Q. How can you justify an act being done in 1528 (Ram Mandir demolition) under a monarchy to that of 6th December 1992 (Babri demolition) which was done under democracy?

Agniveer :

Because the democracy behaved like an extension of monarchy in Ram Mandir case and thus it failed to be a democracy in first place. Look

1. Ram Janma Bhoomi had Ram Mandir. It was destroyed by terrorist named Babur. Similarly, thousands of temples were razed to ground to build mosques over them to establish Islam’s superiority over ‘false polytheistic religion’ of Hinduism.

Quwwat ul Islam Masjid, Kashi Vishvanath Masjid, Krishna Janmabhoomi Masjid etc apart from Babri are few examples.

So here we had temples captured and destroyed by terrorists. It was all done in terrorists’ rule. Anyone who would try to worship Ram at Janmabhoomi was killed.

But when democracy came, what should have been the first step? It should have been to destroy the marks of terrorists and getting things back to normal.

Just like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminals got its shape back post 26/11. All Mandirs should have been built at government’s expense for normalcy. But what actually happened?

Governments refused to give Ram Mandir back to people it belonged. And the democracy lost its sanctity there and then.

2. Islamic terrorists like Qasim, Ghori, Ghazni, Khilji, Timur, Babur, Akbar, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, Abdali etc imposed Sharia law in India. They gave Muslim men rights to marry 4 women, do Halala and triple Talaq.

What was democracy supposed to do? It should have liberated Muslim women from the curse of this filth named Sharia.

What democracy actually did? It surrendered before terrorists and told Muslim women – go to hell because a democracy shouldn’t interfere in what some terrorists decided in terrorists’ rule. Democracy didn’t care about Muslim women’s rights.

In short, be it Mandirs or women rights, this democracy failed to establish its moral and constitutional authority over its people. It in fact acted as extension of terrorist rule.

And it was because this same horrible logic that “any filthy thing done in terrorist rule should not be undone because we are a democracy!” This is the worst thing I have ever come across.

To conclude,
when democracy failed to give equal rights to women and give back lost temples of Hindus, it became a joke for us in the matters of Dharma and faith.

When people didn’t see anything happen, they took matter into their own hands because going to a toothless democracy which applies secularism selectively, which applies laws differently on different religions deserved this shock.

The democracy can not cry for imperfections in people’s act after demonstrating utter partiality, cowardice and imperfections in its own conduct.

Babri was demolished because this democracy demolished equality earlier. Democracy lost its sanctity.

We responded with a shock. If the democracy continues to apply laws selectively and harass us, there will be more shocks for it in future.

PS :
In wake of FB policy and selective law of the land, I hereby state that by demolition/shock I mean breaking mental blocks and nothing else. Agar kisi aur vastu ya vyakti ke saath iski samaanta hoti hai to ise maatr ek sanyog kaha jaayega.

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