20 Questions for Barkha, Kejriwal, Nitish, Yechury, Rahul Baba, Arundhati and everyone else who hails Kanhaiya Kumar as next prophet.

Reality of fake-liberals exposed by Sanjeev Newar – founder of Agniveer!

A free advice at end as bonus.

To all the fake-liberals: ‘If you answer these questions correctly, you may be spared from daily thrashings.’

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Transcript of video:

“Vande Maataram,

20 questions for Kanhaiya Kumar and his fans – Barkha Dutt, Arundhati Roy, Rahul Baba, Kejriwal, Nitish etc etc. Whosoever is announcing kanhaiya Kumar as a prophet and an avatar, 20 questions for them all. Cannot guarantee spring in paradise for those who give correct answers, but they can definitely get some relief from their daily thrashings they receive.

1st question:
If freedom from poverty is required then why a member of CPI? Have the communists made Bengal the most wealthy state in last 40 years? Why is your report card so third class? And you Mr Kanhaiya Kumar, the region of Bihar you come from, Teghra constituency, for the last 50 years, its the fort of communists of CPI of which you are member. So why is there so extreme poverty and hunger? Why is the gender ratio there so less than that of India? And that too when you pretend to be emphatic supporter of women rights?

2nd question:
You give so much respect to democracy. And then communists!?! Which one communist country exists entire world where there’s not dictatorship along with communism? Do you intend to turn India into a China or a North Korea?

3rd question:
If you have so much respect for women, then why are you absolutely silent on gang rapes committed by naxalite communists with their women comrades? Why have you not spoken even a word against them till today? And why were you peeing in open by zipping down pants in presence of women?

Question 4.
Why are you singly devoted to Manusmriti, why burn Manusmriti only? According to the available translations, Quran and Bible also say derogatory things about non-Muslims and women. Where does your spirit of ‘sarva dharma sambhaav’ (all religions are equal) wander off while burning the books? In order to burn it, you have to first download from Internet, then print the copy of Manusmriti, since it’s not even available easily anywhere in markets. While Quran and Bible are available free of cost at many places! Then why this partiality in burning? Is it the case that to poke Hindus is similar to playing games on Playstation (full of fun, and safe), but are afraid of saying anything to anyone other than Hindus. Or is there some other issue…?

Question 5.
You pretend to demand azadi (freedom) for women to make any relation with anyone with or without marriage; wear any clothes they like, sleep or wake with anyone they like. So now which law of Nation is stopping anyone ?!? And why are you silent against Muslim Personal Law, where to even think about these things is a crime! According to Sharia Law, if a woman even thinks like this, then she deserves to be stoned to death according to this Sharia Law. And even today in Arab countries this happens. Or is it the case that regarding women’s marriage, you are unhappy because of some other scandal…I apologize, I meant some other reason..?

Question 6.
You want azadi to call Durga as a prostitute. For this you organize a program of Mahisasur Day. So why dont you also organize a cartoon competition for drawing Messenger? If some Kamlesh Tiwari said something to Messenger then why don’t you execute a rally in support of Kamlesh Tiwari? The way you called Durga a prostitute, he similarly happened to call Messenger something. While you are out and enjoying, that Kamlesh is in Jail for months. Against Kamlesh, rallies are happening in every corner of country where Jihadis are demanding to behead Kamlesh Tiwari! So when are you raising your voice in support of Kamlesh Tiwari’s azadi? When are you gonna challenge Jihadis like you do Hinduvadis?

Ques 7.
You respect constitution. A new slogan you have adopted of ‘Jai Samvidhan'(Hail the Constitution) after High Court’s scolding. In the very constitution’s Directive Principles, it’s mentioned to ban cattle killings. Why do you then get bouts of epilepsy? Why are you organizing beef parties?

Wy do you support terrorists like Afzal, Ashfaq, Maqbool? Why do you support Kashmir’s azadi (separation)? and if you dont, then why are you demanding release of Anirban and Umar Khalid [who have confessed to supporting these]? And if you do, then why are you doing this fake drama of respecting Nation’s constitution and law?

Will you say yourself that whosoever raised these solgans of ‘Kashmir be liberated from India!’, ‘India will be broken down to to pieces, allah willing, allah willing!’ , ‘Afzal we are ashamed that your killers are still alive!’, ‘Will achieve liberation through arms and weapons! (Bandook ke dum par lenge azadi!)’, are all traitors and pigs? That their direct or indirect supporters are enemies of nation. That they should be given strictest of punishments. When will you say this?

In Kerala, evey week there are murders being committed by your communists. Every week in Nation some RSS worker/ some BJP volunteer/ some BajrangDal worker/ some Hindu, is being killed either by Communists or by Jihadis. When will you call these Communists and Jihadis as dogs? The way your party calls the Hinduvadis as the same. When will you hold a rally to commemorate them like your party holds for commemorating Afzals and Yakubs?

For the past 70 years, communists have been abusing Netaji Subhash. Do you have the same views towards him? If not, then will you state vocally that those politicians who called Netaji Subhash as ‘kutta-gadha’, are themselves dogs and donkeys!

You accused Indian Army of rape, I can also accuse you of being a dog. Because you are way ahead of dogs in your ability to lift your leg and pee anywhere in the open! So will you accept that if Indian Army is rapist, then in terms of manners, you are worse than a dog?

Against the Muslim Personal Laws – Triple Talaq, azadi (freedom) to marry multiple wives at same time, azadi to keep concubines, freedom to not give any compensation to wife after divorce, ‘Halala’; will you raise your voice against all these, and work for liberation of women? (You would be aware of Halala; according to which if a husband even utters ‘Talaq (divorce)’ to wife even while being intoxicated, then he cannot re-accept his wife until that wife marries another man, consummates the new marriage, and then divorces her new husband, to remarry the previous husband!)

Since you are so sensitive about marital rape, when will you raise voice against muslim personal law?
Because, marital rape according to Muslim Personal Law, is a religious right of every husband! So when are you gonna hold a rally in support of Uniform Civil Code? For abolishing Muslim Personal Law? When are you gonna raise your voice so that Muslim women can get azadi from this indignity?

You percieve ‘Karva chauth’ (fasting by wives for one day in an year for their husbands) as an insult to women, while women do this with their own desire. No man intervenes or forces a woman to practice Karva chauth. So then are you gonna raise your voice against the tradition of Burkha (veil) that causes Vitmain-D deficiency in body and diseases to child [of pregnant Mothers]? Numerous studies have already proven how Burkha causes Vitmain-D deficiency in women, causes a threat to even their lives., and even the child gets bodiliy and mental weakness! And all this is forced upon the women.

You say that crores of farmers are committing suicides , then when are you gonna announce the Congress[party] and Communists as their killers? Because these are the ones who were governing the Nation for last so many years!

16th Q.
You want the azadi (freedom) to speak anything and everything you feel like – to abuse Bharat Mata, to call Indian Army a rapist army, to commemorate the terrorist extremists, to abuse Hindu culture. So if someone abuses you and your fans, and calls you a traitor, then why do you get so upset? After all, they also have the freedom [of expression]!

17th ques.
You say that since the case is in court, so we shouldn’t announce a verdict that whether or not you are a traitor. Then why did you announce your verdict against Modi ji in 2002 in Gujarat? Why did you announce your verdict in Akhalak murder against all the Hindu Organizations? Why are you even now terming the right-wing Hindus as Brahmanist, enemies of nation, communal? Let the court give it’s verdict here also. Why are you feeling the itch?

18th Q.
When you can organize parties to commemorate murderous extremists like Afzal Guru, Yakub Menon, Maqbool Butt, Ashfaq, then why do you have a problem with someone beating you up? If you have so much of kindness for these terrorists who openly committed murders of innocents, then kindly also show some kindness on those,who merely kicked/punched/slapped you! Please hold rallies for their azadi as well! Or is it so that you consider sweat of you and your extremist friends is more precious than even blood, while the blood of others hold no value for you?

19th Ques.
If you respect court and law, then why are you calling the Court as the killer of these extremists? Why are you accusing the Court and law of this Nation of judicial killing? And if you do indeed believe that court have punished the innocents, then why are you even respecting the court in first place? What is the truth here?

Last question:
You are demanding azadi (freedom) in India. From what? – From hunger? From poverty? From corruptoin? Very much appreciated! But in this azadi, from where did Maqbool Bhatt and Azfal Guru popped in all of a sudden? What new technology of mass producing cheap food did they develop? From where did the topic of ‘breaking India down to pieces’ popped in? Why did you celebrate parties to commemorate those terrorists? Or is it the case, that you are thinking, that, ‘since without the bamboo, flute will automatically cease to be played!’ and so to eliminate poverty and hunger from the country, you are planning to eliminate the country herself?

And in the end, a free advice:
Why are you repeating the same blunder? in 2002 also, in the name of Gujarat riots, you planted and spread the same illusion. Without caring about the Court, you had announced your fatwa on saffronists. You announced the very victims of Godhra massacre [response to which led to the riots] as the culprits, by saying that they themselves burned their own train coach from within! And so many more false stories were planted!

Next, you got into one single mission for 12 years straight! To somehow prove the Hindus are extremists! By 1-2 poll results, it seemed to you that you are winning in your fraud. What was the result? The person whom you all blacklisted, and stated as murderer of Muslims, is today the Prime Minisiter of Nation with full majority electoral winning, after being found innocent by Court of all charges! Your whole plan backfired completely! So now are you in search for new issues!?!

You are just randomly moving your limbs like lunatics! Sometime in Akhlakh case, sometimes in Nun-gangrape, sometimes in Church attack, sometimes through Kanhaiya Kumar’s love for terrorists!
And every time when the reality comes out in the open, you have fallen down on your face! It will be better to take leave for a nature tour! You go for nature tour, you take leave for a dhyaan! Stop eating beef.. It’s not for India’s climate; heat increases in the brain, gas increases in the stomach, and then the mind ceases to function properly! If you have to prove the government as inferior, then raise your own standards! Perform constructive actions! From which you can get respect, and the others inspiration. Give a healthy competition if you do intend to compete only. Although, if you get into constructive actions for a few days instead of bogus ones, then there’s a possibility that feelings of collaboration may generate within you instead of only competition’s!

Win your own self, win your rascality within, then win whoever and whatever you wish to! But don’t be traitor to people of your Nation! Don’t nurture and protect the traitors!

Vande Maataram!

– Agniveer

Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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  • Sanjeev,

    Wonderful list of questions but do not expect from cowards to get reply on any one of these. Traitor by definition is the one who betrays a person, a principle, or especially his/her country. You can’t expect any moral ethics, rationality or logical thinking in their behavior. These people “Barkha, Kejriwal, Nitish, Yechury, Rahul Baba, Arundhati and everyone else who hails Kanhaiya Kumar as next prophet” are cowards and greedy people who can go to any extreme to fulfill their selfish motive. I liked the word “Pigerals” for them. Please do not think that whatever these “Pigerals” are doing, it is because of their naiveness or stupidity and your questions will stir their consciousness. No, they have sold their consciousness with full awareness to gain petty gains for their selfish motives that they are trying their best to get by all their pseudo secularism and lies. Otherwise how these poor Pigerals can sustain themselves.

    Anyone who favors any person who shouts anti-india slogans is a “Traitor”. It is as simple as that. And these type of people are getting exposed now and very soon, these Pigerals will learn a big lesson from public if they are not getting punished by the courts.

  • Everything you said is fine… But why do you keep silent on betrayal of nation by RSS and BJP? Are you rooted in blind faith of brahminical superiority? Do you know who ensured fall of Kingdom that had protected us from Moslem marauders and who ensured entry of Bin Quasim into India?

    • The buddhists ensured the downfall of Bharath.All the kingds in present day Afghanistan were strongly subscribing to Buddha Dharma AKA ahimsa ,as a result they gave least importance to security.Further prior to Islam the Armoes in Bharath followed a strict code of ethics as a result the Muslim invaders had an edge,albeit through cheqting,over the kingdoms of Bharath.
      As for the so called betrayal of RSS and BJP I am not aware of what you refer to.
      Further I would like to know what people mean by Brahmanical/brahminism.Is it by any chance the higher poverty among the so called caste Brahmins?

    • If you want to know the real history, then please check this article. Unfortunately, our indian text books on history does not reveal the truth. Till now, you will find aryan invasion theory and majority of indians might be believing it in spite of the fact, it has been proved false based on many evidences.


      Shivaji has proved that the Hindus can still produce not only clerks and soldiers but rulers of men. Shivaji proved that the tree of Hinduism is not really dead – that it rose from the seemingly crushing load of centuries of attack and put forth new leaves and lifted its head to the skies.