Saudi to Indian Jihadis :
Listen Mawalis,

– You are inferior race.
– You are Mawali, Musalli, Kammi, Azami.

– Don’t you dare violate any of the law or else your a$$ will be whipped.
– Dont you dare marry our Arab woman.

– Dont you dare apply for our citizenship.
– Dont you dare apply for your own independent account here.

– You can’t be Muftis of Mecca Masjid.
– You cant be king of Saudi.

Understood slaves?

Indian Jihadi :
Oh my master! You are so great! So merciful. Saudi is best. Your laws are divine. Who am I to question it mere Aaka (my Lord)?


India to Indian Jihadis :

– You are our own brothers.
– You are our blood.

– You have full rights.
– In fact you have special rights.

– You got separate land in 1947 and still you are our own in India.
– Live here as per your wish.

– And we give you equal rights.
– Then we give you minority special rights.

– We made 5 Muslim presidents.
– We made 5 Muslim supreme commanders of armed forces.

Now lets follow one law.

Indian Jihadis to India :
Oye hello, we ruled this country for 1000 years.
You are our slaves.

We will get Delhi again. UCC? Dum hai andar? (Do you even have the guts?)

To hell with your one law.
We will run India by our laws.

You dirty idol worshippers, now you will tell us which law we will follow, hain?


Conclusion :
Ghosts of kicks do not understand words. State must have UCC in one hand and Raaj Dand (punishment) in the other.

Anyone who doesn’t bow before nation or its laws will be forced to do it or leave country. Nobody is above Bharat Mata.

Jai Hind!
Vande Mataram!

– Vashi Sharma

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