Agniveer vs Kejriwal


How do you rate performance of Sheila Dikshit compared to Arvind Kejriwal?


You can also ask, who is more dangerous – a terrorist or psychopath?

  • Sheila Dixit government was a pathological non-performing corrupt government. Arvind Kejriwal government is a government suffering from bipolar disorder.
  • Sometimes Aurangzeb Road to APJ Abdul Kalam Road is a welcome move. Suddenly at stroke of midnight when moon is in a different phase, the terrorist Aurangzeb becomes a hero. And Kejriwal runs to Batla House to promise making prophet out of Aurangzeb.
  • Sometimes women safety is biggest issue for government. And hence CCTV every few meters across city is top priority. And then suddenly some odd-even madness sweeps in to prohibit women to have even a male drop them to office unless they have 2 cars with 2 different number-endings.
  • Sometimes odd-even is to reduce pollution. And then when data suggests that it is indeed stupid to even assume that pollution is significantly dependent on number of private petrol vehicles, then goal-post shifts to congestion.
  • Earlier Lalu, Sonia, Nitish, Mamata – all were enemies of aam-aadmi. Now it is just Modi. Even if Modi rides a rickshaw, the CM of state sees Reliance conspiracy.
  • Earlier, this CM refuses to comment on any issue outside Delhi – Kashmir, Pakistan etc. But then flies down to Hyderabad because a student died protesting hanging of a terrorist. Then when another round of rape, attacks happen, CM is in depression and hence silent.
  • So both were case of mental disorders. One was consistent pathological parasite. A fused bulb. The new one is a tube-light that just flickers. And causes headache.

Delhi is happier when he is in Bangalore on nature cure. Some meditation, less of films is strongly advised to soothe his mind and relax his neurons, and save horrors to Delhi.

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