Part 1 of exposing of Kanhaiya and supporters.
Sanjeev Newar, an IIT-IIM and founder of Agniveer rips apart Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech and his supporters like Kejriwal, Rahul, Barkha, Sardesai, Yechury. Must watch – filled with emotions, facts and arguments, that no one can refute.

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Transcript of video

“Vande Maataram friends,

Just saw Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech he gave after his jail release. And the way it’s being praised in social-media, all the hoopla of this being start of a new revolution, by celebrities and politicians- Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Sitaram Yechuri and don’t know how many more. Hence it felt like something that should be watched once, and after watching I just couldn’t let it go! Because, if good people don’t stand up to evil, don’t come out in open against it, then evil would surely win. Terrorism alone would triumph.

So through this video, I wanna send out this message of mine, in response to his speech. The points he has raised in his speech, which are being lauded, I wanna comment over these and want to present this before you, that how traitorship is being glamorized and advertised as a fashion-statement.

So firstly, lets start with the fact that the very start of their speech is through the slogans of ‘lal salaam (red salute)’ and after that they claim, that ‘We are here to fulfill the dream of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar’. So friends let me tell you, that to take Dr Ambedkar’s name with a red salute, is equivalent to taking Mahatma Gandhi’s name with a terrorist extremist! Because historically, among greatest critics of communists, if there is one who has most criticized, has refused to work with communists, then he is Ambedkar ji. So by using name of Dr Ambedkar with communists, they have first of all made a mockery of Dr Ambedkar. And after this they start with dialogs and slogans of ‘Hamein chahiye azadi azadi azadi!'(We want liberation!), which are exact imitation of slogans which Kashmiri-separatists and terrorist fundamentalists raise in Kashmir with the mission of separating Kashmir from India… There’s no originality of theirs’ in this, but this does inform us about their source of inspiration.

After this they say that they will get justice to Rohit Vemula. What justice are they talking about? Rohit Vemula committed suicide, and in his suicide note, he only expressed that I do not blame any one as culprit, but that there exist some traitors sitting within our very ‘Ambedkar Student Association’. So then, are they gonna do the justice by finding out these traitors? Do they wanna bring justice by raising their voice against anti-national activities committed by Ambedkar Student Association? They haven’t clarified anything regarding this. But because Rohit Vemula has become a viral topic, so using his name while delivering speech becomes a fashion statement!

Then they talk about the Constitution, the Democracy. That they have confidence in Nation’s Constitution, and that they have confidence in Democracy. Now when such things are heard coming out of a communist’s mouth, it’s plain funny. Because there’s not a single communist country where there’s any value for Democracy/ Freedom of Speech . You may see how in Russia, people had gotten so much fed up with legacy of their communist role models Lenin and Stalin that ultimately, they were forced to break their idols in the process of breaking free from their communism. You may see North Korea, another communist-state. You may see China and how much of Freedom of Expression exists there! And then you may observe our India.

So communism itself means that all kinds of freedom be on one side, and just dictatorship rules! And when they say that ‘We’ll bring revolution! We’ll bring transformation!’ perhaps they are hinting in this direction only. One more thing I would like to add, that it’s almost a nature of communists, and it’s not their fault actually.. That their supreme gurus Marx et al while anti-British, were even more anti to history and culture of India. They had written a lot against it. And because of their thorough investigating process(!!!), they executed while sitting there in Germany itself(!!!), they published their criticism of Indian culture and history. And so for these communists, it’s like a Message of their Messenger for them! KarlMarx is their Messenger only, and this is the Message for them, “that in whatever way you can abuse and criticize India, Indian-culture, Indian-spiritualism, Indian-philosophy, sometimes under the pretense of casteism, other times under the pretense of superstitions, ‘lack-of-science’ etc, it’s very good for you!”

This is why you’ll see all communists, in some form or the other, almost always adopt an attitude of insult and criticism towards our culture and history (the history before invasions in medieval era). You can see their books which the JNU ‘intellectuals’ have published. You can see Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech, their previous speeches. You can see this in their insult of Durga Ma, the way they celebrated ‘Mahisasur-day’, and then by their insensitive perverted daring to present Durga Ma as a prostitute! You can see old FB posts of Rohit Vemula about whom there’s so much of hype currrently. Then you can see how they didn’t spare even Dr APJ Abdul Kalam with their abuses! Only reasons being- that he believed in concept of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhaava’ (that their are exist different paths towards same Ultimate goal, which should coexist respectfully), he even used to visit temples, he claimed to have been inspired by Geeta. And thus, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam became their biggest enemy! So this is attitude of Communists towards India. And it’s not just limited to this.

You may already be aware about this thing. And if not, let me tell you, that in the 1962- India-China war, these very Communist Party of India (CPI) leaders, whom these communists represent, supported China instead of India. And their great leaders, who are role models for them, used to say that, “For a Communist, Communism always comes before his Nation”. And due to this, they have used terms like dog, donkey and what not, for even Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose!

So this is the Communist history and ideology. And so because of this, you can expect everything from communist ideology people of JNU etc but, if you are expecting nationalism from them, then there can’t be anything more silly.

Also, another funny thing is that his own name is Kanhaiya! Which is a name of Shri Krishna, who is a Role-model and God in our nation and culture. Parents named him as ‘Kanhaiya’, but these people derive pleasure by working against their own name, their roots, their very identity. What can be a bigger mockery!

Then he said, ‘Modi ji gives loads of ‘Jumlas’(Misleading oratory)’. Now if we talk about Jumlas, then is it not Jumla what Kanhaiya ji said in his speech? He says Modi ji gave a Jumla by saying each person will get 15 lakh rs in their accounts. And I will not comment anything on subject of Govt – what process is going on, what was the context etc. But in this speech, just after this remark, Kanhaiya says that “Crores of farmers are committing suicide”. Now is this not a jumla? So you are saying that in a population of 125 crore, 1 crore farmers committed suicide in last 2 years of Modi govt which came to power in 2014!?! What are your evidence and statistics behind this? Where did you get it from to claim so? And if not, then what is it if not a jumla!

You said that you stand with Modi ji in the slogan of ‘Satyam-eva-jayate’ (Truth alone triumphs). So will you accept the truth, that this ‘1-Crore-farmers’ thing which you said is not a truth but a lie?
And since you have brought in the ‘truth’, we will discuss further as well, that on which points you should be accepting your mistakes by following ‘satyam-eva-jayate’, and apologize. And if you really have so much confidence on ‘satyam-eva-jayate’, then you should be repenting by going back to jail and completing your term there!

Further in speech he (by bringing in name of a politician maybe…) was discussing about how many condoms we get in JNU. Now, what a politician said about condoms in JNU, why he said it; we can surely discuss upon it separately. But just a few days back, a journalist fan of yours tweeted, ” I spent morning in JNU,.. spoke to boys facing sedition. Found no condoms..” No, I am not joking. I am saying this because JNU communists and their supporters have actually been showing such absurdity for quite some time now. And as they say, “Those who have glass-walled houses, shouldn’t throw stones at others”. So let that journalist, Kanhaiya Kumar and their supporters think about this.

He spoke about Soldiers. Some politician had previously commented about death of Soldiers. So Kanhaiya says, “Is he your own son?” Let me tell to you what a Soldier is. Every Soldier is my own Brother. Every Soldier is my Father. And every Soldier is my Mother as well. Each Soldier is my everything! Reason being- I am alive and breathing today, just because the Soldier on border takes the bullet to save me from it. And a Soldier is no way responsible for farmer suicides. Farmers were committing suicide, even before the politician you are talking about came into power. Your salutations of red-salute still existed at that time, but in vain! While a Soldier has protected our lives by sacrificing his.

Now the topic of debate was your behudi. Yes this is exactly what I call it. Celebrating in honor of terrorists, connecting Durga Devi with Mahisasur in an obscene manner, abusing Abdul Kalam; what else is all this if not behudi? And when the topic is your behudi, why are you bringing in the topic of ‘farmer-suicides’? And what have you done, if anything at all for Rural-development? How many parties have you organized for welfare of farmers? What’s your net contribution towards farmers and rural-development? All this Jumlabazi you have done is just for the terrorists. All your seminars are on topics of ‘why Kashmir should be separated from India’ et al. And when the court warned you not to talk about separatism of Nation, then suddenly you start crying for farmers!

You said admission is not easy in JNU. Let me inform you I come from IIT-IIM, and admission is not easy there as well! But there’s a difference between JNU and IIT-IIMs. The time you spend in delivering jumlas and dialogs, and in unionism to break down the Nation to further your own political interests, that time is utilized by IIT-IIM people in studying, striving, researching; so as to be able to contribute to Nation. And they do it with gratitude towards their Nation, for the investments the Nation has made upon them. If it’s tough for you to see beyond JNU, then for a person like me, it’s not easy to forget those people who took bullets in their chest so that we may continue living. For people like me, it’s tough to let go of memories of those Soldiers who take bullets, so that people like Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon can spread terrorism, so that people like you can become their defenders! And you are the people who gather and strengthen the support base for terror activities sourced from across the border. For people like you, our Soldiers are taking bullets. And I cannot forget them, I won’t forget them.

While you were busy partying in name of Afzal Guru, 10 soldiers were making the supreme sacrifice in Siachen. This may not be of much importance to you, unless of course you are seeing this as an opportune moment to claim as to why Kashmir should be separated from India! But for people like me, it’s a huge debt to Soldiers. Because if they do not make the sacrifice, numerous of us [civilians] and our family members would be getting killed.

>So while your red salute is for communists only, Soldiers give their red salute to this Nation. Your red salute symbolizes your devotion to the red flag of communism. While Soldiers’ red salute symbolizes color of their blood and sacrifice through which they salute their Nation! And in return for this, whatever we can do for these soldiers, can never be much!
And the moment when someone like you talks about Soldiers in this way, that – “You remember Soldiers ‘BUT’!” So now you dare to just drown away all the sacrifice of your Soldiers with a BUT ?!? Then I too can say that, “Hey, although your speech was full of dialogs BUT, you are a donkey!” This ‘BUT’ technique is a psychology trick that, when you have to roughly criticize someone, you do so by stating all his positives before a ‘BUT’, so that everything before this BUT does not retain any value. You better apply such tactics of yours on others, but the moment you start using these on Soldiers, a person like me would not be able to let go! And crores of people like me will rise and come forward to destroy this entire traitorship of JNU communists and gang.

You said that people study science but do not understand it. Then you gave a scientific example that the more you press, more the pressure will increase. That was funny the way you described it, and I doubted your being a student of science by such a scientific jumla demonstration of yours! Otherwise, you couldn’t have uttered such a nonsensical dialog. I highly doubt if you can even define the term pressure properly.
Then I searched for the scientific field in which you are researching in JNU, and got to know that it is ‘African Studies’. Then I got a question in mind and if you and your friends have an answer, I request you to please send me and share with rest of the people as well. That if your PhD is in African Studies and you’re getting stipend from JNU for African-studies, then what have you done for welfare and support of Africa and it’s people? And if you are busy in African Studies, then how come all of a sudden, this supporting of Afzal Guru, Yakub Menon, JKLF (J&K Liberation Front) became your prime focus!?!

Reality is that you were a Communist party student leader in Bihar and because JNU is a well established communist fort, so you thought (and yes it’s a whole Modus Operandi, an entire racket that communists operate, to get communist students admitted though some unfair means in some or the other PhD program in JNU) to work politically from JNU. And because in some of these programs, there aren’t many students interested, so it’s easy to get a seat. And you work here to further your own political career, your anti-national ideology, by using Nation’s tax-payers’ money. This PhD is just an excuse for you to stay in JNU. Some will be found doing PhD in African Studies, some in Chinese Studies and so on. While in reality, you take admission just for the purpose of furthering your own political interests.

You said in a very appealing manner that, “Falsehood can be demonstrated as truth by repetitions, but Truth cannot be demonstrated as a Lie in any way” which earned you a lot of applause. But truth is, that even Truth can be made a Lie by repeating a thousand times. And you presently, are just making Truth of Dr Ambedkar a Lie, by trying to associate your CPI- Communist mindset with Dr Ambedkar. You are presenting Truth of Dr Ambedkar as a Lie of communists. As I gave an example before, Baba Saheb Ambedkar was the greatest critic of Communists in modern Indian History. Secondly, the Kashmiri-separatism you are talking about, Baba Saheb Ambedkar had a clear stand on this Kashmir issue that, in no way should the terrorism allowed to be imported through Kashmir into India. Once it so happened that Nehru gave a suggestion to dig up tunnels around Kashmir. Baba Saheb Ambedkar opposed Nehru on the grounds that it may allow the enemies of Nation from Pakistan and China, those aspiring for Kashmiri-separatism, to use these tunnels to get into and destroy India.

Let me tell one more fact that the way you are raising slogans in favor of Kashmiri separatism along with Umar Khalid and other tatpunjiyas, where you are talking about maintaining article 370, Baba Saheb Ambedkar was against it. When article 370 was taken up by Nehru, Baba Saheb Ambedkar clearly said that this has happened ‘illegally’ and against his wishes (he was the law-minister). He has been greatest critic of article 370 in past.

Dr Ambedkar had strong views about the Islamic terrorism even at that time, which we are facing today. He had foretold about it’s impact. At one time, he even said that we should partition Kashmir. But, the logic he gave behind partition was not that Pakistan has a right over Kashmir. He said that Kashmir has two regions. In the region of Jammu&Ladakh, Buddhists and Hindus are majority. And in Kashmir Valley region, Muslims form majority. And he was afraid that if we didn’t partition, then the separatist elements among the Muslims of Kashmir Valley region will not let the Hindus and Buddhists of Jammu&Ladakh region to live in peace. That they will spread out terror in entire India. He had said that the way atrocities were committed upon Hindus of east-Pakistan, it should not happen here in Jammu-Ladakh, so the Kashmir be partitioned out. This actually was the logic given by him.

He was against caste system. The Manuwad you talk about. I will again discuss upon this topic, but Dr Ambedkar said that something even worse than caste-system is found in Mulsim society of India. While Manusmriti’s or caste-system’s evil practices as found in Hindu society, are also found in Muslim society. But along with that, evils such as to keep concubines, to keep slaves, to marry more than one wife also exist due to which, condition of women in Musilm society is worse than any other society. And because of this, while adopting Buddhist faith he even said that , “I want to accept a faith which is of India”. And the logic was that Islamic terrorism, Kashmiri separatism are huge enemies of India. And now you are trying to present this Truth as a Lie for your CPI mission.

Further in speech you spoke about ‘Ram-mandir’ topic. You said, “Since God is everywhere, at every point, so why bother about building Mandir (temple)?” Now this logic applies to Mosques also. Let me tell you that the Ram-mandir movement is not based on whether God is everywhere or not. It started because a homosexual terrorist named Babur came to India (who had a lover named Babri for which he has written poems in his autobiography), and he constructed Babri Mosque by destroying an existing temple. Is this justified? From perspective of Dr Ambedkar, people like Babur were no more than a pyscho terrorist. But because you communists specialize in presenting truth as lie, the mirror for you here is that, if you oppose Ram-Mandir on logic of ‘God is everywhere’, then you will be considered true to your own ideology, if and only if, you were opposing existence of every Mosque as well.

Truth is, that Ram-Mandir should be constructed because Babur had destroyed the same, and this is an insult of Nation. It has got nothing to do with whether God is everywhere or not.

Secondly, let me tell you that people don’t visit temples by thinking about your moronic logic that ‘Since God is everywhere, then what’s the use of visiting temples?’ Purpose of temples is to have a place where you can sit in a location and think about God. Perhaps the same is the purpose behind construction of Mosques as well. And if you have any problem regarding this, then first dare to comment like this upon Mosques by visiting Kashmir, there are a lot of Dargahs etc there. Go there and dare to speak to them, that “Since Allah is everywhere, hence destroy this place of worship”. Go and say this in Haji Ali, go and say it in Mecca; and then you will realize where you end up!
All I mean to say to you is, don’t limit your double standards to Hindus alone. If you believe in something, then believe with the spirit of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhaav’ (that their exist different paths towards same Ultimate goal, which should coexist respectfully).

Then you vocally invited Dr Subramanium Swami to ‘discuss things with you, but with logic’. Okay. So I here, am also inviting you to prove with ‘logic’ that :
-Why APJ Abdul Kalam was ‘dumb’?
-Why Yakub Menon is a hero?
-Why are you gonna produce an Afzal from every household?
-Why should Kashmir be separated?
-Why you hate Hinduism so much, but when it comes to being vocal against evils in Islam, you become tongue-tied by fear.

If you want to discuss about these issues, you are most welcome. I am in Delhi, so are you. Let us do a program, lets do it in your own JNU. Tell the time and date. And the way you had setup media for your speech, call the media in same manner, we can do all the question- answering. And then we will see what is correct ‘logically’! If you have guts, that is.

At the end of speech you saluted (your red salute) to comrade Umar, comrade Anirban etc. These so-called comrades of yours have accepted making pro-afzal posters. They have praised Yakub Menon as well in past, the terrorist because of whom 300 people were killed in Bombay. These comrades of yours have warned India that every household will produce Afzal Guru, who was responsible for attack on Parliament ( who’s connections with extremists in Pakistan were clearly proved), and that by doing this, India will be destroyed. Now please prove ‘logically’ why they are correct!

And if you indeed believe in Indian Judiciary, Constitution, and if you have the courage, then dare to abuse Afzal, dare to abuse Yakub. And dare to say openly that if anyone has raised even one slogan in support of Afzal/ Yakub, then he is a traitor, dog, anti-national; rather than saying such things about Subhash Chandra Bose like your CPI ideologs believed and still believe.

You didn’t even touch about Yakub/ Afzal in your entire speech by saying that this topic is sub-judice. But you also at the end of your speech gave a salute to separatists like Umar so that interested people can understand your actual intentions through your hints. This clearly shows that you are a terrorist supporter. But because court gave you a warning, so you are now suddenly pretending to love Nation’s Flag and Constitution!

These are merely crocodile tears. Reality is that people like you are supportive of terrorism, are a threat to Nation, were supporting China in 1962 war, were abusing Subhash Chandra Bose in 1945, and because of people like you there happens a Paris attack, a Pathankot attack, a Mumbai attack. For these terrorist extremists, all mechanism for nutrition, support, feed etc is run by people like you.

As I said, Dr Ambedkar’s all views are against everything Kanhaiya and Rohit Vemula are, were claiming as Dr Ambedkar’s . I would like to tell you about Rohit Vemula. He committed suicide but this doesn’t make anyone a hero. His views were improper. If you see his FB posts, the moment he came to his University, his radicalization began. He came under the effect of terrorist elements and was starting to act anti-national. He used to abuse APJ Abdul Kalam, used to support Yakub Menon, abuse culture of Nation, support Kashmiri separatism and that too very vehemently. And perhaps while doing all this, somewhere down the road he realized the hollowness of so-called Ambedkar followers, and committed suicide. This is a matter of grief. This is an example of how a sensible student can be made an animal by fake-Ambedkar-ism. But just because he committed suicide, doesn’t make all that he expressed as correct.

And you were raising this slogan again and again (even Rohit was doing so) that “We will end this rubbish ‘Manuvaad’!” Firstly, on this Manuvaad, you arranged a program a few days back to burn Manusmriti. My question here is why are you so much against Manusmriti. You will say that in Manusmriti there are a lot of demeaning concepts about about so called Dalits, on caste-system, about women.

A few points about this. Firstly, all the demeaning concepts in Manusmriti you read are all adulterations. We have presented entire analysis on that Manu’s actual views regarding women, shudras were such that none else can match its level of concepts of liberalism and equality . Manu went to the extent of stating that if for a particular crime, if there’s a punishment of 1 paisa for a shudra, then it should be 10 paisa for a brahman, and 10000 paisa for king. One more thing to note here- shudra as meant by Manu, is not some one born in any particular community, but simple a person who is uneducated. And this concept of shudra being used for a person born in a particular community, came into practice a long time after Manusmriti was written. This birth-based caste-system is an evil-practice. And if you read the unadulterated portions of ManuSmriti, you will find that it’s actually opposed to this very evil-practice of birth-based casteism. How and when this evil got into our society can be another topic of historical discussion which I won’t go into right now. But yes, you can find a lot of references on our website in our analysis of this topic, that the Casteism which you associate with ManuSmriti is actually not even a part of ManuSmriti.

But even if you insist casteism to be a part of ManuSmriti, and it seems to you that I am somehow trying to escape, then also I say, “Why are you so paranoid about ManuSmriti? Is ManuSmriti a religious text of any significance for the Hindus? If yes, then tell me how many households do you find Manusmriti in? I claim that 90% of Hindus, even the so-called upper castes would not even have heard of something called Manusmriti. Even if you go for buying it in common shops and ask for a Manusmriti, 90% of the sellers will say, “Come again, what?!?” Because ManuSmriti is not a text of any significance for the Hindus. ManuSmriti is only one of the many Smritis which have been written, and these Smritis in any case, do not even form the foundation of Hinduism. You may find texts like Ramcharitmanas and other such worship-related texts in Hindu households, but you won’t find a Manusmriti.

So when the book is neither taken seriously by Hindus, nor is even available easily, nor is the Hinduism’s framework based upon it, then why the hell are you hating entire Hindu community based on this book? Secondly, if you say that ‘ManuSmriti IS a religious text for Hindus (which it is not), then what are your views on Quran? If you can criticize ManuSmriti, then why not Quran? Baba Saheb Ambedkar did it. He said that although some good things are there in Quran, but it has NOT opposed concepts of slavery, polygamy, concubines, [triple talaq] etc. And because of this, he was against Quran as well, on this ideological basis. So if you are indeed criticizing with an objective of societal transformation, do you have the guts and courage to burn Quran as well? No.

And I myself am also completely against burning Quran. Because every religious book seems to have its purpose in its era. It’s my belief that you should always take only the essence of a religious text, [rather than taking it literally]. And if a set of people have feelings and emotions for a particular religious text, then you should not mock their emotions, but rather present your own ideology freely before the world if you so desire. I am clearly and completely against burning of any religious text. But, if you can burn ManuSmriti by calling it a religious text of Hindus, then can you demonstrate your guts and courage by burning Quran? Since your role-model (as you claim him to be) openly condemned the wrongs in both these texts?

You oppose Savarkar ideology. So let me tell you that Dr Ambedkar himself supported that brand of Hindutva which Savarkar represented. He went on to the extent of stating that every section of society including the so called Dalits should be a part of Savarkar brand of Hindutva. He very clearly said this while talking about equality. Savarkar also said the same. That by destroying caste system, a caste-less society should be formed and every Hindu must be a part of it. Dr Ambedkar supported this. Dr Ambedkar later grew apart [from Hindutva] because this proposed social system had not received the acceptance from the society as a whole at that time. And the forces responsible for not supporting this proposed caste-less society were NOT the so-called right wings of present. RSS never supported Brahmanism. Dr Ambedkar visited RSS shakhas and stated, that – ” I see equality here” He was indeed happy with RSS. Support for Casteism was actually from the Congress party of Rahul Gandhi who has supported you in JNU. This is the reason why Savarkar had difference of opinions with Congress party leaders.

So if you talk about Hindus of today except a few exceptions, the mainstream Hindus, they believe in that version of Hinduism, which has no place for Casteism in it. A common Hindu like me in his daily behavior while meeting people, while sitting with people for work, while doing business dealings with people, while communicating with people, while visiting shops et al; neither does he observe whether the person in front is upper/ lower caste, or Hindu/ Muslim/ Christian, he just sees that he is a Human! So the Manuvaad which you talk about was not even there in times of Manu, and at present, it’s absolutely non-existent!

What you have actually done here is, that you have created an imaginary enemy. Like they say in psychology, that ‘if you hate your boss very much, since you obviously can’t afford the courage to beat him up, so buy a soft-toy-dummy. Place it in front of you, and whenever you get some time, beat that the hell out of that dummy through punches and kicks, abuse it with all your heart! Keep a slate with you where you can write abuses for your boss and then erase it, and you will feel lighter as a result!’ In reality, this slate and dummy are obviously nowhere related to your boss. Similarly, your so-called Manuvaad and so called Dalit oppression is nowhere related with the reality of present era Hindu society. The instances you label as Manuvaadi and so called Dalit oppression are in actual no way connected to or because of them.
< a href=””>The real Manu Smriti

Talking about Rohit Vemula, the case on him was running not because he was a so-called Dalit. It was because he hosted a party for Yakub Menon (the way you hosted a party for Afzal), had supported Yakub openly and made posters saying “If you kill one Yakub, every household will produce a Yakub” (like you have done with Afzal). So this case was against terrorism and it’s supporters, and every person of this country is united against this terrorism.

257 persons had lost their lives in that Mumbai attack! 257 families were torn apart! And to make a joke out of it, and to support it, is nothing more than traitorship. Until we APPLY zero-tolerance towards this traitorship (and I am reiterating the views of Dr Ambedkar only), it will be extremely difficult to safegaurd this Nation.

If we talk about your communists, as I said, speaking of Communism along side Dr Ambedkar is a joke. I wanna ask again from you, “Which Communist country has free speech?” If we talk about role model of your CPI, China. Let me tell you through an example that in China, situation is such, that Maulvis are forcibly made to dance after being dragged out of their Mosques, because dancing is haram (prohibited) in Islam. This is the state of free speech in China. And you have them as role models! These CPI communists are those who used to call Netaji Subhash as dog. And these so-called right wing groups you talk about (RSS et al), they consider Subhash Chandra Bose as a role-model.

Let me now come to the point where you expressed your difference of opinion against GOI and Modi. It’s absolutely necessary to express differences and that’s why we have the concept of opposition in our nation’s political system and this is part of a Democracy. You and I can have our difference of opinion with everyone. I can differ with Modi, Irani and everyone.

But, the thing here is, that with these RSS people, with Modi, with Irani etc, I do NOT doubt their nationalism at all. But the way your JNU activities and your speech has received support, I say this with confidence – That I cannot claim confidence in nationalism of Kejriwal, in nationalism of Sitaram Yechuri, of Prashant Bhushan, for Rahul Gandhi as well.

Wait, I apologize. I will not say anything about Rahul Gandhi because he doesn’t even know himself what he is speaking. It seems that perhaps because his time gets utilized in watching Pokemon, Doremon, Tom-n-Jerry etc; his speeches are prepared by someone else. Until his speech goes along a topic of discussion, according to the prepared script, it seems a bit alright. But the moment it gets even a bit off the topic, well I won’t go into that, because Youtube already has loads of videos on this. I cannot doubt his intentions. His intentions most probably don’t even exist. I don’t know..

But yes, all those politicians and journalists who have supported Kanhaiya and gang, I personally believe that they can potentially be terrorist supporters. I am unaware about their hidden agendas. Because the way they have tried to describe this open support of terrorists as freedom of speech, is a huge mockery of Dr Ambedkar, of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, of Mahatma Gandhi, of Nation’s freedom-fighters. And for them, this is nothing but a medium for supporting terrorists and their attacks.

I have a difference of opinion with High court regarding their decision to grant you bail. I have a difference of opinion against this whole case which was proceeding. Because the major topic of case was whether or not Kanhaiya Kumar raised the slogan or not. But the issue is NOT whether he has [personally] raised the slogan or not. Issue is whether as a student union’s leader, he opposed this or not. Can he openly say that whoever did raise the slogan is a bloody bastard? No.

World’s largest man-hunt was executed after Osama Bin Laden. Although he did not himself pilot the plane which crashed into Twin Towers on 9/11 (otherwise he would have already reached heaven with virgins as per his own ideology). He was just sitting in a discrete corner of Afghanistan where he had internet access. Still the man-hunt was executed after him. Why? Because he was responsible for the attack. Because he was the master mind behind it.

Similarly, what’s important here is that if you’re are raising slogan of salute for your comrades Umar et al, who have accepted to have openly supporting Afzals and Yakubs. If in front of you, and with your permission, such a program tokes place, then this in my opinion is enough to grab you and put you in Jail for sedition.

JNU has tough admission process like I said, and I am also from IIT-IIM. Admission process is tough, much more than JNU. And this is why, while you’re busy doing Jumla-baazi ( misleading oratory ), people like me are busy trying to contribute to Nation’s progress. ‘How can I give back to my country?’ is our mantra. So when you’re busy supporting terrorists like Yakub and Afzals, I spend my time developing missile technology, drones, in capturing terrorists, in those mechanisms which can help prevent incidents like Pathankot. And I am happy that in return of what my country has given me, I am being able to pay my country back.

You spoke about farmers. I don’t know what other than jumlebaazi you have done for farmers. But people like me research on ways to improve yield and earnings of a farmer. And try to help farmers with this research. And we do this, because we have to give back to this country.

While you consider jumlebaazi , lip-service and supporting terrorists as your Dharma (duty); to strengthen this Nation is my Dharma.

Had Dr Ambedkar been alive today, he himself would have been your greatest critic.

You said you have faith in Constitution. If so, the Directive Principles of this very constitution states that “Cow killng should be banned”. Then do you organize beef-parties to honor this Constitution!?! When Constitution has declared that Cow-killing is to be prohibited. And constitution itself says to not hurt anyone’s harmless personal faith. Directive Principles say not to kill cattle and when a law is enacted upon it, then why do you conduct beef-parties?

You expressed so much grief for Rohit Vemula. I ask, when Prashant Poojari was hacked to death by psycho jihadis, why didn’t you even comment on that?

When your CPI party workers (who dored salute just like you), killed a 26 year old RSS worker infront of his aged parents, why was your voice not raised there? Where did your love towards Nation, Constitution, towards weak and helpless suddenly vanish?

You say it’s your dream to see child of President and Peon studying in same school. I wanna ask how many communist leaders have their children studying in govt schools? As far as studying under one roof is concerned, all national colleges like IITs, IIMs, IISc, NITs etc have this system where all students whether they be children of President or Peon or an Orphan, feel proud to study together without any discrimination/ prejudice.

You said your household expenses are covered in 3000rs per month. There are numerous such cases who are financially supported by the public of this Nation. JNU also receives its funds from MHRD, GOI, through tax-payers’ money. You should be grateful to them . JNU is not supporting you by running some business of it’s own. People like us only are supporting you through GOI. And if you had been in some other University, there also you would have received stipend.

But in return of the stipend, if instead of studying , you raise slogans of separatism against the nation, support the separatists, by insulting Dr Ambedkar, Father of Indian Constitution, if you support Jehadis, terrorists, separatists, in the name of supporting Communists and CPI; then the nation cannot tolerate this nonsense of yours.

You talked about freedom from Manuvaad, Brahmanism! Perhaps in the name of this freedom from Brahmanism, you and your separatist friends cleaned off the Brahmans from Kashmir! Kashmiri Pandits had to flee from there! What’s your future plan? To repeat what you did in Kashmir, in UP? In Punjab? You talk about freedom from Brahmanism, when are you gonna start talking about freedom from Jihadism ? Freedom from terrorism? Freedom from separatism?

Finally I want to ask what’s conclusion from this speech of yours which is just full of Jumlebaazi? What do you want to prove? And I would like to ask those politicians as well who have whole heartedly praised and supported this, that through this, what model do you wanna put forth? The freedom we have got, freedom from slavery of a thousand years, so many have payed for it with their blood, with sacrificing of their lives, by putting their families at risk. And even today, many people are busy in building-up this nation by sacrificing their comforts and luxuries.

I request you all – Don’t just give away this nation of ours to terrorists under an illusionary shadow of so-called freedom of speech!

And yes, if you support terrorists under the garb of freedom of speech, then people like me will also come out in the open. The way some political party leaders have supported this, I am not one bit shy in saying that I have doubt on nationalism of those parties [who have supported Kanhaiya and gang]. I don’t know when they can sell away the Nation into terrorist hands. The ways they can sell away the Nation, I don’t know. The way terror attacks are happening. The way groups like ISIS have created such wide empires, the way separatism is happening all around, the way incidents like Pathankot just happen away; what’s coming in future, situations are looking dark if people like us don’t stand up and rise.

I appeal to people that if you have any kind of plans to go into politics, then definitely go, but please don’t go into those parties which have supported this terrorism under the garb of so-called freedom of speech, and the parties who are shy to oppose them in the name of freedom of speech. I am stating very clearly- Those Kejriwals, those Rahul Gandhis, those Sitaram Yechuris, and all others who have supported this, I have doubt on their nationalism. Analytics is my profession, and with all my experience I am saying this. I would say, join any party you want but not those supporting terrorists.

And people like me are clearly and openly saying to you that if you support terrorism shamelessly, if you try to strengthen the enemies of nation shamelessly in the name of freedom of speech, if you insult Soldiers of nation, then people like me also would openly come forward.
Today I have come forward through this video recording, before this I came forward with articles on, and in future I will come forward even more vehemently, whenever in this country people like Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar, Anirban, and along with them the way people like Kejriwal and Gandhi and Barkha and Rajdeep ..with their ever changing forms come out in open to support terrorism, to support Jihad; then people like me will come forward even more vehemently, to save this Nation!

मन समर्पित तन समर्पित और यह जीवन समर्पित
‘Dedicated mind, dedicated body, and is dedicated this very life,

चाहता हूँ देश की मिट्टी तुझे कुछ और भी दूं |
Am desirous O Motherland! to give something more to you.

माँ तुम्हारा ऋण बहुत है मैं अकिंचन
Am indebted tremendously to you O Mother! while being in a humble state myself,

किन्तु फिर भी कर रहा यह निवेदन
Even then am requesting just this,

थाल में लाऊं सजा के भाल (मस्तक) जब
That when finally I bring my forehead decorated on a plate to you,

कर लेना स्वीकार दयाकर यह समर्पण |
Kindly do accept then, my devoted offering!

वन्दे मातरम!
Vande Maataram!”

– Agniveer


Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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