“Rationalism Overpowering Nationalism”


With new government seems to have scarcity of English speaking Elites scholars, the so-called India’s intelligentsia has blown a new warfare against Hindutva led Establishment, called -Intellectuals Warfare.


It has undeniably been a popular trend to become a critical rational thinker (Intellectual) by maligning establishment, majority sentiments (Any kind of majority) in largest democracy in the name of Article 19(1)(A).


Threatened from new government unleashing crackdown on a particular ideology, which decided India’s fate since independence, intellectualism started unveiling its actual undercover face.


Recent episodes of making Islamist terrorists accused of Mumbai and Parliament attacks, and Kashmiri terrorist as National hero, questioning Supreme Court’s credibility, and keeping mums on surging Islamic terrorism which threatens the very integrity of India, dividing the national on the lines of Islamic Terrorism and Hindutava fanaticism.


Intellectualism (oxford and Cambridge returnees), could fall as low as to proclaim killers of Nation’s Police, Army and citizens as martyrs to allure one particular community to regain their lost nobility. Is this what taught in premier institution?


Challenging Supreme Court’s verdict is something acceptable in democracy, but doing so to patronage murderers of hundred of citizens is a kind of political powerlessness that cannot be justified in any liberal civilized World.


Undermining the national security, dignity of soldiers and making terrorist a national Hero who gunned down many innocent people in Kashmir, is far from being acknowledged as an act of Azadi.


For the sake of pseudo-publicity and to be famed as elite rationalist intellectual critical thinker and writer, few have restored to question India’s sovereignty , its integrity and above all its existence as a nation . Such acts are not tolerable at any cost in democratic world.


No Nation (liberal secular democracy) gives such a high profile privilege to those defaming their own country.

This post is contributed by guest Author Shri Sanjay Shukla

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