Other Visitors
    Muslim are by and large peaceful people. But when we see country like Pakistan and Afganistan we find these are most violent country. But we must notice people of Pakistan and Afghanistan are not decedent of peaceful Arabas but they are descendant of violent Hindu, so, violence in their blood. Original Muslim like from Saudi Arabia are peaceful. All the terrorism which is prevail in the world from the Muslims who /whose parents were Hindu in history. So, I would say Pakistan & Afganistan are not original Muslim country but converted from Hindu to Muslim country. So, these country are not authority in matter of Islam.

    • Slave, go ask Iraninas who foercefully converted them go ask Egyptians Christians, who forcefully converted their fellow egyptians, now go find truth, and be slave to truth

    • @ Slave of prophet : Why Islam religion of peace

      Are you sure? If you want us to believe that people in Af-Pak are violent because they have Hindu blood in them then please read below:

      “O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors:…” Sura 5:51.
      “not to make friendship with Jews and Christians” (5:51)
      fight them “until they pay the Jizya (a penalty tax for the non-Muslims living under Islamic rules) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (9:29).
      “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191)
      “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123)
      “fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem” (9:5).

      If what you say is true then I must admit that Muhammad and his gang of thugs had Hindu blood in them. Can you refute this kid?

      Also, Jains & Buddhists in the Indian sub-continent have Hindu lineage. Why aren’t they bloodthirsty like you thugs? Do you relish getting pwned?

  • Pakistan is a “fake” country which was created artificially by the Britishers who started the “bogus two-nation theory”, Press Council of India chairman Justice (retd) Markandey Katju said here on Tuesday.

    The former Supreme Court judge was confident that in next 15-20 years India and Pakistan would reunite and a strong, powerful, secular and modern minded government would come to power.

    He condemned the recent war hysteria created by media in the wake of beheading of an Indian soldier by Pakistanis troops in a cross LoC attack in Jammu and Kashmir.

    “First of all let me tell you one thing Pakistan is no country. It’s a fake country, it’s artificially created country by the British who had the policy of divide and rule by starting this bogus two-nation theory that Hindus and Muslims have two separate nations,” he said at a panel discussion here.

    “And we are fools and were taken for a ride by the Britishers. Same artificial entity Pakistan was created. What is Paksitan? It is Punjab and Sindh, which is actually part of India,” he said at the discussion on “Fuelling Indo-Pak Crisis: Mutilation or the media” at Delhi University.

    “It is anti-national to talk about war between the two nations. Our economies, which is already in poor state, would be ruined. You must know that war is very expensive affair and we are poor country. We have fought three wars, has the standard of living of the people risen because of wars,” Katju said.

    He criticised media for making hue and cry over non-issues like news items related to film stars and cricketers while leaving behind important issues of poverty, price rise, unemployment and malnutrition among children and farmers’ suicide.

    “In last 15 years, 2.5 lakh farmers have committed suicide but it was suppressed by the media for five years and it came to light only when P Sainath had reported it. Even now no one is reporting it, instead they are reporting with whom Karina is having affair or (Sachin) Tendulkar making his 100th hundred,” Katju said, wondering how Tendulkar’s 100th hundred will raise the standard of living of the people.

    Katju also attacked the media over its round-the-clock coverage of Anna Hazare’s agitation and said there was great hue and cry about his agitation as if he would solve all problems.

    “Is he modern Moses… He has no scientific ideas. He has honesty but what about scientific ideas, take the example of his way of eradication of alcoholism. Media created a hype him as if now all the problems would solved,” he said.

    Katju cautioned media and asked them to decide if it is on the side of the people or those anti-people as India was passing through a transitional phase in its history from feudal, agricultural society to modern industrial society.

    “In this transitional period, role of media is very important as it not only gives information which is the primary role, but also it should give leadership ideas to the people,” the PCI chairman said, adding media should support a cause and cannot remain neutral.

    He also attacked “educated elite” for promoting communalism and casteism and said while voting they do not go by the merit of a candidate but by his or her caste.

    Terming India as an extremely backward country, he said 90 per cent of Indians are fools. They are full of casteism, full of communalism and full of superstitions.

    “80 per cent of Hindus are communal and 80 per cent of the Muslims are communal, this is truth and this is reality,” he said.

  • Isavasyam idam sarvam……. yes, the entire universe is filled with GOD.

    If we are spending at least 18 years for education to lead life, how many years we want to know source and creation of life (god). It is not an outward journey, it is coming home. The once knows the self knows the source.

    Unfortunately mankind has crossed the IRON AGE and now we are in GARBAGE from the physical view, just because of that our SELF-CULTURE becoming SELF-VOULTURE.

    Look at the VEDAS. Read them as if you are not reading them to criticize. One for sure understands the SELF.

  • Is it not against the spirit of the language of the Vedas to take meaning of the word DHARMA of Prithvi sukta of Atharvaveda as BELIEF?

    • Not actually. Because Dharma means duties and natural traits. And they are shaped by belief systems. In wake of bounded rationality that all humans possess, we cannot comprehend the complete truth. So based on whatever we can grasp, we form our beliefs and hence decide or mould our Dharma. So if there are multiple Dharmas, it implies multiple belief systems. We are not aware of any time in history or any ecosystem, where all people have had the same belief system. Further communication method preference is also based on varied belief systems.

      • so you are essentially equating Dharma with religion, which is against the spirit of the veda itself and there are the tenets of the same in Manu smiriti and i believe you have an article here on the same.
        I think you are using Dharma for swabhav , which would create confusions.

      • No we are not. Dharma and religion are different things. But the Dharma one adopts and the sanskars one assimilates due to that does shape up the kind of religious ideology on adopts. Also belief is not religion. Belief means a person’s set of views that one considers as truth. Dharma and beliefs shape each other. And hence, religious choices are also influenced.

      • then can a dharma be not right? and are you taking of the Dharma that Veda talks about or you have a different definition.

      • This is a theoretical discussion with little practical value, in our opinion. Analyzing what a word actually means is less relevant in current context. Dharma means natural traits. It also mean ideal desirable traits. So you have to see practical implication of Dharma based on current scope of wisdom and natural tendencies both. Right and wrong are contextual concepts. It is relevant only within a certain scope of knowledge and time horizon taken in consideration. Just think of it, a lot of debate happening on this page itself may be right in narrow sense or Dharma. But if you look at overall perspective, that time is limited and lot of other important priorities demand more attention, then such debates are time-waster and hence Adharma. Hence 2 persons may read the same texts, learn from same teacher and yet consider something as Dharma and Adharma based on their priorities and time horizon.

      • well for the bigger cause and the means to it.. I understand..and point taken.
        As i see it, Dharam is unfettered by individuals, its like the Atma inside the sharira unaffected by the verdicts and judgements.
        धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः
        ॐ शान्ति

  • If Atharvaveda says that in world there will always be different languages that people speak and different beliefs they carry, then for what Swami Dayananda struggled throughout life?

    • To bring unity among them all. Look at principles of Arya Samaj that he documented and you would see that he was attempting to establish universal truths acceptable to all rather than trying to enforce his own beliefs. Refer to Chapter 11 conversation of intellectual with all religious teachers. What Swami Dayanand writes is that truth is common across all religions and that that represents true religion – Truth, Non-Violence, Compassion etc.

      • But is that really true? In Islam taqqiya is allowed which is lying for the sake of the faith in certain times. Compassion has qualifiers too. If one is taught by their faith such as Christianity that all non-believers are going to hell then compassion would be to convert them before they die. Eminent Princeton Professor Barnard Lewis has shown the extent and limits of tolerance to other faiths by Islam. not all faiths are tolerated, not all religious scriptures are considered sacred and worthy. Earlier Abrahamic faiths are granted limited tolerance ad dhimmis but initially Zorastrianism, Hndusism and Buddhism and all others were not. Baha’is are not granted tolerance as dhimmis so too many others.

        It is not true that there is a common definition of truth or compassion or tolerance among religions, and religions do teach that violence is acceptable in certain circumstances and for certain purposes and goals. Why don’t we be honest about this reality and try to improve with honest criticism of this reality, instead of pretending all these religions are something that they are not.

  • “Because I am a student of algebra and hence I choose Muslim to mean what I consider to be most reasonable. If you tell me that Muslim is someone who believes in last prophet or doomsday or heaven or hell, I would counter by saying that there is nothing in word “Muslim” that refers to any such entity. ”

    The whole concern with is article is basically summarized in the sentences above. One is completely making up what it is to be a Muslim to be anything one thinks it should be and not based on what the religious scriptures say what a Muslim is. I could with such liberty then consider a Muslim as one who believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster because that is what I choose and consider to be the most reasonable. Or a Muslim is one who believes in the Force and thus the word Muslim is interchangeable with Jedi. I am sorry there is nothing rational in ignoring what religious scriptures say is a Muslim and making a Muslim to be whatever one makes up and fancies, and making a Muslim (or Christian or any name for a religious person) be whatever you want it to be and consider to be a good definition.

    • If you think that considering Muslims as Flying Spaghetti Monster or Jedi can help make world a better place and make you a more spiritual person, by all means do so. We don’t think so, though.

      Perhaps the concern with the article is simply about its goal. Its goal is not to complain like a schoolboy to some unknown teacher or batchmates. It is about taking ownership of whatever mess has happened and seeking ways towards solution rather than complaining. It is about humbly accepting that their is scope of improvement among all including myself and honestly striving to work towards universal humanism. It is about appealing to the human within all of us, irrespective of religions we follow, and using that appeal to create common bonding. Atharvaveda says that in world there will always be different languages that people speak and different beliefs they carry. And our goal should be to create universal brotherhood despite that. So the article looks to shape future and is not concerned with accounting for the past or indulging in blame game.

      • I think you missed my point regarding FSM and Jedi. There is no issue with the idea of taking ownership of whatever mess and try to solve it, and believing that all can improve, or appealing to the human in all of us and create a common bonding. Those are commendable aspirations.

        The issue is that in this article you seem to do that by making Muslim or Christian be whatever you want it to be by ignoring what the respective religious scriptures define them to be, and then going even further by stating that well now you are a Muslim and a Christian after redefining what a Muslim or Christian is based solely on what you consider reasonable. If a Muslim or Christian is not defined by their own scriptures by their own followers, but by any outsider based on what they can consider reasonable then anything goes. By extension I can then go call myself Muslim or Christian after redefining Muslim and Christian to be someone who believes in the Force. If you have seen Star Wars those Jedi are pretty ethical. I used such extreme examples to highlight how unreasonable it is as an outsider to call oneself a Muslim or Christian or any religion after redefining them to suit ones’s own values of what they should be and not based on what their scriptures do. I am not sure you realize how offensive it is to people of those faiths if an outsider going calling himself a member of that faith based on his own definition of the word.

      • I support you on your higher aspirations but I disagree with this particular method. Plus if we are to sincerely improve, we have to really see what each religion honestly teaches and say what is right or wrong with each aspect. We have to also be honest that all religions do not teach all the same thing, and that their idea of certain concepts such as even peace or even innocence is defined differently. For example peace in Islam is when the whole world is under Islam. Until then there is perpetual war. And a non-Muslim is never innocent as they have rejected Islam (when you hear Muslims say Islam forbids killing innocents remember that infidels are not considered innocent). Is that yours or my definition of peace or innocence. I think not. And to me it does not help to pretend otherwise that peace or innocence is defined the same way by everyone.

        People as can express disagreement with aspects of religions that are not right, and then it is up to people in the faith to address these concerns. But I am not going to do the redefining for either Muslims or Christians and I am not going to then go around calling myself a Muslim or Christian. I dont thi that is at all necessary to bond woth others or to express common humanity with others. i actually think that it is instead damaging. Please read the Hinduism Today magazine article.

      • Dear Arun, you are free to explore your own ways or disagree with us. For Agniveer, universal brotherhood is utmost and we are committed to destroy all kinds of fundamentalism and fanaticism from root. Yes, there are bad elements in Islam. But so is the case with Hindus and Christians. Also, there are gems among Muslims also of whom we are most proud. For example, Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy, Abdul Hamid, Ahsfaqullah Khan. So regardless of what scriptures say and what people interpret from them, there is humanity in every human that is driven by divinity. Agniveer, being a thorough believer in this divinity in all, banks upon this goodness to be powerful enough to destroy all that is bad. SO we have placed our bets on this. We neither compromise nor hate. We don’t assert that all religions are equal. We appeal to all to rise above all this debate and explore the eternal religion of humanity, Manava Dharma, Insaniyat or Universal Humanism. We have specific goals in this regard. Thus we have no reason or freedom to crib and call others unfair. What we are doing is the best that we can do in prevailing scenario given our limited intellect to reach our goal.

      • I agree with you aspirations to destroy fundamentalism and fanaticism from root, we differed in approach as I elaborated earlier. I share with your assessment that there are bad elements in all religions. Of course there are wonderful Muslims as you listed. Surely you know that criticizing a religion about its negative aspects is not the same as thinking all people in that faith are bad. Giving honest criticism of religion, whether to Islam Christianity or Hinduism, does not in any way whatsoever negate or deny that there is humanity in every human. Being unable to distinguish the two is a mistake that too many people make. I am able to. I do hope people are able to bond over commonalities but to do that we don’t need to pretend that all religions necessarily teach the same commonalities. I do support you in your overall effort to get people to focus on what can bring us together despite our religious backgrounds. And I do hope people of every faith will work on confronting aspects of their religion that should be discarded.

  • Hum Sanatan Dharm me paida huye hai humko apne prachin dharm par koi shak nahu. .parantu dusre dharm ki sahi baate hum mante hai apne dharm k logo dwara ki gai chuk ko nam bhi rakhte hai…oarantu muslim dharn k vyakti ko kisu dusre daham k vyaktu ko imaan laao lmaan laao me yane k usko Muslim Banane me intrest rahta hai…ya to prrm se ya jor jabri se banaya gaye dharm ja bhavishya kya hai?jito jine do ka mul mantra kisu dharm ne nahi bhulna chahuye…

  • Very nice article. I agree with Agniveer we should not care about these symbols that divide us. It does not matter who we are. We are all human beings and if we are really interested to attain spiritual knowledge, we need to seek truth and elevate ourselves. Truth is one, however, there can be many paths to attain that truth. But first, we need to remove ignorance within us. Then only we can embrace true knowledge that spreads peace and love equally to every living beings. There is only one religion for all of us and it is called Humanity. We just need to learn and recognize that. Rest of the names – hinduism, islam, christianity etc etc are just symbols.

    • It is not only symbols. Not every religion teaches the same thing. Christianity and Islam do not and never have taught that any other religion is anything but false and not a path to God. And it is not because they have been corrupted, it is how their founders made it. At best one can say everyone is trying to reach a higher power, but even that is not true for Buddhists who strive for self enlightenment not God. You should read Sam Harris and watch his videos. He is an atheist but even he understands that the fundamentals of different religions produce different results. Google him.

  • We need real students, in spite of false teachers.
    HiranyaKashipa tried to teach that he alone was god and there was no Sri Hari. But the correct devotee (his son Prahlada) deciphered that he was wrong. Unlike our apologists who might like to say that HiranyaKashipa was “misunderstood”.

    In the present context, Islam and X’anity teach what the demon HK taught in the past. You cannot sweep away the incorrectness under the garb of misunderstood algebra.

  • A sugar coated article.
    1. If a teacher teaches that earth is flat, you cannot sweep it away under the name of incorrectly understood algebra.

    2. If a religion teaches all other religions are false, and it alone is true, you cannot dismiss that it was incorrectly understood.

  • I would like to recommend the readers of this article of Agniveer to ponder over the below mentioned statement made by Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati in the end of the 14th chapter of Satyarth-Prakash i.e. Light of Truth:

    “Other sectaries also say ‘Our creed is the best, all other are bad. No one can attain salvation without accepting our faith.’ All that we believe is that truthfulness in speech, love, fellow-feeling and the like virtues, in whatever creed they may be found, are commendable; while wrangling, and harboring of jealousy and hatred, dissimulation and the like evil practices, advocated by whatsoever creed they may, are condemnable.
    If you are sincerely desirous of getting hold of truth, embrace the Vedic religion.”

    What I don’t see in this article is the hint given by Dayananda in the last sentence about the special characteristic of the Vedic dharma.

  • The message of this article is quite similar to the speech made by Swami Vivekanada published in Volume 8 of Complete work of swamiji ” Veda the religion Of future”

  • It appears my full comment was not put on here so I decided to post it in parts:


    Just wanted to add, you state you were practical. Please tell me how is it practical to have some kind of brotherhood when a religion states that they are the ones with the final and last prophet and anyone who does not believe in that will go to hell. I know you want to have peace and brotherhood as I do as well, but you couldn’t be more wrong with the tone of this article. Again I respect a lot of the work you have done, but the tone of this article has take a severe turn off of a cliff and I would suggest you redo your statements. As I said before, love the muslim, but hate islam; love the chirstian, but hate chirstianity. That is the best way to move forward to bring a true brotherhood.

    To bring people together, first the parts of a religion that teach irrational behavior, illogical ideas and thought, and out right exclusion must be removed. Below are some examples of what I’m talking about.

    Christianity: illogical that God comes just once as his son and saved man. And makes this exclusive statement that only through him, jesus, can someone reach God. Even worse no one can replicate the experience that jesus had so they cannot prove it for themselves.

    islam: illogical that there is even a prophet and further more they have the last one. And even more illogical no one can replicate the experience of that prophet for themselves, so they can prove if that experience was true. THis is just a few of the many many irrational and illogical things.


    • 1. What I stated seems most practical option today, to me. As you said, love Muslims but hate Islam. This is just word play. What you mean is that you love the majority Muslims but hate a few clergies who give fanatic interpretations. That is exactly what we propose – refuse to relate Islam with these clergies and use this symbol to represent ideology of the peaceful majority. Same in case of Christianity.

      2. As for illogical things – we made very clear that we reject illogical unverifiable things regardless of what religious name you give to it. But if you differ from us, why should I take it a personal agenda to force my opinion on you? If you want to believe in a prophet, avatar, flat earth, etc, that is your personal choice. Our fight is against only those who impose such beliefs and their symbols on others. We refuse to acknowldge them. But we should also honestly admit that all major religions (going by definition given by clergies) are party to heinous crimes. We refuse to call them as religions that are based on social or divine injustice on basis of birth or personal belief.

      If Islam means humility, we follow Islam. If Islam means all non-believers in last prophet will go to hell, then I am against Islam.
      If Christianity means monogamy and avoidance of sins, I am Christian. If it means deceitful conversion or considering Jesus as ONLY savior, I am against Christianity.
      If Hinduism means message of tolerance and wisdom as in Vedas, I am Hindu. If it means trying to defend birth-based caste system, I am greatest enemy of Hinduism.

      I am committed to go to any extent to defend the Islam, Christianity or Hinduism in first parts of these 3 previous sentences, and to demolish the Islam, Christianity and Hinduism in second parts of the same sentences.

      So depending on your choice, you may call me follower or enemy of Islam, Christianity or Hinduism. For me, these remain just symbols and I don’t care.

      • Brother Agniveer,
        And yes, both those religions do have some good things to say and no one would follow them. The point is you are trying to separate some good qualities that any religion or group has from the bad. No one is disputing the good qualities. If that religion was only made up of those good qualities, no one would have anything against those religions. The problem is the bad qualities. You are trying to separate the good and the bad and you cannot with those religions. They are permanently fused together. They are strong than a two pieces of steel melted together. Some examples that can further explain this:

        Hitler and his Nazi helped the largest number of poor people in the shorted period of time. They also murdered millions of people. Would you than call yourself a Nazi. For they are just labels, why can’t you call yourself a Nazi?

        Saddam Hussein and his Baath party brought the largest educational program in the shortest period of time. Yet he is also one of the most brutal dictators of all time. Would you call Saddam Hussein your idol or an Baath party supporter or member?

        Both those examples I gave just show that just because there are evil people that do good things does not make those evil people good. It is total and utter foolishness to believe that. Good deeds are used as WEAPONS to defend evil people’s acts. That is how evil people stay in power.

        And finally, we must be pragmatic. Use some logic here. Instead of claiming these are just words and try and to dip into some idealistic philosophy to boost one’s or group of people’s ego, we need to thing realistically. It’s easy to say, “I don’t care what the label is” and etc. But it is hard to say how things really are.

        I’m sorry Agniveer, but I couldn’t disagree with your post on this more.

        Yes, I agree with you on:

        1. Elimination of the caste system.

        2. Equality and even more important equitable relationship with men and women. I would also add helping the less fortunate and even the disabled to become functional members of our society. And even help them able to do the jobs the rest of wish to do. If that means a simple thing as giving a wheel chair access, so be it. Or even providing a hearing aid.

        3. Being a proponent of Logic, Reason, science, love, and truth

        4. No history in the Vedas

        5. God is everywhere.

        6. We take many births

        7. Everyone who came on this Earth, including Krishna, Rama, mohammed, jesus, and Buddha, were just people. Some of which did some great things. There is no such thing as a prophet, son of god, god-man, superman, x-man, or any of that junk and nonsense. ANd if someone claims they have connected with God, they just show everyone how they did it so we can reproduce it in ourselves. FOr the highest form of proof is personal connection by ourselves.

        8. And last, but not the least is showing and promoting the idea that anyone can connect directly with God the highest state of consciousness and can experience that God for themselves.

      • Brother Krishna, we thank you for your appreciation of Agniveer on various issues as listed by you. As for the point of difference, we respect that difference. However, if you consider the fact that Agniveer movement is not about complaining about present, but to mould the present towards an ambitious future, you would be better able to appreciate Agniveer’s views. Just think of the fact that Agniveer aims to promote the universal Dharma across 7 billion people. It has to start from where we are today. Now what would be best strategies for it? Yoga is sometimes called Raja Yoga because it demands you think like a king. You no more complain or describe injustice meted to you or give up frustrated, like a school boy. You grow up, take control of things, accept that whatever wrong happened to you was because of your own mistakes, and try to change realities for the ideal. Just think why Krishna is called Yogeshwar. Not everyone in Pandava army was saint and not everyone in Kaurava army was a villain. If you view from microscope, not everything he did was correct from perspective of truth. But if you view holistically, that was the best truth possible from the situation. For Agniveer, Krishna is a role model. His philosophy is our weapon. His vision is our ambition. I hope this would bring better appreciation of our efforts.

      • Agniveer,

        Do people have no rights to disagree with you? People appreciates your work. You should not feel offended.

      • Brother, we never feel offended because we don’t take anything personally. We also don’t expect everyone to agree with us. On contrary, we welcome differences. But all we do must bring out changes for better, thats our overriding objective.

  • Agniveer, I respect what you are trying to do here, but I disagree with you on this topic. Vedas do teach us to respect people, but even more important, the Vedas teach us, in my opinion, to not blur the lines so that we can’t see the virus that eats us from within. When you start painting with to large of a brush, and stating all are same or etc., you start creating confusion. Agniveer, I greatly respect you, but here I disagree with you on this.

    Yes, I do agree with the idea of harmony, but what I believe in is love the individual muslim but hate islam. Love the individual christian, but hate christianity. The individual person, no matter what faith, we should love, but it is the evil/bad ideology we should have hate for. Respect, but I disagree with you on this Agniveer.


    • 1. We have nowhere stated that all religions are equal. We instead state that we don’t even care to try to find or establish such equality or inequality.
      2. There are common intuitive traits like peace, non-violence, self-control etc that form basis of human living that in reality form the real core. We pursue these and ignore the rest which is left to personal choice.
      3. So far one is respectful and tolerant of divergence in these theological views among different humans, we don’t care. Only problem is when people take these unverifiable views and their favorite symbols too seriously so as to try imposing on others. We consider this foolish behavior.
      4. If you personally ask me, I would say each religion, as practiced in last 1000 years by majority, has its own set of superstitions and crap as well as deviations from the predominantly acceptable interpretations of original texts. It would be an exercise in vain to ascertain which is greater and which is lesser. Because if an older religion has a lesser crap, even then it compounds to a very high value over larger time duration.
      In fact, unless Hinduism throws away the trash of caste system, Islam throws away the crap of belief that all non-muslims will go to Hell, and Christianity throws away the garbage of surrender to Jesus as ONLY way for salvation and conversion being a prime agenda of religion, none of them is worth being taken seriously.

      All that should be taken seriously are the essence behind – peace, non-violence, forgiveness, tolerance, self-control, knowledge, wisdom, patience etc. Call this religion by whatever name and I am its adherant. I don;t care what name you give.

      5. As for your disagreement, I also respect your views on this.

      • @Agniveer : Would you like to be tolerated or respected? what would be the basis of that choice?
        as it does not seems that tolerance and respect go hand in hand in “today’s” world religious scenario.

      • Agnivir agni. i liked your points. however there is difference majority of Hindus, Muslims and christian are not throwing the crap you mentioned. therefore you see much disturbance. however continue your work. i wish you best.

  • Men need religion and not rational philosophy. All religions are commercial venture competing with all others. In business all is fair -no rational basis, no transparency object is growth of power , votes, money by any means .
    In Islam Mullas have pursued their self interests more cleverly, by ensuring a compulsory Friday attendance and Madarsas to indoctrinate young minds to produce ‘TRUE BELIEVERS’ , with great financial backing. Xtians have been less successful but also enjoy great financial backing. World has become more materialistic Every body wants quick rewards for his efforts here and now .
    Puranic Pandits are doing great business selling quick rewards and promises.
    Vedic ideas suffer from lack of visible material rewards here and now.
    In modern fast food, fast life who has the time to sit ,listen, reflect and understand rationality?

    • You are conflicting yourself. You have sted an example of freedom of expression, how we have been suppressed etc etc by quoting algebra lesson. Here you are asking Arun to keep it short! Please do not confuse people.

      • Kindly do not misinterpret us. The Agniveer site is moderated as per certain guidelines so that it is most useful for most. One of the policies is to limit comment length and keep page length, size and relevance under control.

        However we do strongly encourage everyone to create another site and express their views there. If relevant to visitors of Agniveer, they can post link here as well.

  • I meant ” teaches salvation is only” Auto correct changed what I meant to write.

    I don’t think you can claim to be either Christian or Muslim based on you own definition of what is either. It is rather arrogant or you to do so. If you don’t accept their defining what it is to be a Christian or a Muslim, to be a person in their faith, if you don’t believe in either Jesus as your only savior or Mohammed as the last prophet and that these two faiths are the one true faith then you are not Christian or Muslim.

    You say this to get people to be united, but too often the only people who believe this anything goes attitude are Hindus who end up not be either Christian or Muslim, or anything. At best they are barely Hindu. A jack of all trades and master of none.

  • You are wrong. It is not merely a name. The concepts being taught by different religions are NOT the same. Christianity teaches Salvationist only through accepting Jesus Christ as lord and savior. All other religions are of the devil and all infidels will burn or ever in hell. It is not a religion that teaches all religions are the same, and only the names are different. Islam teaches after Jesus there was an Arab prophet who is the last. To be a Muslim you must believe there is only Allah and Mohammed is the prophet. So important is both Allah plus Mohammed that they are both part of the shahada, what you say to convert. Same with Christianity from which it was born, Islam teaches it is the one nd only true religion and all infidels are going to burn in hell forever. It also teaches to wage jihad until the whole world is brought under Islamic rule. It does not teach all religions are the same. You may not like this but this is what religions like Christianity and Islam teaches- they are the one true faith. No amount of you wishing it will change that. Buddhism though not as militant is also different. It has its own take on spirituality focusing on enlightenment. In a way diminishing the differences of faiths is rather insulting, stripping them of their uniqueness.

  • For a Vedic follower all options are open. Agniveer did the right. We need the articles which fill the Indian Muslim also with patriotism right now. Indian Hindu, Muslim, Sikh should keep the religion behind while voting.

  • Team Agniveer:
    I’m getting page not found on some articles on your site like on Akbar,babur,test of secularism which I bookmarked.
    Just like Satyagni is this site been hacked.
    Hope my query won’t be left unanswered(or moderated) like previous one.

      • This very answer given by you contradicts what you try to preach in your article. Ideals and realities have never been same in the whole history of human kind. duality seems to be at the root of entire existance which finally exhibits as multiplicity of different orders. Therefore, in my view, such articles,though written with good purpose, have been always found ineffective. People have always
        over reacted with such ideas time and again. In the language of mathematics the problem you discuss has infinite variables with no precise initial and bounary conditions and hence unsolvable.

      • Vinod,

        Stop trying to trivialize everything. Sometimes being practical is the answer. And I think what Agniveer has posted has helped many, and I am one who has disagreed with Agniveer many times.

      • Krishnrao,
        There is no harm in being practical provided the world around you is practical on the same footing and similar ideas.

    • Agniveer is dead against Hinduism and its followings. So if you are a born Hindu(believe in nothing but vedas, shastra and Puranas) keep a vigil and inspect this site.
      Agniveer.com did not find Vedas – the first books. —- this is written in this site. you can search.
      Agniveer – if you dont believe in Hindu, muslims and christians its your headache. Why spreading it to others?

      • @Praveen

        If you dont wanna understand message of Vedas: “Manurbhava- Be human!”,
        and are hell-bent on discriminating on basis of religion, rather than on merit+intentions, then

        ——– its your headache. Why spreading it to others? ——–

      • @Praveen

        If you dont wanna understand message of Vedas: “Manurbhava- Be human!”,
        and are hell-bent on discriminating on basis of religion, rather than on merit+intentions, then

        ——— its your headache. Why spreading it to others? ———

    • Why is Indian Media blackout the Bangladeshi uprising against Jamat e islami for war atrocities in 1971 Jamat e islami even murdered a Facebook Activist who was campaiging against Jamat e islami for 1971 atrocities SICKULAR INDIAN MEDIA REALLY ROTS

    • Well Well Agniveer,
      You are to the path of Gandhiji.
      You already cut the nose of Maharishi Dayananda,
      Such a coward cannot make you an ARYAN.
      First i thought that at least Arya Samajist are Brave…………..my expectations are losed.

      Why we be freind with Dasyus ?

      Remember who are Dasyus?. Let me remind you
      Laws of Manu,”All those tribes in this world, which are excluded from (the community of) those that not Brahmans , Kshatriyas, Vaishyas or Sudras, are called Dasyu, whether they speak the language of the Mlekkhas (barbarians) or that of the Aryans.

      I rise my hand and Say,” My identfication is not a citizenship but being an Aryan. My identification is only an Aryan and nothing else.”

      Arya samaj which are famous as the protectors of Hindu society becomes same as others.

      I just wana pray,” O Maharishi Dayananda, May your soul get peace after watching such a non-Aryan like habits of Agniveer.”

      We loved our religion for you , dont be like others. Its my humble request to you.

      • Today Dasyus lives inside human being and not at separate place.
        >> We loved our religion for you , dont be like others. Its my humble request to you << what is religion ? can you elaborate ?

      • An “arya” is a character trait, it means “noble.” And to be noble is to follow the teachings of the Vedas.
        So ask yourself if you are really identifying yourself with being of noble character as taught by the Vedas.

    • I think this website is hacked becuase , agniveer supporting Dasyus…….

      May Supreme purusha provides us peace……..

      Vijanihi Aryan yah ca dasyuvo brihishmate randhya !


      • To Dasyu-hater aka hate-monger
        This is not extremist’s site. Kindly spread your hate somewhere else.
        I hope Agniveer will delete such useless comments from now.

      • @Het
        You cant tolerate our faith by mere using the word,”Extremist”.
        We Aryan love all humans of earth but that doesnot mean you will compare the supreme Vedas with any books , this is totally against Aryan’s honour.
        Agniveer is crossing his limit………. he is started comparing Vedas with other books.
        Its completely unbearable……….. dont test a Arya’s patience Agniveer.
        We are peace lovers but not so much that you kick on our head and we say nothing.
        May the supreme purusha bless us !

      • Agniveer is dead against Hinduism and its followings. So if you are a born Hindu(believe in nothing but vedas, shastra and Puranas) keep a vigil and inspect this site.
        Agniveer.com did not find Vedas – the first books. —- this is written in this site. you can search.
        Agniveer – if you dont believe in Hindu, muslims and christians its your headache. Why spreading it to others?