The goon of New York aka Rajdeep Sardesai touches another low. After publishing shamelessly insensitive article justifying the murder of Bajrang Dal martyr Prashanth Poojary by Jihadis, this media goon is now mocking Hindus of Kairana.

Here are point by point slaps in the goon’s face.

Rajdeep Sardesai : Who benefits in UP for making an issue out of Kairana exodus?

Agniveer : 1. Jupiter benefits from it. What is the point, moron? If someone kills a man called Khajdeep Anti-desiya in a jungle tomorrow, stray dogs, vultures and jackals would benefit from it. But how is it relevant? Isn’t why Anti-Desiya was killed and who killed him are important, and not who benefits? Shows you have zero emotions for those who had to flee. You just have a diarrhea because you could not digest that you or your Jihadi bosses whose feet you lick are exposed with this exodus.

2. So point is, before going to cost-benefit analysis of exodus, you have to worry about the exodus itself. Whoever benefits from it is secondary. Those responsible for exodus of Hindus (the true natives of the land of Kairana) are real pigs. Law and society must eliminate such pigs without mercy. Do you have guts to say it?

Rajdeep Sardesai : Social media has been abuzz with reports of a Hindu exodus from Kairana, a small town in western UP.

Agniveer : 1. Look at the bold part and know how such snakes successfully confuse public sitting far way from the damaged area. He mentions it as ‘a Hindu exodus’ to make it sound like fiction.

2. The goon taunts social media users who posted reports of same. He has no shame of the fact that while accepting Hindu exodus in title, why he or his channel is not covering it as prominently as done in case of alleged Dadri lynching or a Muslim UPSC ranker who had to use Hindu name to get house.

Rajdeep Sardesai : Since the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013, the communal divide has deepened: territories/clusters are being divided on religious lines.

Agniveer : So Einstein of you.

Rajdeep Sardesai : In Kairana itself, a local Muslim gangster is accused of spreading terror (the gang itself has Muslim and Hindu members).

Agniveer : 1. Aurangzeb had some Hindu commanders in his army. So that implies Aurangzeb did not kill, rape and convert Hindus, haan moron? Did he not behead Guru Tegh Bahadur?

Just because in 1947, in Lahore and Karachi, there were Muslim women who used to hold hands of Hindu women while their husbands and brothers raped them, that implies Hindu women were not raped? What is the logic, lowlife?

Which law of thermodynamics states that Hindus won’t be the victims if even a single Hindu is siding with Jihadis?

For last two decades, YOU have one agenda – glorify Jihadis and bash Hindus. Does that nullify that fact that Jihadis are screwing the peace of every corner of world? Or do you nurture these terrorists just to prove that “Terror has no religion?”.

2. A Hindu wrote Pakistan’s first national anthem. So that makes Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Yahya Khan angels for Hindus?

3. Your logic is since some Hindus are also the part of Muslim gang in Kairana, its not a Hindu exodus. Then, since RSS has many Muslim volunteers, it is not a communal Hindu organization. Then you and your wife must stop barking on them first.

4. Dawood Ibrahim had some Hindu shooters in his gang. Does that makes him a secular man worthy of getting Bharat Ratna?

Rajdeep Sardesai : When Muslims were pushed into refugee camps after the Muzaffarnagar riots, where was the empathy?

Agniveer : 1. Why is it that you are always worried more about the reaction than the action that triggered it?

2. In 2002, you danced naked on streets on Post-Godhra riots. But you never discussed Godhra itself. Why?

3. And what about Kashmir? Why no outrage over it of the scale of Gujarat riots or Dadri?

3. In Muzaffarnagar, Hindu women were targeted in a pattern by Muslim men. They were raped, filmed, blackmailed, gang-raped again and finally the videos used to be found on porn websites. One day, brave brothers of one of such girls dispatched the coward Jihadi rapist pigs to hell in their own village. Whole Jihadi village attacked them and crushed their heads with stones. When Hindus gathered under- Beti Bachao Abhiyan against this cowardly Rape Jihad and brutal murder, their vehicles were attacked with bullets which took many Hindu lives.

This is what triggered riots and Jihadis had to run for their lives thanks to the brave Hindu retaliation. You have nothing to say on those raped/filmed Hindu girls, nothing on the slain brothers who fought whole Jihadi village bravely and sacrificed their lives for sister’s honor. You have nothing to say on murder of innocents of Beti Bachao Aandolan. What your shitty mind sticks to is what happened next. Because Jihadis suffered in the retaliation. And it hurt you because you are famous bootlicker of Jihadis.

Rajdeep Sardesai : And why is it that Kairana has become an issue only a few months ahead of the UP elections?

Agniveer : 1. Because Jihadis did Kairana only a few months ahead of UP elections.

2. Do you want to suggest that since UP elections are near, Hindus should not react even verbally against the brutal exodus so as to satisfy a sold-out slave of Jihadis?

3. Pig is at it again. Talking about ‘making issue about Kairana’ instead of Kairana itself.

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Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. Vashi is the greatest expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization today.

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  • These Rajdeep Sardesai type of people only care about money that they are getting from these Jihadis and Congress Party that supports Jihadis. These type of people do not have any moral, ethics or honesty. They are real traitors of this modern era.