Rajdeep Sardesai thrashed - Agniveer
Listen Rajdeep Sardesai,

Here is the response to your recent open letter- Why Bajrang Dal activist Prashant Poojary’s murder can’t be compared to the Dadri beef lynching. (Your wife Sagarika Ghose also wrote an almost similar article with similar language. So consider that included in this response.)

Who is comparing the two? All people want is similar anger, zeal and promptness in media lament in Bajrang Dal Activist’s murder by Jihadi groups as was seen in Dadri incident. You fail to explain why you act like a black-cat in Dadri but a pussycat in Moodbidri.

You wrote-

The pseudo-patriots are at it again.

You are nobody to issue certificate of patriotism to anybody. You are a journalist with BA. Not a judge. Don’t make us believe that even that BA degree is fake.

You wrote-

Having behaved disgracefully after the Dadri murder  witness the statements made by leaders that either played down the incident or deliberately stoked hatred  they have now found their voice again.

Talking about grace? Weren’t you the one who tried to exhibit Sunny Deol type machismo on streets of New York when you started pushing/slapping people during Modi’s visit? It is a different matter though that you ended up beaten black and blue, left, right and centre like a petty thief.

And playing down? You raked up the Dadri tragedy to ignite communal fanaticism. You cooked up the story of Muslim persecution out of a stray incident in a remote village and started blaming all 100 crore plus Indians who worship cow as mother. And now when that has led to brutal murder of another innocent by goons emboldened by your coverage, you are writing this letter to explain why you played down this tragedy.

You wrote-

The killing of a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri in Karnataka on Tuesday has sparked off the charge of selective outrage once again: why hasn’t the media covered Moodbidri with the same intensity as Dadri, we are asked. Well, I’ll tell you why.

So you concede Moodbidri was ignored and charges of selective outrage against people like you are true! The only thing you will do now is to justify your selective outrage.

You wrote-

To begin with, any killing is condemnable. But…

How is this different from ‘saffron’ brigade’s take on Dadri that ‘any killing is wrong ‘but’ cow is our mother and its butcher was sinner’?

You wrote-

 when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory.

  1. Why must one bother to examine political context when neither Bajrang Dal nor Dadri mob nor Moodbidri mob was political? And if it was ‘political’, does it not make it even more dangerous – now not just lives, but democracy is at stake as well.
  2. Even if I examine political context, does this make one incident less severe than the other? Or you mean to say that political context dilutes the gravity of any crime?
  3. Did you ever say that since Godhra train burning by Muslim mob triggered 2002 riots, the reactionary riots must not be called genocide but be examined within religious context? You get a high whining about post-Godhra riots every single day but you get comatose when someone mentions Godhra train burning.

You wrote-

Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri. The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities (don’t believe me, meet Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat or listen to him in a Tehelka expose).

  1. If Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist, how does this make him worthy of getting killed?
  2. Why are you acting like Khaap Panchayats or Kangaroo Courts on Bajrang Dal? Or are you funded by Jihadi groups who stone victims after issuing Sharia judgment on roadside. If Bajrang Dal is a terrorist group, go to the court, give evidence and get it banned. But you choose to do worst possible thing- moral policing. Interestingly, it is people like you who accuse groups like Bajrang Dal of moral policing!
  3. And how does an act of one person become justification of killing of another man from the same organization? If Rajdeep Sardesai misbehaved with Americans in New York, abused them, called them a$$hole, pushed them and got slapped in return, would it be justified if someone harms Sagarika Ghose- the wife of Sardesai and member of his media family citing media context (just like you used political context)?
  4. Interestingly, you never told people that since Akhlaq of Dadri belonged to the same community that produces ISIS, Al Qaeda, Laden, Hafiz Saeed, Lashkar, Jaish etc that self-admittedly behead and rape people in name of God, his killing must be seen from another context and it is not as severe as killing of a normal human. Why?
  5. Minorities? Or pseudo-minorities? Dude, we are in 2015 and not 1947 when Muslims were 7% in fragmented India. The community is now 20% of total population of India, majority (above 50%) in 19 districts, fairly dominant (above 20%) in 86 districts. Have you ever heard a news like this- ‘10 people from minority Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Jew groups raped/killed a man of majority community in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia’ or any other Islamic country in this world? No. Minority that constitutes majority of criminals in jails is certainly not at all a suppressed minority as foolishly claimed by people like you. It only implies that media persons like you are strengthening the criminal and terrorist elements in a dominant community of India. And in process, bringing bad name to the peaceful elements in the community.
  6. Babu Bajrangi was an individual who is in life imprisonment. How can his statement be considered official voice of Bajrang Dal. Manu Sharma was a Congress leader. Does it mean Congress “self-admittedly” killed Jessica Lal? Tarun Tejpal was a media person with views similar to Rajdeep Sardesai on Bajrang Dal, Gujarat riots, and saffron groups. So by your logic (and in your own words), Hindu-hating media persons like Rajdeep Sardesai use sexual-assault as a weapon against women. (don’t believe me, meet Tarun Tejpal in Goa or listen to complaint lodged against him.)

You wrote-

Poojary has been allegedly involved in cases of intimidation and violence in the region. He was fighting the “beef Mafia” as part of the anti-cow slaughter agitation.

  1. Allegedly? Look at your third class mindset. Mudslinging against someone who is no more alive to defend himself. Any evidence? You do not even have sentiments for a dead person and continue to spit your “allegations”. This is no different from Islamic fundamentalists who have issued fatwa that Muslims must not say “May Allah show his mercy” for a dead non-Muslim. They use the word “Kafir” for dead non-Muslims which means criminal. You are speaking the same hatred in English.
  2. You might be the judge and the prosecutor in the Kangaroo court of your imagination but this world doesn’t take you seriously.
  3. You were ‘allegedly’ found in objectionably compromising position with someone (other than wife) in an ATM booth some years ago. You have ‘allegedly’ bought bungalow worth Rs 50 Crore which is difficult for any other Journalist with BA degree. You have “allegedly” obtained funds from sources that all fund terrorist groups. You have “allegedly” supported terrorists during 26/11 by providing detailed live coverage to terrorists inside Taj. You have ‘allegedly’ grown a donkey-tail on your back. So you must be punished for that, no? Your recipe of making any unproven charges by using the word “allegedly” can have more side-effects for you than those on whom you direct these.
  4. Cow-slaughter is a criminal offence in Karnataka. So if Prashant was running an anti-cow slaughter campaign, what’s wrong in that? In fact he was a braveheart who was working against criminals and helping the state. Why is this the justification of his murder? Just because you are an ‘alleged’ criminal-mind who is ‘allegedly’ handiwork of Jihadi criminals, whose wife ‘allegedly’ openly states- ‘I ate beef, it was tasty’ just to ‘allegedly’ incite violence and encourage people to break laws doesn’t mean you can start killing people who follow law. You and your family must keep your ‘alleged’ fetish for killing innocents in check.

You said-

He didn’t deserve to die under any circumstance but..

This but is coming again and again. It is like saying Sardesai didn’t deserve to get slapped in US in any circumstance but whatever happened was not that bad.

You said-

… there is a political context to his death as there would be in Bengal when Trinamool workers clash with cadres of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

  1. A man is killed. Now you go to his relatives and tell them that his death happened because of some political context. Imagine someone comes to you and says- Rajdeep, you were beaten by Lakhani Chappal and not by Bata Chappal. So there is Lakhani context to your thrashing in US. Does this make you feel better? Doesn’t the bottom-line remain that you were beaten?
  2. So when Trinamool and CPI fight, do the courts give reward to one and punishment to other? Or do courts give lesser punishments to one group and harsher to other? What is the point exactly?
  3. Is it that since you are a proud comrade (perhaps that’s why Trinamool workers clash with CPI and not vice versa!), you want courts to consider political context in favour of CPI?

You Wrote-

Poojary was part of a political war between the Bajrang Dal and minority group outfits, some of them with criminal links. Can his killing be compared to Mohammed Akhlaq, an innocent householder whose only crime was that he was the victim of a rumour that he had stored beef and belonged to a particular religion. Naturally, the outrage over a hate crime will be and must be greater in his case.

  1. Is Bajrang Dal a political party? Are those Muslim outfits that killed Prashant political parties? NO. Then why repeatedly calling their war political?
  2. Readers will now understand why! Because Mr Sardesai wants to establish that Prashant was killed in a political war which had nothing to do with religion or religious hate. Thus it was not a Hindu killed by a group of fanatic Muslims but a political worker killed by workers of other political party just like Trinamool vs CPI which is normal and acceptable. But on the other hand, Dadri was a hate crime committed against a Muslim by majority Hindu mob. It serves two purposes. Showing Hindus as oppressor majority and Muslims as oppressed minority with no rights in India. Accusing Hindus of hating Muslims (because mob in Dadri was a Hindu mob and Hindu mob represents mentality of majority of Hindus) and creating terror in Muslims’ hearts so that relevance of the likes of Sardesais remains in the society. But you are exposed now.

You wrote –

I will concede that Dadri is closer to most so-called national TV studios, and if it had happened at a distant spot, it might have attracted lesser attention

So what about the case of forceful sex-slavery of 2 poor Nepali Hindu women by a Saudi diplomat and his friends last month? The Saudi Embassy and Gurgaon residence of the diplomat are both quicker to reach from your TV studio than Dadri.

Do you want to blame it on traffic jams in Delhi? Is it that it would have risks and undocumented losses that you cannot afford to bear? Or is it just a general hobby of enjoying bashing of Hindus?

You wrote-

It’s a classic case of “my Moodbidri versus your Dadri” as it has been of 1984 versus 2002 riots.

How many times have you cornered Congress leaders and Bhindranwale gang responsible for 1984 riots? How many times have you cornered conspirators of Godhra train burning? Your classic case of “my Post-Godhra versus your Godhra” too seems never-ending.

You wrote-

When no other excuse remains, the so-called liberal media is accused of being anti Hindu.

There is a reason why liberal media (so-called as per you) is accused of being anti Hindu.

  1. You questioned existence of Ram. You never had guts to question existence of Muhammad.
  2. You opposed beef-ban. You happily covered beef parties of JNU as protest against beef-ban. Your wife happily tweeted- “I ate beef, it was tasty”. You freely discussed rights of a beef-eating Hindu. But you could never discuss rights of a cartoonist Muslim to draw Muhammad’s cartoons. You could never cover ‘Draw Prophet’s Cartoons’ events. Your wife never tweeted- “I just drew Muhammad, it was so handsome”. All your free speech is for Hindu gods and beliefs. But when it comes to Islamic heroes and beliefs, your free speech gets stuck in your constipated stomach. Are you ‘allegedly’ funded by Jihadis or simply scared to death to take any panga with them?

You wrote-

This ludicrous persecution complex of those pseudo patriot Hindus who call themselves nationalists must end.

  1. I am a proud Hindu. I am nationalist. I love India. I respect all religions and hate cults. Anybody whose God considers me His/Her child irrespective of my faith is good. Anybody whose God will burn me in hell for my beliefs is demon. Shivaji is my hero. APJ Abdul Kalam is my hero. Abdul Hamid is my hero. This is what I believe. Am I real patriot Hindu or Pseudo? If I am real then fine. If I am not and your statement was for me, read 2.
  2. You have no business calling me names neither should you be lecturing what I should end. I told you why people like you are anti-Hindu. Hate me. I am not going to change. Live with it.
  3. This ridiculous fear-cum-greed complex of those pseudo liberal media persons who call themselves intellectuals must end.

You wrote-

Their spurious nationalism is based on hatred of the Mussalman and little else: it is an excuse to build a majoritarian India just as Islamic groups seek to use jihadi terror as a weapon of religious domination.

Your spurious journalism is based on ignorance, low IQ, fear of Jihadis, ‘alleged’ funding from terror-groups, and hatred of Hindus. You just want to equate the most dangerous Jihadi network that is banned worldwide to Hindu groups that operate with no charges of terrorism whatsoever.

You wrote-

The Bajrang Dal believes in violence as a response to the threat posed by minorities.

  1. How? Who told you this? Or are you dreaming? Any proofs? If Babu Bajrangi is the proof of Bajrang Dal’s violence then your street-fight with NRIs in USA would be the proof of entire media being hooligan and rabid. Tarun Tejpal’s sexual assault would be proof of entire media industry indulging in sexual-harassment of junior women.
  2. Remember the live telecast of police and SPG actions during Mumbai attacks in 2008? You were the anchor for entire program in CNN-IBN which was most crucial help provided to terrorists. Your live telecast enabled terrorists to track all movement against them and inflict maximum casualty on innocents. By your logic, you (and media persons like you) believe (and act) to support terrorists in their terror attacks in all possible means.
  3. The ruckus raised by you and your wife over beef caused communal disharmony by instigating religious sentiments. So it means, you, your wife and other media persons like you believe in flaring communal hatred to cause killings and riots.
  4. Any words for those pseudo-minorities? How many open letters have you written for those pseudo-minorities that pose threat to the nation?

You wrote-

How different is it then from Islamic groups that espouse terror as an act of revenge? And are we now going to make cow slaughter the latest weapon in a campaign of terror against minorities as a Pakistan does with blasphemy laws against their minorities?

  1. Now again very cleverly you played your tricks! You want to establish that Islamic groups spread terror as reaction to something wrong done previously to them! How long will you keep misleading the world? Why did Qasim, Ghori, Ghazni, Babur, Abdali etc attack India? Why did they behead in millions and raped every woman they came across? Why did Jinnah and his goons murder India in 1947? Why did Qasab attack Mumbai? Why did Bin Laden want to destroy India? Why do all Islamists want to do Ghazwa e Hind (conquest of India)? Out of some reaction? Did Indians harm them ever?
  2. And if Jihadis are preparing for an all out war- Ghazwa against India, Shivaji and Rana Pratap are bound to come. Don’t cry.
  3. If beef is banned by law, its eaters would be punished by law. India is not Pakistan. BTW, I am yet to see a vocal opposition of idea, ideology and philosophy behind Pakistan from you. Do it if you have guts.

You wrote-

The only real answer then is to keep the law above the Hindu-Muslim identity question and focus on citizenship.

So when are you writing an open letter to Muslims of India to shun their Personal (Sharia) Law that suppresses women under barbaric polygamy, triple Talaq and Halala laws? When are you demanding Government of India to bring Uniform Civil Code?

You wrote-

The killers of Akhlaq and Poojary must receive the severest possible punishment under the law. Nothing else matters.

Nothing else matters? Isn’t it like analysing both Lakhani chappals and Bata shoes thrashing of yours in US for hours and then at the end saying- both are footwear, nothing else matters! Why does it not matter that you refuse to give coverage to one murder but make another the prime lament for days on your channel? When final judgment is same for both, why not your anguish? Why does it not matter that your irresponsible media coverage emboldened the terrorist elements to kill Poojary. They ‘allegedly’ knew that even if they kill, you will support them by keeping silent and writing silly open letters. And blame the victim instead of killers.

You Wrote-

This isn’t about Dadri versus Moodbidri. It’s about creating a society that is tolerant, plural, but most importantly, respects the rule of law and treats all equally before it.

I have an idea! If you state the following points of truly liberal and equal merits in your next open letter, I will be siding with you and withdraw this closure!

  1. I encourage beef-parties. I will encourage cartoon parties too.
  2. I will spearhead the movement for removing ban on Satanic Verses, Lajja, The True Furqan, and Rangila Rasool, just as I bark so much against ban on beef.
  3. If I am sensible enough to not organize/cover cartoon parties as it hurts minority sentiments, I will stay away from encouraging/covering beef/pro-beef discussions.
  4. Hindus and Muslims are equal. Women and men are equal. No Hindu or Muslim man should be given right to marry 2/3/4 women at a time or divorce them unilaterally by simply saying Talaq Talaq Talaq.
  5. If I can debate on Ram’s existence and Ram Janma bhoomi, I can also debate on Muhammad’s existence and Muhammad’s Janma Bhoomi. And I will.
  6. As I am more concerned about religious hate than anything else, I will cover stories of Kashmiri Hindu/Sikhs, Pakistani Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Ahmadi and Saudi Non Muslims also.
  7. I will ask world community that while Muslims in India (officially) increased from 9% to 15% from 1961 to 2011, Hindus in Pakistan decreased from 19% to 1%. I will start taking up real minority rights issues involving ethnic cleansing etc.
  8. Just like I hate Babu Bajrangi, his Bajrang Dal, their literature and role models, I will hate ISIS, Al Qaeda, Lashkar e Taiba, Jaish e Muhammad, their literature and role models and expose them in public.
  9. I love equality. I will organize book burning events for those books that contain hatred for non believers. At least I will criticize the books that have hell and separate laws for people of other faiths.
  10. All religions need reforms. And I will expose them in proportion of their impact on world. More violence/rapes/bomb blasts/beheadings in name of a religion, more will be my criticism.
  11. I will not do moral-policing in future. Either I will go to court against someone with evidence or will keep mum. I will never abuse someone who gave his life fighting criminals.

Have guts?

With this, we close the discussion.

Vashi and Sanjeev


Disclaimer: This is a creative fiction as per Disclaimer. Please agree to the Disclaimer before you read this article. If you read Disclaimer after reading the article, and do not agree to Disclaimer, forget whatever you read. If you cannot forget, go to a psychiatrist. But do not consider the comment section as a toilet.

Vashi Sharma is a respected energy scientist with numerous international level publications. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. He is an expert in concentrator optics and works in domain of optimal utilization of solar energy.

Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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  • Why everybody is making it so much complicated?? It is very simple. This place is the Motherland of Hindus until a religion from the desert land invaded it with brutal killings, demolitions of Mandirs, Loot, Rapes & Forceful conversions. Though being a Tolerant community, Nation of Majority Hindus offered the co-existence for the Invaders faith & forgiven the Bad-deeds; it is the responsibility of Muslims to respect the sentiments of Majority Hindus. They should also stop making the comments like Allah is “Greatest”, “Mightiest” & “Most Merciful” as it sounds very annoying. Other religions too have gods. Simple words Great , Mighty & merciful would be fine.

  • Wish you all A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali.

    Diwali is the celebration of the awakening and awareness of the Inner Light. Let us reflect within us and be a true human being. Let us spread love, peace and happiness and live in harmony. Irrespective of any religion, caste, creed, we are human beings. Let us spread humanity and also love animals. Do not kill any animal, rather love and protect them. You will also get love and happiness in return.

    Best Wishes – Rishika

  • Here are sentimental reasons:

    Many countries have banned different animal meats on sentimental grounds:

    i. Horse meat is banned in California.
    ii. It is illegal to sell cat or dog meat in any Australian State or Territory because Cats and dogs hold a specific place in Australian society as companion animals.
    iii. Similarly, Hong Kong prohibits the slaughter of any dog or cat for use as food, whether for mankind or otherwise, on pain of fine and imprisonment.
    iv. France has banned ketchup in schools on pretext of saving their culinary culture.

    We didn’t hear any hue and cry from them. India is a Hindu-majority nation. If slaughtering of cows hurts their cultural sentiments, why can’t the minority groups respect them? Instead, why tolerance is expected from majority group only?

    Cow is the source of milk and all other dairy products. She is a relentless giver. That’s why she is worshipped as “Gow Mata” by Hindus. Even after she becomes incapable to produce milk, her cow-dungs can be used as the most useful manure. This cow-dung is scientifically very useful as stated above. This is why the old and milkless cows were/are kept in “Gow-sallas”.

    Should we leave our old and weak parents who nurture us? Similarly, how can we even think of slaughtering such a useful and relentless giver?

  • Here are the constitutional reasons that beef should be banned in India:

    As per article 48 of Indian constitution, slaughtering of cow is prohibited in India not on religious grounds but on agriculture and animal farming prospective:

    Article 48.
    Organisation of agriculture and animal husbandry:
    The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter, of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.

  • Why beef should be banned in India ?

    No doubt, it should be banned respecting the sentiments of majority of the population when sentiments of minorities are taken care of. In addition, there are many scientific and environmental grounds:

    1. Production of beef consumes more water than any other farm and there is an imminent water crisis in India.

    2. Beef cattle requires 28 times more land for rearing than any other meat group mentioned earlier. This is intensive on land resources which would otherwise be used for farming or for rearing more efficient meat groups. Once a given grazing ground starts going barren, new grazing grounds have to be created which leads to cutting down of rain forests. This is a considerable environmental damage.

    3. The cow dung is the only dung on which the dung beetles “geotrupes stercorarius” breed. These beetles make small tunnels under the dung and carry the dung into the earth and stores it. These tunnels made by them, house earthworms, wherever there is high beetle activity there is an increase in earthworm breeding ,this increases the water infiltration on an average of 129% each extra inch. (25mm) of water absorbed 27225 gallons/ per acre (254530, 1/hc) of water to the soil reducing both flooding and drought . All this apart from increasing the fertility of the soil.

    4. In any typical Indian village it not uncommon to find the entire floor of the house coated with some fresh cow dung paste. Cow dung mixed with lime is also used to coat the walls of cob houses. Recent research findings from independent groups in University of Bristol and Sage college in Troy, NY, show cow dung to be an excellent mood enhancing agent. Cow dung contains a bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae, which activates a group of neurons in the brain that produce serotonin – a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of well being and happiness.

  • The cows also supply up to 800 tons of manure each year for fuel. Cow dung gives a slow even heat, good for cooking. Using coal for cooking would cost 1.5 billion dollars a year. And besides, believe it or not, cow dung kills bacteria and is antiseptic. And keeping cows is cheap since they eat things like wheat stubble, husks, and rice straw, which people cannot use.

    So why raise cattle for meat consumption when it takes seven times more acreage for a pound of beef than a pound of milk? Only four to sixteen pounds of flesh food is produced for every hundred pounds of food eaten by cattle. Ten to twenty tons of nutritive vegetable food can be produced from the same amount of land that can produce only one ton of beef. In one year, you can get much more protein from a cow in the form of milk, cheese, etc., than in the several years it takes for a cow to mature enough to produce meat. To produce one pound of wheat takes 25 gallons of water, whereas one pound of beef requires 2500 gallons. And water is not always a plentiful resource in countries like India. Obviously, using agricultural resources for meat production is nothing but wasteful.

    Furthermore, if we are so concerned about the starving people in the world and the environment we live in, then let us consider the fact that 60 million more people in the world could be fed if Americans reduced their meat consumption by only 10%. Plus, thousands of acres of rainforest are lost every day in various countries, and it is said that 50% of that is directly linked to raising cattle for meat production. And though 76% of Americans consider themselves concerned about the environment, only 2.8% are vegetarians (at the time of this writing). Many Americans may say they love animals, but they still eat them on a regular basis. Obviously, they need to raise their consciousness about this. In any case, there are many books on the market that present this type of environmental information much more thoroughly.


    By Steffen Knap

    The cow and bull are the prime targets of the meat industry. However, cows and bulls are very important to human civilization. Until the recent invention of the tractor, the bull was used for helping to cultivate fields for producing food, and the cow has always supplied milk. A moderate supply of milk in our diet provides the proper nutrients for developing a good brain for understanding spiritual topics. Some sadhus in India do not eat, but take only milk. From milk one can make many other foods that are used in thousands of recipes that we all appreciate, such as cheese or curd, yogurt, kefir, butter, ghee, and so on. (However, this is not to approve of the cruel and questionable practices of the dairy industry as found in western countries.) This means that, according to the Vedas, the cow is one of our mothers and the bull is like a father for the benefit they have done for society. To do outright harm to such creatures is considered extremely serious.
    I have heard Western people criticize India for not slaughtering its cows, and talk about how there would be no more starving children if they would just eat the cows. That is not the cure. I have traveled all over India and have seen hungry people there as well as in American cities, which is more able to hide such problems. Homeless and hungry people are found in every country. For another thing, cows are one of India’s greatest resources. They produce food, fuel and power. Bullocks do as much as two-thirds of the work on the average farm. They help plow the fields, hall produce, and turn the presses. For India to convert to machinery to do these tasks, especially in villages, would cost as much as 20 to 30 billion dollars. For a country like India, that is out of the question and a waste of time and money.

  • Excellent sir ,Excellent ! For teenagers like me who have lost sense of direction Vedas and Mahabharatha act as a beacon of light!Agniveer ji my salutations to you for awakening me, pranam!

  • Brilliantly written article. Aggressive as well as logically argued. Nice point by point rebuttal exposing Mr. Rajdeep’s double standards. I really appreciate the authors for studying the subject at hand deeply and presenting it elegantly.

  • Superb article rhat rajdeep foolish person should be kicked daily on his back because he is totally a unsocial element.

  • So mr. Nitin you want to say that killing of a peraon is ok if he has an ideology or belong to a right wing, in that sense isn’t islam and ideology, ?? A right wing one….? This is the most bizarre comment i have came across. Even if we accept your contentions, then should. Be no condemnation of death a muslim .regarding that x applies to hindus and hence it can’t be imposed on other residents/citizens of the country.i think a number of countries have banned the pork consumption, but if u belong to any religion other than islam, will u have thw right/guta to consume it, even if they do not prosecute you for this, isn’t it you duty to respect the same ??? It’s the duty of every community to respect each others customs? ??that’s what’s required for peace and unity.

    • Amit Sir,

      Do you even have any knowledge of What is Right Wing with Rational Mindset mean ?

      Or, are you just trying to defend undefendables with your flattered belief.

      Firstly, get your mind clear. Rule of Hindu is only applicable to Hindu’s only.

      I am an Vegetarian and will never have any problem if other people eat animals of any kind for proteins.

      Those Rational Right Wing Groups had never constant stand on Cow Slaughter. First make it clear, When you talk Cow is Sacred Animal of Hindu’s & Slaughter is to be banned. It got respected by every community & very evident today also.

      The beef what today people who are eating or exported are Buffalo & Bull’s meat. Not Cow’s One.

      There are very rare incident where Cow gets Slaughtered b’coz people are aware of Punishment for Cow Slaughtering.

      Still Bajrng Dal & its Rational Right Wing Groups always make out a reason to glitch off minority community with same issue again & again.

      In Dadri Case also the meat found was not beef, it was just Goat’s meat. Still you are unable to understand what sketch this Rational Right Wing are trying to create in our society.

      When people with flattered belief talk about Peace & Unity, I get surprised to see, How they double speak with their words.

      As Majoritian, Hindu will never facs any issues in our society. But, Minority Community always faced trust deficit b’coz of various reasons like Political Misinformation, Lack of Social Security & Opportunities.

      I am not at all Blaming Hindu’s for trust deficit, but as Majoritian we need to care & support them. That’s what symbolysis (ektha) Unity.

      I am Practicing Hindu, my family always teaches me to help the deprived first & make every move to them live happy & beautiful.

      All Hindu Text i read tells me Opposite of what Rational Right Wing Supporters are spreading.

      PS: Point2Clear, Islam is a Religion just like Hinduism.

      It is not Rational Ideology, nor Hinduism is.

      ISIS, VHP, IM,…

      • Nitin,

        Here is response for your question. Hope you will have broader view.

        The state of New York prohibits “any person to slaughter or butcher domesticated dog or domesticated cat to create food, meat or meat products for human or animal consumption.” Similarly, California completely bans the consumption of “any animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion,”. If you will violate these rules, you will go to jail and pay big penalty. Now in both states, there is very big size of population from South Asia especially china and south korea lives here.
        Let us take example of New York city. In New York city, around 40% of population is white, rest are hispanic, asian, african and others. Around 20% of population is asian and among asian, chinese and south koreans are in big majority. Now it is legal to eat dogs in China, also in South Korea. Cat meat can be found on the menu in China, South Korea, Vietnam and even parts of South America. Now as per your claim, America should play as a big brother and allow chinese, koreans, vietnamis and south americans to have cats and dog meats. But on the other hand, people from these different countries respect the sentiments of americans and they never ever even imagine to eat cat and dog meat. This is the way to live in peace and harmony and not the other way round. Hope you got the point from this example.

      • Rishika,

        You are the one who has taken the discussion in right direction.

        Finally someone who is more sensible person exist here.

        Ma’am, your point is what i totally second and what even in India is majorly seen is this itself.

        Let me put some light, as per our laws & protection acts, India already banned or prohibited Cow Slaughter in broader context for not eating.

        But, Same Law in one or other manner permits Slaughter of Buffalo & Bull’s under its ambit.

        Today, the Beef which is ate by Other Communities is not Cow’s One. It is of Buffalo or Bull.

        The Californian Law says Pet Dog’s & Cat’s can not be butchered. And, People follow it.

        In same manner, Indian Law says Cow Slaughter prohibited & it is followed. No Cow Slaughter happens in India where Cow Slaughter is completely is banned.

        I now What to know the reason behind VHP who is shedding Holy Cry which is not in the ambit of Law.

        Is Buffalo & Bull also Holy, if Yes, then Sheep & Goat’s need to be also Holy.

        I am Vegetarian, Still I am discussing in this matter b’coz Poor People can’t afford Dal & Pulses that’s why they land up eating Non-Veg for Protein Diet.

        Finally, Indian Demography is not same like American.

        Hindu’s , Muslims & all Other Communities are Born Natives of our Mother Land.

        My Term Big Brother is getting misunderstood by You, Dear. We need to become Big Brother to them to end Trust Deficit which exist among us b’coz of reasons I mentioned in the last comment., namely Political Misinformation, Lack of Social Security & Opportunities.

        Political Misinformation is b’coz of Psedu Secular & Right Wing Parties like BJP, MIM & SP.

        Social Security, Minority Communities live in threatened by VHP & Extreme thought minded Groups in one or the other manner.

        Opportunities, It is more funny except in Corporates in other remaining places, Muslim Person hires Muslim only and, Hindu hires Hindu only. Last year, in Delhi also Muslim person got…

      • Thanks Nitin.

        I will respond to all of your questions in details when I will have more time.

        However, a quick note, if you really want poor people to have good health, then it becomes more important for them to be vegetarian as they not only can afford dairy products and pulses in cheaper price than meat but they can also remain more healthy. It is scientifically proven that meat causes cancer and many other diseases and being poor, they won’t be able to afford the treatment.

        Meanwhile, I will request you to read some books from this site (given in Hindi and English). you can download them free. I will suggest you to read “Maans manushaya ka bhojan nahi” and other books. I read books on this site and found very impressive and interesting. I am sure these books will remove your confusion and provide more information. The best way to remove confusion is to find good books that can help in gaining knowledge on the subject. Thanks.

  • I would suggest that the organizations like Arya Samaj, RSS, Agniveer and many more like minded organizations should collectively preach what is enshrined in our Vedas and these people should be more united in their thoughts.
    There should be two types of organizations –
    A. Those who preach and do active actions to spread vedic system in the society and regulate the government and media for all anti national things.
    B. Those who further do research work on vedas to guide the preachers and active workers.

    Please remember, Vedas are not limited to any religion, region, gender, caste or country. It is not a religion but a scientific way of system who was invented by our ancient seers and India was called as cradle of civilization and Jagadguru at that time. There were not Muslims or Christians or any other religion at that time. It will get prosperity and peace throughout the country.

  • Vashi and Sanjeev. Thank you. This should be published in all major newspapers but it won’t. Is it possible to crowdfund a sponsored page in papers and publish this?

  • another superb article sir… Thanks alot.. Also plz give a solid reply to our so called secular award winners.. who are returning their titles just because of Dadri incident.. or communal voilence… plz ask them whether they will return another award in protest of killing of Prashant Pujari…

    And Sir its my request plz resume your vedic books site…

  • Dear Vashi Sharma & Sanjeev Newar,

    Firstly appreciate your Wholesome review on Rajdeep’s Open Letter.

    Don’t you think, in a diverse country like ours, we (True Hindu’s except Haters from Right Wing) as majoritians need to take care of minority communities & their beliefs just like an elder brother.

    Let me drag a point here sirs, Rule of Hindu is only applicable to Hindu’s itself. The Sin of Cow Slaughter (if exist) then it has to be under one Community itself. The Sin is not applicable neither to Christians nor Muslims nor any other Community.

    What is the core difference between two incidents of Dadri & Moodbidri.

    How coincidence is that just a week later of Dadri incident, where a so-called Majoritian Rational Right Wing group kills brutely a innocent man of Minority Community with just considering a Rumour.

    And, soon in following week in some place of Moodbidri, a brutel killing happens where vice versa takes place, where a Minority Rational Right Wing Group attacks & brutely kills an Activist of Majority Rational Right Wing (not an innocent man).

    May I now know, Why should Moodbidri get Media Coverage ?

    If you truely hate Babu Bajrangi & the Rational Right Wing ideology as you written in your post then you need to bash at those Right Wing timing also.

    Till now, Moodbidri incident couldn’t come with proper evidence why the brutel Killing happened.

    Moodbidri incident is just like that Suicide that takes place in Political Rally’s in support of some Leaders by pouring petrol over & flaming of themselves. So, to create Law & Order disbalance.

    I finally say, I have no respect to dead person if he is from any Rational Right Wing Group, be it Hindu or Muslim or any Other.

    How soever you wish to false cry that Moodbidri has not got proper media coverage , I go on say same thing… The incident of Moodbidri is sketched by Bajrangi Dal by making their soldier sacrifice their life to protect their Leaders from guilty of killing…

    • Nitin,

      May Lord Shri Ram show you some light. You have taken a stand and for that stand you do not want to see facts which are against that stand.

      I can only pray for you.

      Jai Shri Ram

      Harsh Lath

    • Nitin,

      May Lord Shri Ram show you some light. You have taken a stand and for that stand you do not want to see facts which are against that stand.

      I can only pray for you.

      Jai Shri Ram


      • Harsh Lath Sir,

        Hope you will list the facts in proper argument in the comments.

        So that not only me but everyone who would read it, would get clarity of what is Right & Apt and what is Wrong & Misguiding.

        I see facts in context of Indian Constitution, Communal Harmony & Peace.

        Bhagwan apko sadbhoodi de..

        – Jai Hind.

      • Then start with ban on cow slaughter first. No one is stopping you to do your best to ban on killing other animals. But start from somewhere rather than keeping all or none concept.

        Indian govt must have banned beef as soon as India got independence but as usual Indian politicians do not care about the sentiments of the majority of the population as this majority is harmless and peaceful. However, Indian politicians tried their best to take care of the sentiments of the minorities and tried to please them to every extent even if it harms majority population. It is all because Hindus do not have unity and even faith to their culture and religion. Majority of Hindus are highly individualistic, selfish and do not care if someone burns their scriptures or say anything to hurt their sentiments. Though some of them are so spineless that they will go to any extent to defend any wrong act done by minorities on Hindus. Americans eat meat but they have banned cats and dogs meat just because these animals are also raised as pets by majority of americans. Cow is much more useful and has more bonding than cats and dogs to majority of Indian population but govt has no regards to take care of the sentiments of this majority.

        It is high time that Hindus should unite and ask govt to completely ban cow slaughters in each and every part of the country.

    • Do you know what actually happened in Dadri. Nobody knows the truth because it has not come out in clear terms. What is the background of Aqlakh? Not clearly reported. But the politicians gave 50+ lakhs and jobs etc as reported. But, Poojary’s background is reported – Bajrangi Dal and an allged goon. Isn’t it? You are probably going by the MSM reporting, who have been proven to be spreading lies, or twisting facts to spread hate and mistrust e.g. church attack during Delhi elections, nun rape. Even after all these you believe them. Even after exposure of top media persons in Radia Tape scam, you believe the presstitutes. They are the fourth pillar of democracy. But in India , they are the people who spread mistrust and hatred, instead of stating the facts. They behave as if they are above law. Who checks their source of income ? If you think they are Holy Cow and Guardians of Truth, then probe in to their background. Who are they to blame a 100 crore nation? And why Hindus will be discriminated against the minority communities because it suits some political parties? It is the unnecessary appeasement of the minorities that is not acceptable to the majority Hindus. You are against the right wingers. Its Good. But when the minority Hindus are perpetrated in the neighbouring countries please raise you voice. Beccause, the same neighbouring countries raise hue and cry when the minorities are targeted in India by a single individual even. Why didn’t you raise you voice when Durga Puja was banned in some place in WB or Taslima Nasreen we attacked and slapped in India. Do you know Sharia law is imposed in some places in India, where Indian laws are ignored? If you don’t know the know the truth about country. After 63 years majority of the population are treated as 3rd class citizens devoid of all rights. Go and try to file an FIR in any PS against a VIP and get a copy of it, you will realise what is the worth of your Fundamental Right guaranteed in the Constitution.

  • I always wonder why Indian media especially so called Hindu secular journalist like Rajdeep are always against Hindu. Looks like these people do every possible things to get attention and they care only for TRPs. These people are not professional or honest but they try their best to make money whatever way they can. Moreover Hindus in general are very mild and coward, even if his wife says that she ate beef and it’s tasty, hindus remained peaceful. It’s not a matter of cow or beef, it actually shows a very arrogant and highly irresponsible remark from a media person who does not respect sentiments of millions of Hindu population. If she has guts then she should come to usa and say that she barbecued cat and ate her meat and it was tasty. American people will give her good lesson and put her in jail. Till, majority of hindu population remain mild, people like Rajdeep and his wife make fun of their sentiments.

      • It is really wonderful reply to RD. Once he was chum of Roy. I am sure you know about London visit of Abhisaar Sharma and his wife – a senior Income Tax officer. Then they declare themselves as pious birds.

      • I was interested to know about this case and did google search and came to know about this info. Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, the keeper of public money and public revenue involved in biggest money laundering scam by a media company. These politicians and some greedy bureaucrats will keep looting the country till we will remain silent. It is great that we have honest people in India like SK Srivastava (IRS) and lawyers like SK Gupta and HP Singh who really worked hard to expose Finance minister and NDTV misdeeds. Now it’s time for general public to be more active and make sure that people like P. Chidambaram gets severe punishment. I read the details on this link:

  • Bravo Vashi and Sanjeev!

    We need people like you who have strong backbone and can show the truth to the people.
    Media People like Rajdeep are certainly anti Hindu people (as well as anti India). They are very sympathetic on pseudo secular politicians of India who appease a particular community for vote bank purpose.