Sanjeev Newar (IIT-IIM) and founder-Agniveer explains real reasons and unknown facts behind Asaduddin Owaisi hating “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. It has nothing to do with Islam.

It has to do with his brother Akbaruddin, history of his party and hidden mindset of hatred against Bharat Mata.

After watching this video, you will know:
Top three reasons behind the anti-national mentality of Owasis brothers.
– What was the History behind the foundation of MIM party?
– Why dark history MIM party has been deliberately hidden from the public?
and more..

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Transcript of video:

“Vande Mataram friends,
Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

It so happens, that Mr Asad-ud-din (did I say correctly?) Owaisi has some kind of problem with this slogan of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. Just recently he delivered a speech in which he said in great style, ‘I wont raise the slogan! What will you do? Constitution has not mentioned this, has not mentioned this, has not mentioned this!’ Vaah! What a Sher! As a matter of fact, Mr Asa..sorry, Asad-ud-din Owaisi, constitution also has not mentioned that you have to give respect to your own Mother! So, do you also not give respect to your Mother? You do give, dont you? Well I hope that you do. Now you are a barrister, an advocate. You should be knowing that constitution has given the status of National song to Vande Mataram. This ‘Vande Mataram’ means ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.
So if you do love constitution so much, then why does it pain in your stomach or throat to say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’?! Why do you have so much of problem with Mothers?

Now you will give this ‘logic’ which a lot of fanatics give, that according to Islam, it’s haram (prohibited) to worship anyone other than Allah, and so Mother can’t be venerated. So to you Mr, and to all other loonies like you, I want to inform that to give someone respect, is not equivalent to worshipping. When we say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’, when we praise our own Mother, when we respect our elders, it does not mean that we are worshipping them by considering them as Ishwar. What it means is that we are respecting them. The soil, land, Nation, people of the Nation, from which you have received so much, because of which you have an existence, because of which you possess an aukat to speak, because of which you have an LLB degree, because of which you are an MP, and because of which you deliver speeches; for that soil, that nation, for people of that Nation, even if you do perform a bit of veneration, then what is the problem?

If in your Islam, Bharat Mata ki Jai is haram, then which version of Islam did Dr APJ Abdul Kalam used to practice? Ashfaqullah Khan, who while rebelling against the Britishers, even embraced the death rope with a Quran by his side, who sacrificed life on the slogans of Bharat mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram; what version of Islam did he used to believe in? And our Rahman Sahab (am talking about AR Rahman Sahab) released an entire album with the name of ‘Mnaa Tujhe Salaam’ – Vande Maataram, marvelous album! Which Islam does he practice then? So Mr Asaduddin, if you actually love Islam so very much, then either say that the Islam which these people practice is not even Islam according to you, and that only the version you practice is the real Islam! Or else, please stop lying like this! The reality of problem that you have with Vande Mataram / Bharat Mata ki Jai (we will discuss about this as well) is something else entirely. But since you have such tremendous love for Islam, then let me tell you that your very own dear younger brother delivered a speech a few days ago in which he said, that respected Messenger (SAW) comes in his dream, that when he was hit by bullets, then some aged person in white clothes, white beard came to him and said, ‘I am Rasool-e-pak, Muhammad(SAW) ‘. So what he says is that Muhammad (SAW) the great came in his dream! Now according to the version of Islam that you pretend to believe in, if some someone even makes a mere photo/ cartoon of Muhammad (SAW), then he is worthy of being killed! So Mr, what will you do of your brother now, he even has Muhammad(SAW) coming in his dreams! Your brother is describing in detail the facial features and attire! So will you not call this haram?

So now, when are you gonna purge your brother out of your party and apply Shraia Law on him? And if you can’t apply Sharia Law on your brother, then why do you get so extremely upset when somonee else draws a cartoon of Prophet or comments something else on Prophet?

What all this means is that, you have been using Islam as a mere shield. Real story is something else entirely. Let me tell you more about this. Your brother Mr Akbar-ud-din Owaisi (his name is easier to pronounce than yours), called Hindu Gods and Goddesses as evils! So is this not haram in Islam to call Hindu Gods and Goddesses as evil?!? Your brother has said this, your MIM founders have also said the same, when are you condemning them, like you condemn Mr Mohan Bhagwat . And if in the version of Islam that you believe in, Hindu Gods and Goddesses are indeed evil, Hindus are indeed Kafirs, then I question you back, that which is the version of Islam which APJ Abdul kalam (who used to visit temples) practiced. Or is it so, that you dont even consider Dr Kalam as a fellow Muslim, and because of this, when Dr Kalam passed away, you didn’t utter a single word of condolence, and were busy as hell in grieving for Yakub Menon [convicted and hanged for planning of Mumbai Atttacks in which 257 civillians were killed by Jihadis]. So Mr Asad-ud-din Owaisi, I will once again come back to point. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam lived and died for the Nation, Martyr Ashfaqullah Khan embraced the death rope for the sake of Vande Mataram and ‘Bharat mata ki Jai’ with a Quran by his side. This Vande Mataram is not a mere dialog. This Vande Mataram is not worshipping of Nation by considering it as Allah. This Vande Mataram is slogan of our War of Independence, and that’s why it’s our National Song. And even Nehru accepted that we are only taking a different national Anthem because it’s easier to play with the band and drums. But if you observe you will find that if there’s one song or slogan which has been a strong life-force of our Freedom Struggle, it has been ‘Vande Mataram’ which if we say in Hindi translates to ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai, and in urdu, it translates to ‘Mnaa Tujhe Salaam’!

Now I come to the reason behind your hesitance to call India a Mother. First reason is that according to the fanatic version of Islam you believe in (which the ISIS also practices in a way), there’s no concept of Mother that even exists. You hesitate to even consider Mothers’ of people other than you as your own Mother. And if she is a woman from a non-Muslim family, then the ISIS people even sell them in the market as slaves! When the wars used to be fought in medieval era, then these Muslim Sultan invaders used to capture the women of invaded territory and distribute them among the soldiers! And the translations of the so-called religious texts even go on to the extent of describing about the framework to distribute and sell these enslaved women among soldiers!

Your brother Mr Akbaruddin Owaisi said (and even you have given reference 1-2 times perhaps), that ‘for a thousand years, Muslims have ruled in this Nation, and now the time has now come to again establish Muslims as the rulers!’ Truth is, you refuse to consider India as your Mother. You just view her as a conquered territory! And you link your ancestry to the Arabs. When asked you say, that ‘We are not born from this land. Our ancestors came from Arabia to attack and conquer India!’ You consider yourself as being descended from some Ghori/ Ghazni/ Babur/ some or the other terrorist. You consider yourself as an invader and a terrorist, and this land as a conquered territory! For you, this land can be a concubine/ a conquered piece of land/ a symbol of your dominance over the enslaved; but you refuse to consider this land as your Mother!

And the funny thing here is that while doing all this, you think as if you are doing all this from Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)’s inspiration! Sometimes I think, that had Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gotten to know about these deeds of yours, he would have found hard what to do about it!

Third reason is ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ [prophecy]. In fanatic minds like yours, it’s been fed somehow, that the moment when India will be fully conquered, and it’s King will be imprisoned in shackles; then only the Judgement Day will happen and then only the doors of heaven will open! So because of this, for a thousand years, you and your extremist ancestors kept attacking India in order to conquer it, like Qasim, Ghori, Ghazni, Babur etc. No one [from here] had gone to disrupt or inerfere with them. They themsleves used to travel thousands of kilometers to reach here to loot, plunder and murder, in order to conquer this land! And so this tendency of yours has still not left you! Your only allergy for now is that ‘Why do we now not have our dominance here !’

And the emotions you have towards Mothers, is amply clear from the speech of your brother Akbaruddin Owasi in which he had said about Mata Kaushalya that, ‘Here and there Ram’s Mother visited! Where all did she delivered Ram?!!’ One who can say such obscene comments about a Mother and that too, Mother of Ram, who is revered as a God by Hindus; and you being his elder brother, are moving so cordially with him, never ever did you slapped your younger brother, never condemned him, never scolded him! So this makes your mindset towards – Mothers, towards ‘Janani Janma-Bhoomi cha swargat api gariyasi (Mother and Motherland are greater than any paradise)’, towards such a Motherland, and towards the people of this land, crystal clear !

And it’s no shock. Actually, people wouldn’t be aware, so it’s important to inform them that this party you have…(MIM ..with this awfully long name, and I dont want to waste time by trying to pronounce it correctly!), about the history of this MIM party of yours. So Mr, let me tell you and to all other viewers as well, about MIM which always comes into power by winning seat in Hyderabad. There once lived a man named Mr Mehmud Nawaz Khan, who around 1920 founded this MIM party with support from Nizam, and its goals were, – to unite all Muslims, – to support the Nizam and, – to convert the Hindus of the region ( 86% in the region) in large scale to Islam so that the region be fully under dominance of Nizam. After this in your party entered Bahadur Yar Jung who openly gave the slogan that we have to establish Sharia Law in Hyderabad under Nizam. A complete scheme was prepared on how to separate from India. After that came the one whose very name you may shy away from uttering- Mr Qasim Razvi. Qasim Razvi was that terrorist extremist (about whose ventures you might have heard, how our Iron man- Sardar Patel had incorporated Hyderabad in India), who created the resistance with which our Armed forces had to fight (in Operation Polo). He used to keep a private army of his goons, whose major functions were- to rape Hindus, to murder Hindus, and even communists (since Mr Kanhaiya Kumar has now become very beloved of you, and you now are very much loved by Kanhaiya Kumar, while the history remains that you ruthlessly murdered and raped even communists back then). And not only this, you even ruthlessly attacked liberal Muslims of then, like Mr Shoaib Ullah Khan. You caused to ban the Indian National Congress. This whole massacre was so bloody, that Indian Army through ‘Operation Polo’ had to capture Qasim Rizvi by destroying his private army of goons.

Then Mr Qasim Rizvi was jailed in around 1948. The very famous dialog of your party from the start which even today is a mantra for your party members (though you are afraid of openly expressing it) which is -‘Allah has made the Muslims for ruling, and Hindus for being ruled over’. So Mr, after this Operation Polo, your party MIM was banned! After being banned, Mr Qasim Rizvi who was jailed in 1948, was released in 1957, on condition that ‘within span of 48 hours, you will run to Pakistan and leave India’. So he arranged a meeting after being released from jail, and in that meeting, Mr Abdul Wahid Owaisi, who was your grandfather, was made in-charge of the party, and was told to change this party’s name to AIMIM, and take the party’s agenda further in India.

Since then, Mr Abdul Wahed Owaisi, then Mr Sultan Salahudin Owaisi, who was your father and now you, are leading this party as your Jaagir and pretending it to be a representative of all Muslims. So your very history is so much full of bloody murders and rapes against Hindus, against liberal Muslims, against common men; that your mindset of hesitancy to speak ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ can be very clearly understood.

Mr AkbarUddin Owaisi aslo said in his speech that, ‘Hey, our ancestors and party founders received bullets and endured tortures of police!’ So you all should know which bullets and tortures of Police he is talking about. Although Mr Asaduddin knows very well, but perhaps he will shy away from speaking about it openly, thats why when you look at their website also, they just cut whole of that history out from between 1948 to 1957.

After this whole dialog of yours that ‘I wont say Bharat Mata ki Jai’, you said, ‘What will you do?’ So let me tell what will we do.
Firstly, we will say Bharat Mata ki Jai even louder! ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAI!’, We will say Vande Mataram even louder! ‘VANDE MATARAM!’. And not just with words, with our actions as well! And within these very actions, destroying the snakes of Nation is also included! Within these actions, is included to give proper treatment to those who get digestive problems by saying Bharat Mata ki Jai! Those who get irritated throat while saying Bharat Mata ki Jai, to give them Vicks pill for their throat is also included within these very actions. When and how, you will get to know soon.

Vande Maataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai!

– Agniveer

Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • The above eternal mantra has a wonderful idea/knowledge that whatever we learn from Acharyas, teachers, lecturers, professor etc., that must be well studied, understood and held in action. Thereafter the same chapter must be briefed before the said Acharya etc.

    That is why, it has been a tradition that the teachers have been taking examination of their students and the eternal said law of Vedas including several laws are still in force traditionally, which may be seen in school, college, universities where teachers take unit tests, half-yearly exams, annual exams and viva, etc. And it is our bad luck that at present there is no preach of Vedas and no Vedas’ examination exists and thus we have lost our eternal knowledge which has ruined our country.

    Mostly the people at high posts, politicians, rich people, etc., have been habitual to forget their promises made by them to the public etc. Because they are not habitual to brief their promises time and again as is briefed by a student before a teacher. We have also forgotten, in this way, the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, warriors of army, Police, etc., etc., who suffered tortures and even sacrificed their lives’ to make India free and to make it strong. Even we have not become able to educate the Bharatvasee to sing national song etc.

    Bharati is in accordance with Rigveda mantra 10/110/8.

    In The mantra the words are “AA NO YAJYAM BHARTI TISTRO DEVI SARASWATI”. So our country has been named on the base of divine and the most pious word Bharati.

    Maharishi Yaska in his book Nirukta 8/13 has stated the meaning of bhaha— “BHARAT AADITYASTASYA BHAHA” i.e., bharat means aditya i.e., sun. The meaning of ‘bha’ is light. So the bharat means sun and its light bha is bharati. Therefore the lustre (view of) of sun is bharat and the light of bharat is bharati. Bharati means culture.

    • Therefore according to the vedas the culture of bharat (indian culture) is Ved, shastra, upnishad, Bhagwat geeta etc, etc,. So the meaning of Sumadhur Bhashineem is that we speak our ancient and internal culture of our motherland. So the speech of our motherland is Sumadhur Bhashineem i.e., divine sweet speech (sweet spoken). Sukhdaam- pleasure giving.



      Our motherland is pleasure giving and giver of unlimited blessings. How? It is very much clear that all our ancient rishi, munis took birth on this pious motherland. And the public of india which entered here also was/is nursed here. The rishi, muni, sant, phakeer etc, got and have been getting pleasure and blessings of god and learned rishi, muni, sant, phakeer etc, on this land. That is why this land is pleasure giving and has been giving blessing to every body. So Vande Matram is – I adore, bow and worship my motherland. The mantra of worship in Sanskrit is to adore, to give regard etc. So whosoever is being nursed on this pious land of Bharat, he is enjoying all as quoted above.

      Now it is a personal matter whether we give regard or we insult our motherland. There are no hundred percent people who even believe in God. So the case may be in respect of motherland. Rest all is with God to give justice

  • So in India too there must not be any problem to regard Bharat Varsh or Bharat Mata as typed.

    Why Bharat Mata? The answer is enlightened in Yajurveda mantra 25/17. Mantra is —


    Meaning —
    (ASHVINNA) = O! Preacher
    (DHISHNYA)= as earth holds us to nurse, you hold us to preach
    (YUVAM) =you
    (SHRINNUTAM)= you listen (i.e., whatever you have taught us up till now, please listen from us)
    (NAH) = for us i.e., as for us
    (VAATAH)= air (pollution free air)
    (TAT) = that
    (BHESHJAM)= medicine
    (MAYOBHU)= pleasure giving
    (VAATU)= is procured (i.e., makes available)
    (TAT)= That
    (MATA)=respected mother
    (PRITHIVI)=wide spread extensive earth and
    (TAT)=the earth
    (VAATU)= is procured (i.e., makes available)
    (PITA)= by our father
    (DYAUHU) = sun
    (TAT)= that
    (VAANTU) = is procured (i.e., makes available)
    (SOMSUTAH)= the earth which is pleasure giving, providing herbs, shrubs, cereals, etc., by cultivation
    (MAYOBHUVAH)= gives merriment

    Fundamental law of Vedas states that He is our Father and She is our Mother who nurses us. Sun is our father in the absence of which there will be no lives and Motherland is our respected mother by which we get means of living and She too gives us shelter to build houses etc.

    In this mantra, a student states to his Acharya/teacher that O teacher! You are like an earth which holds us and all matters required to live upon. Kindly, listen our chapter which you have taught before.

    The air causes rain, with the result crops, greeneries, herbs, shrubs i.e., vegetation grows. That all such vegetation is made available to us by our respected Motherland and shining sun. Such vegetation is always pleasure giving, means of living to attain a long, happy life.

  • Swami Ram Swarup a vedic scholar and yogacharya on vande mataram

    I know respected Bankim Chatterji who wrote the beautiful and true song named Vande Matram. I am afraid if mostly the people know the meaning of such a beautiful poetry. I would like to mention here the meaning there of the poem in Hindi as well as in English.


    So the pray will be, ‘I adore/worship my mother’. In Sanskrit Vande is Atmnepad Dhatu, i.e., verb in singular number. Here ‘I’ is silent, so naturally the prayer is in singular number with soul. The persons who do not agree to regard the mother, they may avoid.

    Now question arises in the poem who is mother. So here mother is:-





    And when a yogi does tapasya on this pious land (mother) he gets permanent peace i.e., salvation. This salvation is only attained on earth which is our motherland.


    By agriculture even we get crops etc. These all are required to live upon which is given by our motherland to whom I bow and adore it.


    So the motherland provides us with such a great tree and land along with above quoted colours is also of several colours.






      DUL = BUNCH.


      We enjoy rejoiced night on our motherland. The motherland is full and decorated by flowers and bunch of shinning trees with yellow flowers used for medicinal purposes and look nice. Land is full kusumit i.e., duly decorated by merry flowers and when we see such greenery on our motherland, our heart is rejoiced, we enjoy with happy nights. Our heart is delighted, expanded with decorated merry flowers and bunch of several shinning trees on the earth.




      SO THE MEANING OF SUMADHUR BHASHINEEM IS: The word Bharat itself is the best in PRONUNCIATION, and THE PRONUNCIATION OF word BHARAT MATA is emotional and heart touching too, due to its eternal meaning in Rigveda mantra 10/110/8. Meaning is given below.

      Here it is to be noted that Vedas are not sect and emanate direct from God at the time of beginning of earth and thus equally were/are applicable for universe.

      The history of Bharat Varsh being old, it HAS BEEN A TENDENCY OF ALL ANCIENT/PRESENT RISHI, MUNI, THAT THEY PERFORM NAME CEREMONY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE VEDAS. So the name of our pious land has also been given as BHARAT from Vedas when no other religious book existed.

      I think there could have been no objection of other name of Bharat if the name was taken (may be any) from other religious books in force at that time. Since the other holy books were not written at that time, naturally the Rishis Munis named this land from Vedas as Bharat. It may be learnt from present times also.

      During partition some part of Bharat has been named as Pakistan and thereafter Bangladesh and whole world accepts and gives honour to the name. The citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh rightly honour their country’s…

  • Taking a look at the English translation of Vande Mataram, done by Shree Aurobindo, one may safely surmise that the storm in a tea cup brewing at the behest of separatists will blow away and patriotism will prevail. The stanzas of the song are given below :

    Mother, I bow to Thee !
    Rich with thy hurrying streams
    Bright with orchard gleams.
    Cool with thy winds of delight
    Green fields waving Mother of might,
    Mother free.
    Glory of moonlight dreams,
    Over thy branches and lordly streams,
    Clad in thy blossoming trees,
    Mother, giver of ease
    Laughing low and sweet!
    Mother I kiss thy feet,
    Speaker sweet and low!
    Mother, to thee I bow

    Indeed the original song in Bangala with a rich dose of Sanskrit words is soul stirring. Although the British government in India had banned the national song Vande Mataram, it surfaced and resurfaced. The British failed in suppressing the spirit of independence. The Indians won their freedom. Let us now all sing in unison the song of the People,


  • The Indian National Congress, at its Varanasi session , adopted Vande Mataram as the national song on 7th September 1905. The cohesive spirit that the song generated could not be lost sight of by the national leaders. The momentous decision was taken unanimously a century ago. Since then the national song is sung at all sessions not only of the Congress but also the Bhartiya Janata Party and some others. It is sung in the closing session of the parliament too. Truly national in word and deed.
    Vande Mataram has all along been a song of patriotism and unification. Gandhi and Jinnah sang it together on the Congress platform till the latter quit the Congress as he was a non-believer in the principle of Swaraj . Of course, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Shri Purshottam Das Tandon, born rivals, were in the forefront in singing Vande Mataram at the beginning of the session everywhere. Shri Rafi Ahmad Kidwai , out and out a nationalist, never had a second thought about singing Vande Mataram. Nevertheless, the divisive forces were working overtime at the behest of their British masters to upset the applecart. How sad, the mischief mongers had their way. The rest is history. Is history repeating itsef ? Time alone will tell.

    Singing Vande Mataram the Indian people had waged the war of Independence non-violently. The song was all along the National Anthem to the rank and file of freedom fighters. A committee comprising Nehru, Azad, Subhash Bose and Narendra Dev had said that the first two stanzas of the song had no reference to any religion and should be our anthem. It came as a rude shock when the controversial decision to make Jana Gana Mana the national anthem was announced on 24 Jan1950. However, the words of Dr Rajendra Prasad, President of the Constituent Assembly, came as a soothing balm. He said, “the song Vande Mataram, which has played a historic part in the struggle for Indian freedom, shall be honored equally with Jana Gana mana and shall have equal status with…

  • The Dharm Yudh was against the foreign domination. The English and their collaborators were targeted. The saints uprising has inspired the youth of Bengal ever since. Indeed, it was a never fading source of inspiration for the patriots all over Bharat

    No less a person than Gurudev Ravindra Nath Tagore lent his voice to Vande Mataram when he sang it in the session of the Indian National Congress in Calcutta in 1896. It was a stirring moment, although the tempo was rather slow compared to that of the rendering of Vande Mataram by Lata Mangeshkar in the movie, Anand Math. Nevertheless, Vande Mataram had come out of the rural landscape to play its all important role on the national stage. Bengal loved the song and the rest of India was not far behind. Vande Mataram was sung in many tunes, in many languages by many men and women voluntarily. North, South, East and West of India were equally involved.
    1905 was the high noon of the national fervour that Vande Mataram generated. Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy, passed a decree dividing Bengal into two parts, east and west. The British are at their best when they play the game called, Divide and Rule. However, it was rather unfortunate for the rulers that the Bang Bhang united India as a whole. Men and women of all faiths walked the streets of towns and talukas of Bengal singing Vande Mataram with religious fervour. It was a sight to be seen to be believed. The decree of Curzon was rescinded. But the British were back to their game of dividing the united people. They made some elements believe that singing Vande Mataram was a sign of Hindu domination. Their trick worked. The bogey of religion took its toll. The Muslim League was born. No one was happier than the British masters.

  • Vande Matram History –

    Vande Mataram had indeed worked like a Ved mantra. This is what the author and poet, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya had prophesied in answer to the criticism that the words used in the song were too difficult to pronounce. He said to his critics “I may not live to see its popularity, but this song will be sung by every Indian like a Ved mantra”. How true his words were. The history of the Indian freedom struggle bears a testimony to it. Vande Mataram has spontaneity and emotional appeal to arouse patriotism even in a slavish heart. The song has the capability to transcend barriers of caste, creed, region and religion. It was sung with gusto by patriotic Indians throughout the length and breadth of Bharat. When the song was sung , with the fading notes of the last stanza, the emotionally surcharged crowd of men and women would raise the slogan : Bharat Mata Ki Jai. The sound and the echo shook the mighty British Empire to its foundation.

    Bankim babu wrote Vande Mataram in one sitting in his native village, Naihati, just a few miles away from the metropolis, Calcutta..It was Akshay Naomi which fell on a Sunday on 7 November 1875 and Bankim babu, a Deputy Collector of the British Raj was relaxing in his ancestral home. His mind and heart were in turmoil. The English masters were forcing their own national anthem, God Save the Queen, down the throat of all Indians. Bankim babu felt the divine inspiration and words came pouring out of his heart and on to his pen. An immortal song, Vande Mataram, stood composed. It was seven years later that Vande Mataram was incorporated in the famous novel of the author, Anand Math, dealing with the history of the Sanyasi uprising in Dacca, North Bengal and other places from 1763 to 1780.

  • George

    Nice reply. I like this sentence – Donkeys cannot be taught to say “Vande Maataram” or “Bharat Mata ki Jai!”. At best they can bray as loudly as they can. It is foolish to spend time to teach muslims to say “Vande Maataram” or “Bharat Mata ki Jai!” 🙂


  • Sanjeev,

    Donkeys cannot be taught to say “Vande Maataram” or “Bharat Mata ki Jai!”. At best they can bray as loudly as they can.

    I would like to bring to your notice the following words of Osho:

    Mohammed was an absolutely illiterate man, and the Koran, in which his sayings are collected, is ninety-nine percent rubbish. You can just open the book anywhere and read it, and you will be convinced of what I am saying. I am not saying on a certain page — anywhere. You just open the book accidentally, read the page and you will be convinced of what I am saying.

    Whatsoever one percent truth there is here and there in the Koran is not Mohammed’s. It is just ordinary, ancient wisdom that uneducated people collect easily — more easily than the educated people, because educated people have far better sources of information — books, libraries, universities, scholars. The uneducated, simply by hearing the old people, collect a few words of wisdom here and there. And those words are significant, because for thousands of years they have been tested and found somehow true. So it is the wisdom of the ages that is scattered here and there; otherwise, it is the most ordinary book possible in the world.

    Muslims have been asking me, “Why don’t you speak on the Koran? You have spoken on The Bible, on the Gita, this and that.” I could not say to them that it is all rubbish; I simply went on postponing. Even just before I went into silence, a Muslim scholar sent the latest English version of the Koran, praying me to speak on it. But now I have to say that it is all rubbish, that is why I have not spoken on it — because why unnecessarily waste time?

    – From Unconciousness to Consciousness
    Chapter 5 by Osho

    Muslims have been hypnotised from their early childhood by repeating the Quranic passages five times a day. If the nature of Quran was as explained by the great Master Osho Rajneesh, how could they be expected to behave logically?

    Dr.A.P.J Kalam sir is…

  • I do ardaas To Satguru sahibji daily that deadly desert religions (abrahamic cults of jewdaism/xtianity/izlam) reach their miserable end point in the not too distant future. These miserable semitic religions create hell on Earth with their worship of jealous angry jew ‘god’ – why these mlecchas hate animals and humans so much? Nonvegetarians are so cruel, ugly and stinky. The abrahamics terrorize physically (rape/murder/moslem-colonial theft of Bharat Mata) and they engage in spiritual terrorism by condemning Dharmics to eternal hell.
    May AkalPurakh allow for Dharam to prevail – peace, prosperity, beauty, love, health, happiness and enlightenment for all creatures.

    • That’s the difference Prabh. Hindus keep on praying to their God to save them from “Semitic/Abrahamic religions”. Whereas people of Abrahamic religions do not pray to their God to save them. It’s the other way around. They kill kafirs for their God. To establish and make the whole world Dar-al-Islam (House of God) devoid of Kafirs.

      Do you see the difference?

      Hindus do not act! They expect their Gods to act for them. People of Abrahamic religions do not expect their Gods to act for them. They act for their God instead. It is not “Jesus Saves” but Save Jesus!”. “Jesus Saves” is Taqiyya – “lies approved and sanctioned by their religion to be told to Kafirs to deceive them”.

      Hindus cannot act wisely, if not, sanely unless they come out of their secular mentality towards Abrahamic religions. Hindus can be secular as regards non-proselytising religions are concerned. (Dharmic religions). But being secular towards proselytising religions (Abrahamic religions) which are invasive species, is suicidal. Hindus will have to soon become “ENDANGERED SPECIES”. Christians clearly state that Jesus is the ONLY God. If questioned about other Gods, they say they are all Satans (Devil) without least hesitation. They boldly say Hindus are Devil worshippers whereas they themselves daily worship a corpse! Hindus go on saying “Ishwar – Allah tere naam”, “Ram, Rahim, Robert”, Shankar, Salim, Simon”!

      It is not that God will not come to the earth to save Hindus. He will definitely come as an avatar to save Dharma. But where is Dharma in the first place. Do you think Hindus practise Dharma? Do they fight for Dharma? The birth of Krishna requires a Yudhishthira (to stand for Dharma) and an Arjuna (to fight for Dharma) in the first place. How may Yudhishthiras and Arjunas do Hindus have now? As world gets devoid of fighters for Dharma and if the whole world becomes Adharmic, then God will come, not to establish Dharma but as a…

      • Kalki may not come on a white horse in the form of a sword-holding man.

        Krishna says, “I myself become food for those who are hungry.”, “I become medicine for the diseased.”, “I become the answer for question in the question itself!”. How?

        For those who do not understand how it is possible, just keep on asking “How” and he will come as an answer from that questioning itself?


        When the one who asks becomes qualified to receive the answer.

        So God can come in the form of war also. The Abrahamic states are gangsters. Christian states have NATO and Islamic states have the OIC and the UMMAH in general. So the war between a Christian and Islamic countries can easily escalate into 3rd world war. If that happens, it will definitely be a nuclear war. All the nuclear powered countries put together have got enough arsenal to wipe out all forms of life on this earth. The Ummah is highly volatile and as soon as someone says that he wants to form the caliphate, all muslims of Ummah will start to howl synchronously. The US doesn’t wants nuclear proliferation from Pakistan to other Islamic states. That is why to see to it that its economy doesn’t fall, US provides huge amount of funds under the guise of helping them to fight against terrorism (to contain India is another reason). If Pakistan’s economy falls, it will not hesitate to sell nuclear weapons like selling pirated CDs and DVDs on street platforms to other Islamic states. This 3rd world war is one of the reasons why US and European Union have increased exploration of Mars these days as the Moon has already proved inhospitable.

        Quote from Bhagavad Gita: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

        was going through J. Robert Oppenheimer’s (Father of the Atomic Bomb) mind when he saw the great fireball of the Trinity test looming above him at the end of Manhattan project.

  • The Owaisi family has a penchant for spouting nonsense.It is not that they don’t know their history, it is just that they are proud of it.This response though, is a good exposé for the public.What the likes of Owaisi and Co. don’t realize is that every time they insult the majority of Indians, Hindu votes become more consolidated (as seen in the fact that TRS won the recent muncipal elections).In the former Nizam state region, Hindus already despise Muslims due to Nizam era atrocities.Such speaches by Muslim leaders will only increase the hate.

  • Namaskar Agniveer.

    This is indeed a tight slap on the face of pseudo nationalists. Great work. Victory to you.

    Jai Hind.