This is full version of IIT-IIMian (Sanjeev) cutting down Kanhaiya Kumar’s hate speech to the size it deserves.
Sanjeev analyzes
– why Kanhaiya hates Bharat Mata
– why fined for women harassment
– allegation of rape on Indian army
– why he is doing PhD on African studies
– why he hates Modi so much
– why he has soft-corner for rapists
– pain over media and politicians worshipping Kanhaiya Kumar

Transcript of video

“Vande Maataram friends,

I once again gathered courage and watched the ‘entire’ hate speech of Kanhaiya against the Indian Army. Very start of speech is with an objection to why we shout slogans of only ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ when we can also say ‘Bharat ke Pitaon ki jai, Bharat ke Transgenders ki jai’ etc. This clearly shows his mental capacity. Because when we say ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’, every child knows that we mean ‘Victory to India whom we are referring to as our Mother’ and not ‘victory to Mothers of India’! If you wanna say victory to India by referring to India as your Father, or as your sister, you’re most welcome!

But you [Kanhaiya] may have an objection to referring to India as sister because the point which repeatedly comes in your speech is ‘Why should we see women as Mothers and sisters only? Aren’t there other kind of relationships?’ Definitely there are other kind of relationships. Just yesterday information came through news channels that you were fined 3000rs 9 months back because you were spearheading a movement for ‘azadi for peeing in public’ in presence of women. When a women got indignant by this indecency of yours, and objected to it, then you indecently abused her back, since ‘there are other relations than Mother and sister!’ as you said.

So it’s clear what relations you’re taking about. You have repeatedly said in speech that your opponents use binary logic to defame you. You said that if there happen day and night, then then there also exist dawn and dusk. Then by using the very same binary logic however, you don’t shy away from abusing brave son’s of our soil, Soldiers of Indian Army. You say, that ‘while respecting Indian Army, I want to say that rapes are committed in Kashmir by Indian Army soldiers.’

Now my question to you is this, and while only you can tell your state of mind, but my psychological analysis concludes that it’s matter of serious concern. Question is that if rapes are infact being committed by Indian Army, then why are you respecting them !?! This implies either you are lying, or else you have soft corner towards rapists.
(Freudian slip- hidden intentions come out sometimes unintentionally while conversing.) So if I translate according to your use of language, then you are saying that, ‘While respecting the rapists I want to say that women are raped by rapists!’ This implies you respect rapists! This is very much legitimate for you because the number of instances of rapes in areas dominated by your communist party leaders, is in itself evidence enough for attitude of communist leaders towards women and their culprits. Even in Naxalite movements, the way the Naxalites behave with their women comrades is within the public domain only. And the way you spearheaded the movement for ‘azadi for peeing in public’ by zipping down your pants anywhere anytime even in presence of women, your attitude towards women become clear.

And this even hints the root cause of your intense hatred towards Modi. Your problem is perhaps with his Clean India Drive. Anyways, coming back to topic, first of all please tell us about the binary logic you are talking about. That to implicate entire Indian Army based on 1-2 isolated cases of rapes, not binary logic? Is this not stereotyping? I can also say that because rapes were committed in Begusarai a few days back , hence every person coming from Begusarai is a rapist! Like you are from Begusarai. Just recently in the fort of communists, Kerala, some communists tried hacking to death an autorickshaw driver (just happened 2-4 days back). A few weeks before this, an RSS worker before his aged parents, was beaten to death by communists. Now can I say this is the mindset of all communists, that communists are bloody murderers and rapists? Further, communists since 1942 till now have abused Netaji Subhash as dog and what not! So then do you yourself also have the same views? Perhaps you do also have the same views, even if you don’t have the courage to speak openly (because of the way you are thoroughly beaten up after stating publicly every noble view of yours, the way you demand freedom for peeing openly in public in presence of women and get beaten up in courts etc, so perhaps you find it difficult to gather courage to speak ill of Netaji Subhash openly!) But the fact remains that communists have always abused Netaji Subhash as dog. Can we assume this also as being a common view of all communists of today?

Look the thing is, a rapist is a rapist whether he be an Army Soldier, or a civilian, or a student leader from Begusarai, or a CPI worker from Kerala, or anyone! And a rapist deserves not any respect, in fact people like me believe in capital punishment for a rapist. But yes, about the punishment by court marshal in army to an army personnel who commits rape, if such a punishment is given to you, then perhaps you wouldn’t have dared to speak out such a moronic dialog. When you dared to pee publicly in presence of women, when you shouted ‘Kashmir ki lenge Azadi (We will liberate Kashmir), and when you expressed your hatred towards India; what would have happened to you in the Army, you cannot imagine. And your statement that entire Indian Army (of 48 lakh personnel) is a rapist army based on 1-2 isolated cases, is a matter to drown yourself to death in shame. That you are making this ridiculous accusation on that Army, which is protecting us by putting their lives on line and taking the bullets being fired at us..!

And in that Indian Army, in which if any such case happens, then the punishment to culprit is an example in itself! To explain your argument, you gave example of Luaunda, that when clashes happened between armed forces, thousands of women were raped. Now if rapes happened in Luanda, then what has it got to do with our Armed forces being deployed in Kashmir!?! Yes this example given by you however does make this psychology of yours clear, that when in the last few days people like me raised the question on you, that what progress are you doing in your research in African studies, so maybe you are trying hard to prove that you do know something about African issues as well, and its not the case that you’re just doing student union politics without doing any real research studies! But you made a mistake of choosing the wrong context to show off your African know-how!

Now it’s a matter of satisfaction that communist parties have distanced themselves from you. Just a few days ago, they were desiring for you to campaign for them in Bengal. They now perhaps feel that its better for you to focus on your research studies for now and build yourself up. They seem to not require your campaigning for now..The kind of outrage that happened after your nonsense speech, after your demand for ‘azadi to pee publicly’, and after you abused Indian Army. Your actual face became visible. The communist parties perhaps fear that if you campaigned for them, then they might lose the possibility of winning some 2-4 seats which they are hoping for!

I am sad, but not because of you. When we have a long history of producing traitors like Mir Zafar and Jaichand, then its a reality that we as a Nation are obviously capable of producing hoodlums like you. But more than these hoodlums, I have a much bigger problem with those traitors who glamorize these hoodlum traitors, those who project them as heroes in their media channels. I am saddened by those Barkha Dutts who go in Telegraph Conclave and say, ‘I met this boy of this height (gesturing to be shorter than her. Barkha is 5’3″, and this prince of ours is 5’6″ ! Either he got down on his knees, no idea why..!) Anyways, it’s sad to see these Barkha Dutts, these Rajdeep Sardesais, these Sagarikas, these Arvind Kejriwals, these Rahul Gandhis! All of these, who are so desperate to save their own existences, that they tend to present as hero any chhutbhaiya traitor, and then glamorize him in such a manner, that ‘see, a new leader is born..!’

Anyways, regardless of your traitorship, our Nation’s army, for your freedom, for your ‘azadi to pee publicly’, to freely abuse Bharat Mata, will continue to take at themselves the bullets being fired towards you, and you keep shouting your slogans for your so called azadi! It’s a duty of people like us however (rest of us nationalist civilians), that these Kanhaiya Kumars and those who glamorize such Kanhaiya Kumars be totally exposed, so that their power ends, and that they cease to be anything more than a joke to the Nation!

Vande Maataram.”

– Agniveer

Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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