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Thanks to Chinese recent incursions into Indian territory for letting the Aam Aadmi know that China can send much more into India than cheaper toys and dustbins. A recent report by National Security Advisory Board submitted to PM of India reveals that China has occupied around 640 Sq Km of Indian land in Ladakh. This is the land which Indians could patrol few months ago but not now after China PLA has dictated the new patrol limits for Indian security forces.

Unfortunate part is that even now after such daring acts by Chinese, India’s awareness about its most dangerous enemy remains at the disposal of media that can anytime switch gears to Salman-Shahrukh rivalry or Asaram to help people forget the existential threat.

Yes, India is soft. Let’s admit it. This softness is deeply rooted in our psyche. We carry this flabbiness in our genes. Muhammad Ghori invaded India in 1191 AD when Prithviraj Chauhan crushed his army in Tarain. But former was pardoned in lines with the ‘great Indian tradition of forgiveness’. And the very next year Ghori’s army was ruining Delhi, killing men, raping women, after Chauhan was defeated in second battle. But this time things were different. Chauhan’s head was hanging in the streets of Ghazna after he was butchered by Ghori’s men who knew nothing like forgiveness.

Hindis (Indians), in Mughal emperor Babur’s words, were- ‘Masters of sword, idiots in strategy’. [Baburnama] Babur was pointing to the strange practices of Indians followed in wars, viz. not fighting in nights, not using deception (Kutneeti) and pardoning enemies. And he summed this up well. Sadly Babur’s words befit our national/individual character even today. What disturbs me most is the fact that a nation facing invasions, massacres and aggressions by outsiders for well above 1500 Years seems as clueless as it was at the time of first invasion in 710 AD by Arab armies.

Can we do something now about this disease of being ‘gentle’ when situations demand mettle? Yes, we can and we will. But for that we need to understand root causes of our troubles that need to be exterminated.

To get a solution you need to accept that there is a problem


We kept chanting Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna (religion does not teach you hatred) and suddenly one day this country was cut into pieces in the name of religion. What went wrong? We could not differentiate between our wish and reality. Strategies are formulated on the basis of reality. Wishes are made in prayers. We tend to mingle the two and get into trouble every time. We keep denying the existence of issues and suddenly one day when issues get too big to deal with, what do we do? Well, we don’t have much to do then, it’s the issues do to us what they want. China stabbed us in back when we were dancing to the songs of Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai. We wished China to be our Brother and we made it our policy. Ordnance factories in India were being closed down as friendship gesture when China recognized us correctly as bunch of idiots without any preparation. And rest is history.

We keep running away from tough questions and realities. We believe that recognition of an issue is a violation of someone’s rights. We refused to declare Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League goons as terrorists till the end. And one day he declared Direct Action under which his men killed and raped innumerable innocents and broke this country into three. The then leaders were calling these goons ‘our own brothers’. Clearly, we lack guts to call spade a spade. We might have been doing this to avoid conflicts in history but now it has become our character. It takes spine to call the wrong wrong and stand up to wrong. It takes courage to admit that there is an issue.

We only react. We never act


Muhammad Bin Qasim fought Indians. Battlefield- Sind, India.

Mehmoud of Ghazna fought Indians. Battlefields- Lahore and Gujarat, India.

Muhammad Ghori fought Indians. Battlefield- Punjab, India.

Bakhtiyar Khilji fought Indians. Battlefield- Nalanda, India.

Taimur fought Indians. Battlefield- Delhi, India.

Babur fought Indians. Battlefields- Bajaud, Swat, Panipat, India.

Akbar fought Indians. Battlefield- Haldighati, India.

Aurangzeb fought Indians. Battlefield- India.

Ahmadshah Abdali fought Indians. Battlefield- Amritsar, India.

British fought Indians. Battlefield- India.

India was broken into pieces in 1947.

Pakistan fought Indians in 1948. Battlefield- Kashmir, India.

China fought Indians in 1962. Battlefields- Aksai Chin, Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Pakistan fought Indians in 1965, 1971 and 1999. Battlefields- Punjab, Rajasthan, Kashmir, India.

Could you find out the common entity in all above wars? It is the battleground- India. Invaders used to plot invasions, launch massive military campaigns and enter into our territory. And what were we doing? Where was our intelligence? Why could not we forecast these invasions so that we could get ourselves prepared? Bitter reality is that we were completely unaware of international dynamics. We were too naïve to predict the behavior of power. We upheld the flag of war ethics foolishly while fighting barbarians. Instead of smashing their heads in war, we kept forgiving them, sometimes because of sunset and sometimes because they were unarmed.

We feel pride in the fact that we did not invade any land. But why didn’t we destroy the Ghazna and Ghor that were the launching pads for the repeated aggressions against our country? Why aren’t we now destroying terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? What stops us from being preemptive and engaging the threat well outside our borders before it could destroy us? The same softness and foolishness of not striking first continues to prevail in our psyche. But we can’t afford to be soft anymore because

War is going on


Gone are the days when wars used to start and end. This is the era of unseen, low intensity and continuous wars that are waged in silent and cold manner so that the enemy keeps living in the delusion of peace and peace talks. And by the time he knows your plots, its too late. Pakistan’s proxy war in Kashmir and different parts of India has claimed around 80 thousand civilian and military lives since 1989. This number is much greater than the total Indian sacrifices in all 5 wars it has fought till date post independence put together. This is what a Pakistani Gen Zia Ul Haq dreamt of- to bleed India to death through thousand cuts. And he succeeded in bleeding us with thousand cuts.


Sad part is that we Indians continue to remain in fool’s paradise believing that there is no war. Some Indian intellectuals and fantasy writers having no understanding of serious issues keep blabbering of ‘uninterrupted and uninterruptable’ dialogues with Pakistan. While these wisecrackers try to convince Indian think tank on how civilian government in Pakistan wants peace with India, Brother of Pakistan’s PM, CM of Punjab allocates funds for Jamat ud Dawa- terrorist organization led by Hafiz Saeed, prime perpetrator of Mumbai 26/11 attacks. So on one hand Pakistan Army keeps killing our soldiers in Kashmir, the ISI keeps orchestrating deadly terror attacks inside India and on the other hand, Indians are lured with rhetoric of normalizing relations and people to people contact by Pakistan civilian leadership. And in all this, gullible Indians get fooled and fooled.

Our situation with China is even worse. By the way, Pakistan’s terror factory is an extension of China’s foreign policy to weaken India so that it can never pose challenge to China’s regional supremacy. China supplied nuclear weapons to Pakistan to threaten India from both sides. If one wonders why India did not crush Pakistan after 26/11 or Parliament attack in 2001, it was because of Pakistan’s nuclear program masterminded by China. Now that China has equipped Pakistan with the deadly weapons, both can bleed India with million cuts simultaneously without expecting severe retaliation given India’s soft approach.

And this is no coincidence that tensions on both eastern and western Indian borders are ratcheting up now. Pakistan is carrying out beheadings of our soldiers on LOC whereas China is playing mind games by doing incursions here and there at LAC. China is testing our nerves. Escalating tensions at multiple borders with two nuclear armed enemies is a game being played with India. Purpose is to further soften India, create havoc in common masses and to increase the cost of occupation and securing borders for India to a level where the economy collapses and India disintegrates. But what is our preparation? How are we responding? We are responding by

Hiding our weaknesses in the guise of diplomacy


After 26/11, decapitation of our soldier and recent killings of 5 Jawans at LOC when people demanded tough action against Pakistan, political leaders came out and said that mature nations respond in mature manner. All diplomatic options are open and blah blah. I don’t know which mature nation lets its people and soldiers get killed in such brutal manner in first place. We have named our inability, weakness and softness as diplomacy collectively. There is not even a single year between 2000 and 2013 in which there was no major attack by Pakistani terrorists in India. Have a look-

In 1993- Mumbai Blasts- 257 killed, 1996- Brahmaputra Train Bombing- 33 killed, 1998- Coimbatore blasts- 58 killed, 2000- Terrorists attack on Red Fort- 3 killed, 2001- J&K assembly attack- 38 killed, 2001- Indian parliament attacked- 7 killed,  2002- Akshardham attack- 31 killed, 2003- Mumbai bombings- 90 killed, 2005- Delhi bombing- 70 killed, 2006- Varansai blasts- 21 killed, 2006- Mumbai train blasts- 209 killed, 2007- Hyderabad blasts- 42 killed, 2007- Varanasi, Faizabad blasts- 16 killed, 2008- CRPF camp attack in Rampur- 8 killed, 2008- Jaipur blasts- 63 killed, 2008- Ahmedabad blasts- 29 killed, 2008- Delhi bombings- 21 killed, 2008- 26/11 Mumbai attacks- 239 killed, 2009- Assam bombings- 13 killed, 2010- Pune blasts- 17 killed, 2011- Mumbai bombings- 26 killed, 2011- Delhi bombings- 12 killed, 2013- Hyderabad blasts- 16 killed, 2013- Srinagar attack- 7 killed, 2013- Bangalore blasts- 16 killed.

Diplomacy? Who are we fooling? Diplomacy that cannot defend its people and soldiers inside their own country is waste of time. True diplomacy lies in building covert and overt capabilities to be able to strike the enemy hard so that he knows the price of an Indian’s life. All those planning to bleed us to death through thousand cuts must be sent a message through our preparations that India can bleed them through ten thousand cuts. This has to be the prime goal and direction of our diplomacy. For that we need unprecedented preparations. And we need to recognize our real enemy.

China not Pakistan the real threat


Watch this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW_9ZEO5y7I This is quite shocking and horrifying. It has no bloodshed or brutality but it is still more devastating. Few notable things in the video

1. Chinese soldiers came inside the Indian territory

2. Indian soldiers were there while all this happened

3. Indians trying to ‘calm down’ Chinese who are running here and there like kids

4. Different face expressions of Chinese soldiers- some were laughing, some were angry, some were joking and some seemed drunk

5.  Indians shouting- ‘Take it easy’, ‘calm down’

6. Indians trying to bring situation under control by hugging Chinese and requesting them not to do this

7. Silent guns on the shoulders of Indians

8. Chinese went back after that

So this is how Indian soldiers are asked to deal with Chinese on borders. A soldier that is trained to look into enemy’s eyes and cast terror in his heart, soldier that is trained to take lives in the blink of an eye is forced to hug enemies to avoid conflict. This is biggest defeat of a soldier’s and an army’s morale. This is the war of minds China has been playing with us all along.

Unpredictable activities by them at LAC that seem silly at times (like this one) to which we have no definite response are happening too often these days. And there is a purpose behind this. Incursions into our land followed by pullbacks, smiling and angry faces of their soldiers at the same time, jokes and daring at the same time speak volumes about their plans. Chinese want to establish themselves as the unpredictable force and an unreadable mind. Message to India is clear, don’t mess with us. We keep kidding you on borders and all you can do is hugging our soldiers and begging us despite having guns on your shoulders.

Main reason why India can’t respond China in tougher tone is that it was preparing all along for an enemy that was only 1/5th its size that could be crushed at any day at any time. Pakistan has been engaging India in terrorist activities and insurgencies for last 65 years. Pakistan created so many troubles for us that it became no. one enemy of ours. Be it masses, media, intellectuals or strategic experts, Pakistan remained the center of talks and discourse. And while all this, we forgot China. I remind a story from Mahabharat in which two not so great warrior brothers from Kaurav Army were deployed only to engage Arjun and get him out of battlefield using tricks so that Kaurav Army giants could capture King Yudhishthir in his absence and win the war.

I can see a similar pattern here. Indian defense was engaged by Pakistan so that it could not prepare itself against the real mightier threat China. Pakistan is a mere vent through which India wastes its emotions, energies and preparations. And while we were busy beating Pakistanis back in wars and insurgencies, China kept building infrastructures in Kashmir and Arunachal along LAC. Now the gap of Indian and Chinese preparations in terms of diplomacy, infrastructures in crucial areas and firepower is immense. In such scenario, what a wishy-washy political establishment can best do is discuss trade and culture with Chinese delegations in New Delhi and leave vital issues of borders to army and successors to handle.

What to do?


Immediate Steps


Remember that number of enemies and chances of attacks on you are inversely proportional to your muscle size. Always prepare for war in peace time and pray for peace in all times! Thus the immediate steps to be taken are

  • Equip defense forces with most advanced weaponry and surveillance
  • Aggressive deployment of troops in sensitive strategic points
  • Get prepared for a two front war on both Eastern and Western borders. Identify their soft underbellies and be ready to strike them hard in case an open war is inflicted on us. A prior calculation of all their possible military-strategic moves and our respective response is must to ensure that the mess of 1962 is not repeated.
  • Raise infrastructure near LAC. Roads and airstrips need to be constructed keeping in mind the Chinese preparations. Special funds in budget be allocated for this. And a significant development in this needs to be done within a year’s time. Because once the US troops leave Afghanistan next year, a heavy wave of Jihadi terrorism will knock our doors in Kashmir. Our focus will again shift to our western borders in that case which will affect our preparations on China border.
  • Take localites into confidence on disputes, make sure that they side with us in conflicts.

Policy Steps


  • Build national consensus over issues of national security.
  • Support local people along the LAC in all possible ways. Schools, hospitals, community centers, jobs (especially army recruitments) should be made available for them in huge numbers in order to inculcate a sense of national pride in them so that Chinese claims on our people and territory be made irrelevant.
  • Raise voice in UN on human rights issues in Tibet and Baluchistan.
  • Raise voice for the freedom of expression and press for Chinese people.
  • Help Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines in South China Sea against the interests of Chinese establishment so that we get in position to negotiate in Ladakh and Arunachal.
  • More regular visits of PM and President up to borders of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh touching China.
  • Honor Dalai Lama every year for being voice of Tibetan people, it hurts Chinese establishment a lot.
  • Make strategic pacts with US and Russia. Instead of being neutral and remaining isolated from big powers, let’s help them in their objectives and get help against Chinese aggression in return.
  • Build strong intelligence networks and capabilities for covert actions inside the enemy territories.
  • Create proxies in Pakistan and China to engage them in low intensity conflicts like they have done to us in Kashmir and North East India through Jihadi groups, Maoist, Naxal and Bodo insurgencies.
  • Do everything to bring pro Indian anti Taliban government in Afghanistan post US troops withdrawal in 2014. If we fail in this, we have to pay heavy price in form of an unprecedented infiltration of Taliban Jihadis in Kashmir.

Kutaneeti is the need of the hour. World has changed and now is the time we change. We have to be one step ahead of adversaries. We have to do everything to thwart anti Indian designs. Let the world know that every inch of Indian Territory is non negotiable. If enemy is tough, we have to be tougher. If enemy is strong, we have to be lethal. If enemy starts a war, we have to end it. And in this, we have to be smart like Krishna who won every war with mind. Call it Kutaneeti or Krishna Neeti, this alone is Dharma today.

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • My Dear Friends,

    I live in the US, and I heard a very good quote on the radio, “The fourth estate has become the fifth column.” by Michael Savage. I would say 99% of Americans wouldn’t understand this until looking up the terms. In India, I would say 99.9999% of people wouldn’t understand this. Here is what it means.

    The fourth estate is the media.
    The fifth column from wikipedia: A fifth column is a group of people who undermine a larger group, such as a nation or a besieged city, from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.

    So the statement “The fourth estate has become the fifth column” mean the media (a small group of people) is manipulating and tricking people so they can subdue or mislead the people. This true in the US, and it is very true in India.

    Spread the word friends: “The fourth estate has become the fifth column”. Go everywhere in India and tell everyone: “The fourth estate has become the fifth column”.


  • My Dear Friends,

    I live in the US, and I heard a very good quote on the radio, “The fourth estate has become the fifth column.” by Michael Savage. I would say 99% of Americans wouldn’t understand this until looking up the terms. In India, I would say 99.9999% of people wouldn’t understand this. Here is what it means.

    The fourth estate is the media.
    The fifth column from wikipedia: A fifth column is a group of people who undermine a larger group, such as a nation or a besieged city, from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.

    So the statement “The fourth estate has become the fifth column” means is, the media (a small group of people), is manipulating and tricking people so they can subdue the or mislead the people. This true in the US and it is very true in India.

    Spread the word friends: “The fourth estate has become the fifth column”. Go everywhere in India and tell everyone: “The fourth estate has become the fifth column”.


  • Hi Interested Individuals,

    I want to tell you a little about how Indians who try very hard to act “White” or “Western” in the West are perceived in the West. The best way to tell you this is from a story by a middle aged white women I met.

    This middle aged white women had told me about two of her encounters with Indians. The first one was with a Catholic Indian Priest who lived in Canada. They had become friends and over time, and the Catholic priest invited her to India to spend time with his siblings and other relatives there. While she was there, she remembered everyone in that family trying hard to impress her. And they even dressed in suites or formal wear. They would also make it a point to try and speak in proper English (or at least what they thought was proper English), and even play the music that they thought was Western (or least what they thought was Western).

    • Continued

      The funny thing about the story above is, many of them dressed more like the way people in America dressed during the 1900s and the music they played was from 1890s America. The middle aged white lady said these were songs her grandma played when she was a kid. Meaning they go back to almost to the American civil war (1860s). The middle aged white lady was so freaked out by these weirdos she had to sneak out of the house just so she can meet some real Indians. And she said she was not even that Catholic and was hoping to meet some Hindu Gurus there, so she can meet someone real and get some wisdom. And she did, but she had to do it without telling the Indian Catholic priest or his family.

      • Continued

        The next story the middle aged white lady told me was about a young Indian couple that just came from India and moved next door to her. They had invited her over for dinner. During that time at dinner, this couple somehow used and botched every single American slang and lingo you can think of. She said it was so funny and sad to listen to. She felt petty for them, because they try so hard to act like they were American. Instead it made them look like total and utter fools. After spending a night of dinner with them, she just wanted to leave that house and probably not see them for a while. It was a terrible experience and probably close to torture.

      • Continued

        The point of both stories is simple. American/Westerns, want you to be real. When you come to the West, or when you meet someone from the West in India, be yourself. Don’t try and be something you aren’t. Don’t try to think of American lingo, so you can impress them. Or call someone “Bro” or “Dogg”. You don’t understand the context, you are not from the culture and when you say it with a funny Indian accent, you end out looking like a retard. People don’t relate with people you are trying too hard to be something they are not. So a word of advice to all the Indians who want to try and be “White” or “Western”, DON’T. You look like fools and you make other Indians look bad. Stop humiliating the greater Indian population. You are doing a disservice to yourself and all Indians in this world. Be REAL!!!!!!


      • Hi Ankur,

        Thanks. And that’s why we have an Indian woman that did an Indian fusion dance win Miss America. Americans relate with people who are not ashamed and comfortable with who they are. The sad thing is Indians in India meet stupid missionaries that do not represent a large part of America.

        Just to give some facts. Over 25 million Americans practice Hathia Yoga regularly. And five million of them go deeper and practice the spiritual aspects of it. And this is done by Americans searching for this truth on their own. There wasn’t some Hindu missionary telling them if you don’t follow Yoga you will go to hell.

        Indians in India need to understand they have the real spiritual information. And you can find it in the Gita, Vedas, and patanjali’s Yoga sutras. And I have met many Americans that read the Gita regularly. Most Indians will be surprised by how many read the Gita. Even professional football players in the US do yoga and read the Gita.

        There are black, white, Chinese, and Mexicans all doing Yoga and have read the Gita. Wake up Indians the world understands the importance of Indian spirituality, but Indians don’t.

  • agniveerji,,,,,,,

    what does vedas say about origin of life?
    who was first man on earth??

    yesterday a mullah said Yam and Yami were first persons

    • @Omsun, Please read article by Agniveer ‘Purpose of creation in Hinduism’ filed in Best of Agniveer. That should answer all your questions.
      This is my cut and paste that will answer your question directly.
      “Several humans take birth in both genders as per Vedas and not one Adam-Eve as wrongly believed. They have different genetic makeups and hence can inter-marry. Thus we do not have to blame Allah or God for promoting incest or marriage between brothers and sisters during beginning of human civilization.”

    • I agree with truthseeker.
      Also, the posts are not in chronological order. I see truthseeker’s post in between sep 11 and sep 20 posts.


    • Hi TruthSeeker,

      I agree with you. The Vedas and Dayanand were against idol worship. My only explanation is Agniveer has a mix of Hindus. Some are idol worshipers and some are not.


  • I can tell you why we are not able to match the chinese or pakistanis, beacuse our soldiers are not given teh permission. i am in the armky and can say that it is controlled toatally. unlike Kashmir the locals in the north eastern states are with us in spirit but what do we do to them. we call them unkind names and mock them. people from other states are not welcome in any opart of india and we are not indians but hindus, christians, marati,s , malayalis and knnadigas. this complicates maters as we need Indians to fight. we do not have a strong political acumen. when militants kill and rape Kashmir keeps quiet, Indian state keeps quiet, but any other action by Indian soldiers are pulled up. we have lost the nerve inthe army. moreover army is a fighting unit, not used for controlling riots and saving people from bore well. we love to bribe, encroach and have no discipline. Our police is ineffective, try giving a complaint and I bet you cannot get any action unless you have influence. last year 1 million Indians migrated to western countries and proudly call themselves NR I’s. So who is left for India

    • Isn’t that what the current govt wants, they want all good thinking people to leave so that they can rule the rest who have no love for the country or have other basic priorities

  • When we think of india i feel sorry for thisbeautiful/bountiful land.

    Two years back I have read breaking India by Rajeev malhotra. a beautiful book, well researched. Whatever he has written i witnessed it as i was staying in outskirts of chennai. The reality is to stark, sometimes i think deeply i become numb.

    Further articles by Aravindan Neelakandan who has Co-author of acclaimed book “Breaking India”, Aravindan Neelakandan has worked for the past decade with an NGO in Tamil Nadu serving marginalized rural communities in sustainable agriculture. He is also a popular science writer in Tamil and is part of the editorial team of highly popular Tamil web portal http://www.tamilhindu.com.
    His article The Southern Jihad which can be read at http://centreright.in/2013/07/the-southern-jihad/#.UjKaNJYXS1s
    The Southern Jihad – Studying an Islamist takeover

    I am from kerala and you witness these things actually happening, but not reported by msm.

    Next comes the role of English media which i found unpatriotic, dubious and having vested intrested with selective reporting, distortion of facts, etc. The media is no more pillar of democracy. It has interest.No nationalistic Hindi/english news channel.
    Ordinary man is fooled at each step by media, politics, politicians and people with clout of money /power etc.

    So what to do
    Facts are ignored as always

  • On the Chinese soldiers running like drunks on our side of the border – on the ground unlike the Pak’s LOC, the Indo-Chinese LAC is not clearly demarcated. Indian patrols landing on the Chinese side is as common as the Chinese side landing on Indian side. But the agreed tactical protocol since ’62 is for the patrols to back off. Now for what happened earlier in Ladakh is that a Chinese platoon stayed put for a few weeks & the urchin like Chinese soldiers in Arunachal Pradesh ran like headless chickens, the blame must directly go to Ministry Of Defence. They have curtailed army’s ops in many sensitive LAC sectors. And in the case of Ladakh & in entire the LAC under Northern Command, it is NOT the army but ITBP that is responsible for securing the border. ITBP falls under MHA & they act not based on MoD but based on MHA’s orders. First of all we don’t have a clear national security strategy. And while I loath Congress & support BJP, it must be said that the BJP too didn’t do anything on this front when in power.

  • Now, you wrote an article on India’s external threats…fine….Article is good but you forgot to mention Internal threats of India. That is nothing but the media. India’s MSM must be the most cynical in this world. I used to be an active reader of News papers and watch debates on the TV . Unfortunately we all know that our MSM treats Hindus as Step children.Since then I took an oath that I shall never watch Indian News channels nor read Indian news papers precisely Times Of India. So I have started reading papers like The New York Times,where they use very good English unlike our Indian News papers. I came across an article called THE FLAMES OF KHISTWAR where the author of the article who sia an Indian,demonized Hindus and said that It was Hindus and the BJP which began fanning the fires before noon with an unbridled propaganda machinery let loose?
    Who told her that they have an unbridled propaganda? How did she come to know, when certain investigation agencies were unable to find out the roots of this riots?
    This is what she wrote on Hindus and if given chance Indian media will also bark that Hindus were the Master minds behinds 7-11 attacks! That is why people never know what to believe!

  • is marrying in other caste or so called varna is allowed?? is marriage with inter religion allowed? any reference? or vedic quotes ?

  • Few facts..

    1. India defeated China in 1967 military conflict. 300 chinese died in this, and 88 indians.

    2. Since that conflict, China never fired on India.

    3. By 1987, India fully made arunachal pradesh as it’s state.

    4. Pakistan killed 5 soldiers of India in 2013. India killed 5 soldiers of Pakistan, 7 civilians, and made over 50,000 pakistani citizens run all over. Pakistan resorted by releasing 337 indian prisoners.

    5. It’s very upsetting for China that it’s 90,000 sq km land has been controlled by India. China has many enemies now, even Japan, who has senkaku island of China.

    Final point is. India will always win, and India will only get better.

  • Reason is we never had Hindu Government in Center in last 1000 Yrs.Until and unless you do not have government you cannot do anything sir

    • And I know it has nothing to do with this article, and yes, this article is good. Writer won’t be able to fit everything into it, but did hit on some great points. I will address it later. Nice. Keep up the good work.

  • Who are you Vashi? maybe my long lost brother. You have snatched words from my mouth. You wrote in details which I could not. I wish there were people like you who understood what is going on in our country instead of sitting in front of the TV and watching programs deviating their attention from facts. I would like to add something to what you have written.
    1. Fact is, since the early times we were never united. With the influx of different communities also known as the Aryan invasion, Indians , individually looked for ways to earn and prosper even at the cost of their own brothers and the country. The alien invaders took advantage of this fact and invaded India repeatedly.
    2. Except for Alexander, the Turks, Arabs, Moguls and the British were all ” Looteras” or looters. With repeated invasions they destroyed the economy, culture and the basic fabric of our healthy existence. Indians have lost respect for their own religious philosophies and culture due to the influence of alien invaders. The India we see today is not based upon the Hindu scriptures, they are influenced by the religions, cultures and habits left behind by the invaders for Mother India to nurture and let it grow in her lap. We have no place for Ahimsa in our land today.
    3. The Hindu population in India is declining and in another fifty years it will dwindle to minority. I may not live to see this , but I am sure this will happen unless: a. Hindus standardize the religion which is 8000 to 10000 years old. From the North to the South of India there should be a religious understanding. b. Hindus stop spending money on pujas, ceremonies,festivals and building temples and use those monies to educate every Indian on the Ancient Indian Philosophies of Sanatana , Buddha and Jain Dharmas. c. Spread message of reconverting people offering them incentives and free education and jobs. d. Common platform for all Hindus to unite to preserve the Hindu culture and philosophy irrespective of caste, region, language, political views and social status. e. New meaning to be given to Shudras to show respect and to value their contribution to the society. f. Strictly forbid and discourage the business of animal, bird and fish farming or even selling for slaughtering or food. Hindus in these businesses should be penalized. g. Special task force and volunteers should be engaged to oversee these changes and restrictions.
    Frankly speaking, Hindus should refrain themselves from eating meat and also refrain from selling cattle, birds and fishes and all living creatures to others for food. Unless this character is built among the Hindus(including the Buddhists and Jains) the curse of defying their scriptures , which is showing , will show further with the passing of time. Hindus today are too much into the material world as against their original teachings. The Sankhya, Nayaya, Yoga, Visheshekha, Vedanta sutras shows the way to true Hinduism, which is a gift to the world, hitherto mostly untapped by the people. Besides, the four vedas, upanishad, gita remain the very base of the scriptures followed by the lessons to be learnt from the stories in the Ramayan and the Mahabharata. Instead of learning and following the lessons from these tales, the HIndus got busy worshiping the superhuman characters there and lost too much by deviating from the philosophical teachings therein.
    Regional task force needs to be created in every locality across the length and breath of India to monitor and educate people to revert back to following the Indian culture and vegetarianism. Unless penalized, people will never change.

  • Hi, Excellent article by the way! You forgot Italian Invasion on India?
    BTW I wouldn’t agree with you on the British. Though I am not a scholar what I read was. It was British who helped us,Hindus,to cope up from the brutish Islamic Invasion. Otherwise,Hinduism would be extinct like Buddhism. Yes, there were Genocides during the British rule,but I think they are nothing when compared to present Italian Invasion on India and on Hindus! You said India was broken. Can you imagine our situation with Pakistan? British were Intelligent and it was blessing in disguise for us. As a devout Hindu, all I want to say is, we don’t want a Pseudo Secular country. We want Hindustan.

    • Dear Valmiki

      It is not british who helped us from Islamic invasion. When British came, Mogul kingdom was already declining. I would suggest you to read articles on history to gain better knowledge on impact of british invasion on india. Please remember, if any looter or invader attacks your house, he is not looting your house for your benefit. He will try to loot whatever he can get from your house. Islamic invaders not only looted our home country for their own benefit but they tried to wipe out our culture to extreme extent. They burnt our literature, destroyed all educational institutions, universities, libraries and villages. They converted millions of hindus forcefully. Brave hearts like Shivaji and Marathas leaders in Deccan, Maharana Pratap in Rajasthan, Jats of Bharatpur and Mathura, Durga Das Rathod of Rajputana, Veer Chatrasal of Bundelkhand, Raja Krishandev of Vijayanagra, Sikh gurus in North India, Banda Bairagi, Hari Singh Nalwa and Maharaj Ranjit Singh in North India, etc resisted Islamic rule in India and saved Hindus from conversion in masses. They made Deccan and plains of India a rigid terrain earlier thought by Muslim invaders as cake walk.

      Britishers were also looters like Islamic invaders but with slightly different theme. They also looted country as much as they could do and ruined India at core level. But they wanted to rule India, so they brought some reforms that can help them to rule better (not to help indians). Lots of indian people made lots of sacrifices to get freedom from British and to keep this culture alive in the form it is present today.

      These invasions did sufficient damage to the Vedic culture that even today the slavery mindset is prevalent in most Hindus both in India and abroad. So yes, our vedic culture survived but is gravely wounded. You can see it among Indians everywhere in their inability to define themselves and to mindlessly follow elements of other cultures surrounding them without evaluating these for their merits.

    • Valmiki,

      Are you kidding me. British were the worst thing that happened to India. When they started to come to India, the Sikhs were winning the war against the moguels and the Sikhs were well on their way to liberate India and take over the middle east. The british worked with the moguels to prevent that. These are fact homie. And personally I would rather live under a fair nice Sikh system than the horrible british rule.

      • Haven’t heard of it! Not even by mistake. Even I would prefer Sikh system rather than the British rule!
        I never see Sikhs and Jains different from Hindus!
        BTW you don’t mean Manmohan Singh right?Because I don’t want any further rule from him. Most impotent sikh ruler [email protected]

      • Hi Valmiki,

        I agree, manmohan singh is a disgrace to all Sikhs and Indians in general.

        Do some google searches on Sikh rule and even their rule of Afghanistan.

  • Lot of things to add own.

    You did not touched Naxalite problem sponsered by China.
    You did not touched loss of Hindu status to nepal which is again a part of Chinese conspiracy.
    You did not advised indians to economically boycott Chinese products in order to stop its Economical development.
    You did not focussed on development of indiginious weapons far superior to chinese one by Indian Army.
    You did not focussed on change of syllabus for Indian students to teach them threat from China.
    You did not advised on rehabilitation of retired army officers in border area in order to strengthen our porus borders.
    You did not commented on cooporation of china to pakistan and bangaldesh in order to pressurize india.
    You did not commented on Tamil Policy of our country leading to loss of Good Neighbour Sri Lanka and its interest in China.
    I think Agniveer need better and more effective writers instead of writing in such hollow way on such essential Topic

    • Dear True Saffron,
      Do you consider yourself a better writer? Please check grammar of the sentences that you have typed. Moreover, how would you say that this article was written in a hollow way. Do you not agree with any content that Vashi has given? Why do not you write an article on this “essential topic” and we will really appreciate your contribution.
      I am really shocked to see how most of Indians in general do not have basic courtesy to appreciate any thing done by their fellow brothers/sisters. It is a big flaw in this culture. Please learn to appreciate if someone is contributing his time and efforts and trying his best to present his thoughts on a national problem. If you would like to add more points, you are welcome to bring it. But please show more maturity in your thoughts. I hope you will take it positively and try to be more mature in your comments. Thanks.

    • True Saffron,

      There could be various dimensions of a problem and it’s not possible to capture all of them in one short article as above. So, there could be other similar articles highlighting other aspects of the Chinese threat. You can start with one of them and become a hand of Agniveer movement.

      Any way, the above article is an eye opener in various ways and we should encourage the young talented and righteous person like Vashi.