Zakir Naik has recently written an open letter to Indians. Here is Agniveer’s closure to it. 62 tight slaps that will haunt him forever! Those who worship him as prophet can leave right now because later, there will be no chance! Lets begin.

Zakir : It has been over two months since the ghastly terror attack in Dhaka, and over one month since I’ve been asking myself what exactly have I done to become the enemy number one of the media as well as the State and Central Government.

Agniveer : Since you are too dumb to realize what wrong you have done, here is why whole world minus your handful of flunkies consider you enemy :

1. You preached non believers are sinners and will burn in eternal hell. No matter how pious a person is, if they die as Non Muslim, they will go to hell.

Now the world has decided to make your life hell here itself.

2. You preached that someone who leaves Islam and propagates their new faith in Sharia run states must be killed. Because leaving Islam is treason.

Since you made many Non Muslims leave their religion (and hence treason) with your bigotry and hate, the world has decided to punish you for making thousands commit treason.

3. You preached that in Jihad, women of enemies can be abducted and raped by making them sex-slaves or concubines.

If such is your plan against others, others have much worse plans for you. If you dare touch our women, you will be treated worse than pigs.

4. You preached women can be married in one, two, three or four to a single Muslim at a time. You said it is to stop women from becoming public property.

Now the world has decided to make you donkey and take a ride. Don’t cry.

5. You preached citing Quran 4/34 that wife can be beaten.

Now it is the collective wish of all wives worldwide that you be beaten black and blue. Don’t cry.

6. You preached women must cover themselves completely despite scientific works establishing that Hijab is main cause of Vitamin D deficiency. But you said women are like lollipop and men are flies.

I am yet to understand how you can cure Vitamin D deficiency by calling men as flies and women as lollipop.

7. After subjecting women to such brutality, torture and cruelty, you preached that most of the women will still go to hell. You just forgot that even your mother is a woman.

A lowlife like you who couldn’t respect even mother will have to face much worse. Just wait and watch.

8. You preached Osama Bin Laden is your hero and every Muslim should be a terrorist. You said you will terrorize US.

Now world has decided to terrorize you. Now don’t wet your pants (2 feet above ankles).

9. You preached Non Muslims can not enter Mecca because Mecca is cantonment area of Muslims worldwide.

Now world has declared you terrorist and its better you run for your life. Except for international crooks like Saudi and Pakistan, every country is now a prohibited cantonment area for you.

10. Your IRF team members openly declared Jihad against Shias and Ahmadis. They issued sermons that they are fit to be killed (Wazib ul Qatl).

Now world has declared you terrorist.

11. Your IRF team members declared that there will be Ghazwa-e-Hind – The bloody conquest of India by Muslim forces.

India has now decided to do Ghazwa on your criminal self. Run away scared chicken.

12. You have links with ISI and Hafiz Saeed – the mastermind of 26/11.

Now wait for the day when your masters’ heads and minds are blown off by Indian forces. And next will be you. Now cry.

13. As per intelligence reports, Dhaka attackers were inspired by your peace messages.

Nineteen Indian pigs that went to fight for ISIS were inspired by you.

Now keep asking yourself why you are so dumb.

The list is endless.
Hope you now know why you are the enemy number 1 of India and world.

Zakir : For someone who has spent 25 years in promoting peace, spreading greater awareness of Islam and talking about similarities between religions and condemning injustices, the last two months have been a rude shock to me.

Agniveer :

13. Support of slavery for Non Muslim women and children for your pedophilic and rape fetishes is not peace and justice, moron. That is crime for which you and your goons will be punished now.

14. Why do you need to spread greater awareness of Islam among Non Muslims? If Islam means peace, it needs to be taught to the most violent people on globe.

Ironically, all top world terrorists are Muslims. Why don’t you then focus on educating Muslims as Non Muslims are already peaceful and progressive?

Answer is you want to convert every Non Muslim to Muslim. You believe that will get you 72 prostitutes in an imaginary heaven.

And that is why you spread the message of ‘peace’ to the already peaceful communities but not to the violent ones. Because you have nothing to do with peace. You want Islam to dominate world which is anything but peace.

15. Shock comes automatically when you choose to ride camels in the desert of Arabia. Enjoy the ride until India snatches you back from your rat hole.

Zakir : A shock of immense proportions.

Agniveer : 16. Chant 2 + 2 = 4. It will help you heal.

Zakir : I’m not only disappointed in the way things are being conducted but alarmed at where they are heading.

Agniveer : 17. You are not alarmed. Your pants have turned wet and smelly all of a sudden. Feel it.

Zakir : I’m alarmed at the murder of democracy..

Agniveer : 18. A goat sitting in a monarchy with full state patronage is lecturing India on democracy!

19. Worried about democracy? Why not ask your half-fathers – Saudis to adopt it if it so good to practice?

Or is it that it is only good until your Wahabi goons are in minority and suddenly becomes un-Islamic as soon as you become dominant?

20. What does Sharia-law (that you want to establish all over) say about democracy?

Zakir : …and strangulation of fundamental rights and the precedence it is setting for times to come.

Agniveer :

21. Fundamental rights? Who was that pig that said apostates can be killed if they preach their new faith in Sharia-law? Remember anything? 

22. How many fundamental rights Non Muslims and women have in Saudi? Start the fundamental rights movement there (where you currently have your neck secured) and see what happens!

Ready? No? Good. Now smell the coffee.

Zakir : I’m also alarmed at how the system, media and the agencies are being used to suit a pre-meditated end result set by none other than our own governments.

Agniveer : 23. When you are the terrorist or mentor of terrorists, whole state, agencies and media work in unison to eliminate you. What did you expect in return after abusing India, world and humanity for so long? And believe me, worse is yet to come!

Zakir : Governments that have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of India, and a Constitution that allows me the freedom to profess, practice, and propagate any religion I follow….

Agniveer : 24. Constitution of India is non Islamic and hence Haram (prohibited) for you. Constitution’s National song Vande Mataram is Haram as per you. Uniform Civil Code, equal rights for women, end of triple-Talaq (Divorce) etc are all ingrained in the constitution of India.

But you never cared for it. Why care for constitution now when noose is right near to your neck?

25. You run your separate Sharia-laws by force. You have different rights.

So you will have different fate and treatment. Too hard to understand?

26. You have no freedom to terrorize women, children and innocents anymore. Try it again and see what happens.

No more bullshit of Jihad, triple-Talaq and Sharia-law will be accepted in India. Government needs to make sure Jihad is not preached in name of freedom of religion.

Any belief that demands rights of beating women and killing of apostates/non-believers is not a religion. That is the cancer which needs to be rooted out with brute force.

Zakir : Let’s not be gullible enough to assume that there isn’t a deeper agenda behind this vicious campaign.

Agniveer : 27. Except for you and your brain-dead zombies, everyone is clear in their minds that there is a deepest agenda behind this campaign. That is to eliminate Osama Bin Ladens and their sympathizers on our soil and outside by all means. Why did you take so long to get this?

Zakir : This is not just an attack on me, it’s an attack against Indian Muslims.

Agniveer : This is not an attack on Indian Muslims. In fact it is you who has been attacking Indian Muslims all along!

28. Good. When credit/debit cards fail, victim card works for Jihadis. But not anymore.

29. Indian Muslims know you better than me. They still remember how you called Prophet Muhammad a demon citing Bhavishya Puran‘s story of a rascal character Mahamada.

30. Indian Muslims also remember how you praised Yezid – who brutally murdered Prophet’s grandchildren.

31. Indian Muslims know how you called grave worship Shirk – the greatest sin and effectively declared more than 90% Indian Muslims as Kafirs.

32. Indian Muslims know how you disrespected Prophet Muhammad when you said nobody can ask anything from Muhammad as latter can not fulfil any of your wishes.

33. The apex body of Muslims in India- Dar ul Uloom Deoband has issued Fatwa against you according to which, anyone who follows you or listens to your lectures or watches your videos is not a Muslim anymore.

34. In a nutshell, you represent nobody except for Osama Bin Laden and Jihadis in India.

Zakir : From what I understand, IRF and I have been set up for a ban…. At least this is what is evident from the media stories being ‘planted’ since the past several weeks.

Agniveer :

35. So you are the man who cited some chapter no. and verse no. to prove that unless you have proof of something, you shouldn’t believe in or spread it. And on this basis, you refused to call Osama Bin Laden a terrorist because you haven’t met him!

Now you are calling reports exposing you as ‘planted’! How? Have you met all media-group editors personally?

Zakir : The message is clear: it’s not a question of whether I’ve committed a crime or not. It’s a question of using desperate measures to kill peace and harmony.

Agniveer : 36. As I said earlier, if peace and harmony means slavery of women and children, it will be killed.

Zakir : … if IRF and I are banned, it will be the biggest jolt to the country’s democracy of recent times.

Agniveer : 37. Let it be. Let India behave like Saudi as you love latter so much.

Let there be no democracy in your matter. Taste the Non-Muslim Sharia once!

38. Biggest jolts to democracy are ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus and terror attacks by Pakistan orchestrated and inspired by people like Hafiz Saeed and Israr Ahmed whom you have a close association with. Now its time to payback. Don’t cry.

Zakir : I do not say this just for me but because this ban will set a precedence of unspeakable injustices against the 20 crore Muslims of India.

Agniveer :

39. No. It will affect only few thousand Wahabi Jihadis who will not only become unemployed but will be exposed and beaten up on streets.

40. Anybody who wants to spread Jihad will face worst discrimination and penalty. A horrible precedence needs to be set for traitors and this is exactly what is happening.

Zakir : This action will embolden and encourage every fringe element in the country to do as they please.

Agniveer :

41. Now your true colors are out. Giving threats of terror attacks and riots to whole nation! With this mindset of yours, I don’t think Government of India will think of prosecuting you in courts. What US did to Osama can be replicated in your case.

Zakir : If you thought intolerance increased in the country recently, this action of the government will take it to an all-time high.

Agniveer : 42. No, there was no intolerance against Muslims in India ever. But people like you, Dawood Ibrahim and Shahabuddin etc are certainly the symbols of increasing intolerance that needs to be curbed brutally.

Your time is up.

Zakir : The Muslim population is already feeling threatened and insecure and I can’t even imagine how they will feel after this action.

Agniveer : 43. They will feel safe and happy. They too want to punish the man who called prophet a rascal.

Zakir : But I still can’t stop asking myself – why am I being targeted? Then I realized some time back that if you’ve decided to target a community, you’ve to first target the biggest name and the most popular figure of the community. If you can bring down and demonize this figure of the community, the rest becomes a cakewalk. That, I think, is what is happening. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but I honestly cannot find any other plausible reason.

Agniveer :

44. So you are claiming yourself to be the biggest name and most popular figure of Islam? I thought it was Prophet Muhammad. Let us see what Dar ul Uloom and other religious leaders say about this.

45. Come out of your delusional world. You are a thug, not the biggest name.

Biggest names of Indian Muslims are Ashfaq Ullah Khan, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Shaheed Abdul Hameed who lived and died for Vande Mataram. On the other hand, you are a coward sitting in Arabia who has problems with Vande Mataram.

46. India made APJ the head of its missile program and then the president because he was our role model. You will be punished by law because you worked against APJ’s India.

47. Anyone who shares your views on women and Non Muslims will face the same fate.

Zakir : Try asking these questions yourself and see if you can come up with coherent and logical answers to them –
[A] Why now? I’ve been preaching for 25 years. Not just in India but across the world. What exactly did I do now to earn the tags of ‘terror preacher’, ‘Dr. Terror’ and ‘hate monger’? Of 150 countries where I’m respected and my talks are welcomed, I’m being called a terrorist influencer in my own country. What an irony. Why now, when I’ve been doing the same thing for over 25 years?

Agniveer : 48. Why world called you Dr Terror has been explained earlier.

Why now? Of course Dhaka attack happened and it was done by the terrorists you inspired. Moreover, 19 Jihadi pigs from India who joined ISIS recently are inspired by you as per intel reports.

Thus now.

Zakir : [B] Why repeat investigations?

Agniveer : 49. Because terrorists are investigated multiple times for more connections and network. Cooperate.

Zakir : [C] Why renew, then cancel?
Why would the government renew IRF’s FCRA registration and then cancel it?

Agniveer : 50. To fool you.

Zakir : [D] Is there design to leaking confidential information of the government, solicitor general and the MHA?

Agniveer : 51. Yes. It was a design to make you wet from all sides which is exactly happening right now.

Zakir : [E] Forced conversions? Really?

Agniveer : 52. Yes. 19 of those who are raping Yezidi women in Iraq and slitting throats of innocents were brainwashed and converted from peaceful to violent form of belief. The only common thing among them apart from raping and killing innocents is they were all your fans and watched your lectures.

Zakir : I have an appeal to make, an appeal to my fellow countrymen, to all sane and sensible people of this great country. If you find any wrongdoing on my part, punish me by all means. Give me the harshest of punishments if I’ve wronged anyone.

Agniveer : 53. Yes, you will be punished. if you want to get punished via legal route, come back to India. Because punishment can not be conveyed on SMS unlike the ‘3-Talaq’. If you want Laden type show, just wait there in Saudi.

Zakir : If the government can misuse its authority on a popular figure like me, average Muslims don’t stand a chance. And we’re talking about 20 crores of them.

Agniveer : 54. You just talk about yourself and your IRF goons. Rest of the Muslims are those whom you have already declared as sinners/Kafir for worshipping graves.

55. Don’t bring in that 20 crore number every time. Nobody is going to panic or fear. Your game is over.

Zakir : Perhaps if I am driven out of India, Allah will open up doors for me better than I could have ever imagined. Many countries would welcome this humble servant of God with red carpet treatment.

Agniveer : 56. Many times the dreams of red carpet and Jannat (paradise) end in Tihar Jail.

57. Let me see if Saudis can ever appoint you – the greatest name in Islam – as grand Mufti of Masjid al Haram!

Zakir : In these times, my heart bursts with gratitude to those of you who have stood up for justice and harmony, irrespective of religion or creed.

Agniveer : 58. Name those who helped you. Would be required in 3rd investigation.

Zakir : Because I know that like me, you care for this country. You care for core values like justice and tolerance.

Agniveer : 59. What? So tolerance is good thing to practice? But we thought 2+2=4 is the only thing to follow!

60. Decide, if tolerance is good or bad. If it is good, state clearly that Saudi’s intolerance against women, Non Muslims, atheists and apostates is worst thing in the world.
If tolerance is bad, don’t cry when India is all set to grill you.

61. You want Saudi to be intolerant (2+2=4) and India to be tolerant. Typical Jihadi mosquito trying to be over smart.

Zakir : To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I have this to say:
Didn’t He give victory to His Messenger (SAAWS) when the polytheists deployed every tactic and exhausted every strategy, trying in vain to suppress the Truth? Aren’t the pages of history overflowing with examples such as these? Allah says, “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers may dislike it.’ (Al-Qur’an 9:32)

Agniveer :

62. Everyone here, read it carefully! In a letter written to all Indians, as soon as he starts talking to Muslims, his hate for polytheists and disbelievers starts overflowing!

When ISIS terrorists slit throats of polytheists after reading this message from him, he says what have I done when I stand for peace!

As per Jungle Book, Episode no 3, minute no 5, second no 6, your time is over.

– Vashi Sharma, Agniveer

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