We now thrash all those who try to prove that Islam means Peace. And present how Islamic leaders and preachers are fooling Muslim youth and non-Muslims, along with fooling themselves!

Zakir Jihadi Naik says: The only religion accepted by Allah is Islam which means peace! [9:33] 

Agniveer’s Response:

0. So finally Zakir ends up shooting his own foot! Allah will kill you if you don’t bow to Islam which means peace 🙂 It resembles with the example we gave in the starting where we proved that Taliban are peaceful because they spread peace to the peaceful people by killing them in blasts (which are noisy BTW)!

We share with our readers two accounts of two most respected Jihadis in the subcontinent, Muhammad Bin Qasim and Mahmoud of Ghazna IN THEIR OWN WORDS (historian Zakir Naik can still deny these bare facts because Islam means peace but for others, it is time to think)

Muhammad Bin Qasim writes to Hijaj Bin Yusuf, The Caliph- The forts of Siwistán and Sísam have been already taken. The nephew of Dáhir, his warriors, and principal officers have been despatched, and the infidels converted to Islám or destroyed.

Instead of idol temples, mosques and other places of worship have been built, pulpits have been erected, the Khutba is read, the call to prayers is raised, so that devotions are performed at the stated hours. The takbír and praise to the Almighty Allah are offered every morning and evening.

 Tarikh-i-Yamini of Utbi (regarding Mahmoud of Ghazna) contains- (At Thanesar) The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously, that the stream was discoloured, notwithstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it. Had not night come on and concealed the traces of their flight, many more of the enemy would have been slain.

The victory was gained by Allah’s grace, who has established Islám for ever as the best of religions, notwithstanding that idolaters revolt against it. The Sultán returned with plunder which it is impossible to recount.—Praise be to God, the protector of the world, for the honour he bestows upon Islám and Musulmáns!

More such accounts will be discussed in subsequent articles which will clearly prove that denying the bloodshed during Islamic reign is itself the biggest lie historians (?) like Zakir Naik have ever produced. Now in the end we share a video from Pakistan in which famous intellectuals of Pakistan are shedding tears on distortion of history of Islam in Indian subcontinent. Readers will find that not everything is lost and there are still few people left in Muslim society who do not mince the truth and love their pre Islamic culture.


For those readers who don’t understand Urdu, we give here important points made by the scholars in the video

1. Pakistani Muslims celebrated the memories of Alexander the great near the banks of Chinab and called him Sikander e Azam thinking that he was a Muslim and he defeated Hindu King Porus!

2. It was not Alexander but Porus who won the battle! But Porus, being Hindu, is downplayed against Alexander by Muslims of subcontinent!

3. Muslims are masters in distorting history.

4. Islamic rulers were so much against the education, science and technology that when someone offered Shahzahan a printing press, he refused saying it is disgusting and deserves hatred (Lanati)!

5. The biggest base on US military is in Qatar and the Caliph there admits that

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